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Yes! This is why I like to follow seasonal trends–it helps assure that all of my products get a little action. Otherwise I’d just wear the same coral lipstick all year, and that’s no fun!

I try to, especially with my hoard of palettes. I try to use one, and then I can’t use it again until I’ve rotated through the others! Face products are a little easier, except for my Hourglass powders, those get loved on every day!

I enjoy having a different look every day, so I don’t have to make much of a conscious effort to rotate products — in fact, I have to actively try if I want focus on using the same product long enough to finish it up.

The only products I will “stick” to are mascara & liquid eyeliner. Aside from those, I will often grab a palette at random, or a face product, and build from there. I do tend to give a bit more attention to newer products, although I have a few that are all-time favorites.

I try to. I try and use different eyeshadow palettes each time I do my eye makeup just so that I’m forced to try new things, but if I’m in a hurry I find myself using a couple of staple looks that are foolproof. I try and keep a range of lipsticks in my handbag and rotate them now and then, but I tend to just use the same colours a lot. I only use one foundation and mascara at the moment, so no rotation there (and I try to only have one open mascara at a time).
I haven’t been using blush, highlighters and finishing powders that long so I tend to obsessively use one thing and then lose interest in it (MAC Breezy is my staple at the moment). I try not to use the same perfume more than a couple of days in a row (when I wear it) and I have a tonne of samples I’m testing out.

Not in any organized fashion but I’ll go through phases of using certain products for days and then suddenly remember something else I haven’t used in a while and bring it into the rotation and retire something else (just did this yesterday with blush – out came an old MAC mineralized blush I haven’t used in quite some time but which was perfect for yesterday’s cool, fall day and what I was wearing. It will probably be my “daily blush” for a week or so. It just occurred to me that I haven’t used MULCH in ages, after wearing that shadow almost every day for the better part of a year!

I hardly ever wear the same look twice in a week. I feel I have way too much makeup to be doing something like that. Plus wearing the same look everyday can get so boring. There are definitely palettes that I use more than others, but I use different combinations. They only time I will wear the same look is if I’m traveling.

I have a good sort a couple of times a year especially when the weather changes and I’ll change up the palettes on my dressing table for the season. A good sort also makes me remember what I have!

I try to rotate through my eyeshadow palettes and wear a different blush than my benefit dandelion. I’ve recently started wearing different lipstick colors, so I try to stay away from Mac modesty. I’ve also been testing new foundations, took me a good 7 years to stop sticking to my studio fix.

I try to! I have to make a point to get out palettes that have been pushed to the back of my makeup drawers. I leave for work at 7:20am and usually don’t get back to my apartment until 8:00pm. I try to rotate, but I usually only grab things I know are long wearing and have proven their lasting power.

I guess I do, though I don’t call it that. 🙂
I know it’s childish, but when I get a new product, I’ll generally use the heck out of it at first, then I’ll drift back to the old “tried and true.” Eventually the new item becomes “tried and true,” and goes into rotation.

I love changing my makeup to suit my mood, the occasion, the season, the weather, etc. I don’t make any conscious effort to rotate products, it just happens naturally. I also don’t obsess about having to “use it up” when it comes to products as I find that concept rather boring and limiting. I haven’t hit pan since my “starving student” days. LOL.

I do rotate through my stash. I do a bi-weekly beauty basket of sorts. Every other week I go through my collection and pull out items it haven’t been using and use those exclusively for two weeks.

Some staple products stay in my basket, like foundation, concealer, mascara, powder… but everything else gets rotated out.

I try to switch it up everyday! I only have one foundation, concealer and face power combo, but everything else is decided by my mood. If I find myself in a rut, then I make it so I have to use a different blush, eyeshadow combo, and lipstick everyday for a week. It really helps me remember all the products I love!

Mostly I just replace things I get tired of or things that aren’t working for me. I will occasionally rediscover something in my kit, but for the most part I stick with old favourites or find new ones and forget the past.

Yes! I do rotate almost all of my products. Depending on my skin and eyelash condition, that dictates what I use there..also I live in Canada and our seasons are so drastic that my skin colour changes quite a bit through the year, so my foundations get a good workout year round.

I keep a basket by my mirror with things in the current “rotation” so that they are right there, I don’t have to go searching and this ensures that my colour cosmetics get used. I go through it every so often and switch out all but my brow pencil, primer and under eye concealers.

Yes, because that’s the only way I can justify the ridiculous amount of make-up I have. Although, when it comes to primers and foundation, I tend to stick to products that I’ve tried, tested, and found to work well with my skin. 🙂

Foundations – I don’t buy more than three at a time. I rotate weekly.
Eye shadows – I don’t tend to rotate. They are color sorted no matter which brand it is and I just use them according to color.
Lipsticks – I rotate buy putting the most used ones in my purse and I switch then out when I get bored with them weekly.
Blush – I pick one a week and use it then rotate it out by switching it to a new blush.

Always. I’m not an eyeshadow person so I have no issues with that. I am more OCD with rotating lipsticks and blush. I try not to use the same lip/cheek combo in the same week even if I’m in love with a certain product. I always tell myself before I buy something new I have to rotate – my way of justifying it. I try to buy what I use and always know what I have in my collection.

Normally I do. Right now I’m putting the same products every day in order to finish them. Especially face products. I think that one tinted moisturizer, one light to medium coverage and one full coverage foundation is enough, so I’m trying to finish everything else.

But once I finished everything I want to get rid off I will do a rotation. I actually like websites like temptalia because it’s very dupe oriented. I have way too much dupes in my collection. How many light pink blushes does a girl need?

Monthly I like to sift through my collection and pull out different products, I teach so my daily makeup is very natural and neutral. I change out eyeshadows, blush and especially lipsticks.

YES! I have so much stuff, that it’s impossible to work through in the mornings. And since I get ready at the dining room table, I usually have a caboodle-like container with items that I rotate every few months (or season). This is how I also make sure to get use of the stuff that I buy, so that my husband can’t accuse me of not using my stuff! LOL!

Since I went cold turkey on buying new makeup (a few months ago), I try to really give some love to all the makeup that I have. It’s good because I find often that I wear a lipstick and it looks strange and I don’t like it, and then I put it on later and it’s amazing. You really have to try multiple times before you can appreciate it. And of course, some of them never end up suiting you – but you can often find ways to make them work, by layering them on top of other products or applying them in a different way… But I don’t rotate them every day. With lipsticks I generally have a seasonal group of ten or so that I rotate every day. With blush I generally love three or four at the same time, and later move on to another group of three or four. Highlighters and contours I tend to stick with for a long time, and then change them up – I need to find a way to do this because I have a lot of never-used highlighters and I keep getting more… Eye products I generally use the exact same thing every day (golden/bronze eyeshadow and brown smoky liner – liquid liner occasionally) because I’m really not into eye makeup.

I wish that I were better at this. I only have one mascara open at a time, but I change it out as soon as the consistency changes at all, which is usually before the three-month-recommended-use is up. I like to use up a skincare item before I will open another of the same type. I do wear a lot of different lipsticks, so those probably get the most rotation. Eyeliner gets a little bit of rotation, not great. Blush only gets rotated if I’m doing my makeup at home (blushes from the drawer) versus in the car (staple blush in my purse kit) while hubby’s driving. Eyeshadows are the hardest for me to rotate, but they are what I have the most of! I loooooove eyeshadow, but will forego it in favor of a few more minutes of sleep. Once I use something up, though, I usually will use a different brand and/or type of that product the next time.

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