Revolution Organics All-Over Body Balm with 22+ Uses!

Revolution Organics All-Over Body Balm ($28.00) has become a staple in my household. I don’t really seek out organic products, because to be honest, I don’t have issues with the majority of my regular products, so why go after organic? But occasionally there are products that fall under the organic umbrella that appeal to some need or desire I have–as it was in this case.

This All-Over Body Balm is an excellent tool for curing dry skin–wherever it is. I love to use it on my lips and the area right above my upper lip (which for some reason tends to be ridiculously dry!), but it is perfect to use on your nose if you’re suffering from a cold (though use a q-tip or clean fingers!) or allergies (like me). It’s much larger than a lip balm tube, probably about the size of a quarter, but it’s still really portable. I’ve been using this for MONTHS now, and there’s still plenty left, which makes the $28 price tag a little easier on your wallet’s conscience.

Revolution Organics advertises that this product has at least 22 uses, and I’d buy it, since it’s just a general moisturizing balm, basically. I will say, however, that I personally won’t use it on my face *and* on say… oh, my feet! Just ew! The brand is all about using USDA certified organic ingredients in their products, which makes me feel like they really are organic and not just trying to get the buzz word in. The product’s “key ingredients” are listed as organic cocoa butter, organic shea butter, organic beeswax, organic olive oil, organic coconut oil, and organic apricot oil.

For a list of 22 uses as listed by Revolution Organics…

  • Relieve chapped lips*
  • Sooth dry spots*
  • Soften lines
  • Feed parched nails
  • Condition dry hands
  • Tame unruly eyebrows*
  • Smooth flyaways*
  • Nourish dry cuticles
  • Boost circulation
  • Protect from wind burn*
  • Style hair (as pomade)
  • Soften cuticles
  • Help prevent stretch marks
  • Rejuvenate dull skin*
  • Heal cracked skin*
  • Massage tired muscles
  • Fight free radicals
  • Calm skin irritations
  • Help Improve skin texture*
  • Combat flaking skin
  • Condition hair
  • Seal in skin moisture*
  • Prime skin for makeup
  • Relieve chapped heels
  • Smooth rough knees
  • Simplify your beauty regime
  • …and more!

Uses will a * indicate ways I’ve tried and used this product! πŸ™‚