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I love their eyeshadows, particularly when they do satins and pearls, which so few brands do. I think they have some gorgeous color schemes in their arranged palettes, and I appreciate that they’ve put out more consumer-friendly palettes (and sizes) over the years. I’d love to see more expansion into other types of products, and I’d love to see some more unusual palette color combinations.

— Christine

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I love Viseart shadows…they’re some of the only ones that don’t crease on me (I still have to use primer and glitter glue). And I love that they put out a mix of warm and cool tones…for this cool-toned gal, it is so nice to have decent cool shadows!

I am sure most people will disagree with me, but the only Viseart palette I own (Liaison) is just meh. The packaging is very nice and the mattes are ok (not spectacular), but I don’t like the shimmers at all. The palette was not worth the high price I paid for it. And yes, I know this is a very unpopular opinion.

I like Liaison for what it is…a nice work palette. lol But I totally get what you’re saying. I really like the six pan theory palettes…I have Cashmere, Absinthe, and Amethyst.

I agree. I have two viseart palettes and I actually don’t like them at all. I’ve tried many times to get into them, but I’m not a fan at all. Far too much money spent so I won’t purchase from the brand anymore. I have the dark matter and one of the theory palettes and they are both my least favorite to work with.

I own Paris Nude and it’s the snooooooooziest boring palette, most underwhelming and meh palette I own. Totally not worth the money! But the Boheme Ribbons is GREAT (for me!)

Actually, I agree with you. I got Liaison recently and was massively underwhelmed. The shimmers are not top drawer at all. Not as refined as the other Vs I have at all. And I think that is the quality I expect from, and the reason I respect Viseart…. Refinement. Uh, missing….I would say that probably every SG similar shade outperforms the V. That just ought not be true.

I agree with your assessment of the shimmers. They just don’t do it for me — I get a bunch of fallout and find I really have to build them up to get any payoff…and I’m quite fair! I do love their mattes, though!

Rave: One of my favorite eyeshadow formulas in existence! I believe I only have one shade of theirs that I do not love. Everything else has proven to be excellent quality, easy to apply and blend, great pigmentation, yeah, pretty perfect for the most part!

Rant: Other than some cheek palettes and a brow palette, they seem to be just an eyeshadow brand. If someone says “Viseart”, I immediately and exclusively think “eyeshadow”. Other than that, no really valid complaints. It would be nice if they weren’t sooo pricey, though!

Rave: I heart Viseart. They are my favorite brand for eye shadows.

Rant: Of the three super expensive releases this past week — PMG, Natasha Denona, and Viseart GP3 — Viseart is the most expensive at $175!

Don’t know why but every time I use one of their palettes I get a perfect look in my opinion. But then I try other palettes and it looks just blah. I’m at the point, where I’m considering using only Viseart and that’s it.

For me, I wish that more of their products were available in-store near me. I prefer to shop in person and see things for myself before I buy and very few of Viseart’s palettes are carried in-store.

I bought Vise Art Cashmere and had to return it. Mattes were nice but the shimmers had too mucb fallout and the wear time was abysmal even over primer on my oily lids.

I was so disappointed as I had long admired it.

I have semi-hooded eyes so I often have a wee bit of creasing on the inner third of my hidden crease on my oilier eyelid (seriously…one side is oilier!) but nobody really sees that. The Viseart shimmers pretty much just dissolved and turned into a mess on me, though.

I find MOST eyeshadows will perform better than that on me, but I have been wearing Mac and Sydney Grace lately since they have singles. They both do fairly well, Mac perhaps has the lead on durability but it’s very slight.

I got Paris Nudes and the Tryst palette, absolutely loved them. Then got several of the small petit size palettes and they just don’t seem to have the same payoff or texture. I love the concept of tiny pans and I like the fact that they’re removable and can be swapped around but I really have to work at the application for the smaller ones and it annoys me somewhat. Don’t know if they’re a firmer press or what but the bigger pans seem very silky smooth and easy to apply and the little pans obviously have a smaller surface area but they also seem drier and stiffer to pick up on a brush.

Christine, I have a question regarding your comment: would Paris Nudes palette be considered made up of satins and pearl finish shadows? If not, which palettes off the top of your head? That’s what I’m looking for BC many of my shimmers are metallics, sparkly or frost shadows. It’s hard to find that satiny/pearly sheen and I haven’t had luck finding a palette to swatch in person but I do own Cashmere Theory

I own Paris Nudes and a lot of the colors are very similar on my skin tone. I’m a light/medium skin tone and the shadows are super pearly and light. If you’re fair skin, I would recommend it. Or if you adore a super nude, not-too-pigmented pearly shadow! Anyone that isn’t a very fair skin tone, I dunno. A lot of them look SO similar on me, it’s the most disappointing palette I own!

Rave: Love the shadows. They are pigmented, easy to apply and blend. They wear well and come in so many shades and formula’s. I love the smaller palettes that let consumer’s buy the shadows without having to sell their house to afford them. I love that they have been good about keeping their packaging simple and without a lot of wasted and costly space. I like that they are making their pans magnetized so that they can be removed and put into palettes or the shades can be changed out to make a custom palette for a particular trip.

Rant: Are they worth the price? No I don’t think so. When ColourPop can turn out a shadow for $5 that wears as nicely and looks as good then what is the point of buying Viseart. The reason we do is because the quality is good and the way they group their shadows makes sense. I hate that absolutely none of the palettes is a stand alone palette. I don’t care if the palette is “Dark Mattes” there should be one shade that is light enough to use as a brow bone highlight. How hard is it to put one off-white matte shade? I know they were geared towards professional MUA’s but lets face it, they have been aimed at the whole market for some time now so address what the general population wants. An MUA is going to have a lot of shadow in their kit but the rest of us are not travelling with a huge kit. Even when I am home, I hate to hunt around for a shade to use on my brow bone. Do I do it, yes, but I don’t like it!!!!!

Like Christine, I think they should branch out and try some different products. I wish they were available to swatch some where within 8 hours of where I live. The Sephora’s in Missoula, Kalispell and Spokane do not carry the line and even in Seattle, they don’t have much.

I have nothing to rant about. The large palettes overwhelm me because I am not that talented in putting looks together but the smaller, more curated ones—-I have Theory Minx, Tryst, and Petit Pro Soleil—-are easy to use and last all day. They make my eyes look prettier.

Rave: the blend ability of their Mattes is undeniable! It makes a novice feel like a pro.

Rant: Pricing of the Grande Pro palettes is too high! If they’re marketing to consumers at Sephora for most of their other palettes, it’s a huge jump from $45 or $80 to $150 or $175. If that palette is catered to Pro MUA’s, maybe don’t market it to regular consumers. I know it’s not a lot of money to some people, and they would argue that it’s worth it.

Sorry, but Natasha is as high as I go at $129 and even then I’ve gotten those on sale or as gifts.

I don’t own any Viseart eyeshadows personally. I think, like every brand, they have had some stunning palettes and a couple of average ones too.
Why I haven’t purchased from them is a mixture of reasons – their colour stories are far too warm for me and the price.

I like their eyeshadow quality a lot, but I’m with you on the more unusual combinations. I’m not for pinks, purples, or the orangey/pinky/red browns. Throw some swampy greens or deep teals my way and we’re in business. Cool deep browns and tans are better transition shades for my skin tone than those pink browns.

RANTS: I don’t have a lot of rants. I was really disappointed by the quality of the mattes in the Amethyst palette. They were extremely hard to blend and nothing like the mattes in the 12-pan palettes. I didn’t buy it, but I remember the Absinthe palette had issues, too. The Rose’ edit was disappointing in that promo pictures made it look cooler and more plummy, but it was just another warm, peachy palette (though a nice quality, pretty one). I would love to see them do some colored eyeliners and mascaras. I know they have a lip palette or two, but it would be cool to be able to get smaller lip palettes or individual lipsticks. I’d actually be down for slim, 4-5 shade lip palettes.

RAVES: I love the 12-pan palettes, and I think those mattes are the best I’ve ever tried. I’m really happy with the Dark Edit and Petit Pro 2 Palettes. I think it’s great they listened to customers, are doing smaller, more affordable palettes. Their cheek products look good (I haven’t tried them yet).

This is a hard one. If ‘reach for it’ is the qualifier, then I guess it’s a quasi no. I have 3 Adepts, which indicate TMS. (too much stash; too many for a big Z) One is Viseart; one is CP; one is SG. V gets the least love. The mattes are reliable and blend well. Their shimmers can be more difficult to blend and vary in degree of shimmer. The top row of Bridal Satin is straight up 1970s pastel-like frost on me. The shimmer row in the middle of Liaison is borderline glitter. Shimmer does not equal shimmer, from one palette to the next. Paris Nudes provides some cool leaning and warm shades, somewhat muted and refined. Ladylike, if you can say that, these days. Bijoux is pretty perfect jewel tones. Their cool palettes do not reach the same quality level as the warmer palettes. Their grays do not cut it, and it’s my favorite shade. I feel pretty conflicted about the brand.

I love Viseart. Liaison I bought straight away but actually prefer Amythest all the way. Never had a bad palette even when some great bad reviews mine always seem top quality. I must be lucky.
The Grand Pro palettes I have never had the urge to buy, I want a mix of matt and satin, actually I prefer the satins as in Paris Nudes etc.

Rant the blush palettes. The mix of shades in each puts me off ever buying. I have dithered a few times but usually, only want three of out the 6 and would love them to just do the 3 shades and bring the price down. I keep eyeing the Plum one but I do not use bronzer so that side of the palette is a money waster for me.

I like Viseart. My all time favorite palette is Coy– I love everything about it and use it to add zip to looks with other brands. I have Absinthe and Amethyst and find them serviceable though not outstanding. I also use Bijoux and Bridal Satin. mixing them with other eyeshadows from other brands and find some of their shades unique and useful.

I guess my biggest rant is that I have to get the Grande Pro 1 and now possibly 3 to get the cool toned shades I need. The color sensibility — and this is true of a number of brands right now— is not that geared to cool toned. I don’t have any of the Edits or Petit Pros for that reason. The Cool Mattes shades and quality are not impressive. The so-called Neutral Mattes is too warm. I see Coy and the new Grande Pro as offering a more expanded range of colors and welcome it.


I love Viseart Paris Nudes was my first palette. They are so very good across the board.


Price is cost prohibitive and packaging nothing special for the price. They lend towards warm in a lot of palettes.

They should keep making those tiny palettes!

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