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because about 50% of people have folds lines in there under eyelids this iswill happen regardless of what concealer you use. You can us an eyeshdaow primer to minizise it. I usualy try to use less concealer in that area and try my hardest to great a matching foundation so I don’t need to cover that area with foundation as well.

My circles are also blue C due to lack of pigmentation in my skin like most fair skin individuals have to deal with. They are teh area beside mt tear duct tocur arounf the first third of my lover lid. I use Amazing Concealer because it’s opaque but it is hard to deal with. I use a salmon colour to correct the blue in that area first then blend it out with Amazing Fair (Ultra light)

If a concealer is too thick, try a fluffy eye shadow brush like MAC’s 224 and buff out the concealer a bit. It gives it a smoother finish under the eyes as well so it’s less cakey. Good luck!

There’s a certain art to under eye concealer, lol. Application can be really frustrating, especially if you’re trying something new or don’t have a set in stone foundation routine (like me!) Under-eye concealer can really add to the de-zombiefication process, but I really only go whole hog when I’m trying to perfect the skin for photos or whatnot. I really want to try the Eve Pearl salmon concealer.

I have really dark undereye circles and the salmon concealer doesn’t conceal them… but it DOES mostly cancel out the blue/black tone. Probably the best thing I’ve used to get rid of the coloring but you can still tell they are there..just more my skin tone color

De-zombiefication process? Yeah, that expression made my day – LOL.
I love the Laura Mercier one with the white powder. It is a bit hard to get the right amount, between too sheer and too cakey, but in contrast to MAC Select Moisturecover it stays on all day.

I don’t really like those light reflecting ones without actual coverage. They look good from certain angles, but sometimes – BAM – light hits your face from the side instead and there’s your dark circles again. No, I believe in colour correcting instead. THAT makes a difference!

Undereye concealer is my best friend! most of my blemishes can be covered by foundation but I have terrible undereye circles! Even when I’m well rested they look awful.It drives me nuts when they crease though and I don’t understand why drugstores can’t get with the program and produce a salmon colored concealer! My eyes could use the love!

try target the pixi by petra; they have a salmon one that feels very nice, but i havent actually used it in my routine… i think its $15

I hate the way it tends to creep into the fine lines on my lower lid. And how cakey it can look if you use too much powder to set.

I have deep bags and dark circles under my eyes *hello mommyhood*. My favorite concealer is Eve Pearl Salmon Concealer, that stuff is AMAZING! It makes me look like I’ve had the best night’s sleep EVER! I have to put it on after my foundation and immediately set it with a powder or it creases, but once you get the hang of it, it’s AMAAAAAZING! *although, the price tag kills me a little but it’s worth it for the results*

I have really bad undereye circles and have yet to find a product that doesn’t go gray on me or make the skin under my eyes look patchy/emphasises the tiny wrinkles under there.

A great trick I learned while worked at mac to counteract undereye ‘greyness’ is to use a TINY amount of ruby woo retro matte lipstick under your concealer. This will warm up the area first and works especially well on nc30 and above skintones. Use a small brush to take it off the bullet of lipstick and I cannot stress enough….just a tiny tiny bit!

It seems that creasing is the universal complaint. Mine too. I find that if I use minimal product with a fluffy brush (Eve Pearl Salmon Concealer + Bobbi Brown Corrector + Sephora Airbrush Concealer Brush), it conceals my dark circles enough to make me look wide awake with minimal creasing. I’ll never be able to fully conceal my dark circles because that much product will just cake and accentuate my fine lines. A little bit of darkness under the eyes > dry, cakey mess that makes me look 10 years older.

I used to use timebalm but now I like Bobby Brown. Sometimes I use creamy concealer, others, color corrector. I usually put it on with my finger then set with mineral foundation.
There are lots of magical products out there, but I feel like undereye circles are really the only problem on my face I can’t completely fix with makeup.

The worst is an under eye concealer that will cake under your eyes. Yuck. I have dark circles, so my personal favorite is Clinique All About Eyes. I found my perfect shade, it never creases and it lasts all day. MAC Select Moisturecover is another good one for under the eyes.

It kinda drives me crazy that I get conflicting opinions of what colour to use on my undereye circles. Salmon like Eve Pearl? Yellow like Physician’s Formula? The colour closest to my skintone? A colour a few shades lighter? A few shades darker? Argh. I feel like I’ve heard it all.

I haven’t found my holy grail concealer yet. MAC’s Moisturecover is decent but I want to try a more natural option like Josie Maran’s or Korres.

I think it depends on your problem, do you have pink/red lids? then yellow, if blue/purple circles, a peach/salmon one in my experience. I also always stick to my actual shade, I find the whole lighter, etc thing to look odd most of the time. See Kim K as an example!

I tried SO many before I found one that worked. Most settled in fine lines, looked dry & cakey, and/or gave me milia. Now I have found Dior Diorskin Nude hydrating perfecting concealer & have none of those problems; it is very natural looking, <3 it! The Giorgi Armani orange color corrector is amazing at covering dark circles too; I don't own it but tried it 2 times in Nordstrom. 🙂

I love the Garnier under eye puff thingi – feels great when you apply, coverage is great, but it creases after a few hours 🙁
Select moistercover doesn’t crease on me, but it’s just too darn yellow! I’ve been using the face and body foundation lately as a concealer (I really don’t like to wear foundation on a daily basis, and don’t really feel I need it), and it doesn’t crease. Coverage is not 100%, but it gets the job done. Still waiting to find the perfect one…

I’ve also tried the Garnier Skin Renew Anti-Dark-Circle Roller and I find it is ok for a few hours and then it wears off. Also, I find that I get dry patches under my eyes when I use it for a long period of the day.

I hate ones that are really thick, I like sheerer ones. I’d rather use a good eye cream and a sheer brightening then cake my under eyes in an attempt to not look like a zombie.

I love bobbi brown’s correctors. Also for those that are mentioning creasing, try an eyeshadow primer like urban decay or whatever under your eye. It can help. But you just need a little bit and pat it in.

I’ve never found one that I’m 100% pleased with. They are either too thick and obvious looking or too sheer and don’t cover well. They are too dry or too creamy. The dry ones look cakey. The creamy ones migrate into every crease or wrinkle. The best I’ve tried is Bobbi Brown corrector but it’s just not good enough!

I NEED concealer – I’ve always had very dark circles under my eyes (caused by chronically low blood pressure). All my other flaws are hidden well enough by mineral powder foundation or liquid foundation but my dark circles – they need special help. I find that most are either too dry and form dry creases and look chalky or they’re too greasy and crease and cause my eye makeup to melt and “travel”. The best stuff I’ve found has been MAC Pro Longwear (I switch bet. NW 15 and NW 20) and the worst is their Studio Sculpt. I want to try Erase Paste again though (first time wasn’t great) and I’m always looking out for something new (I wish I could get Eve Pearl here – I’d like at least to give her salmon concealer a try). Only thing is you need to put something overtop, from my understanding, and I rarely want too many things under my eyes or on my skin generally.

A while back, I used to think that under-eye concealment was completely unnecessary for me. I’m into the grungy heroin chic look, so I thought darkness was fitting. And, when my face is naked, I do still think they look cool. But whenever I looked through my photos, the darkness was in stark contrast to the rest of my made-up face, and not in a good way. So, while I don’t have a dedicated concealer for the job (I still don’t find THAT necessary, yet), I make sure to bring my foundation up to the purple valley (…which sounds dirty as a euphemism! :p).

BeneFit Boi-Ing Concealer works amazingly for me! It has great coverage, and doesn’t crease if you use a very hydrating moisturizer or eye cream underneath.

I hate how most of them have so bad pigmentation. The only one that I’ve found that covers my really dark circles is Amazing Cosmetics Concealer. I’m really shocked to see so many like MAC Select Moisturecover. It’s like applying water, absolute no cover at all. I can honestly say it’s the WORST concealer I’ve ever tried, and I’ve tried a lot! 🙁

I have the worst problems with dark under eyes! As a redhead, the skin is very thin and very transparent under my eyes. Even if I get all the sleep I want I still look tired. Add to that a family genetic code that doomed us all to dark circles. Then I had to come down with allergies which darkens all around my eyes.
I use up to three products at a time for my eyes. A correcter, a concealer, and an illuminater. Four if you count the eye brightening powder to set it all. It doesn’t come near to covering it all up! If I actually used all the product it took to cover my circles, you would be able to see the thick, packed on concealer coming at you. I’ve resigned myself to just trying not to look dead. People are always saying I look so tired or ill.

They age me like crazy. If I don’t use one, I look extremely tired, when I do use one, it looks crepey. Necessary evil for me.

I now use Bobbi Brown Creamy concealer and color corrector with her yellow powder on top. It still creases but I think it beats Erase Paste, my former fav.
Concealer is a MUST. Hereditary dark circles and allergy eyes have been w me forever. One new development is a crescent shaped bag under each bag. Oh Joy!

All the ones I’ve tried settled into the fine lines underneath my eyes. They also never look totally natural because my skin is a bit goosebumpy there, for some reason, and the concealer doesn’t sit well. I really want to try the Illumifusion one (since it’s supposed to be a brightener and a concealer all in one) but in the UK you can only find it online and it’s expensive at £36!

I feel like I have tried every concealer on the market for my dark circles, but nothing can erase them completely :(. Right now I use theBalm’s Time Balm with Benefit’s Powderflage on top, and it gives satisfactory enough results, but I should be getting Tarte’s new Maracuja “Creaseless” (Hahaha) Concealer in the mail soon. Should I even dare to hope… ? We’ll see :-).

I’ve also tried billions of concealers. I have very dark circles and eye lids. After many mistakes I realised that the right colour is so important. Because then you don’t need to use so much of it and therefore less creases. I am 36 and have lines under my eyes. I’ve always been scared of thick concealers. But the light weight ones wouldn’t cover. Im finally happy now with the right shade(perfect shade for me) of bobbi brown corrector. It’s thick but because it is the right shade I don’t need to use a lot. It conceals so well. I look rested and younger. I set with LM fine powder for under eyes, just a tiny tiny bit. This way, it will only crease on a very hot day. Otherwise it’s great ALL DAY! really the best so far!

@ Heather: so on an NW15 could you use like “crosswires” lipstick in place of ruby woo? I mean, I get the point about color correction.
Concealer kills me because it is the single most important piece of makeup I use but I haven’t found one I truly like. At MAC the Mua told me one should go a shade darker for the undereye than the face for a more natural look. She also said use liquid, not cream. Cream creases and looks old, but liquid makes me “gray”. I will try all these suggestions. Thanks y’all! Btw, I have that blue/pale thing going also.

has any1 tried the body shop concealers? if so, are they any good? please let me know! (i know that their all in one face powder is amazing!)

Dark undereye circles are the bane of my existence. I haaaave to use undereye concealer or I feel like there’s no point wearing nice makeup at all. My dark circles are very noticeable without concealer. My skin is already super fair, plus the skin around my eyes is so thin, you can see every blue vein, ugh! I feel like the skin thinness around the eyes has gotten worse as my face thinned out with age. Sucks cause I’m only 26 and it can get a lot worse…
I don’t even like to wear any purple/dark blue eyeshadows because it just makes the darkness more apparent. I use a yellow stick undereye concealer every day because it’s the most opaque coverage. It still doesn’t cover the circles completely but it’s a decent improvement.

My Rant is that there isn’t a good concealer for thise of us that are truly pale – genetics, my thin skin and being PALE makes it looks like I am always tired or sick. I can’t seem to cover it up – everything is too yellow, Lancome, Laura Mecier, Estee lauder, Erase Paste… I try and get lots of sleep and drink water and take my Omega 3 pills and always eye cream at night, and that seems to be the only way to lessen the dead look. I just want to find a concealer/foundation combo for even matte skin!

I’m superpale (NC/W 10) with neutral undertones and very purple undereye circles. I use Estee Lauder Double Wear 02 and it’s perfect.

Amazing Cosmetics, hands down. I look like I have black eyes because my dark circles are so bad. This covers them amazingly and you only need the tiniest bit.

For me (and others I bet), the ultimate question isn’t about concealer. It’s about fixing whatever is going wrong under the skin. Here’s to hoping for a thorough, widely available and (relatively) affordable solution some day!

I cannot live without my MAC Select Coverup Concealer it’s perfect for me because I don’t need a ton of coverage and the formula is very light and it gives minimal creasing. It’s a Holy Grail product for me.

If you’re in the UK, I recommend the collection 2000 lasting perfetion concealer. It’s less than a fiver, covers dark undereye circles perfectly and works on blemishes too. It very rarely creases and it brightens up my face no end. It’s only downfall is the small drugstore colour range! x

I put on a light (non oil) under eye cream. While it’s still moist, I pat on usually Benefit Boing or Tarte original in the pot cream concealer. I will soon be trying Tart’s new Maracujia Oil concealer and am excited about it. Long as I have put my very light eye cream on before my concealer, I don’t get creasing of my concealer. But at age 58, I have taken excellent care of my eye area skin. I started to use eye creams always day and night by age 25 and never stopped learning and watching/trying new eye products as technology improved. I knew I would have a problem with my eye area from years of wearing old type contacts you had to pull hard out to the outer corner to pop out the hard lenses that I started to wear in 1959. I always have worn sunglasses as well anytime outside. Sun will really damage your concealer job. I try hard not to squint. Expression lines cause wrinkles and just in that same way will cause your under eye concealer to settle into fine lines. So many years, so many tricks up my sleeve. Easier to do on myself than it is when I do professional makeup. I cannot control others who rub their eyes, squint and other wise have skin condition different than mine.

I can’t stand it when concealers turn cakey after a few hours, or really show up lines, yet I need to wear concealer because my dark circles are terrible!
I’ve recently purchased the Rimmel match perfection concealer and I’ve had it for the past week, and so far no complaints! Doesn’t cake, hides dark circles well and lasts long.

I love Bobbi Brown Corrector in Light Bisque, perfect for my pale skin (NC15). I always set it with a light dusting of powder too. Otherwise I love Benefit Lemon Aid, as it works on the eyelids well too – I have a lot of pink in my skin so the yellow is good to neutralise it.

I dont really have one, but recently ive been using the suggestion wayne goss made that putting udpp under the eyes prior to concealer would help. And it has! but to me it feels like it only works with the studio sculpt concealer, nothing else.

Cakey concealer? Remove some of the moisture in the product. By placing a tissue under the eye and over the concealer. Pat, pull up, move to a clean place on the tissue and repeat until you don’t get resiswtance when you pull it off of the face. Basically, by keeping all of the moisture in and not blotting, you add powder and make a big old makeup mudpie. This dries and cracks over the day.

Don’t use a concealer for color correction unless it’s a color-correcting concealer. I can make spider veins, red acne and the deepest undereye circles disappear with my Graftobian color wheel. It’s like magic. And blot afterwards.

Too late, you’re at work and cakey is happening? Keep Fix+ at your desk. It melts the products slightly and you can remove excess/rub it in enough to get home.

I love my covergirl invisible concealer. It gives me the light coverage I need without creasing or looking caked on. Its great for the price! The only problem with it is that during the summer it does sweat off if you wear sunglasses. Other than that, its my go to for under eye circles!

I absolutely LOVE the Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer in Light Golden. It doesn’t crease and stays on all day. I set it with ELF’s HD translucent powder.

My anti-creasing holy grail combo is: Estee Lauder Double Wear concealer 02 applied with the Beauty Blender. It does NOT crease at ALL!

I have a love/hate relationship with under eye concealer. I’m very fair, so I need it to cover any blueness around my eyes, but if the formula has any emollients-as many of the good ones do-it tends to break down my mascara/eyeliner. The end result, of course, is nothing short of raccoon eyes!

I have dark hereditary circles… I used to tan all the time and it would make it less noticeable, but now that I don’t anymore I have to either sleep (ha! yeah right) or use concealer. I use Benefit Erase Paste and a yellow concealer on top (Amazing is the best, sometimes i use maybelline dual end) and set with powder on top. i’ve never had issues with creasing this way.

They all LOOK like concealer! Plus, I can’t even find a concealer that completely covers my dark circles… I’m thinking of trying the Giorgio Armani Corrector, but I’m not expecting much at this point.

I am south asian, with olive skin tone and bluish under eye circles. I have tried my fair share of techniques and products; like most of us creasing was the biggest issue I ever had. I find that after using an good under eye cream, using a line filler, like the one by mac helps a great deal. So I would recommend these products to be applied in order mentioned.
1)under eye cream
2)line filler
4)concealer(my go to one is by MUFE with a tad bit of cream mixed in)

one thing that has really helped my dark circles is taking a multi vitamin they sometimes come about due to lack of certain minerals (and lack of sleep most often) etc still looking for a perfect concealer i think with correctors it is about experimenting on what works best for you

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