Rant & Rave: Summer Makeup

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Summer Makeup

I’m infinitely appreciative of the drier heat where I live, compared to humidity, because sometimes I can’t fathom wearing makeup with very high heat and humidity! I love the colors/finishes of typical summer makeup–bronzes, corals, metallic finishes–and I dig dewy skin these days, too, which I find makes a stronger appearance every summer.

— Christine

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I love the bright, shimmery colors that tend to come out.

I hate when high temps, sweating, and humidity keep me from wearing any makeup I want to. Allergies make it so I can’t always wear eye makeup. If I do, I have to keep it simple and neutral so it doesn’t look horrible if my eyes start to water.

I like that I have license to wear a bright lip – I know there are no rules per se, but I just feel like wearing bright colors when it’s sunny and hot out. I do this in winter also, when I want Spring to hurry up and get here, but mostly I just wear them in summer. I’ve been wearing ColourPop Molly or MAC Men Love Mystery and MAC On Hold lipsticks. I love the golden peaches and bronze and amber looks too. I used to opt for a dewy finish in the summer but lately on me I feel like it’s gone to sweaty sheen instead of natural dewiness or glow, so these days I’ve been doing my usual demi-matte finish.

I love that brighter colors seem to be easier to pull off in the summertime! But I hate how humid it’s been lately, my normal-dry skin has been looking like an oil slick within a few hours. A new experience for me, to say the least!

Rant: there’s two types of summer weather here. it’s either hot, humid and muggy, or just a little warmer than average and still rainy. the first type requires a powder foundation with spf that I reapply every hour. the second type is disappointing for summer, but better for wearing make-up.
Rave: bright lipsticks are the bomb. as is bright nail polish, showing off the perfectly manicured toes!

Rave: the colors – golds, corals, turquoise. bronzer with a hint of shimmer. hot pink lips, barely-there foundation. MAC Morange <3
Rant: The disgusting humidity that keeps me from wearing almost any makeup. In the depths of summer I just prefer bare skin.

I posted a summer look today 🙂 For me it’s all about light formulas that are long-wearing and resistant to heat. I’m very oily and in summer it only gets worse, so I need something that’ll rrrrreally STICK.

Only raves despite the bouts of intense humidity: I feel good in less makeup, my skin looks far dewier and therefore healthier, and I have more options on foundations types.

Rave: I love the warmer, sunnier, somewhat softer shades of summer! Been rocking many bronzy or coppery looks lately, like Chanel Empriente du Desert or UD Fireball w/ Roach & X, blended out w/ MAC Texture eyeshadow combos, UD Wildfire lipstick is my new HG summertime lipstick!

Rant: Things aren’t too bad….YET. Once monsoon *finally* kicks in, makeup can start moving around on ones face. Imagine; 105-112° but with a daily dewpoint of 55-70° , humidity over 35%, sometimes 60-80%!

Nancy, if you are still interested in the LE WNW MegaGlo Highlighting Powders…WNW finally re-stocked them on their website today. The site crashed from the demand, but I got in this afternoon and ordered Precious Petals (backup, beige champagne shimmer) and Crown of My Canopy ( peach shimmer). They are $ 4 each. Walgreens had them for a very short time, then word got out, and they disappeared. I’m hoping WNW makes them permanent. They are every bit as beautiful and silky as the LE Dior Glowing Gardens Illuminating powder I got for like +$50.

Maybe I’m in the minority, but I don’t have seasonal makeup. Although I may wear less in the summer, it’s still my year around makeup. Even though I try not to look dated by staying in a small comfort zone, I keep to a color palette that I know suits me. And, I wear it year around.

Well actually me too. I love the colors associated with summer like bronzes and coppers but I actually wear those colors year round too. Same with peachy/coral blush. The only thing is I have to do some tweaking w foundation bc my skin is oiler in summer. Other than that I wear the same stuff year round

I freaking LOVE summer colors. Like my eyeshadow today is using the Laura Gellar baked blush n brighten in Pink Buttercream for eyeshadow (oranges on the inner half, pink on the outer) and a full tightline with ColourPop’s raw pencil. Lips are my baby Tarte Elite lip tint but with a tiny bit of NARS Cruella mixed in for a deeper red-toned coral. I love bright colors and an excuse to wear them!!

Downsides are: the need to bring setting spray in my purse, never wearing highlight with my sweaty face, and fogging up my glasses and smudging my mascara with every hot breath.

Rant: I have to be careful what I wear in this heat/humidity. Things tend to sweat off.

Rave: The colors! My look today involves the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette and a pop of teal, bright coral blush, and UD Snitch (sheer coral). I also love a bright lip and bronze or gold eye looks this time of year.

Rave: Love the bronze, coral, orange shades that trend every summer.
Rant: I just can’t wear face makeup when it’s too hot, no matter the level of humidity. My face gets sweaty very easily, and I get pearls of liquified foundation that appear above my upper lip… Ew!

Rant – As a currently unemployed person home all day, I have little opportunity to show off the beautiful summer makeup I do without fail each morning at 6am.

Rave – LOVE LOVE LOVE the summer colors, especially the bronzed plums, vivid pinks, coppers, mermaid green-blues. I find myself doing much more colorful looks whereas in cooler weather I stick to neutrals.

I see a lot of women ranting about their makeup melting in summers humidity. I’m in NY where we’ve had a heat wave since March and with Skindinavia Setting Spray (bridal finish), I have virtually no shine all day. Granted I’m not working out or running around but I’m not in AC and it works wonderfully for me.

I dread going out in makeup- NY gets humid and gross and I’m the queen of the sweatstache and just sweating face in general unfortunately. But I did discover that Dior airflash stays on miraculously through major major sweat downpours haha when I was doing a shoot in 95 degree weather last week and though I was sweating to insanity, my makeup stayed put! So I’m definitely going to stay loyal as hell to my airflash!

I’m glad when I lived in Belize I was only 15 and not yet into makeup, because I cannot imagine ever wearing any kind of makeup in a hot AND humid climate. I stuck to sunblock and that’s it.

That being said, I do like the longevity of a lot of summer makeup, as well as the focus on more minimal/lighter bases. I like that things like eyeshadow sticks come out because they’re a lot more low maintenance and quicker to apply. I also like the colors as well, as bronzes are my jam and corals look fabulous on my skin tone. Not totally into metallics unless it’s a more subtle touch like eyeliner though.

Rave: love the change to the summer colours: peach lipsticks, bronze and blues.
Rant: In Melbourne we can have really dry heat or humid heat (more of the latter in the last few years) and that really affects your makeup look – especially with foundations.

I wear less makeup during the summer, if any at all. Can’t be bothered with keeping a face on when I know I’ll be active. I don’t believe in this whole “seasonal colors” thing so I wear summery colors throughout the year, especially because they flatter my skintone.

Rave: Channeling your inner bronze goddess – tan, coral, gold and turquoise. Also, my face needs less concealer and coverage when I’ve got a bit of tan so makeup goes on much easier and faster.

Rant: I do not get many occasions to feel the summer mood. I spend the best sun hours in the office and then the weekends tend to get rainy. I get tempted by all the pretty products imagining myself on holidays and barely get the chance to use them.

I don’t really know what “summer makeup” is. I do try to wear lighter formulations in summer, although now that I’ve stepped up the level of SPF I wear daily (I’m aiming for 50 or 60), I do find that some products (like the CC creams) feel heavier than I would like but I want to make sure I apply a sufficient amount of product. I do love the “appropriateness” of more shimmery, sultry looking products, especially for eyes. I guess what I don’t like is that companies are always pushing bronzers, facial self tanners and also coral-toned blushes (I’m pale, I like being pale, I don’t want to look “fake tanned” and coral doesn’t suit me!)

Rant: I live in Alabama where the weather can be all over the place on any given day but mostly incredibly hot and incredibly humid which means sometimes putting on makeup just seems pointless.

Rave: I love summery colors. I don’t necessarily do season specific looks or colors but feel like some brighter colors seem to just fit better during summer. I also like that I can do more sheer looks and get away with it.

Rave: I like the lighter and brighter colors and shimmer that are hallmarks of summer-y makeup. It all just seems to brighten me up. Summer makeup seems to require less craft (i.e., time) than fall and winter makeup, at least to me. I greatly appreciate that there are more SPF factors in summer makeup every year, as slathering lotion on top of or under makeup is messy and challenging.
Rant: How much I have to change skin care given heat and humidity. I haven’t fully got it right yet; I am breaking out from increased oil more than I think I ought to have to.

Even at my age in NE Ohio, it gets into the 90s with high humidity. Brutal. Cold damp and windy in the winter. Primer is required to keep makeup on. Blotting papers are also needed with dry skin. In winter, I personally can’t step outside without makeup or I will get a wind burn.

I love summer coloured makeup. But since the light can be just as grey as in winter (as it mostly has been the past two weeks) and the weather rainy, I stick to mauves (for blush and lips) and neutrals (eyes) most of the time. When the light is cool and grey toned, cool shades just look better on me then warm bronzy, golden and coral ones. Advantage: no creasing, so I do experiment a lot with shadows lately. And too cold to swim or to sweat so your makeup stays put.

I live in Northern California, which has generally mild summer weather with fairly low humidity, so I don’t get too worked up about it. (Like, right now it’s 12:30 pm at 73 F/23 C with 40% humidity.) I used to live in Chicago and I’d do my makeup first thing when I got to work in the summer because otherwise it would melt off during my commute. I don’t vary my makeup too much based on the season but I like the brighter colors of the summer. I feel like in the winter I use darker colors. (Which I also like!)

my skin is 5 different shades of pale and for the most part i can’t wear heavy eye shadow because it’ll crease… crazy eyeshadow is my favorite!

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