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I am over fragrance in anything. Fragrance is an irritant and I’m over it. Then again, if it’s on my nails, it’s not as big of a deal as the skin on my face, lol. Not to me, anyway. But I’ve had scented polish before that didn’t smell like anything ever!! Except a headache waiting to happen. Damn chemicals.

Seems a stupid idea. I remember Cutex making scented polishes way back in the 60’s, if you can believe it! The scent didn’t last. I wear the fragrance of my choice and don’t need or want it in my nail polish! I’d rather they’d put their energies and research into developing formulas that wear longer/better.

I have one on now… Revlons pufumerie in Fresh Linen… its odd smelling something other than nail polish. Its mellowed out after a few day on but was kind of over powering when I put it on. The scents never make me think of what they are suppose to be either. I also don’t find them particularly long lasting vs non scented polishes.

I think they’re gross, honestly. No matter what they’re supposed to smell like, they actually smell like the off-brand scented markers. Kind of chemically and weird.

Whaaat? Nooooo scented nail polish is not creepy! It’s FUN 🙂 Randomly sniffing your nails throughout the day is kind of creepy though, and that is exactly what I when I’m wearing scented nail polish…

I really like Revlon Perfumerie (scented) nail polish but it would be nice if the scent was there while painting the nails as well. I think the only polish that has a nice smell while painting the nails is a special one I bought from Rainbow Honey recently.

I never understood wanting your finger nails to smell good.I know finger nail polish does not have a great smell but its not meant to be sniffed any way.

I had never heard of scented nail polish until yesterday, when me and my sister where at my local drugstore. We each opened one and took a big whiff, expecting “Autumn Spice”, and instead got the smell of straight-up nail polish. Of course afterwards we saw the sign saying “fragrant when dry” :P.

The entire concept grosses me out. The combination of the usual nail polish scent with more chemical agents designed to mimic another smell makes me feel ill just thinking about it.

I love Cirque’s polishes with the hint of lavender and sage. It’s not overwhelming, and lasts a few days. I’m not too keen on normal scented polish, as I find the scent cloying and unnatural.

Ugh, I HATE those! I applied a blueberry scented one on a nail wheel 2-3 years ago, gave me an instant headache, and it still smells when I open that drawer! YUCK!

I don’t get the need for this and I personally find it strange. I mean what do you do? Do you just sniff your fingertips when you want some scent? It might be fun to do just to watch the looks people give me but other than that just…..no.

if i was in middle school i would love it. If i ever see a grown up smells their hands in public I’m instantly thinking they stink so I’m passing on it. I’m right behind you

I’m going to say, no on this. I just feel it’s very toxic and can have people sniffing their nail polish if they are dumb enough to sniff out of the bottle. It might be for little girls as a novelty so as long as it’s like “glue polish”. If I like nail polish, I’ll probably get it for the color, not the scent, unless Marc Jacobs creates his own line of scented polishes to each scent.!

No. Why would I want that? If I see someone sniffing their fingers the first thing I think of is, “where have their hands been?”. Ick!!!

I don’t buy them personally. I only would if I absolutely had to have a completely undupe-able color.

Rant: They smell weird on top of the polish chemical scents, don’t really last once the polish is dry, and are gimmicky.

Rave: It’s something different, I guess.

so far I have to say I’m undecided but leaning towards liking it – however I have yet to paint more than one digit with the only scented polish I have. I bought it because I LOVE the colour and the fact that it smells kind of like suntan lotion 🙂 What weirds me out is just how do they get it to smell like that?? I don’t like to dwell on it LOL

Hm. On the whole, the Revlon Parfumerie ones that I tried were a lot nicer/more realistic smelling than I anticipated! On the other hand, I actually found the sent quite strong, which is a little…unexpected sometimes 😛 I wouldn’t exactly go out or my way to get more scented polishes, but my experience was OK 🙂

Oh come on now, they’re fun. I guess I will have to rep them. Yes, there are hits and misses as with any product, but when they hit, they hit. I’ve had tremendous luck with the Revlon Parfumerie line, which is not at all expensive and is beautifully packaged. The ones I’ve tried have some interesting scents, and the scents last a few days. I love Wintermint, Beachy, China Flower, Autumn Spice and Sunlit Grass. None of the scents are strong enough to be nauseating.

I haven’t purchased any yet, but I have to say I have been tempted to try the Revlon line, especially when I had a coupon and they were on sale. They have some great colors, and I’m sure I will buy one sooner or later. I just wasn’t sure what the point was, since I always use a top coat anyway, and I can’t imagine that the smell would come through. I am interested in seeing how other people respond though!

I can’t stand most fragrance.. I would probably want to vomit after smelling it for a couple of hours. Not joking. I was incredibly sensitive to smell.

I have one scented polish, it’s the Betsey Johnson for Sephora OPI in a gorgeous bright pink. I absolutely HATE the smell! I didn’t realize it was scented and I haven’t thrown it away because of the color, but use it rarely because of the scent. I believe you should not scent nail polish, especially if you’re not eight years old.

Wait, I have 2 I forgot about the Revlon Pefumiere polish I own, it’s a really pretty powder pink and the smell is not overwhelming, I think it smells like powder. I also don’t use it often.

I’ve never tried one but I think I could live without. I could imagine it being a little invasive. Especially when you’re trying to eat or sleep lol

I have on the Revlon blue color nail polish “Moonlit Woods” and love the occasional smell I get from the polish. I am in the medical field and wearing a perfume is a no no because it can affect patients, so this is perfect. It fades after a few days to the point you don’t smell it anymore I also have the brown color “Autumn Spice” and the purple “Wild Violets”. Thinking about getting more colors.

I thought it was an interesting concept, but deducted it must be a gimmick when I bought two Revlon Parfumerie polishes that I could barely smell after the they dried on my nails. I do like the colors though, so I guess all is not lost. 🙂

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