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Perfumes are part of myself and my life. I am currently suffering from allergies so I can’t wear perfumes. It’s very hard to live without… really, and I do hope I’ll be allowed to wear my fav perfumes again ! Diorissimo, Bois Farine, 24, Faubourg, Paris, Vol de Nuit or White Linen ( and maybe 100 more ! ) mean a lot to me.

I love scent, in all forms. I’m just as happy with an essential oil as I am with a pricier perfume. In many ways, I actually prefer an EO, or a scented body lotion, as I find them to be less overbearing, therefore less likely to offend others. I have a handful of notes that I particularly enjoy, and I like to mix & layer different combinations.

I am not the kind of person that owns tons of different fragrances. I usually stick to one or two perfumes, and right now that’s Guerlain’s La Petite Robe Noire and a custom-made scent by In Fine. I wear perfume every day, though, and on special occasions I spritz a little more πŸ™‚

Perfume is really my first love when it comes to cosmetics. I love a range of scents, some cheaper, some more expensive. I try to get perfume samples whenever I can so that I can see how they work on my skin. Some scents are extremely unforgiving on me- anything with overly fruity notes can smell rancid, even when they work well on other people. (One exception is Guerlain’s Mitsouko, which has been a standard in my scent wardrobe for years and is known as having a strong peach aroma.) Strangely, I wear men’s scents really well. My hub and I can share a bottle and, while it might smell different on both of us, it’ll work in each case.

My favorites are Tom Ford Black Orchid, Bond 9 West Side Story and Donna K’s Woman. I also like Halle Berry’s first fragrance. I am drawn to oriental florals or those with musk, amber, vanilla, patouchli and veviter.

Rave: I love to smell nice. Most days that means a light spritz of a body mist in the morning. I have my “special occasion” scents that I wear sparingly when I go out in the evening.

Rant: I work with someone who POURS on her perfume!! I smell it even before she walks through a room and for a very long time after she’s left. She’s so accustomed to the scent that she can’t smell it anymore. It keeps me mindful of my one- squirt maximum for myself though. If I can’t smell my body mist a minute later, that’s okay. I know better than to add more and more and more….

I love having the option to wear perfume, but it definitely is easily overdone, since your senses get used to smell pretty quickly, it might be overpowering for other people. At the same time I love the smell of shampoo too πŸ™‚

I love perfume and always wear it whenever I go out, even if it is for a quick errand. But, I do have a sensitive nose so I like wearing perfume lightly. I like my clothes to have a faint scent that is not overwhelming because it would choke me, and would probably bother others around me.

I love fragrance! I choose something from my small collection every day, and I always wear perfume to bed. My favourites are in the grand French tradition of heady fragrances that transport and elevate.

I never wear perfume or any type of scent. I have allergies and even with that, I haven’t found a fragrance that I could stand wearing for hours. I tried perfume out when I was around 19 or 20, but I never really loved it haha.

I love perfumes but I have a hard time finding a scent that I can really stick with. Many of them give me headaches. I do love natural oils but they don’t always stick around. I have stuck with my favorites and they are Romance from Ralph Lauren, So De La Renta by Oscar De La Renta and I like Red 2 from Giorgio Beverly Hills. I tend to gravitate towards lighter scents. I don’t plan to purchase anymore for a while even though I’d love to try some of the scents recommended here on the thread.

I adore perfumes, incense, and candles – in moderation! My bestie and I had the unfortunate experience of living next to what we deemed an Axe Murderer. He wore so much Axe body spray people literally started coughing when he came into the room. Not cool!

I love perfume! I own about 20 of them, and although I try to rotate as much as possible my staples are J’adore, Angel, Dead Sexy, Gin & Rosewater, and Giulietta. Next on my beauty shopping list is Tainted Love. My mom still owes me a birthday present from 3 days ago…

I have Tainted Love on my list as well, although I have absolutely no idea what it smells like, or even the notes; I simply want it for the name (I’m a *huge* Marc Almond/Soft Cell fan…).

I love to wear perfume, I feel something’s missing if I leave the home without it. My pet peeve though are perfumes that smell like food. I’m not a fan of perfumes that smell fruity (particularly like strawberry bubblegum) or like dessert. I also hate when people have perfume on everything. I have one person who hands me her paperwork which seems as if it has been drenched in her perfume. I don’t like the scent and it’s overwhelming. I have to air the papers out! Just say “no” to over-spritzing!

I like the idea, but I never wear it. I’m sensitive to overly sweet or flowery scents and mildly allergic to certain kinds of perfume. (I literally have to avoid heavy perfume counters because I immediately get congested.) I generally prefer the smell of cologne. My mother and sister are more the perfume types.

I love perfume! I have a few perfumes (And lots of samples) and body mists, and I use them every day. My favorite scents are Kat Von D’s Saint, Aquolina’s Pink Sugar, and Hanae Mori’s Butterfly. ^.^ I love sweet scents. I can’t stand anything musky or anything like that.

Overall, I’m in the “yay” perfume camp, I have a half dozen or so I slowly rotate through, depending on my mood or the occasion.
There are definitely scents that don’t work on me AT ALL, most notably L’Air du Temps, which I adore the smell of in the actual bottle and Guerlain’s Insolence, which I like just fine, until it is on my skin and then it’s like everyone in a three meter radius wants to call in a Hazmat team :-/
There are some really popular perfumes I absolutely cannot stand, Chanel No5 (though I do like No5 Premiere) and Estee Lauders Pleasures among them.
Dior is Love (J’Adore, Pure Poison, Miss Dior) or Loathe (Hypnotic Poison, Addict, Miss Dior Cherie) for me and I think most celebrity perfumes are absolutely frickin’ awful (Hillary Duff, Rhianna and Katy Perry all spring to mind) but my current favourite is Still by J.Lo, so go figure.
And there are situations when it is absolutely unbearable, like the time a very over enthusiastic salesperson literally assaulted me without warning and half a bottle of Jean Patou’s EnJoy, which is quite lovely when you’re not being unexpectedly drenched in it.

It’s such a subjective, personal thing for most people, everyone has their own preferences and unless they’re leaving a sillage trail wafting behind them like jetstream, to each their own!

I like the smell of perfume when just sprayed on or for testing on the skin. I may test it at the counter, but I dont like perfume on me. It last all day and I cannot get rid of it. Even after a bath, it lingers. And I dont like it lingering on my clothes. I have an extremely sensitive nose. I am even sensitive to other people’s body odor. Michael Kors and Prescriptive Calyx makes me gag like having a pitchfork down my throat. I have a cold right now and the thought of any scent makes me feel sick.

I love perfume! I love niche and designer the most. I love when perfume lasts and has some sillage. I hate when I run out of certain perfume or if I don’t sense it on me. I hate how perfume seems to lose almost all its magic once it’s acquired by me. Well, I must be really a hunter then xD I love to review perfumes as well. Discovering new ones. I hate recent releases, they are bland, uninspiring, zero originality in them, bleh… Also they tend to have awful base and questionable quality. Designers! I’m talking to you! And major rant –
I hate hate hate IFRA bans on ingredients D::: ridiculous!

I almost always wear perfume of some sort, though these days, there are so many places with signs asking that fragranced products NOT be worn and I do sympathize with the people who cannot tolerate being around scented products. But to me, wearing one of my favourite scents is a gift to myself and can do a lot to improve my mood or relax me when I’m stressed.

I only wore one perfume for 6-7 years because usually I didn’t like almost anyone, they bothered me and gave me headaches. But two years ago in a department store I smelled one and instantly had to ask for it and it was Aqcua di Gioia, it smelled amazing and I tested on my skin many times so I finally bought it and from there I have been buying two or three with the same notes, except from Chance Chanel Eau Tendre which I love and it’s my favorite one but I’m usually extremely picky with perfumes although I love the design of the bottles. The one I love and hate was a present from my aunt and it’s flower by Kenzo, i haaaate the smell but the bottle is amazing so it’s like a little sculpture in my vanity!

I’m a very sensual person. I’m also overweight and on a diet, which makes me feel stifled sometimes. I find that perfume is a good outlet sometimes. It makes life less bland.

I think perfume can be romantic. When my boyfriend goes out of town, he asks me to spray the back page of his notebook with my perfume, so that he can smell it while he’s working. πŸ™‚

I do have to be careful because I am sensitive to many fragrances (mild headaches and sneezing). Synthetic musk seems to just crawl up my nose, camp out in my sinuses, and die.

Wow Sabriel…it must make you feel amazing when your boyfriend asks you to spray your perfume on his notebook. That is one of the sweetest things I’ve heard in a long time!!!

It does! It is very sweet! I’m so lucky, because he’s very good at communication, and especially at showing affection.

I also sleep in one of his old t-shirts while he is out of town. πŸ™‚ We’re just one of those couples.

I lloooooovvvvvvvveeeeeee perfume. I love collecting perfume, wearing perfume, learning about perfume, looking at my perfumes, and shoving my scented wrist into my DH face when I get a new one ;).

The best thing about getting into fragrance is that it’s really enhanced my sense of smell. I can pick out sandalwood, tuberose, orchid, jasmine, rose, etc… When I buy makeup, I immediately know if a product does not work for me, however when I buy perfume I often find that those that initially did not get along with me become one of my favorites.

And I like using melting scents with experiences. I -always- spray Flower by Kenzo on me before I go to sleep because I associate the smell with sleep πŸ˜‰

I get severe asthma from people who put on too much perfume. It should only be noticeable if a person comes close enough to hug. Too many people put on so much that you smell them when they enter the theater or from across the restaurant. I wish there were rules against perfume just like cigarette smoke. To the people who wear only a hint of perfume, this is not a problem, thank you for your consideration.

I love perfume! Ever since you have been linking Kafka’s blog in your Sunday Links, I’ve been expanding my perfume wardrobe. I’m amazed at what I’ve been missing! I can’t leave my house without some sort of scent.

I love perfume, my favorite ones are from Kenzo. I love them. But they make me sick, literally. Perfume makes me dizzy, even the the most weak perfume, makes me sweat cold and puke. Sucks.

Perfume is a product that I really don’t care for. I’m extremely picky with scents (no florals or “warm” scents, to name a few), so I dislike almost every perfume that I come across.

I like perfumes, depending, of course, on what they smell like. I don’t like perfumes with poor wear, I generally find that a spritz on my wrist with still be apparent (to me) five or six hours later, anything less seems a bit pointless. I’m not a fan of perfumes with a strong aldehyde note (like Chanel Coco), or anything excessively sweet and cloying (Brittany Spears Midnight Fantasy). I do agree with what everyone’s said about people who try and bludgeon you with their scent (or worse, spray it to hide sweat and BO), I think it’s ideal if you can just smell it when you’re within about a foot of someone.

Rave! I truly love perfume…even more than makeup. I wear it every day and have over 300 fragrances. There is nothing that expresses my mood like perfume. Fragrance can take me away to another place, another time. I can’t imagine a world without it.

This for me, too πŸ™ It’s a shame, because I love the *idea* of perfume, and I’d love to have a bottle or two of scent, but I just can’t wear it and I can’t be around people who wear strong perfume. Subtle perfume I can sometimes handle, but I used to work with someone who wore strong cologne (in a shared open work environment) and I had to go to my office instead because it gave me a headache and an asthma attack.

i like perfume and in special ocasions i feel like i need to wear it. its not a essential step for my every day, but when i wear it i like the scent to stay the whole day. my preferences go to floral scents and i usually dislike the more mature perfumes.

I wish more people were as thoughtful as you! I get severe debilitating migraines and one whiff of strong perfume will ruin a rare trip out of the house for me. THANK YOU xoxo

I do wear perfume but I only put a dab on so that *I* can smell it, or DH if he gets close enough πŸ˜‰ But on bad days I can’t wear anything.

I gave it up a long time ago because too many people I’m close to have severe reactions – asthma attacks and migraines – to scent. I don’t really miss it, either. Now that I don’t use it, I feel like a lot of products – hair products especially – have way more scent than they need.

I love perfume, but I always forget to wear it! I also find most perfumes don’t last that long on me, or maybe I just get used to the scent?! But I love Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy, Stella by Stella McCartney and Benefit Lee Lee. Anything fruity/floral!

I have a hard time saying something about perfume without it ending up like a long essay, lol. I’ll try keeping it short this time.

I like smelling nice and usually put on some perfume before going somewhere (except places like the grocery store), but I’m always careful with how much I apply. I don’t want anyone to smell me unless they’re really really close. I’m very aware that what I think smell nice can bother other people.

I HATE when people bathe in the stuff. I can get instant migraines from a lot of fragrances, especially very heavy ones, but also sweet fruity ones. It’s so selfish and inconsiderate to others to put on lots of perfume if you’re traveling on a plane, bus or train or if your going to the theater or movies. It really pisses me off. The worst ones for me are Jean Paul Gaultier Classique and Lolita Lempicka. One sniff of those (meeting someone wearing it on the street is enough!) and I know I’ll end up with a BAD migraine and spending hours in bed throwing up!

Also, it really bothers me when women wear men’s cologne or unisex fragrances. It’s so unsexy and such a turn-off to me. Dressing like a woman (sometimes even in a dress), wearing makeup and then ruining it by smelling like a man. Dressing like a guy can be hot, but stinking “man” not so much. I just don’t get it! Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for people doing what they want, looking the way they want and smelling the way they want. It’s just one of those things I’ll never understand.

I LOVE fragrances. I love oils, oil based body butters and perfume. I feel naked without it. I like my scents to linger and there is nothing better than a good-smelling man. Reminds me of my Father.

I’ve started getting into perfume in the past year. I used to be a big makeup junkie, getting done up every day made me feel better about myself. However, I’ve started shifting toward perfumes for a more personal experience and pick me up. I can go about my day and get a waft of my perfume, hold my wrist or elbow to my nose for a second or wake up and smell it lingering on my shirt from the night before.

I have a decent makeup collection now so other than replenishing my foundation, I’ve been saving up my money to buy samples of some jasmine perfumes. I currently only have Marc Jacobs Dot because hubby liked it so I bought it for him. Through sampling, I’ve discovered that I love Dolce & Gabanna Light Blue, Flowerbomb, Shalimar Parfum Initial, and Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille. I’m hoping to start building up a perfume wardrobe but it’s a bit more expensive than my nailpolish habit.

I love perfume even more than I love makeup! I don’t think I overdo it and have yet to get any complaints. I wear it everyday and feel naked without it.

I’ve worn perfume since I was a high school student over 25 years ago. Perfume evokes so many wonderful memories. Less is certainly more when applying. I’ve worn the same 2 perfumes in rotation for the past 4 years now. Didnt even realize it until i read this topic! How terrible (lol)! This year is a milestone birthday so I’m going to review and sample new perfumes to try. Thank you for the Sunday blog referrals Christine. They are really helpful.

I love perfume! I carry a bag of samples in my cosmetic bag so that I can spritz on something new everyday. I wear it so lightly that the only people who can smell it are the ones who move in close

Sad to say, I’m initially drawn to the bottle design. However, I own many, but it never crosses my mind to put it on! I’m in too much of a rush when I’m trying to get out of the door. Need to work on budgeting my getting ready time, I suppose. I’m very lucky my skin doesn’t have any bad reactions to them.

I am not a fan of perfume on women. *Most* women (not *all*, don’t kill me for saying this) don’t get the concept of “less is more.”

Every morning in my 8am economics class, girls walk in and I can smell them from 20 feet away. The class is 2 hours long and I have a headache by the end from smelling them. I don’t even have allergies to the smells. I couldn’t if I had lung problems…there’s no way I could stay in the classroom.

Although almost every experience I’ve had with someone wearing perfume or cologne has been bad because it’s overdone, I always love the way my boyfriend smells. He jokes and says it’s his “natural man-musk” but I see the cologne bottles he keeps in our bathroom. He does it where you can’t smell it unless you’re very close, and that’s how I think it should be done.

Rave! But I’m very picky in the scents that I like, some being Dolce Gabbana Light Blue, Chanel Chance eau Fraiche, Bulgari Crystalline… I really like clean scents, oriental, and citrus perfumes. Anything overly sweet or floral is just too much, and a big turn off to me.

I’m a perfume addict! My collection is extensive and expensive. Serge Lutens is my favorite perfumer.I wear a different scent everyday according to my mood and the season. Perfume, makeup and clothes are my passion!

I really enjoy scents especially spraying them on my
Bare skin when I get out of the shower–I feel all sensuous!
I am very partial to ginger scents and more woodsy scents. My favorites are b&bw white tea and ginger, origins ginger scent, ysl elle, Burberry london and v by valentino.

I’m one of the people who get instant migraines 99% of the time when I smell a fragrance on someone…often followed by a nasty asthma attack, hives, tearing eyes, runny nose & nausea. I can put forth effort to look nice and wear makeup only to look like I was caught in an unexpected hurricane. It pisses me off when I can’t even go to a makeup counter because of the crazy fragrance sample ladies! Walking into the store…you can see them standing mid-isle with their bottles lifted and ready. Feels like I’m running with the bulls or something trying to get away from them. There are no places to buy cosmetics where I live…I’ve been traveling and excited to go to a cosmetic counter only to have it ruined by getting tagged or just the amount of strong and varied scents they spray in the air…it really ruins something I’ve been excited about for a long time. Grrr.. I love perfumes and wish I could wear them! I spend so much time looking for unscented soaps, lotions & candles that aren’t just white tea lights.

I truly appreciate the comments from everyone acknowledging the impact their fragrance has on many people. I want people to enjoy their fragrances…I think is reasonable and sufficient for people to use a light enough hand that the wearer and someone close enough to whisper (for lack of better example) can enjoy their fragrance.

They still spray in the air by you? πŸ™ I thought that was getting phased out. By me they’ll only spray on you with your permission, and most of the time they spritz a piece of paper instead that they’ll give you. It’s not perfect, but I can walk through Nordstrom’s or Macy’s without wheezing now.

I don’t live near ANYTHING, except Mountains and fabulous wildlife…so it’s all good. It may be phased out most places but each time I’ve been in major cities I hit malls to get stocked up and every time it’s the same. Seriously, I don’t always have time to say “NO” before I am drenched and having an asthma attack – since traveling, I can’t even go home to shower or wash clothes. With limited time, I usually shop at Nordstrom’s & Macy’s for variety and different price points so it’s funny you mentioned those 2 stores.

I also find air is highly saturated with a variety of fragrances from the various sample ladies & sales (even if spritzed on paper) along with customers spraying testers. It’s more than my lungs can handle. If I’ve just been to the store…I try to find a different entrance. Makes me sad because I can’t even look at cosmetics or accessories that are often in the same area when I’m there to purchase. Too bad stores don’t realize how it impacts different customers.

I’m a perfume addict! Although I started off being very drawn to perfumes available in department stores and Sephora, I am now particularly obsessed with perfumes from Etsy shops (Darling Clandestine, Midnight Gypsy, Deep Midnight Perfumes, Sara Wen, etc.). The rant part is that a lot of perfume oils from shops on Etsy are relatively inexpensive compared to those from bigger name brands. Although you will never get those gorgeous glass bottles with lovely designs (I used to buy perfumes solely for the bottle… hah!), you will get a smaller dent in your wallet, interesting scent combinations that might not be as easily found in “mainstream” perfumes, and scents that generally wear much closer to the skin. I also like to see how each shop owner designs his or her own image and packaging. I really like the overall personal feel that accompanies buying from a small shop. At this point, I’ve realized that I’m very drawn to sweet, bakery gourmand smells that are coupled with smokey, resiny, woody undertones. I’m not fond of floral, fresh, nor fruity (alliteration!) smells because I always get a headache when I wear those fragrances (but I like smelling them in small amounts on others!). So my rant would be that I’m sad those smells don’t work on me. I also don’t understand those who apply enough perfume to be smelled from 20 feet away.

I never leave the house without it! In fact the only person who’s ever been around me when I’ve not worn any would be my Mum, but she’s the only person who I still speak to from before I started wearing it. I typically rotate between a few, depending on the situation, what I’m wearing, the weather etc. Curious by Britney Spears was my very first ‘proper’ perfume and I still use it years on as my signature scent. But at night when I go out or go to bed, I spritz on Chanel no5.

Oooh! I have a rant. All synthetic monstrosities made for Holidays! Or any perfume at Lauder, they all come from a chemical plant. But the ones named for pop stars are the stankiest, an insult to the nose. A lot of older scents use partial synthetic formulas in the US and some are amazing (Chanel 5 is part synthetic here, but all flowers in France. Huge difference). But the worst all synth smells will send me running from a place. I’m sure it’s part body chemistry but those loud flat brassy smells like White Linen… That one makes me retch uncontrollably. I mean this literally.

I like perfume. I wear Michael. I like perfume on other women. I just hate these cheapo all chemical things. I have a pretty good nose and love good wine and good cooking, but some stenches should never be let into the wild. Cause there’s always half the bottle on somebody, you can’t escape.

Perfume helps with our sensory memory!You would always remember the smell of your mothers perfume. Further than this, it can help improve confidence, if you know you smell good, you can attract positive attention, nothing better than to be complimented! There is no need to go overboard with drenching your body in perfume, but a spritz here and there is enough for the day ahead!

I like perfume. Most of my perfumes are from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, but I also like the Blackberry Vanilla perfume from LaVanilla. I’m not particularly fond of celebrity perfumes, though. Most of them seem kind of generic.

I love perfume πŸ˜€ on me and on other people, I really like the fact that it can become a part of your personality and how it can lift your state of mind when you are sad or depressed. It also makes me remember the fact that I sometimes know a certain person was there before, by the smell of the perfume that they allways use. I also like to smell one of my favorite perfume when I feel unwell, helps alot.

I love perfume. I’m always looking for something new! I’m in an orange blossom hole right now and all the scents i’m attracted to have the main note of orange blossom!! My favorite scents are L’Artisan Parfumeur Seville a l’aube and Diptyque l’ombre dans l’eau!

I love perfume and wear it every day, but I usually stick to one perfume per season – I rarely buy a new bottle while I still haven’t finished one (wish I could say the same thing about makeup!). With so many options out there, I find it somewhat overwhelming to look for a new fragrance! I rarely make a lot of research before buying a perfume, but next time I will because I feel I may be missing a lot of options.

I do not like how some people seem to splash on a whole perfume bottle…but itΒ΄s nice to perceive a fragrance in the air from someone who is wearing it discreetly, so I try to be one of those people :)!

I love perfume. I wear it everyday, i usually pick which ones to wear by the season. right now i’m starting to wear my spring scents for example, today i’m wearing TurQuatic by MAC. I love this scent!!!

I love how one perfume develops a unique scent on each of us. I hate how a perfume that some of us love can be so irritating to others. I always use it. When I am home, I splash it one. When I know others may smell it, I just spritz a couple pulse points.

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