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I like using MAC Wipes for removing foundation cuz its convenient, fast, and easy…but I hate to use them on my eyes because it doesn’t remove mascara so easily….so I switched to Philosophy’s Just Release Me eye-makeup remover.

I love makeup remover wipes! I’m using the Neutrogena wipes because they’re pretty cheap, but I love the smell of the MAC wipes.

I just don’t like that wipes leave residue behind – I always splash my face afterwards.

I love the convenience of makeup remover wipes. They are all I use on vacations or in a pinch.

However, for some reason they always end up stinging my eyes a minute or so afterwards. I don’t know if it’s the smell or if some residue gets into my eyes or what?!?! So I end up splashing my face with water afterwards.

Am I alone here? Is there one that doesn’t sting the eyeballs??? I welcome reco’s 🙂

I’ve been switching around a few. I’m currently using Neutrogena’s Deep Clean face wipes, I think they’re new, I haven’t seen them before. I used to use L’oreal’s SKin Genesis but it kind of irritated my sensitive skin. Booth’s 4-in-one was a giant fail, it irritated my skin and dried me out like none other. I tried Korres’ but it wasn’t too moisturizing, didn’t seem to do much. It wasn’t very good at removing all of my foundation and sunscreen.

I’m looking for something that’s pretty moisturizing. no luck so far, but hoping to find one soon!

definitely try mac wipes, they are super moisterising, i don’t know if they are my favourite wipes but if it is moisture you are looking for i would certainly try them

I experience the same thing (area around the eyes burning) when I use make-up remover wipes. I even purchased a “natural” one made by Jason and I was so disappointed to see chemical ingredients in the list. I have been reading about a new one made by Physician’s Formula that is getting pretty good reviews. That is my next one I will try because you can’t deny the convenience of wipes after a late night out!

Just bought garnier ones because they were on sale.
They suck!!! I had to really work to get the makeup off.
I’ve used neutrogena and mac in the past.
Those are both amazing, but mac is my favourite.

I was using Neutrogena for many years (I was using MAC’s wipes previously, but that got too expensive). Neutorgena is pretty much HG for me. The neutrogena wipes are 7.4″x7.2″ and come in a pack of 25 for roughtly $7… but recently I found out about Comodynes Oats Makeup Remover Facial Cleanser (Available at Trader Joe’s for $4 something). The Comodynes comes in a pack of 20, but are reasonably cheaper and also do a pretty good job at removing mascara as well. Its just my first pack, so we’ll see how it compares.

I have used MAC and this Japanese brand which I bought at this $2 Japanese store. Both work great and have moisturizing ingredients in them. They are great when you are not wearing a lot of makeup or when I get home at 4 am and I am just too tired to care. I like taking them to camping or overnight trips, they are so convenient.

Honestly, I just use baby wipes! I prefer Pampers Sensitive skin wipes. My face gets irriated really quick. So, I use the wipes and then use my Proactive System!!

I don’t use them, bought a pack to take on holiday last year, still have the pack, probably all dried out. The ones I got felt slimey and not good enough to remove mascara, eye makeup, etc. I use Estee Lauder’s eye make up remover with cotton wool pads instead.

I love makeup remover wipes. I think they are a great start for taking off the layer of makeup from the day, followed by a thorough washing with facewash and a toner. Some are better than others, but surprisingly, I have found some great CHEAP makeup wipes.. AND, baby wipes can even work.

I’ve been using Pond’s wet cleansing towelettes, micro dermabrasion. One side has exfoliating micro-derma beads for cleaning and removing makeup. The other side is smooth for removing eye makeup. It doesn’t irritate the eye area at all. I usually rinse my face after because I feel a slight residue from the cloths. I really like how my skin feels after.

I am new to this make up cleansing wipes, and I’ve found them to be very useful to start the make up cleansing routine. My first experience was with Pond’s Wet Cleansing Towelettes Age Defying infused with retinol and collagen. It was love at first ‘wipe’! My 15 yr old daughter uses the Neutrogena ones, and I am giving it a try. They are really good, but I still prefer the Pond’s towelettes. They are both wet and leave the skin with a clean sensation;yet, the Pond’s one gives me more of a freshness sense on my face. Maybe it’s a matter of perception.

I would not recommend the Sonia Kashuk at Target because they are terrible. Proactive actually has some really nice one’s slightly spendy but you can cut them in half.

LOVE them. Ive used nuetrogena before and am using the Clean and Clear ones now. I love both. I take of all my makeup with one and it works great. I then use a cleanser (Cetaphil) for my face to clean the dirt and oil from the day. I’ve heard that people only use a cleanser to remove makeup but I think that wouldonly get rid of the foundation, not the dirt.

i love the trader joes ones because they are relatively inexpensive compared to other brands and i can see my makeup coming off, and it leaves my face feeling fresh and not product covered. it’s good for those crazy drunken nights when i know i need to wash my face but am either too messed up or too tired to do the cotton ball/remover thing. then i wash my face and all that with my clinique 3 step. pretty good except the wipes still leave a little eyeliner from when i tightline; but not bad if im in a hurry or lazy.

I used MAC wipes back in the day but sought out a less costly, and possibly better, option. I’ve tried a LOT of brands but Neutrogena has had my heart–and business–for years now. In NYC, where I live, they’re around $8-9 a pack so I stock up when I’m back in my small FL hometown because the Target there often has them for around $5.

Makeup remover wipes are very handy. I use one nightly to wipe off all of my foundation/face makeup and then I wash my face also. These are a must have for me!

Currently using Pond’s cleansweep Makeup Remover wipes and they are great!

I live in New Jersey and every store I have been to has sold the Neutrogena wipes for about $8 or more. I found them once for only $4 at Wegman’s, so I bought them. At first, I was really excited about them because it really did do a good job at taking off ALL of my makeup. But after a while, I kind of started to feel a burning sensation after every use. Personally, I think it’s cheaper to buy the MAC wipes. $26 and you get 100 wipes? You would have to spend $32 (which would be 4 packs of $8 Neutrogena wipes) to accumulate that amount.

I used to use Neutrogena before and they work great. But Korres Pomegranate make up remover wipes are my HG. I can feel my make up actually taken off and not feel any make up left behind. I was gonna try the new wipes from Revlon but I was told by a friend that they dont take off your make up well and leave a thin layer behind. I do want to try the ones from Trader Joes, MAC, and Costco ones. I however don’t like the Sephora brand ones. Just felt like my make up was still on. I do like the size of the cloths though. But I don’t ever use make up remover wipes to remove my eye make up. They burn your eyes like crazy.

I really like the MAC wipes for the convenience but they’re just so wasteful. I only use them when I travel or if I come home really late and forget to wash my face before crawling into bed. Most times I use Clinique Take the Day Off on a supersoft cotton crocheted pad I bought from Etsy. You just rinse it out every time you use it, then throw it in the washing machine once a week to keep it really clean. No waste!

Even though I will you use make up wipes, I would still use a facial cleanser specifically for removing make up. Though recently I have been using cleansing oil instead.

I love wipes, but you only get a little for too much money. I only use the wipes when I’m totally lazy or if I’m on the road on vacation or whatever. At home I’m using my bottled makeup remover.

I tried the Neutrogena but didn’t like the greasy feeling and look that they left behind. I’ve been using the Maybelline ones and they stink.. I have to SCRUB to get only my eyeshadow off!

LOVE! i’m currently using Pond’s make-up wipes & they’re amazing (: they don’t irritate my eyes or skin at all! but they leave a film so i just wash my face afterwards.

I love make-up removing wipes. I use the Target brand. You get 30 for about $3.50. Great deal for a months supply. They have several kinds to compete with the name brands. They take off mascara just fine for me. I would reccomend them to anyone. 🙂

I love these! They’re great for taking makeup off if I just want to fall into bed after a long night.

Currently using the Kirkland brand ones..they work well enough but I like trying new things so I probably won’t repurchase when (if) I finish the huge amount that comes in their package (two packs of 30 and a couple travel packs of 15 or 20) x_x.

I love them, but I won’t just use them to take off my makeup and that’s it. I HAVE to wash my face afterwards, because while they take off makeup, you know they dont remove everything and there’s always gunk left behind =/

I don’t really like make up removing wipes that much. Every single one that I’ve used have irritated and burned my eyes. I also find that it doesn’t remove eye make up all that well. I much prefer to use a cream based make up remover on a cotton square.

Oh I do like using make up removing wipes when I’m camping though..not on my face but all over my body to freshen up 🙂

I have tried Life Brand,MAC, Huggies and Bioderma (for sensitive skin). The Life brand were on sale for $6.50 CAN for 100! The MAC wipes and the huggies both irritated my skin. The Bioderma smell really bad and don’t work as well but at least they’re gentle.

I love MAC wipes but they are expensive. I now use one from Kirkland from Costco. They are cheap, soothing to my skin and have yet to irritate my eyes. xspakage on youtube recommended them and they are great.

the mark (by avon) ones are the best ones ive ever used. MAC wipes are cheaper for me to buy at work, but i always feel like they are rubbibg off my face lol. the mark ones leave my face squeaky clean, i never have to use two wipes, and it leaves no residue. and the best part? it doesnt irritate my skin AT ALL!

I use the MAC wipes for removing my face make-up. I use the cleanse off oil + a cotton pad for removing my eye make-up. I massage Cetaphil on my face afterwards + rinse but when I’m lazy I just splash my face w/ water.

love how handy those wipes are, and i have the mac one as well. but for some reason i just couldn’t love them as much as i like to. now i’m more toward to put cleaning oil on cotton pad and wipe off my makeup, then clean it off with a warm wet towel.
p.s: the mac eye n lip makeup remover burns my eyes little bit, does anyone feel the same?

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