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Make Up For Ever

The rant? No names!! I need names! I can’t remember numbers at all as product names. Otherwise, I love their more streamlined product ranges (one type of eyeshadow, divided into finishes, for example) that offer lots of shade variety. I also like that their base products are more inclusive than the average brand.

— Christine

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Rant: YES!!! The reason why I haven’t really gotten anything from MUFE is the lack of names, which really doesn’t help me remember to check out their stand when I’m in Sephora. I can’t get excited about things I can’t remember because the names are just a bunch of letters and numbers. Maybe that appeals to the scientifically/logically-minded bunch of beauty geeks but not me.

Rave: They have a variety of great quality products, don’t think I’ve seen a poor review of their stuff yet.

I agree with you Christine, the numbers just don’t work for me. However, at least they aren’t sexualized names, LOL. Everything else I love. Their shadows are so beautiful, easy to work with and a huge selection. I have used their foundations and I have had good luck matching my very pale complexion. So all in all, a brand that I like and can trust.

Deborah, your comment made me nod my head in agreement. There has to be some middle ground, though, between “S537” and “Sexual Assault”!!!! That’s one thing I love about LORAC (which isn’t available in Canada – that’s my rant) – their eyeshadows have names like “Beige”, “Plum”, “Silver”….heck, what a NOVEL concept!!!

I love their eyeshadows but dislike that so many are so similar to one another. I also really hate that they don’t have names – just numbers (though Sephora has given them names but that doesn’t make it any easier to find them on the display). I also wish they came in small pans, like the ones in the pre-made palettes. I simply do not need those huge pans. Smaller ones and smaller price would equal increased happiness for me! I’m also not too wild about the HD “Cream” blushes they released a few years ago because almost all of them, including the ones that are supposed to be “cool” or “pink” are really very warm on me. I also like their newer HD Concealer though I’m still having a challenge finding the “right” shade for me (despite the fact that they’ve so many shades) but other than that, it’s a great product.

That’s why I like their pre-made palettes like the Artist 2. The pan isn’t so large so the consumer still feels they have a manageable product. Mine is waiting in my stocking!

No real rants or raves. I have very little exposure to MUFE. I used the HD Foundation once, got through the bottle and did not repurchase. Same with their cream blush — nice, used it all up, did not repurchase. Got a nice lipstick sample once and enjoyed the texture and feel, but it did not prompt me to explore any further.

But their Mist & Fix Setting Spray, I must be on my 10th bottle.

Could you please tell me what it is about the Mist and Fix that you love so much? I love mists and have tried quite a few but never the MUFE one. Not sure why just never paid much attention. I had heard raves about the Tatcha mist that it made you appear really luminous and that it smelled amazing. I tried it and wasn’t impressed. Didn’t really care for the scent and didn’t make me appear luminous. I hope you can share your experience with it so that I know whether to give it a try!! Thank you.

Hi Deborah!

I do think it keeps my makeup in place longer, that’s for sure. I forgot to use it this morning, in fact, and I totally noticed the difference by the end of the day. I also like the nice dewiness it gives. Not over the top, but it’s there.

I have the Tatcha mist too, and it certainly doesn’t do anything to preserve makeup longevity. I have had the Tatcha for about two years, and I still have most of the bottle. I use it very occasionally when I seem to look a little drier than usual. It’s OK, and I agree with you. I am underwhelmed.

Also the MUFE spray doesn’t make me want to retch like the UD. I think that scent is nauseating. Hope this helps!

I’m on my first bottle of it, and i’m about 1/4 of the way through it. And man!!

This stuff is AMAZING.

I have super oily, acne prone skin. So I like to load up on powder, especially around my oily parts. And then do a few sprays of this, to take down the powdery look. And My makeup is ON!!

And I find I can go en extra hour without blotting with this spray!! AND it doesn’t break me out!! πŸ˜€

Good stuff!!

Rave: Rather consistently good quality. I like the great range of eyeshadows; MUFE is now where I start for eyeshadows. I appreciate the relative stability of the lines: permanent means it’s here to stay for a reliable amount of time, not a ‘just for now until the next bright idea’.

Rant: Me too on the names! I also wish they were available elsewhere than just Sephora, as the local Sephoras here don’t carry the full lines.

I am right there with you on this RIDICULOUS numbers instead of actual shade names! I thoroughly HATE the number in lieu of system that MUFE uses. And for that exact reason: I just cannot with numbers. Names I can remember, though. So perhaps they’ll read our thoughts we’ve penned (typed!) and pay heed.
But their products are truly superb! Especially their Artist Shadows and Smokey Extravagant WP Mascara!

They do eye products formulas and colors really well, and their Aqua Smoky Lash mascara is the most waterproof I’ve tried. My main complaint would be that the eyeshadow singles are excessively large and therefore expensive. I think most customers would find it a lot more useful and accessible to have smaller pans with less product but also a lower price tag.

Rave: I haven’t tried a whole lot from MUFE, but everything I’ve tried so far has been excellent. The Artist Shadows are the best eyeshadows I’ve ever used, and the color range is phenomenal. I also love their cream blushes: They’re highly pigmented and have amazing staying power while still being blendable. Absolute perfection. I liked the one Artist Liner I had, M-10 (black). Their HD powder is excellent. The Plexi-glosses are great. I appreciate that everything has a huge shade range.

Rant: I’m with you, Christine, about the lack of color names. I also don’t like how heavily fragranced the HD powder is. Allthough the scent did not irritate my skin, my asthma didn’t like it. (I dupe it with e.l.f.’s HD Powder, which I think is just as good and has no discernible scent.) Their pricing keeps me from trying a lot of their products, but I don’t think its out of line, especially considering the quality.

I thought I was the only one who didn’t buy their products due to lack of names! I get that it’s their “thing” — but what am I going to do, write a spreadsheet with the product number codes, so that I can have a hope of remembering which ones to swatch/buy in store? Nope! Give my poor brain something to latch onto, people!

Ditto on the no names! The numbers are impossible to remember if you’re not immersed in the brand.

I love the whole idea and huge scope of the brand, but the products are incredibly hit and miss for me, even the well regarded ones. I haven’t had great success with MUFE’s eyeshadows or lipsticks, which is disappointing because they seem to perform so well for other people and I greatly appreciate the range of shades they offer across all products. I got two Artists’ Shadows when they came out and one had horrible textural issues that left it basically unusable (the color was called Grenadine, but naturally I can’t recall the number). For the lipsticks, I tend to have problems with wear, whether it be patchiness, sliding around, or settling into lip lines. I do have one discontinued lipstick that I occasionally wear in spite of the way it smudges because the color is such a knock out cool red, but I won’t pretend that it’s not an under-performer in my massive lipstick collection. I also accidentally bought HD powder a couple months ago and had to return it because of the infamous flashback, which I verified when I took a selfie to test it. I don’t take that many photos in my daily life, but it seemed to basically insure cringey pictures if used as an everyday product, it’s that intense.

MUFE Full Cover was my go-to concealer for something like three or four years. It’s one of the rare complexion products that doesn’t cause breakouts in my super fussy, acne prone skin, and it happens to be one of the best performing I’ve tried in terms of pigmentation, blendability, and general wear. I’ve recently switched to Kevyn Aucoin because I think it might be even more pigmented, but I can’t guarantee I won’t ever switch back.

MUFE lip liners are A+ and come in beautiful colors.

MUFE is one of the comparatively few non-indie options for people participating in the BDS movement. I’m not a BDS participant for several complex personal reasons that are outside the scope of this website, but I respect that between the L’Oreal and Estee Lauder umbrellas, it’s really tough out there for strictly pro-Palestine makeup lovers, especially if they prefer to shop major brands.

My favourite shadow brand. Their shadows are creamy dense and long lasting. I totally feel they are worth the price.

Rants – I would love names on the shadows and I would love more variety and less repeats in their palettes.

I used the old HD foundation and was so pleased to find a color light enough with yellow undertones and I loved the application and how it wore. So my “rants” start with whywhywhy would they discontinue such a great product? Replacement foundation doesn’t hold a candle to the original HD. And no names is very annoying and part of the reason why I probably won’t add to the artist shadows I have.

Rave: I haven’t tried a lot, just their pressed HD Powder (just okay) and an eyeliner sample (I don’t use black eyeliner though so…); from what I can tell they’re high quality and pretty shade inclusive. I also love that they have a more artistic side with body paints and such, because I’m into body painting and they have LOTS of colors.
Rant: NAMES. I can never remember anything I want to try because I can’t memorize a string of numbers. Also, price. I’m not saying they’re not worth it and not a quality brand, but I’d rather pay 10-12 dollars for a normal-sized pan of eyeshadow than 20 something dollars for a huge one.

Rant: I agree with you Christine, names are much easier to remember than numbers.
Secondly, it is very difficult to purchase this brand in Australia. The only place I know of is PM Studio in Sydney. So you can’t really sample and swatch the products yourself.
Rave: the brand has a very good to excellent reputation.

Rave: I love their eyeshadows. So many beautiful shades and they are very consistent with quality. I’ve only tried one eyeliner which was very nice and I just bought one of their new highlighters which is also very nice.

Rant: Along with everyone else I would prefer names, not numbers and I also agree that it’s time to move away from the “shock-value” names…can’t we use a name that describes the color??? Please??? My only other suggestion would be to offer a smaller pan which could be more affordable.

I use: MUFE Maffifying primer, Excessive lash mascara, Mat velvet + foundation, and at least one of the artist pallet shadows every day!!! I love their shade range with foundations/concealers, as a medium/light yellow toned person!! I love the artist shadows as a person who has a lot of issues with blending eye shadows!! They blend out so so well!! I’m wearing one of their Aqua Rouge liquid lipsticks today (9?? I think? It’s a dark red!) and I’v loved it for a while!

Rant: It’s so EXPENSIVE here in Canada. $24 for a single eye shadow?? $47 for a foundation??? for my student ass that’s a LOT of money!! Also, while I wear it everyday, the Mat velvet foundation oxidizes on me. It comes out a lightish yellow shade, and turns into a peachy/orangey shade that’s a shade too dark for me. I usually blend down my neck and just really buff it in. But I shouldn’t have to!! Also I HATE their smokey lash mascara or whatever. The tear shaped wand does NOT work on my small almond eyes!!!

I love love love their products, and I support them. I just wish it wasn’t so expensive here!!

I agree about the lack of names for colors. I think a color name really sets the mood. I am more likely to buy something called Summer Sunset rather than, say, B613. (“Scandal” fans will get the joke.) I also agree about the broad foundation choices. Rant? The prices are a bit high for a mom of two.

My Rant is not really with MUFE but Sephora. They never have them fully stocked. I cannot tell you how many times I have swatched an eyeshadow from them to go find it and they are all out. Boo. And I hate shopping online so I haven’t ever really tried anything from this brand!

I think I fall in with you. I wish you could see the full range in store, but so many colors are online only. I realize MUFE has a ton of shades, so it’s a lot of real-estate, but the more nuanced you make your shadows, the more you need to be able to swatch them to pick the right color. The number system doesn’t bother me as much as it does others, though I do keep a little cheat sheet on my phone so I know what I want to look for. Inglot shadows are numbers as well, so I have to keep track on my phone so I don’t duplicate purchases. It’s an extra step, but I’ll take it in exchange for the range of colors and undertones you get in exchange.

lol at Christine’s EMOTIONS about the number naming system
I agree, it sucks. Especially for a reviewer or if you want to remember your favorites easily.

At the other end of the spectrum, super frivolous names are a nightmare too. OPI comes to mind with their ridiculously long titles: “Lincoln Park After Dark”, “Can’t Read Without My Lipsticks” “Never Have Too Mani Friends!” Get outta here!

Oh yeah, the letter and number thing is very annoying! Don’t they realize how much more practical it would be for us if they just named their shades? Not to mention that often part of the appeal of a product is it’s fun, cute or witty name.

I’m ashamed at how many times I’ve purchased a wrong-for-me lip color because of a clever name! “Surrender Dorothy” was just too orange for me but I wore it anyway.

No rants here,I love MUFE. Their Face & Body and Liquid Lift foundations are two of my favorites and a great choice for those with dry skin. I love their lipsticks and OMG their HD Blushes. Also shout out for their color range! Also, the artists at the MUFE store in NYC are amazing–they’re extremely helpful and knowledgeable!

Rant – Not much attention is given to this line

Rave – Eyebrow gel is my favorite product (would much rather have an applicator similar to Benefit than a wasteful tube it currently comes in)

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