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I love MAC! i love the different type of products they have that you cant get anywhere else! i know it gets pricey, but to me this is my hobby. I like to collect makeup. I am also lucky enough to have some awesome MAs. The manager and all the girls have turned out to be a great friend to me, hence im in there all the time! I love MAC! haha

I like MAC in general. I just wish I could afford it.

Something that does bug me is this whole MAC culture you see around sometimes, where people will ONLY buy MAC and they get really snobby and cliquey about it.

Also, while the shadows are beautiful and bright and pigmented, they don’t last very long on their own.

I love MAC because it’s really great quality at a really good price. Unlike the high ends like NARS, Smashbox, Dior etc, I get the same, or even better payoff, at a cheaper price. They have great colors and great products. MAC is just great all around!

I ONLY buy MAC but its not because I’m being snobby, I just love their products. But I am starting to really like UD.

Same here Dawn! I feel same way. The only thing is I don’t care for UD products other than the UDPP.
Why pay more and get lower quality I say! Plus it’s canadian and I am too: Got to keep the national economy going! ;-P

“Something that does bug me is this whole MAC culture you see around sometimes, where people will ONLY buy MAC and they get really snobby and cliquey about it.”

Haha, this cracks me up–I’ve seen what you’re talking about, and while I will admit to being very partial to MAC, the “snobby and cliquey” part is funny because it’s true.

I love the color payoff–I seriously have had some eyeshadows for months and months and even with regular usage, I still have a ton or product left. I also do think it’s pretty mid-range in terms of price, and I like the wide range of colors that are available for people with ethnic skintones. I also just like the artistic aspect of the line–their collections always catch my attention, even if I just end up liking the advertisements.

I’m not a fan of the LE items coming out so quickly in succession. Luckily I have weaned myself off of the “I NEED EVERY LE ITEM!!!” idea (Cult of Cherry was my last “I need everything” haul, but I think that was actually worth it because I have been using those products so often and I love so many of the items), but I’d be lying if I said I’m not tempted to buy a lot of items from the upcoming collections!

I love everything I’ve tried by MAC except their mascaras and I think they are quite affordable to be honest for the quality of their products. I wish we (UK) could have them at the same price as the states but that goes for all cosmetics, not just MAC.
The only brand I choose over them is Urban Decay, I’m definitely a bold colours girl!

Hear, hear! I’m a “Casper” girl too and was bummed when MAC stopped making NC/NW 100 in the Hyper Real. I can wear 200 but I have to be sure to blend it really well on my jawline.

I love MAC for it’s colors, quality, and their Viva Glam cause-HIV/AIDS. I could do without MAC mascara and the frequency of the limited edition collections-as many have mentioned already.

I used not to get MAC at all, it seemed too overpriced for what it is, and to this day I don’t own anything else other than some mineralize eyeshadows and a Petticoat MSF (once it arrives in the post). I have to admit that I’ve never tried the pigments, but to mee it seems too fussy to have to buy every colour one by one, I much prefer palettes. But I admit they have some nice stuff, and I’ll definitely be buying some of the new eyeshadows (trios) and the Stark Naked blush. 😉

I love MAC since I bought my first eyeshadow in 1999.

Today I still love the products, but I dislike the huge number of limited editions released in a year. MAC isn’t so cheap here in Germany (and not too expensive), I wish the exchange rate would lead to lower retail prices. (We pay about 50% more than you guys in the US)
As a economic student I can’t affort to buy several LE products from every collection. I have to choose what I need and what product I will use.

And I wish that every single counter sells refills, also for LE shadows. My next and favorite counter doesn’t offer refills. So I have to buy them at the next bigger counter where the girls are not so lovely.

I like the pure, simple and classy design, Black with the silver letters. Pretty cool and nice.

I Love MAC! I love the variety in colors of the lip products and eyeshadows, but I have to agree with a previous poster, the mascara SUX! It’s funny because I was talking to my MA yesterday and she was like “I know I’m not supposed to say this but..I hate our mascara!” She even asked me what I used.

I love MAC! My first experience was an eyeshadow my friend bought me & slowly she got my inner makeup demon growing. I had always had some of their stuff a few shadows here & there but it wasn’t until last christmas that I REALLY got addicted! I’ve bought soo much makeup this past year its crazy!!! I love it all. I love the color pay off for their shadows, I can’t live without Well Dressed blush. I wish that their mascara was a lil better but I’ve learned some tricks to make it less clumpy. Also studio fix fluid if I wear it too much breaks me out which sucks because I love the coverage compared to mineralized skinfinish liquid, damn sensitive skin!!! Other than those 2 things I can’t get enough MAC

I only luv MAC eyeshadows. They are pigmented and cost less then high end eyeshadow. Everything else MAC I’m kinda indifferent about (except 4 the prep and prime skin).

I have a love-hate relationship with the brand.

I love the fact that they’re a brand that is about makeup being an equal opportunity product and not just something for young girls. I also think they still have good quality items for less expensive than some other higher end brands.

I do not love that EL has some shady business practices, as well as the constant LE collections coming out so rapidly.

I = MAC fanatic. I don’t use anything else. The only non-MAC thing I use on my face is Cetaphil, because it’s so cheap, and is the best makeup remover EVER. There are products that I don’t like, but I have found the perfect products that work for me there, and I will never turn back. The LE thing, while frustrating for a while, is still exciting, and though I don’t buy a whole lot anymore, they still come out with some stellar new products… the pearlglide liners are my new love!!

I like mac yea.
but they dont impress me in some things.

they may have alot of eyeshadow colors- but looking at them all at once none really have a big LOOK AT ME and screams buy me. idk. maybe its too much at once. then again…im a big kryolan/ben nye fan and have tonnns of bright-bright colors…

their foundations arent light enough for me either.
and at the same time…i dont want to spend 30 dollars ofr somthing i dont wear more than once a week.

and they dont have that great of colors with paints,paint pots, fluidlines, shade sticks-which is the only things i buy from mac…that and brushes.

i love MAC because of the wide range of products and colours they have. i used to only like bobbi brown, but that’s cuz i used to only wear foundation. haha. MAC has so many great brushes and colours for all their products and that really appeals to me.

the thing i don’t like about mac is the price. i wish the stuff were cheaper. i don’t buy the foundation or mascara from mac cuz i’ve heard bad things about them. esp the foundation, like it makes you break out etc.

oh i also love that they always come out with so many different collections. it just makes you spoilt for choice. which can be a bad thing tho, because sometimes when you can’t choose between 2 items you end up buying both. which is not good for your wallet.

I also don’t like the many LE collections coming up so rapidly after each other. In my opinion it’s a really cheap trick to make you buy more than you need, because you may not be sure about something but are afraid that it’s gone before you make a decision. In consequence you end up buying it just so you aren’t sorry later for having missed something out. And I’m not very fond of the Mineralize Eyeshadow and the Lustre texture. I like MAC brushes though as well as the vanilla scent in their lipglasses (but on the other side I’m not a big fan of their super glossy finish). All in all I think MAC offers some really nice and high quality items (the Mineralize Blushes were superb!), but it is definitely not my one-and-only brand.

I love MAC since it’s high quality makeup and reasonably priced. I use their e/s, pigments and lip products but not foundations, mascara and eyeliners. In general MAC is my favourite brand but I do use other brands as well

I love MAC too much to ever give it up, but it’s making me broke. I’ve spent almost $3,000 on it, which is probably not even much compared to some of you!!! Ugh!

I do love MAC. Sometimes it’s the packaging, sometimes it’s the products, but there are certain products that I only purchase from MAC. Such as the the eyeshadows, pigments, bases etc. Brushes as well too but I have some cheap ones when I didn’t have enough money for MAC! Of course, like everyone else, my only complain about MAC is the price. Which is why for my lip and mascara products, I stay with the drugstore brands so that I could save some money – but the money I save usually goes to buying more MAC stuff. 😛
However, I’m open to trying new brands when it comes to blushes and glosses and eyeliners. I guess it’s just that the MAC shadows fulfill my needs so far and so I don’t feel the need to stray away from it.

i used to buy all brands of makeup, including MAC, but i have since switched to mostly MAC because it is a slippery slope…

i bought two e/s palettes because i wanted to organise my e/s, and now i dont want to buy other brands because they wont fit.

and i love their red lippies, i think i just about have all of them now.

I LOVE MAC. 4 years of love and it just keeps on growing!

I think their products are extremely affordable, especially because I work in the mass cosmetics industry which is not as cheap as one might think. By spending just a little more than you would in a drugstore, you get much higher quality and much better selection of products.

MAC is really innovative. They’re hip and trendy yet have a wide customer base that ranges from teenagers to seniors. I truly believe it is the quality (and affordability) of their products.

I don’t like that their LE collections are getting out of control because each year, they anniversary the year before AND add more collections to boot! I can imagine consumers, especially ones who don’t follow the brand as closely, constantly being disappointed they can’t re-purchase their favourite item because it was LE.

While I love their foundations and powders, they can be a problem for those who are acne-prone. Especially Studio Fix which used to be my go-to product – it seems that many others experience the same issue with breakouts!

I occasionally get frustrated with the service model because if it’s busy at the counter, you could end up waiting a long time to be helped even though you know exactly what you need. Business-wise, it makes sense but sometimes I just want to grab and go!

I like MAC for the following reasons:
1. Quality – in terms of colour payoff, texture, etc
2. Range of colours – enough said. you can never have enough of black liners, or red lippies, or too many pink/peach lippies, each all look different right??
3. Range of products – different types of foundations to suit different people, skin types, colours, eyeshadow textures, eyeliner textures, etc etc etc the list is endless
4. Never ending collections – enough said. we are all addicts and junkies, and suckers for the new stuff, new packaging, new colours, etc
5. Pricing – not that cheap as compared to drugstore brands, but you are paying for quality after all, and the price is affordable enough for me to go crazy with hauling every once so often.
6. Packaging – the original ones, the LE ones, whatever, it is just so chic, no?

I loveeeeeee my MAC…l find for just a couple bucks more than drug store brands l can get a way better product. There e/s are pigmented so l dont have to pack on a ton. And their products seem to last me forever. They are the middle range for me and since l dont have a urban decay or sephora store in town..it seems like the only place to get any decent middle range makeup is my MAC. Totally open to new products with great prices…would like to try some NYX and urban decay products since l hear tons of raves about it… but lm a little iffy about ordering things online and they dont see them in any stores in my town.

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