Rant & Rave: Liquid Lipstick

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Liquid Lipstick

I love how long they can wear for, but most formulas are at least somewhat drying during the wear!  I love when they’re really pigmented and don’t dry down instantly (but don’t take forever to dry either!). 

— Christine

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I feel exactly the same 🙂 so far I like the Kat Von D the best I have at least 10 different brands and I never reach for them lol. I just saw Kylie J came out with her liquid lip just wondering if you will be reviewing it?

I really love liquid lipstick in general, it’s one of the things I reach for most often — I love how pigmented and matte it is, how long it lasts, and how easy it is to apply (compared to matte lipsticks in stick form, which can often drag on the lips, in my experience). I don’t mind the drying that much or I’m used to it at least, but I don’t love the way it can get really flaky and start to peel off sometimes

Rave: They’re great for summer, as I don’t have to worry about them melting in my purse. The long-wearing formulas don’t need touching up very often. I can get some interesting shades and finishes that I can’t find in traditional solid lipstick. There are a variety of formulas from soft and creamy to thin and super-fast drying, so most people can find a version that works for their lips and their needs.

Rant: They can be tricky to apply, and more prone to bleeding. A lot of them are dry out the lips to various degrees, but that’s more of a formula issue. Again, this is more a formula issue with certain brands, but I hate it when they don’t layer well. I hate not being able to put on a second coat if a color is too light or streaky. (ColourPop Ultra Mattes, for example.)

The longevity is definitly the best thing. Not needing to worry about bleeding, smudging or touching up is perfect. But for winter my skin and lips included gets dryer, and I can’t wear liquid lipstick everyday because if I did my lips would be terribly chapped and sad!

what I love: longevity, matte and trendy shades

what I hate: dryness, and most brands have shades that are hit or miss which makes you have to do some research

overall though, they’re my favorite to wear.. now that I’ve realized I have to do some research I don’t waste my money on the patchy shades

As of yet, I still haven’t tried any of the liquid lipsticks that dry to matte because I already have it in my head that it would drive me crazy! That I would aimlessly begin biting off those dryed up flakey bits and proceed to look like a deranged cat-lady with uneven, messed up lipstick….not the LOOK I’m striving for here.
However, I am absolutely GAME to try out something like that super nice Guerlain LE liquid lipstick, or the ones by Nyx, Velvet Suede formula! Because they will probably STILL outlast a standard lipstick anyway, but without torturing my lips as the consequence.

Raves – I like the Too Faced Melted Lipsticks. They wear very well, apply evenly, leave a nice stain.
Rants – NO.MORE.MATTES!!!!!!!! Everybody and their cousin and their dog is going mattes and I’m just OVER.IT.

I’m over 50, and already have fairly small lips. So flat/matte lipsticks in general tend to add even more years to my face. Add to it the way liquid lipstick formulas tend to be drying — no thank you. No love here; they do me no favors.

Liquid Lipsticks are a product that I love the idea of more than I love the reality of. I like the long wear time on them and how pigmented they are, but am not so keen on how drying they are and hard many of they are to reapply (I drink a lot through the day, so I usually need touch ups towards the end of the day). I think I actually prefer the ones that don’t fully set like Sephora’s Lustre Matte or NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams over something like Kat Von D’s Everlasting lipstick or Colour Pop’s Ultra Matte. Yes they transfer, but they don’t feel as weird on, don’t emphasize the texture of my lips and have no re-application issues.

I love how pigmented most of them are and I love how they are generally not patchy. I hate how they don’t care how much primer or liner you use, and go where they want! Also sometimes they’re so pigmented that you better not mess up because it’s hard to get off and conceal.

Ugh. Trends I wish would die already. Ok, that’s a bit severe, but I seriously dislike 90% of the liquid lipsticks I’ve tried. I find them drying and when they set, they have a tendency to crack or pinch. They last a long time, but when you have to reapply them, it’s a huge pain. I also find the colours very flat and one-note. The only formulas I liked are Armani and Ellis Faas, but those are ones that don’t dry down completely and that have a softer finish- things that most people don’t want in a liquid lipstick formula.

I love the wear time and finish but I don’t like how some formulas flake and crumble! I don’t really mind the drying as long as it isn’t excessive.

I’m basically the same. I love how long they last, and their pigmentation, but hate how drying they can be. The Sephora one is probably my favorite as it’s not too drying, though it doesn’t last quite as long as some others, but that’s fine with me.

They can be quiet drying. Also, I have a bit of a turned out bottom lip, so the color doesn’t stick far up enough and gives me a stark line inside of my lip. Lipstick can be sheered out a bit towards the inside and is more forgiving, but liquid lipstick is too opaque.

Rave: Love the colour selection nowadays! Every brand’s got its brights, vampy, daytime and unusual colours which are all super long-lasting. They come at many different price points as well.

Rant: Because many are very drying, I need to remember to moisturise my lips the night before and exfoliate. There’s a learning curve with applying these too; I usually pair mine with lipliners and only fill in the middle-ish sections of my lips now. I think it’s less likely to look wonky that way. The formulations are also sometimes a hit-or-miss with the comfort level of each of them… The Sephora brand – while affordable – dries my lips out and wears really bad on me. The KVD one is the most comfortable formulation I’ve tried so far but some complain that it’s too drying.

I think I have a love-hate relationship with them. I’ve tried loving the Too Faced Melted liquid lipsticks but I hated the taste of it…? The smell gives me a headache and I didn’t like it one bit. The color is absolutely gorgeous, but the scent made me nauseous.

I’ve gotten myself the Kat VonD liquid lipsticks and if I be sure my lips are completely exfoliated and moisturized, I absolutely love it! My few gripes with them is that they’re hard to remove after use and I have to be careful in application. They don’t dry up on me and I’m perfectly okay with it.

I thought they were really for people younger than me so to try them I got a few at a local beauty supply place that has them for like $7 each. Then I got some from Too-Faced. And I do wear them more than I would have expected because they last and don’t require retouching. But I do moisturize before and throughout the day. Will probably stop wearing for the winter though.

Some of the colors are really beautiful, but I don’t like it if they’re drying (which so many are), and I’m not a fan of the ultra-matte finish that so many of them have, and I find them difficult to touch up mid-day without the intensity going over the top. I mostly wear my OCC lip tars on days when I know I won’t be eating anything away from home — I’ve never been able to eat without some of my lip color coming off.

I love them if I can eat with them on and they won’t come off. I don’t like that often when they wear away, the only thing you can do is reapply because you can’t really smudge what’s left out a bit to make it look more blended like you can with a regular lipstick. So, if it wears badly during meals, I’d rather go for a traditional lipstick that’s easier to fix up quickly if needed. The only formula that doesn’t come off when I eat is LA Splash, Kat Von D lasts pretty well but some shades don’t stand a chance with food. I also don’t like how they’re kind of inherently uncomfortable, but I like not having to worry about them smudging if I touch my mouth or drink water. It’s a mixed bag. Overall I like traditional lipsticks better.

I love how many colors and formulas there are out there now since it’s a current trend and I love trying new things. I love KVD’s formula the most out of what I own because it dries down quickly but doesn’t make my lips extremely dry unless they were already dry (in which case I’d skip liquid lipstick that day).

Big cons for me are mainly dryness, depending on brand. ColourPop’s first line of liquid lipsticks suck out all the moisture from my lips and they look shriveled and sad. I feel like I can’t even wear them at all and like I regret buying them. Also, I’m not a fan of liquid lipsticks that never dry down, like Nyx soft matte lip creams.

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