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I like it in lip products the most, particularly lip glosses, but find it most annoying to deal with in powder eyeshadows, though I certainly enjoy the look of glitter and sparkle just about anywhere–eyes, cheeks, lips!

— Christine

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For my own use, I don’t like it at all. I don’t want glitter on my eyes, cheeks, or lips. I find it annoying and messy. Just, no.

That said, glitter can look pretty on other people if done well. I am always attracted to glittery lipsticks and eyeshadows…but just to look at, not to wear.

Nothing to love about glitter here. My likes stop at shimmers, and those even aren’t a bug like.
Well… I might like glitter sometimes in editorial looks, but just for the aesthetics. I just don’t need/want glitter in my life. 😀

RAVES: I love how glitter looks. I like microglitter in lipglosses, eyeshdows, blushes, and highlighters. I think glitter is a lot of fun.

RANTS: It’s messy, there are no two ways about it. I’ve heard some of my friends refer to ir as “crafts herpes.” lol I don’t care for chuncky glitter in cosmetic products. I detest glittery eyeshadows where the base doesn’t bind to the glitter at all. What’s the point?

I’m guilty as charged for my use of glittery lipgloss, eyeshadow and once in awhile, even highlighter! The trick is in the application and, for me personally, the size of glitter we’re referring to. I only actually love micro-glitter, not chunky or scary looking glitter. I make sure to secure it with either glitter primer of dampen my eyeshadow brush with Fix+. Using it almost exclusively as a spotlight mid-lid halo effect. For cheeks, it is not something I am into for an everyday usage, but more so as either special occasion or for an editorial look I’d post on IG. (yes, I know I’ve gone a very long time without posting any looks, perhaps one day I’ll remember to take pics while the lighting is good!)

Rave: I do like the look of it on some lip and eye products.

Rant: I just find that glitter eyeshadows are a lot of trouble to apply and the fall out can be significant. Getting glitter in your eyes is no joke.
I just don’t think it would look OK on me.

If I do use glitter it is only for special occasions. For fall out I use tape to pick it up off areas that it has fallen on to. I love glittery eye liners, ever since Tony and Tina brought theirs out, I have been a fan, and will wear them any time, any where, any how. Glittery mascara can be a pretty topper for special occasions and I don’t care if I look like a disco ball lol!

I love glitter. But I only like using it on my eyes. Glitter in lipsticks/lip gloss feels too gritty on my lips. I don’t like it in a blush because I have larger pores and don’t want to enhance them. I like using a finer glitter when I use it on my eyes. I use NYX’s glitter primer to get it to stay in place. I really like the Stila Glitter & Glow liquid shadow. I also like the MAC Reflects glitter. My favorite is Reflects Antique Gold. I also like the shade in Pearl but it’s so fine that it literally goes everywhere. As much as I like to wear glitter, I mostly wear it during the holidays or on my birthday.

OMG…I LOOOOOVE GLITTER!!!! If I could bathe in glitter, I probably would!!! I can’t get enough of it, honestly!!! I wish sooo badly that my eyes weren’t hooded, cuz it makes it a little harder to wear it, though!!! 🙁 But, it still doesn’t stop me, lol…;)

I can only stand a little bit of it in lipstick.

The only glittery type shadows I have are the two or three in the PM Decadence palette. They make my eyes feel gritty whenever I wear them, so I’m thinking of not wearing those shades anymore.

Love: nothing

Hate: everything

What I want are products with shimmer, glow, gleam … not sparkle. I’m glad glitter works for others, but I really resent getting something that I think is going to be glowing and instead getting something with distinct sparkly bits. The one exception is nail polish, but even in that case I need to be in just the right mood to choose glitter.

I love glitter especially in eyeshadow as in Colourpop super shock although they’ll will be under my eye in rather short time I still love the whole look-except when it goes inside the eye and then 🛑 party is over and I’ll be squinting trying to wash it out. Lol! Also in highliter especially during the holidays coming up. I don’t like it much on my blush or on lips but don’t hate it either. I think on the lips is where I least prefer it. I have a few glosses I have not worn because of glitter. Time to take them out and give them a chance this Christmas I’ll be sparkly.

Rave: I love the look of shimmer and glitter on my eyes, lips and cheeks. On my eyes I really feel like it helps with my really hooded lids. I like the way it shifts in the light and makes my eye looks more interesting. I don’t like actual glitter in my cheek products but some very fine micro-glitter is okay and again, I like that it draws more attention to my cheeks. It isn’t very often that I do a completely matte look and even when I do, I usually end up going back and adding some sparkle somewhere. I don’t mind shining like a disco ball even though I am not doing anything more exciting than going to the dump.

Rant: The usual rant we all have with glitter and that is the fallout and migration. Sometimes even with using a strong glitter glue you are going to get some fall out and it is just something you have to deal with if you like the look of glitter. I totally get why that is a deal breaker for some people, though.

Long-time lurker here.

I love microfine glitter. I don’t care about fall-out if the glitter is a light color, I like the looks on my upper checks. Even though I don’t fall into the ‘young’ category anymore, I think I’m able to get away with it because of how short I am and my VERY fair complexion.

I once asked my hubby if I had too much glitter on. He answered me that there’s no such thing. 🙂


I love “well behaved” glitter that stays were you place it and doesn’t sprinkle down to areas where you don’t want it as the days wear on. As I’ve said so often in past, I am well past that arbitrary age where we are told to give up on shimmer and glitter but I wear it and I think it actually looks better on me if it’s a good quality product (the glittery shades in the ABH Sultry palette or some of her singles that I own). And if I do look like mutton dressed as lamb, I’m not aware of it and, so far, no one has said anything to me or gasped in horror so I am glad to continue on. Even in blushes, I love finishes like MAC’s Sheertone Shimmer. I mean, women my age are always trying, it seems, to be a dewy and glowy look on their skin; a blush with some sheen just aids in that whereas a matte one ….. well, I look dull and dry enough without assistance from my blush!

I really get irked by the deliberate mixed messages about putting glitter on your eyes—brands routinely post pictures of it as inspo but because of liability their own glitters have warnings against use in the eye area. Come on! I know you’re not suggesting I buy another brand’s products to put on my eye, and you know exactly what I want to do with it! I understand exactly why they have the warnings but I wish I knew more about the likelihood of actually being injured by a cosmetic grade glitter. Like, LIT specifically does recommend using theirs on the eye area, but I can’t help wondering if that’s because they’re based out of Canada and might have different liability laws? It just seems unlikely that they have a monopoly on the only eyesafe glitter technology…

I also wish it was more environmentally friendly. Looking forward to developments in biodegradable glitter. 🙂

Everything else, I love. I love the variations in color and texture. I love the shine. I don’t even find glitter especially messy, but maybe that’s because I like a little bit of an undone look. I have like 30 glitters and they make me really happy.

Eye-safe glitter greatly reduces but does not eliminate the possibility of eye injury. That being said, I’ve never heard of anyone being injured by eye-safe glitter. Eye-safe grade glitter, such as Lit’s, is made of plastic, and has a round shape (no pointy edges). Some body-only cosmetic glitters are made from glass.

Craft glitter is made of metal or plastic, and tends to have pointed edges, for those wondering.

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