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We hope you'll consider supporting Temptalia by shopping through our links below. Thanks!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the way false lashes look on 🙂 You could wear them and nothing else and you would look like a total bombshell sex kitten.

HOWEVER, the problem is….I just cant figure out how to put them on correctly. They never get close enough to my own lashes and the corners always want to creep up. I dont understand what letting the glue try until it is tacky means. I never am able to figure out how much, or what end, i need to trim them. GAHHHHHHHHH

You should put them over your eye, and see how long they are, and you should trim the part that goes over your inner eye. and with eyelash glue, you just wait 10 seconds. By tacky they mean so the glue isn’t as liquidy, if that makes sense. HTH

Groovy, Angie..thank you soooo much for the tips 🙂 I really really want to make them work for me! I have several pair and am going to practice some…a rainy day is perfect. I only really ever try when I have a big party and am feeling rushed. Soooooooooooo I think that as someone suggested, its going to take some time to practice.

I’ve never worn falsies, and I’m 90% sure I never will.

I mean I do see the difference in wearing them, but I just don’t see the point in buyin falsies that you only get a few uses out of. That and I didn’t spend $24 (yes I did get Diorshow Blackout, and LOVE the stuff) to just end up putting on falsies anyway…especially since my lashes look just as dramatic as falsies when I use that amazing mascara.

I agree with Tanya. False eyelashes look smashing. I don’t have the knack down of applying them and I just don’t want to fool with my eyes that much. For some reason, they really itch. I will have them on and I will be ripping them off in no time. I must have some sort of allergy to the clue.

Also, the ladies that I know that wear them everyday seem to have lost their eyelashes. Many have told me that it does make their eyelashes sparse. I don’t want to loose my eyelashes.

They are POSSIBLY my favorite beauty product!! I love love love them, I started wearing them about three years ago just to parties and social gatherings, usually dramatic ones. Then I bought a pair of natural lashes and started wearing those everyday. The NYC ones are 2 bucks and I can get about 2 weeks of wear out of them. Practice makes perfect girls, it taked me about a minute to apply mine now. It is true sometimes all you need is false lashes and gloss to look smokin!

Love them, I hardly ever wear them but for someone who has short lashes they are a life saver.

I hate applying them, takes me forever to get them right. Which is why I rarely wear them!

I like the ones that are three hairs each and you place them individually. They are so much easier to apply then a whole line of lashes.

I absolutely suck at applying false lashes. My own lashes are ridiculously long (I mean when I look up they tickle my brow bone) but I love the fullness they give. And yet… I have to try like 4 times to get them right and by that time I’m just too tired to put on the other eye and if I do they don’t look even. It’s too much a hassle. =\

First off I’m Chinese and henceforth have like, NOOOOO eyelashes.

I bought some really awesome Make Up For Ever falsies. I’ve had them since Christmas mostly cause I’m scared that it’s going to take an hour for me to get them on. I’ve only worn falsies once before when I was like 11 for a dance recital and I remember even my mother having a rough time handling them FOR me. I mean, I didn’t even know that you’re supposed to TRIM them sometimes so that they fit (?)…

Whatever, I have my Diorshow as an alternative to falsies. 😛

I can’t rant or rave about them because I haven’t used them yet. I would like to try them; but, I need the right occasion to do so.

I think they’re fabulous 😛

But I have single eyelids so it takes a bit more work 🙁 have to curl and make sure they blend in with the false lashes. And since the false lashes enjoy being ridiculously curved upwards, I have to push them down to make them seem more natural with my single lids. Still love them both though (single eyelids and false lashes)

I’ve never worn fake eye lashes because mine are a mile long. But my SIL wears them and i love how they look, super natural i could never tell she was wearing them until i saw her without them (she has really short ones) I like all the different styles there is to them. maybe one of these days ill try them.

I love wearing the natural looking ones, just for extra thickness and a tiny bit extra length.
I hate when you get a glue and it doesn’t freakin stick! I like glues that keep the falsies on all day, not peel off as soon as I barely touch my eye!

I use Revitalash and I get sooo many comments about how thick and long my lashes are…. when i go out and put an extra coat of mascara on people think im wearing falsies.. I LOVE IT and I bet if you mix Revitalash and falsies together it would be so hot!

exactly tina!! Revitalash never failed me and my lashes. I’ve been with the product for quite long now. I’m glad I dropped by here to hear your side and share my thoughts. Thanks! – Mona

Have you all heard about Revitalash? I suck at putting on false lashes too and i hate it when it doesn’t stick.. takes too much of my time. I’ve been using Revitalash and the results are as dramatic as false lashes. I suggest you all try it.

I am not a fan of false lashes, I just cant imagine how much time it takes on putting those individual lashes. The reason why my eyelashes are looking fuller, darker and stronger is because of Revitalash eyelash conditioner. Good thing, the price is not expensive. Cheers Revitalash for bringing in a good product.

Revitalash worked for me too. I have fuller and longer lashes now. I’ve been using this for 3 months without any irritations or signs of side effects. It’s really amazing! This is the great discovery for me!!!

I don’t use fake lashes anymore when I started using Revitalash. It made my lashes fuller and longer in just 8 weeks. So. goodbye to fake lashes for me..

the main reason why I switch to revitalash because this is the only product that is safe on my skin and affordable it really fit on my budget. Since it would be a part on my beauty regime in maintaining long and thick lashes

Anyone using MaximumLash here? I’m using Maximumlash Eyelash Conditioner and I love my eyelashes now. I tried other eyelash conditioners before but we can’t say which is best for us until we try them. So now I am using maximumlash and so far I love it. How about you ladies, are you satisfied of what you are using now?

I’m dreaming to have a long lash because my lashes are the perfect opposite of luscious. So I was determined to try revitalash because everyone in my family used it and I was envy to their lashes it was long thick and fuller. I wanted to have the same. Cant wait of mine also to be the same as their lash.

False lashes look great but they destroy the real ones because of the glue! I have learned my lesson about it, late. So my lashes became thin and there were bald spots. Good thing my friend gave me Revitalash as a gift for my birthday. It really worked wonders. After 4 months use, my lashes became fuller, longer and darker. And there are no more bald spots.

Oh, Hi Liza! Yah, I’m also a Maximumlash user. Before I tried other eyelash conditioners but I got rashes and it really irritates my eyelashes but now, no more! Goodbye irritates! Goodbye rashes! Maximumlash help me a lot! So, I use it a couple of months now, how about you? Maximumlash is amazing, right?

Well I just heard of maximumlash eyelash enhancers by now, from you ladies. I really appreciate the information. On my side, I am using revitalash and was amazed on how it really naturally enhanced my lashes. Also it’s offered in the market with a very reasonable price. Revitalash was my first pick because of the price and has created a desirable impression to me. Such a great product.

I’m done with false eyelashes since I started using Revitalash 2 months ago. My eyelashes are longer, thicker and darker now. Very happy 🙂

Hey liza and Gretel! I’m one of the user of Maximumlash Eyelash Conditioner also. I am saving money and time in using Maximumlash Eyelash Conditioner because its affordable and I wont take long in putting eyelash. Im happy that I found a product that fits to me as a working mom. Hassle free! Cheers to that!

! I have tried everything from false eyelashes to having the eye lash extensions applied every 3 weeks. It come to a point that I want something new that would last. I tried Revitalash in just a few weeks have noticed an incredible difference in length and volume. I don’t have fluttery lashes yet, but I know more weeks and I will achieve the lokks that I wanted.

Yes, I agree with Mary and Gretel, I have definitely seen more growth in the past few weeks than the first couple months I started using Maximumlash Eyelash Conditioner! With regard to the hair growth on the face, what grew is still there, but has not gotten longer or thicker if that makes any sense. It is definitely not noticeable to most people; I saw it in a magnifying mirror that I have. Unbelievable but true!

Hey ladies! I agree with Liza. Try what I’ve got last valentines from my boyfriend; I just want to share this to you. Hope this can help, my boyfriend is confusing what to give so he decided to ask some of my friends and you guess what did they suggest? Maximumlash eyelash conditioner!!! ‘til that time I started to use the product and I was so amaze not only me but also my boyfriend, he always gives me compliments every time we’re together. Thanks Maximulash! So, ladies try it?!

YEah, excatly! I am also not in favor with false lashes. It takes time to put them on to our natural lashes. I’m proud to say that my lashes are at once looking fuller, stronger and healthier. I highly recommend it to girls having problems with their lashes.

exactly yanya! Revitalash granted what I drooled for my lashes. I highly recommend it also to you girls. I am thankful for this great product.

A friend gave me revitalash to try it for mu dull lashes and from then I have been buying the product. It reall gave me satisfaction plus the factor that it has a very reasonable price.

Ladies, please take caution before using other product. In my opinion, the pros outweigh the cons. Side effects are dark circles, change in the color of your iris, red/itchy eyes… hmm, I would think that outweighs having more eyelashes. Not to mention, why go through the hassle of a prescription DRUG when I can purchase a safe/doctor created product like Maximumlash Eyelash Conditioner!

Oh! Hi there ladies! Good to hear from you also about your comments… Weell, on some products… I suppose it all depends on individual. I’m a loyal Maximumlash eyelash conditioner customer so as most of my friends and family. Results are fantastic. We have not had any of those scary side effects as reported and it can’t be all of us are just that lucky. I think credit is due to Maximulash. Great products ever!

Yeah, I agree with you Liza, Know what Maximumlash helps on my eyelashes a lot. Looks like a natural eyelashes! It is really good.

I’ve tried getting extensions it does look good and makes me look younger, along with using Revitalash, have you guys tried this? I Used this for a month now and my eye lashes look thicker and healthier.

as of right now I’m using revitalash and my eyelashes are close to double the length they were originally since the 1st day of may. I was happy that the price is affordable which I can make sure that I can maintain this product

WOW..! This is really great. I’ve been using Maximumlash too, and it works for me. it so good to see many user likes it too. I just absolutely love Maximumlash eyelash conditioner, gave my mom this and also love it! Cooool…!!!

Yeah! That’s right Precious! So, glad to hear about your opinion! Nice… just share your opinions and experiences here… this blog is open…

I am using MaximumLash for about 3 months and I have no problem with it. It made a lot difference in my face. It made my eyelashes longer, thicker, fuller and more beautiful. Aside from its effectiveness, it is very affordable and easy to apply.

wow great!! I’m glad and happy with what revitalash has done with your lashes girls as it did the same to my eyelashes as well. I will be a revitalash user forever. Thanks.

Well, I only found satisfaction by the time I used revitalash. It really proved basing on how my lashes are right now. I am absolutely loving it. I recommend this product for those who have problems with their lashes – jessa

I as well is using revitalash eyelash conditioner for my eyelashes. My sister recommended it to me before for my short, brittle and fragile lashes and because of revitalash it’s now naturally enhanced looking healthier and fuller. Great product. I extremely recommend it to you girls.

Oh, there you go! thanks for the information berta because I really have this problem for my eyelashes and I’ve been doing some online research on what is a good eyelash enhancer and it seems majority of the girls are in favor with revitalash. So I’ll be going to buy and try revitalash this week and see how it goes. any tips there?

Hey Mafe, go ahead and try revitalash. Result will depends on individual. From my experience, you will notice positive result by week3-4. I have been using revitalash for the last 4 months and it is really good.

I suppose it all depends on individual. I’m a loyal Maximumlash eyelash conditioner customers so as most of my friends and family. Results are fantastic. We have not had any of those scary side effects as reported and it can’t be all of us are just that lucky. I think credit is due to Maximulash. Great products!!! Heads up ladies! Let’s cheer to that!

hey Liza, I have read this comment before but it was about revitalash. I hope you didn’t write for both. Anyway, not to be confused by you, I prefer revitalash, like your earlier comment.

No. bg… It’s me the one who only made this comment. And I don’t know where you read this. Well, Anyway, It’s ok… It’s your decision what eyelashes your comfortable with, but me? I’m loyal to what I’m using now. What ever happens.. Thanks to it!

Yeah I heard about maximumlash from a friend and said that she’s comfortable using it however I am using revitalash eyelash conditioner for almost a year now. It really amazed me by the time I noticed the natural enhancement of my lashes, it was for about 6-7 weeks after I observed the effect. To assure you my lashes are now looking darker and fuller and really made a big difference to my face particularly when I curl them up. I am satisfied consumer here, extremely recommend this to girls as it remedied the problems I had for my lashes.

Hi Audrey, Revitalash does the job for my lushes. Offered at a very reasonable price. As simple as that. Can’t wait to purchase another tube.

exactly Audray!! Revitalash never failed me and my lashes. I’ve been with the product for quite long now. I’m glad I dropped by here to hear your side and share my thoughts. Thanks! – Sharie

I know lots of us here are satisfied of what we expect with our eyelash conditioners. To have a nice, goodlooking eyelashes. Maximumlash is very effective and affordable as well. Keep posting your experiences, opinions and how did you get those good looking eyelashes. That would be great, in order others to have an idea…

shaira, I’m concern about the long term usage of Maximumlash because I have not read much about it. On the other hand, I know some revitalash user have been using it for few years and I have not come across any bad feedback on Revitalash. I will stick to Revitalash.

I agree with you gretta. The effectiveness of a product does not matter on how long it has been out in the market. I presumed that lots of good feedback we’ve heard on Revitalash. Its just I am sharing a new and humble eyelash conditioner that is very affordable and will give you also a fuller and thicker eyelash. I’m not competing on other brands here, I just wanna let others know my experience with MaximumLash. All I can say is that it fits within my budget and I get the result the way I wanted. Cheers!

I guess most of the people here are posting about maximumlash. As a user, I agree with them and I am spreading the good news of what Maximumlash will do to your eyelashes.

I agree with Candy, I was just on my 3rd week in using maximumlash and I was comparing my old picture with my new ones, I then spoted the differerce and to what maximumlash did to my lashes. Great product, Best value!

I just ordered revitalash and started using it about a week ago. I took the risk of using it because I really wanted to have a long and thick lash for more enhancement. I cant wait for the result

Hey ladies, just like also to share a humble product with great conditioning power. I am a maximumlash user, and for just 3months my lashes became thicker and fuller. Aside from it’s quality it has also a very reasonable price.

Hi Ginny, I think you have made a right choice with Revitalash. I have been using it for the last 6 months and it is really a amazing product. The result is simply awesome.

I’ll try revitalash, it seems I’ve been reading lots of good feedback about the product. I’ll try and prove it’s worth. Any tips there?

That would be a great choice Carol!! Revitalash is reall good. I just can’t completey express how much Revitalash bestowed satisfaction to me. I really noticed the gorgeous changes on my lashes. Such an amazing product and the price is so possible to buy.

You don’t need any tips Carol. Is a simple product to use. Just follow instruction and you will get beautiful eyelashes in just few weeks.

I am getting great results on revitalash, I can definitely see a difference on my lash before and now that I am using revitalash my lashes look longer and thicker

I think there’s only so much we can talk about a product. Most importantly is the personal experience. To me, I still prefer Revitalash because it works. It simple to use, effective and no side effect on me.

before I have very dull looking eyes that no one ever noticed me. I was worried and thinking a solution how I can fix my lash. My sister told me to try revitalash since it works on her maybe mine too. I tried it and to my surprise it worked. My lashes went fuller and longer which makes my face looks sexy and attractive.

Read so much good things about revitalash and I must agree that it is a very good product. just few weeks and I can actually notice the changes. I’m also using the mascara.

My sister and I wanted to have long and thick eyelashes. Who would have thought a good eyelashes conditioner can make so much different to the eyelashes. We started using Revitalash 8 weeks ago and amaze by the effect on our eyes and eyelashes. Now our eyelashes are longer and thicker, it brings out the color of our eyes.

I think in today’s market, Revitalash is surely the best eyelashes conditioner around. I personally have been using it for 5 months now. The result is simply awesome.

No more need for false eyelashes, extensions or irritating fibers.You can get similar looking results for your own natural lashes. Just one application daily and within four to six weeks you will have fuller, thicker and healthier looking lashes. Really very true I can prove it to you……and its only from MaximumLash!

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