Rant & Rave: Too Faced

Share: Tell us what you love and hate about Too Faced!

my answer: They really understand their target market–I think they put out a lot of really well-packaged, cute kind of things with good themes and color selections more often than not. I wish they would recycle colors and reuse names, or perhaps develop some universal eyeshadow system with singles and then when they rename with something cute, they could always refer back (aka #1 from our range). I definitely feel like they repeat colors very, very often. Love their Melted Lipsticks – one of their best new products. I’d love to see them establish a real blush range, as they put them in palettes but don’t have a full selection permanently around.

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I really love their face products(foundation, concealer, BB cream). Their BB cream is my go to base since I haven’t found any other, cheap or expensive, that has as nice a coverage and finish while still remaining lightweight. Their bronzers are also awesome and I LOVE their mascaras!

I just wish their shadows didn’t vary so greatly in quality outside of the larger palettes(i.e. Chocolate Bar) and the constant renaming. I didn’t buy any of the holiday sets because all of the colors were so similar to others released previously.

Rave – Love their cute, girly packaging. They have lots of makeup kits with good color/product combos at reasonable prices (love my Everything Nice holiday kit). , They are known for their bronzers, melted lipsticks, and chocolate bar palettes
Rant – wish they would come out with a cool-tone chocolate bar palette. I would be all over it.

I LOVE Shadow Insurance. It feels lightweight and effectively prevents both powder and cream eyeshadows from creasing on me.

Their la creme lipsticks are absolutely amazing. They are sooooo hydrating and I love the color “Spice Spice Baby”. Their Milk Chocolate Soleil bronzer looks amazing on my fair skin and I also love their eyeshadows.

I do love TooFaced and have a lot of their products but there is also a lot I hate, so I’ll list that (since what I love is confirmed by the fact that I have so much of their stuff):

I HATE that they don’t ship to Canada and there is no way for Canadians to get some of their products (if they’re site and/or Ulta only)

I hate the dearth of single eyeshadows (if you fall in love with something in one of their 9-pan palettes, you have to keep buying the whole thing to get one fairly puny pan of the coveted shade)

I hate the hard/impossible to remove glitter fallout in some of their shadows (Nude Beach in their original Natural Eye palette – it has since been replaced, and Night Light from the Natural at Night palette)

I hate that they didn’t print the names of the shadows on the Chocolate Bar palette – they’re not even on the BOTTOM of the container so you have to keep the easy-to-lose cellophane covering or the outer box, which is really annoying and impractical. They remedied that on the Milk Chocolate Bar palette but I don’t have any need for that one…

I HATE that they discontinued a few really great shadow singles/duos AND one of the best (IMO) blushes ever – La Vie en Rose!

Okay, got all those off my chest and, like I say, I really love their products for the most part.

I know it seems a bit trivial, but one of my peeves (also with other brands) is the not listing of shade names. One remedy I’ve found is to use those little round “garage sale” labels on the bottom/inside lid of the palette. I also “color code” them and stick them on the outside of my NARS shadows, since the labels are a bit hard to read, and I can just glance quickly at a colored label and know right away.

Their “Natural Eyes” palette is chock full of velvety eye shadows. Beautiful colors, easily blendable, no fall out. While I love UD’s Naked2, Too Faced’s “Natural Eyes” is my go-to palette now. As stated in the OP, I wish they’d recycle colors. My biggest fear is running out of these eye shadows. I may have to buy extras of this palette and hoard them!

The brand has grown on me. I really hate a lot of the stupid product names – I almost didn’t try Better Than Sex mascara because the name was so dumb. But I got a sample and loved it. I also like their newer palettes better than the older ones. I have the Natural at Night palette and it is too glittery. I also have the Romantic Eye palette, but the colors are not great for me (other than two shadows). After almost swearing off the brand, they have become a favorite. I love the revamped Natural Eye palette, love the Chocolate Bar (original) palette, love both the Chocolate Soleil and the Sun Bunny bronzers. And, as I said, I love the Better than Sex mascara – it is HG for me. I also really enjoy their La Creme lipstick formula. I love their glosses as well. I find their packaging to be cute and pretty and their price points are really good. I visited some family abroad and I picked up one Natural Eye palette and one Boudoir Eye palette to give as gifts. At $36, you get 9 wonderful shadows in travel friendly packaging. I also happened to have a 20% off coupon so, the price really couldn’t be beat and it made for a great gift for my 21 and 23 year old cousins.

I have a couple of their eye shadows and love them. I’m a little disappointed in the new Melted shade Villain, it looked like it was going to be a blue-based violet (similar to MAC Gunner), but it’s a brownish based purple.

I love their BB cream, bronzers, and original Chocolate Bar palette. However, their melted lipstick does not work well on my lips and settles into the lines almost immediately. Total bummer.

I don’t care for the packaging/marketing, so all my eyeshadows have been depotted. I also don’t care for the “recycling” colors, and changing the name. Other brands (ie, tarte) do this, as well, and it’s extremely irritating. I don’t like a product because of a “theme” or cutesy name, but because it performs well. I don’t mind a collection or palette having a theme, but if a brand is rehashing old products, there’s no reason to rename them. MAC, for example, will reuse permanent/repromoted shades, but mix them with new names/products that fit the theme.

I also think their target demographic is younger (although Jillian Reynolds is their “ambassador”) based on the packaging, but I think the pricepoint is a bit high for that market.

I like their sets! its a nice way to try their stuff, I should probably buy some as mostly everything I have is samples, I miss my BTS mascara! it was my favorite for a while, their packaging is truly something else!

Too Faced is one of my favourite brands. I have the Natural Eyes and Boudoir Eyes Palettes, which are both gorgeous and very nice to work with! Chocolate Bar Palettes need no mention, too! I also like La Creme Lipstick – not long-wearing, but the creamy texture is an absolute godsend for parched winter lips. There’s also Melted, if you do need long wearing. Jerrod Blandino is an amazing figure! I like the inspiration behind a lot of their products, even if the company isn’t as innovative as JB claims in interviews. Many a nice formula among the lines.

My main beef with this brand is their colours always seem to skew as partial to light skin. Their extensive bronzer lineup is mostly unsuitable if you are darker than medium. They also lack nice nude lipsticks for deep skin and I wish they had more lipstick colours in general!

They won me over with their Shadow Insurance primer… and then the ball just kept rolling 🙂 I am not always a fan of their packaging though. Sometimes I feel it’s not mature or classy enough and too ‘fun’.

I generally do like Too Faced as whole. I like the packaging and the names are catchy. Some of it is just not for me and that is ok because they make stuff that works for me too. One thing that I noticed about the new spring melted’s that Iswatched in Sephora fri is that most of them are like a smidge brighter than a shade in the current range. They are lovely. But, for example, Melon and coral are pretty close, Jelly donut slightly brighter than fuschia .That kind of stuff and the hit and miss shadow quality ..I don’t like that. Like their matte bronzers and chocolate bar palette!

I have had problems with the shadow payoff with some of their smaller palettes, only to hear people rave about shadow quality in the larger ones – but now I don’t trust the formula, so I won’t try it. I also have a smaller travel palette of theirs, it was supposed to be an “on the go” pocket palette with shadows, blush and gloss in it, but once I started working with it I realized all the colors were mid-tone AND shimmer and I couldn’t create a look with it. Totally defeats the point.

Also, their Shadow Insurance gets watery and separates for me.

I love the La Creme lipsticks, the formula and something about the smell.

I’m a huge fan of the Melted Lipsticks and eyeshadows. The lipsticks are very pigmented, comfortable to wear and long lasting. The eyeshadows are super soft and buttery without feeling too powdery and they blend so well. I just wish Too Faced made more products for WOC. Most of the face products are too pale for my complexion

My first experience with Too Faced was when I purchased the Pretty Rebel palette in 2014. Then later that year, they won my heart over again with the Chololate Bar palette and most recently with the Semi Sweet palette. I don’t own any of their face products mostly because nothing has interested me and also because Nars holds #1 for blush and Mac for my highlighters. Also, I really enjoy those Melted lipsticks. I used to own Berry and recently lost it but plan to repurchase it again soon.

I like Too Faced, but don’t buy much from them as they’re way too focused on palettes. It frustrates me to find a shade I love, but can’t replace without buying a new set.

I LOVE TOO FACED! Have yet to try their melted lipsticks though. Their BB Cream is my favorite. But it drives me crazy that the one thing I ever hit pan with was the blush from a palette and I never found it again :-(. Love their eyeshadows and blushes though. But I just cant find them after I finish them! I don’t want to have to buy another palette for just one or two things on it… I actually find their packaging too girly for my taste but great products!

Rave: I really like the brand, overall. Shadow Insurance, Milk Chocolate Soleil Bronzer, Candlelight Glow, and their great eye palettes (Choclate Bar, Cat Eyes, Pretty Rebel, etc) are favorites of mine. I recently bought a couple of the Melted Lipsticks, and I think they’re excellent. Their packaging is really nice.

Rant: The limited range of eyeshadow singles and the recycling/renaming of shadows. I wish the La Creme lipsticks came in more colors. I’m also allergic to something they put in their mascaras, so I can’t wear them.

The Melted lip color formula is amazing. I’m glad they finally released more colors, although they were already sold out at the three Ultas I checked, and not yet available at Sephora. I’m going to get Velvet. I hope to try Melon but the testers were gone so I don’t know if I’ll like it yet.
I’m kind of meh on the rest of the line.

RAVE: I love their bronzers because they work great for pale skin. The Shadow Insurance also holds my eyeshadows all day with minimum creasing, despite my oily eyelids. I’ve also been loving their new Hangover replenishing primer. They come up with great concepts for packaging and their products always smell fantastic.
RANT: I agree that they need to come out with some single shadows, especially since they have been getting so much attention for their new palettes!

I like the Melted lipsticks and the palettes they put out last year. Other than that I’m not excited by the range and I think your rant is spot on.

I definitely feel like I’m in the minority, but I’m so tired of the “Chocolate This” “Cocoa That” thing that Too Faced has going on. I absolutely despise chocolate in taste and smell, and just swatching the Chocolate Bar palette (which had been open and swatched for months in Ulta) was nauseating. I like my lip products to smell nice because of their proximity to my nose. But my eye and face products? That’s just a stupid gimmick.

Sarah, I agree about the scented eyeshadows and I was surprised that more people weren’t annoyed by it but everyone seemed to be “ooooh, it smells so yummy” and “what a delicious fragrance”. One of the most common complaints I read and hear about it fragranced/scented products and yet everyone seemed so accepting of it in EYESHADOWS. Scented products don’t bother me at all (skin care, foundation, etc.) and I’m lucky in that regard but even I found “eyeshadow that smells like chocolate” really a silly idea and a silly place to put fragrance.

Love Too Faced face primer and the foundation in the pink tube that coordinates with it. Good protector from wind burns and cold weather on my sensitive skin.

I like a few Too Faced products but a lot of their stuff is kinda meh to me. I love Better Than Sex mascara, it’s one of my favorites of all time. Their La Creme lipsticks are great as is their BB cream and Primed and Poreless primer. Unfortunately, the Melteds and their shadows just don’t work for me. I also am not a fan of a lot of their packaging, especially their holiday palettes.

I’ve been a long time Too Faced fan. But I didn’t buy a single item from their range this Christmas and the reason is simple. They can’t be bothered to come out with new shades. In fact last year and the one prior the shades in their big kits were not only identical, but they couldn’t even be bothered to rearrange them. That’s just plain lazy. And I’m not giving a company $100+ annually to get the same darn thing. It’s also the reason I have not purchased any of their chocolate bar palettes, or any of the tiny eye kits. Cause when you get right down to it I’m sure I have those exact same shades already. For the most part they really just need to stop with the big palettes and start making some singles. Big kits are great for the holidays but I feel like they do little else. They need to go the UD route. With a core selection of colors you can get in single form and sometimes pop up in big palettes along with LE shades.

They are capable of some pretty awesome stuff. Like the Return Of Sexy palette, amazing. And the formula on their regular stuff is pretty great for the most part (yeah some shades are horrible, but you can get a dud with any brand). When they had singles they were pretty good, I have some of them and am happy with them. If they came out with more I’d happily buy them. I love their Shadow Insurance. I love it more than any other other primer I’ve ever tried. I did like their BB cream as well, but every shade was too warm for me. If they ever come out with something cool toned and light enough I’ll be back.

When I was like 13-14 and just starting makeup I seriously thought their packaging was tacky and awful but now, all these years later, I can’t get enough of it. That being said, quality also got much better. I’ve got an old blush from them- in petal pink I think- that totally sucks. You’ve literally got to dig a rough brush into the powder to get anything to show up. After that and some other miscellaneous crumby products that are long gone, I called it quits… until the sweethearts blushes came along. Those darn things are adorable and create the perfect flush. Oi the look on the skin is just too good! I suppose that pulled too faced off the s*!t list, but they’ve still got some shoddy products (3 way liner and the fiber lash extensions). Packaging is great, consistency: eh.

I LOVE the melted lipsticks. Fig and Violet are two of my fave lipsticks.


I think they try too hard to be cutesy. So many little palettes, so many gimmicks, all the chocolate stuff? They seem to be trying hard to be like, romantic, and it just comes off as ehhh. Plus their packaging is SO busy and overdesigned, it can be irritating trying to figure out the boxes and locate the right product and shade (which I do a lot working in a place where this product is sold).

I always recommend the melteds, people go nuts about the chocolate bar palettes, but their really good products can get lost in the crush of gimmick gimmick gimmick. Plus the commenter who noted their lack of options for darker skin tones is spot-on.

Don’t even get me started on their “lipstick mafia”.

I hate how their eye palettes come with giant pans of the eyeshadows I am going to use the least. A shimmery highlight generally goes on the inner corner of the eye, and sometimes a bit at the arch of the brow. That’s it. Could I maybe get a bigger pan of the shadow that’s going to go all over my lid? Or better yet, make them all the same size and let me decide for myself which shadows I want to use most, mmmkay?
I also hate how their products smell like chocolate. I love chocolate. I love eating chocolate. Chocolate is a food, for EATING. If I smell it, I will want to eat it. So, best case, the product activates my cravings and makes me pig out when I otherwise wouldn’t. Worst case, I don’t have any chocolate in the house, and then I’m pissed for the rest of the day because I’m craving chocolate and can’t have any. And that’s leaving aside the fact that having the product smell like food makes me feel like I am smearing food all over my face–gross. That just seems dirty.
I do love their La Creme lipsticks, and the Favorite Things palette from holiday 2013 is one of my fave palettes ever (though the packaging was ugly). But in general, the concepts behind their products don’t speak to me at all, and they don’t seem to ever come up with anything new or innovative. I find that most of their packaging is bulky and gaudy. If I had to choose one brand to give up and never use again, it would probably be Too Faced.

i enjoy their holiday collections and packaging in general. wish the quality of eyeshadows are a little bit more consistent

Rave: I only own Shadow insurance and that eye primer is such a win that i never looked further for other primers. Which i think says a lot about how much it won me over . It also lasts ages in the tub, even though i use it everyday.

But that’s about it of what I own of Two Face. I think it’s because it is not as accessible here (Netherlands) and their packaging looks kinda cheap and the eye shadow colours haven’t wowed me yet. I think they are like Benefit in that matter.

I do really love the Chocolate Soleil bronzer. It’s a lot of product for the price point, and it works for shaping the face as well as adding some color.

I’ve never tried any other Too Faced products, because their gimmickiness, to me, is offputting. I get overwhelmed just looking at their display at Sephora. Cute is fine, but does it work? I’ve heard mixed reviews on their eyeshadows, and since it’s so difficult to find shadows that stay put on me in the first place, I don’t want to invest. I would like to try a Melted Lipstick.

I absolutely love Too Faced! Their Primed and Poreless face primer, Shadow Insurance, Better Than Sex Mascara, and Chocolate Soleil Bronzer are all everyday essentials for me (and I adore my Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette!) I actually like how they’ve been further making chocolate products their ‘thing’, it’s very unique. I do wish, however, that they wouldn’t repromote shadows and just rename them all the time, it makes it so hard to know what I already have and what I should reference a shadow as, etc. I also wish they had a permanent shadow range and permanent blush range as well. I’ve been seeing their old single eyeshadows at my Nordstrom Rack, so hopefully that means they’ve been working on a new formula!

I love their La Creme lipsticks, both the formula and the packaging; something about that sleek, substantial gold tube really works for me. And that’s kind of funny since I really don’t like their overall design aesthetic. It’s a little too soft grunge/sweet for my tastes; it looks awfully cutesy at time. If a product is good I don’t care about the packaging all that much, but if, like Too Faced, the product is in line with all the other mid-range cosmetics, the packaging can make a difference.

Rave: I like Melted Fuchsia, and the La Creme lipstick packaging and texture! Their eyeshadow palettes usually have a few colours that I think are really, really nice (hello, Paper Rose) and the concepts/themes for the palettes are usually cool!

Rant: I’m torn on some of their marketing/packaging style – mostly I think it’s cute, sometimes I really think it borders on juvenile and tacky. For example, I love the chocolate bar palettes, but those various heart shaped blushes/bronzers they released (Sweethearts and Soulmates) all look like something you’d find in the dollar store to me. (Note: I don’t mean to cast aspersions on either the quality of the product inside *or* people who like them – it’s just not my taste!)

Rave: cruelty free
Rant: nothing really. I don’t find their eye shadows all that inspiring but there are somr nice colours in the big Christmas palette from last year but some don’t wear well.

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