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Rant & Rave: Eye Cream

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my answer: I’m not sold on the idea of eye cream as a whole; I’m just not convinced they’re necessary if you’re using an effective moisturizer/serum on your face already, though I’m sure they have benefits and work well for some (and less well for others). It’s not something I have in my routine at present based on what I’ve read up until now. My eye area is somewhat sensitive, and nearly every eye cream I’ve tried has burned the eye area–and I’m applying on the orbital bone/eye contour (not directly onto the lid!), which is why the whole face moisturizer/serum makes the most sense for me.


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Kiara Avatar

I don’t use eye cream. I’m 17 years old, and they say you’re supposed to start using eye cream early to prevent but I think its a little too early for me. Besides the very few eye creams I’ve used have caused the reverse effect on my eyes, they make them look puffy. So not really into them.

xamyx Avatar

Up until about a week or two ago, I wasn’t necessarily sold on the idea of them, either. I was perfectly content with just using a Vitamin E stick around the eye area, as other eye creams I’ve tried burned/stung (with the exception of Borghese, which just isn’t easily available anymore), and I don’t have major issues. However, I got a Deluxe Sample of Philosophy Miracle Worker Anti-Aging Retinoid Eye Cream, and I can see a difference already. It’s not a *huge* difference, but still significant. The one issue I have is/was a deep recess in the orbital fossa, and it has plumped up, which alleviates the appearance of darkness (I don’t have actual discoloration, but the shadow created makes it appear that way). I actually plan on picking up the full-size for $65, which seems like a lot, but a little goes such a long way, it’ll las ages.

szlamizita Avatar

I’m also dealing with sensitive skin so I recommend you the Bioderma Sensibio Eye cream. I use that on models too and I find it to be really nice and also good before applying makeup.

Allison Avatar

I have sensitive eyes and dry eyelids so I need a very rich eye cream on my dry, red eyelids. Often what ever is in my regular moisturizer (and sometimes the scent) bothers my eyes, so I found an eye cream I can tolerate and I stick with it. Also, I use a separate retinol eye cream around the eye area. So, I’m a believer!

Eileen Avatar

I never bothered with eye cream until I was 65. Up until then, my serum and moisturizer were sufficient to the cause. I now find that I need something extra for the area around my eye to help all combat all the woes that come with getting older. My eye area definitely looks smoother, brighter, and more refreshed when I wear my La Mer eye cream. The eye cream seems to lock in moisture longer than just my serum and moisturizer alone.

Kelsey Avatar

I just use a heavy duty moisturizer all over my fave including my eyes. I’m obsessed with Clinique moisture surge right now… when I run out of the tester I have I might get the heavier duty version of it, but I apply it all over after I use my clarsonic in the evening.

Maybe once I have more concerns I’ll use something specific for eyes, but mine are sensitive too so I might just stick with what I know.

kjhemeon Avatar

Paula Begoun. Google Paula’s Choice. Good reviews on brand products (1000s). I just converted to her serum/moisturizer routine + have found it beneficial. Her products leave out any scent or known irritants, but there are a lot of choices. You’ll spend a lot of time finding the duo which is right for you. Maybe talking to a consultant would be better. Her team DOES review eye creams, though, + does not dis them wholesale, although this is not what she suggests for eye treatment.

Lee Avatar

I like the idea of eye creams and I do need some extra moisture in the eye area but everyone I’ve tried gives me milia. I’ve been using lanolin (like the stuff for nursing moms) and that’s the one thing that seems to work. It’s kinda goopy but at least I’m not getting milia.

Phyrra Avatar

From reading Paula Begoun’s books, I don’t think you need a separate eye cream, but I think that people do sometimes need extra moisture. It’s pretty easy to obtain if you layer a serum beneath a good night cream. I’ve gone back and forth on ‘no eye creams aren’t a necessity,’ to ‘eye creams are a must’ to ‘finding a great product combination is what I need.’

Claudia Avatar

I love a good eye cream that has no fragrance or alcohol. Don’t use eye cream much because, I agree, unless you really need it ( i.e. your eyes are puffy), it’s just gonna sit in your makeup drawer or gather dust on a shelf.
My current fave is the Evening Primrose eye cream from Korres. It’s great for tired, sensitive eyes.

kjhemeon Avatar

Isn’t this discontinued? I forgot to mention it in my comment..the only one that lightened circles + they stayed lightened. Pretty good, all in all.

Wwendalynne Avatar

Eye cream is a must for me at 50 and I’ve been using eye cream since my 30’s. My eyes are in pretty good shape for my age. I’m not convinced eye cream is necessary for young skin though and may not provide improvement where none is needed. That being said, determining the right type of cream for your specific eye issues is the key. Some are meant for hydration, some are meant to tighten the eye area, some are meant to puff out the eye area and yeah a lot are useless and claim to do it all. But, I can tell you for me it makes a significant difference and on days where I’ve been rushed and skipped, it is quite obvious to me.

Emmilynn Avatar

Eye creams are designed to have smaller molicules to enable a better penitration of the product and to prevent puffiness or over saturation. The difficualt thing is finding the right one as, as some people have stated expieriancing millia puffiness indicates they are possably using one which is too nurashing or contains an ingreadient that irritates them. In my opinion the correct eye cream is essential in reducing free radical damage and fine lines.

BeckBeck Avatar

I use eye cream primarily because I get dry patches on my brow bone and next to my outer corners. I couldn’t use a moisturizer with the texture of my eye cream on the rest of my face, but around my eyes, I need it. It frustrates me that so many eye creams bother my eyes, though; not the skin on the lids or orbital bone, but my eyes themselves get watery or bleary if eye creams migrate too close.

StrangeOne Avatar

My eyes are a wrinkly mess, always have been along with permanent dark circles. My 50 year old dad has less crepey eyes than I do so eyes creams are a must. Still haven’t found the right one.

The Guinot eye mask makes my eyes feel so good so I do wonder how their eye cream is. On days when I’m not feeling so indulgent I just vaseline my face along with my eyes and go to sleep.

Michelle Avatar

I never used eye creams until I moved and experienced the fall and winter weather on the east coast. I started getting extremely dry patches nearby my brow bone and triple to quadruple creasing eyelids. My moisturizer was no help around the eyes, so I invested in Clinique’s All About Eyes for the sole purpose of moisturizing. No more crocodile skin! 🙂

Maggie Avatar

You know, I used to be in the camp where I’d think eye cream isn’t quite necessary. BUT, I remember reading a dermatology blog post where Dr. Cynthia Bailey mentioned that if one is to invest in anti-aging, investing in eye cream is very logical bc the eyelid skin is so thin it shows signs of aging first. HOWEVER, bc it’s so thin, it responds more readily to active skincare ingredients–and a good eye cream is formulated to deliver this nicely.

zainab Avatar

I don’t bother with them at the moment, I agree with Christine that a good moisturiser is enough. When I’m a bit older I may change my tune though. The other thing that keeps me away is that I doubt I’d remember to apply it often enough to see a benefit.

Kristen Avatar

I have the same problem with eye cream burning and irritating my eye area, but for some reason still insist on using one! But I finally found a good one that does not burn or irritate – Avene Eau Thermale soothing eye cream. I don’t think it has any magical anti-aging/wrinkle, plumping or lightening properties, but it does moisturize well and is very gentle. And I don’t thin the ones with the supposed magical properties do any of that stuff either anyway.

Ryou Avatar

My eye area is quite dry and sensitive compared to the rest of my face, so I do use a separate eye cream. Well, a heavier moisturizer used as an eye cream, anyway. I find that most products marketed as “eye cream” tend not to differ too much from moisturizers formulated for dry skin, and they tend to be tiny, and because of that, very expensive by the ounce.

Lauren Avatar

I have had reactions to several eye creams but have no issues using my regular serum (Paula’s Choice) and moisturizer (Clinique) in my eye area. I agree that regular moisturizers and serums are fine.

Lauren Avatar

By the way, I am 35 and still don’t feel the need. I read something on the Paula’s Choice/Cosmetic Cop website that special eye creams are not necessary.

Jan Avatar

Never tried an eye cream that didn’t create chafing around the eyes. They all dry out my eyelids and contribute to fine lines. Not using them makes the lines go away.

breyerchic04 Avatar

I have very dry skin around my eyes so I definitely need moisturized there. I do tend to buy an eyecream instead of use my normal moisturizer because most of the ones I’ve tried do seem gentler than my normal moisturizer. If I could find one product that was perfect I’d use it.

Melissa Avatar

I agree. I’m 26, and after using eye creams for quite a few years now, I feel I’ve been wasting my money as I haven’t seen any beneficial outcomes. I don’t have major problems around my eye area (just a little dryness and minor discoloration in the inner corners) so I started using Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream as my “eye cream.” Applying a very thin layer in the morning and more generously at night has been working out great.

Jasna Avatar

I have slightly dry skin in the eye area and I use it in the morning and before I go to bed. Recently (i’m in my thirties) I started spending a lot of money on high quality eye cream

kjhemeon Avatar

Problem: hereditary dark circles. I probably needed concealer in the fourth grade. Add to it, aging issues. Tried Hylexin, which worked initially up to a point, then, even with continued use, reverted to baseline. And it’s expensive, or was… All the standard department store brands – (minus). The only two eye creams that ever worked, more for lines + wrinkles than circles, were Caudalie Premier Cru + Annemarie Borlind (German “natural” brand) Naturoyal, the one that preceded the current Biolifting for eyes/lips. All the rest were virtual duds. Then I started reading Paula Begoun’s online info. (Esp. helpful was PH level for BHAs: THAT’s why product X wasn’t so effective!) To be on point, PB says that good serum/moisturizer which you would use on your face is as effective as the (expensive) eye creams. I’ve found it to be true. Currently using Paula’s Choice Skin Recovery Serum + Resist Anti-Aging Clear Skin Hydrator. My “unaffected” (no blemishes or wrinkles) has seldom looked better (age 65, for reference…). The lines are softening slightly, but look considerably better with the serum/moisture/Barely There Tint. (The rest of the routine includes putting Resist BHA 9 on ~30 min BEFORE any moisture w/ an old secret camouflage brush that was trashed. The BHA 9 is really strong, so I find it’s better to pinpoint it. Presumably it’s useable as a wrinkle exfoliant, but there’s no way it belongs near the eyes, IMO.) Then concealer (see Christine’s, Wayne’s, or Marlena’s way) and OTD (out the door). I agree w/ Christine + Paula B: good serum + moisturizer obviate the need for a dedicated eye cream.

Allie Avatar

I love eye creams because the area around my eyes are so dry. My moisturizer will work, but not as well as an eye cream does. Plus, I don’t use anti-aging creams anywhere else on my face, but I want to use a cream like that on my eyes. The sooner I start with anti-aging, the better in my eyes (haha.)

TrulyAJulia Avatar

I LOVE eye cream! I use it 2x a day! I’ve learned a lot about skin care as I’ve aged (I’m 30 now) and they eye area is so sensitive but get’s so much crap because the eyes are a huge accent area! If your face was wrapping paper your eye area is tissue paper – it is so much more delicate than the rest of your face. It really needs the extra care that comes with good eye creams. I would have bags and darks circles if it wasn’t for my eye creams, but I don’t 🙂 Often, if your skin is burning when you put the eye cream on it is because it is dehydrated!!! I love using Arbonne Calm (should be called “bags-be-gone”) in the morning. When I wake with bags I use that and they are gone!!! Also, ONLY USE YOUR RING FINGER ON YOUR EYE AREA!!! its the weakest finger 🙂

Laura Avatar

I have to be careful with eye cream because so many of them cause irritation, or my eyes water so much that it takes the cream right off. Carrier oils irritate my eyes and make them water too (Jojoba, Grape Seed, Seabuckthorn, Argan…I’ve tried so many). The irritation can then turn into eczema, which is not pretty around the eyes let me tell you. I’m in the market for something right now but so far I’m not having much luck. So many companies have decided to throw in everything but the kitchen sink with every extract imaginable…which has worked against me. I keep trying though, because the promise of keeping my eyes line-free is like a siren call.

KitMc Avatar

I’m 62 years old; I didn’t use eye cream in my teens and 20s, but started using it in my 30’s. Now, 32 years later, I have no wrinkles and only fine crow’s feet. I am told I look younger than 62 and I credit good skin care, a great eye cream and judicious use of Retin-A and Renova, and regular facials as the reason. I used a wonderful eye cream for many years. Yes, it gave me milia when I used too much of it; my facialist, though, removed them. It seems eye creams that are thick enough also run the risk of causing milia, but any lightweight ones are no better than face moisturizer. No wonder so many think eye cream isn’t important! Since my long-time eye cream has been discontinued, it’s hard to find an eye cream that compares to it. I do believe eye cream is essential; frankly, however, there are few if any out there available at a reasonable price. All the best ones are in luxury lines: La Mer, Sisley – both great and pricey! I’m constantly on the prowl for a decent one that doesn’t irritate my eyes or burn my skin or cost a fortune. I have ultra-thin skin around my eyes and it has been that way all my life. So, I stay on the prowl for decent eye cream and continue to be frustrated when the ones I try just don’t do a decent job.

Jenna Avatar

I never used eye creams before, but Origins’ GinZing came in the Sephora Favorites set I bought for myself a few weeks ago and I’ve been using it daily since I got it. I do have to say I’ve noticed that the skin under my eyes has been a bit brighter and smoother.

Chloe Avatar

I was obsessed with my dark circles and puffiness around my eyes from about age 12 to 18. I wasted so much of my time hating them, and wasted so much of my parent’s money trying to fix them with eye creams, both cheap and expensive. I also tried home remedies like tea bags, cucumbers and ice. I even tried altering my sleep schedule. I know now that the only thing that would get visible results is surgery, which I don’t plan on doing. I don’t know how well eye creams work for other people, but for me, they don’t do anything.

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