Rant & Rave: Dry Shampoo

This Week’s Topic: DRY SHAMPOO!

Your Mission: Tell us what you love, hate, or are otherwise indifferent to about dry shampoo.  Do you use them all the time?  What are your favorites (or least favorites)?

Thanks to Kat for today’s topic!


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Jennifer Avatar

I only tried one dry shampoo Ojon and it did nothing for me. It smelled great, gave my hair some shine, but really didn’t get it to look cleaner in between shower, so I took it back.

Haven’t tried any others yet. My hairstylist warned me that my type of hair wouldn’t work for dry shampoo, but I am gonna try to get it to haha

I have medium-thick hair , holds curl well from an iron or curlers, has a natural wave and little frizzy curls in the underneath hair. I think it’s normal to dry with oil areas .

Angelcat47 Avatar

I have a similar hair type and Tres Semme’s new Waterless Shampoo works great.It’s a foam that you work through your hair then use a towel to blot.It leaves your hair soft,fresh and swingy!!

Meg Avatar

I honestly think just using baby powder works better than anything sold/marketed as “dry shampoo.” I have a foamy dry shampoo from Tresemme (the one for curly/dry hair) and I don’t like it much. Maybe I just prefer something more powdery.

Adrienne Avatar

I bougt dry shampoo for the first time last summer for a camping trip. I got it from target it’s umberto dry clean dry in a gold bottle it is awesome. Although I’d be willing to try higher end ones

Alexandra Avatar

In my opinion they all suck. They definitely can’t make my hair last an extra day without washing. They leave horrible white marks on your hair that you can’t brush out. Sometimes they smell nice but it doesn’t beat the just washed feeling and smell that you get from washing your hair. And that whole thing about “what i you don’t have time to wash your hair?” – make time. wake up earlier. not that hard to do honestly.

AS Avatar

It’s not always about not having time to wash your hair. If you have really long hair, or colored hair, washing the whole lot every day destroys the ends. Without dry shampoo, the top is greasy and the bottom normal or even dry – not a good look. As I’ve gotten older, my skin and hair will not tolerate daily washing in the winter without turning me into a scaly person with dreadlocks, even if I use Aquaphor ointment on my skin and leave-in conditioner and silicone anti-frizz product on hair! That said, I’ve used Pssst (more natural look, not always as good a controlling oil) and Suave (great at controling oil, but gives more of a powdery texture). My hair (at 24 inches) has never been in such good condition. When I washed every day, the ends were in terrible condition and I could barely brush it due to snarls.

Gina Avatar

Agreed! I have pretty dry hair, and I always have split ends galore, so it’s just not practical for me to wash and re-style my hair everyday.

Kathryn Avatar

I agree. My hair is very fine (yet I have lots of it) and quite long and my stylist told me that to stop my spilt ends from appearing so quickly after each haircut, I should not wash my hair every day. Because my hair is so fine, my roots soak up oil from my scalp easily and the ends get very dry. Washing every day would solve my oily roots, but I would end up needing to cut my hair shorter and shorter to get rid of spilt ends, and short hair is not a good look on me. I always have enough time to shower, but I choose not to wash my hair for that reason.

Rachel Avatar

Dry shampoo is my life saver!! I’d be so lost without it! I have super fine and soft hair so being able to keep my hair dirty but looking clean due to dry shampoo helps me keep body and volume.

I swear by Oscar Blandi dry shampoo. Bumble and Bumble used to be my favorite until they switched to aerosol cans. Oscar’s is a powder form and you can disperse it evenly and blend it nicely into your hair without it depositing the white powdery color on your hair color.

Viva Dry Shampooooooo!! If you haven’t tried it and would like to wash your hair every other day (or more!) I highly suggest picking up a bottle of Oscar Blandi! I get mine at Sephora!

Emily Avatar

That sounds amazing.. I have to wash my fine soft hair every day without exception. I would love to go a little longer without having to wash it, but I’ve never really tried dry shampoo, probably because I was afraid I’d be disappointed lol. I really never believed there was anything out there that could make a difference for me. Maybe I should look into it more.. 🙂

Monica Avatar

I love Oscar Blandi dry shampoo too! I’ve tried almost every dry shampoo out there from drug store to high end, powder and aerosol, and the Oscar one has become my HG. Powder > Aerosol every time!

Kathryn Avatar

Have you tried Oscar Blandi’s clear aerosol dry shampoo? It is a completely different formula than the powdery aerosol one. It is marketed as “volumizing dry shampoo” and I do find that it helps give volume to my fine hair and I don’t have to worry about working in any powder.

DOlly x Avatar

I love Batiste. I use the colored one for brown hair but it can look alittle white even though it’s colored but it it blends in if you brush it. I love Batise because it gets rid of any oil in my roots and bangs, if anything it dries out your hair alittle too much and it can feel dry but only untill you wash it out. It helps me go an extra day without washing and thats all I need!

Sarah Avatar

I love dry shampoo! I have very thick, coarse hair and dry skin, so my hair gets super frizzy and very dried out if I wash it too frequently. However, I also have bangs, which sometimes end up looking dirty a day before the rest of my hair catches up. I also color my hair, so I try not to shampoo it too frequently to preserve the color and condition of my hair. I use Oscar Blandi’s dry shampoo, the one that comes in the bottle (the spray version was awful), shake a little onto the roots of my hair at my part, and kind of rub it in and out across my scalp. I let it sit while I’m going about my morning routine, then brush my hair before I head out the door, and it looks great! Maybe a little duller than freshly washed hair, but to keep my hair from being a big frizzy dried out mess, it’s definitely worth it! Yeah, if your hair is filthy, this might not do the trick, but to those of you who think this is a product that only lazy people with bad hygiene use… Think again! There are different hair types out there, and this has been such a great product for keeping my hair in its best and healthiest condition.

Kim Avatar

I’ve tried Ojon, TIGI Rockstar, Oscar Blandi, and Batiste. Batiste is by far the best bet. Its also the cheapest at $8 a can. It comes in a few different scents, original (harispray-ish), blossom (gardenia), and one other that i can’t think of– might be tropical. In NYC, they always have it at Duane Reade, haven’t really seen it outside of the city in a store. I spray it along my hairline and my part, rub it into my scalp and then brush it through the rest of my hair. Gives volume and does a great job of absorbing oil.

Anne M Avatar

I have straight, fine, oil-prone hair and dry shampoo is great for me. I wash my hair before bed (too lazy to dry it in the morning), so I generally use the dry shampoo the next evening if my hair is a bit greasy and I have plans + no time to shower. I just spray a bunch of it at the roots, let it sit for a few minutes and brush it out. The key is to let it dry before you brush it out–if you brush it too soon, you can sometimes see the powdery residue. It adds a little volume, but my hair is very flat, so that doesn’t last long.

I’m using one from KMS right now. It works but I’m not nuts about the fragrance. I’ve used Oscar Blandi, but the KMS is better. My hairdresser recommended Tresemme, which I will try when the KMS runs out since it’s cheaper.

romina Avatar


dani Avatar

I have really thick, fine hair that’s very, very bleached. I can only wash my hair once a week, so dry shampoos are a life saver. anything works for me, honestly. baby powder, whatever is cheapest at target. they all help my bangs look less stringy and I don’t have to worry about any white residue because my hair is already white.

Jessica Avatar

i have tried tigi’s rockstar dry shampoo… and it sucked. I spents 20$ on a one use bottle. After spraying very little on my hair, it was gone. I thought maybe it was tested too much at the store, so I tried another bottle. same thing happened. On top of it, it made my hair feel gross, there is only one thing worse than greasy hair, and thats greasy hair with a stiff powdery product all over… im just not a fan of dry shampoo 🙁

Elaine Avatar

TIGI was horrible – i took back my first bottle because it stopped working after a week and the second one did the same!

Tresemme works like a million times better

Rachel Avatar

I love the concept of dry shampoo. (Okay, what I really love is being able to hit snooze a few extra times in the morning.) 🙂 I have tried Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Shampoo, a non-aerosol powder that you can sprinkle directly on your hair or put in your hands and rub them through your hair. It does a decent job absorbing oil but I dislike the lemony scent. I currently use TIGI Rockaholic Dry Shampoo which is an aerosol that you spray on your hair. This one does a good job absorbing oil, and the scent is okay. However, you have to be careful or it will get clogged up easily. The problem with both of these is no matter how much I brush or rub them in, they leave an ashy grey tint on my light brown hair. I was going to try bumble and bumble blondish hair powder, but my sister tried it and said that it stained her clothes and pillows, and if it was raining out it dripped color on her face. I’ve heard that T3 Refresh Volumizing Dry Shampoo (Dark Tone) doesn’t have that problem, so I’m going to try that one next.

Emma Avatar

I’m not a huge fan of dry shampoo but I like bumble and bumble hair powder to make hair look matte. I’ve tried other brands in the last few years (the tresemme foaming one is the only one that comes to mind!) but they don’t give the same effect.

Ashley Tatton Avatar

I have super fine straight hair and a portion of it is dyed a very vibrant purple right now. I can’t be washing it as often as I like. My batiste is a life saver.

Molly Avatar

I’ve never tried one that worked for me. I have really long, straight hair and I would rather not wash it every night because it’s a pain and it’s bad for the ends. I tried the new Tresemme spray one for straight hair and it did nothing but smell pretty and turn my hair white. Same with the Ojon one. I’d like to try more, because it’s a great concept, but I don’t want to waste money on one that doesn’t work.

lacey Avatar

try DIY ones at home… like cornmeal, cornstarch, baby powder, finely ground oats. that way if they work, great, if they dont you didnt waste a ton of money!

Julia Minamata Avatar

I bought Bumble & Bumble’s dry shampoo in red ages ago, never really ended up using it much, It came in a bottle that you squeeze and the stuff puffs out in a cloud. It got everywhere, although I partly blame myself for the clumsy application.

I have bangs now, so I may try using it to help fight oily bangs — thanks for the tip, commentors!

Marisa Lucille Avatar

A few years ago, Frederic Fekkai had a dry shampoo that came in an orange bottle and smelled like coconuts. It was a terrible product– it only made my second-day hair greasier– but it smelled amazing. I ended up keeping it in my car as a sort of air freshener. Yummy.

Recently, I purchased Frederic Fekkai’s (yes, I am a devotee) newer dry shampoo called Frederic Fekkai Au Naturel which works wonders. There’s no product that will make your hair feel freshly washed, but this one definitely gives the illusion of it. Definitely recommend it if you’re looking for a way to get one more day out of your hair without washing it.

Alanna Avatar

SAMY used to make an oats one that was inexpensive and FANTASTIC! Unfortunately they discontinued it and I am so disappointed. I am a huge lover of dry shampoo because I have crazy oily roots but dry ends. It saved my life when I had babydoll bangs too. My new favorite is Batiste – love the way it smells and does the job it’s supposed to!

Allison Avatar

OMG that was my favorite too! So sad I can’t find it anymore. SAMY did come out with another dry shampoo recently in its 0 calorie line. I think it smelled a little different when I sniffed it in the store… Haven’t gotten it yet because I’m trying the Sauve. The Sauve one has similar texture as the SAMY but I’m not convinced about the sent. Citrusy but a little on the sweet side, kinda a weird smell for your hair. :/ The treseme one sucks big time! Makes your hair almost sticky. Psst is okay, I’m not a big fan of the scent. John Fredia has one too that looks like it might be good… Sometimes I just use cornstarch and follow it with some hair spray for volume. Basically the same effect.

Amber Avatar

I absolutely love dry shampoo. After nearly destroying my hair wiht TIGI Rockstar shampoo — it stripped my hair thick semi wavy hair of everything, I had to cut back on washing my hair for a while. For a while I could go 3 or 4 days without my hair looking dirty since it was so dry from the shampoo. The only problem is that my bangs would get oily looking after only two. Dry shampoo helped keep my bangs looking fresh while the rest of my hair had time to recoup all the oils it had lost from the shampoo.

Whippetlady Avatar

My hair is thin and processed with bleached highlights. Fragile and yet with an oily scalp, i view dry shampoo as a life saver.
I have used Rene Furterer and loved it though I hated the price. I have used TIGI rockstar and loved it, and hated the price. I am now using Batiste and its meh.. Not a great fragrance and tough to brush out the white residue, though it does make my hair feel cleaner.
As for Psst, puleeze, don’t get me started. It has a horrible smell and does nothing to absorb oil.
Next ? Suave. I am nothing if not optimistic! I would tell anyone to part the hair, spray near the scalp, SHAKE that can well before each schpritz. Then let it sit for 5 minutes or so and brush out with a natural bristle blend brush.

lo Avatar

I actually love the Suave one! Granted, it’s the first I’ve ever tried, but I’m already on my second can. It doesn’t leave my hair white once I brush it, and it’s the only product that keeps my hair from slipping out of twists, buns, and braids.

lacey Avatar

i use dry shampoo every once in awhile if my roots get a bit nast between washes (i have colored/very fine hair that doesn’t enjoy daily shampooing 🙁 ive tried the tresseme one and it just weighed my hair down, tho my sister with super thick straight hair loves it! i got it for her for xmas, lol. batiste and Pssst work just fine for me. Also, cornmeal is fabulous, but messy. my next bottle is gonna be the new suave one, just to give it a shot. i dont do high end expensive stuff, so im no help with those brands

Francine Avatar

I LOVE dry shampoo!! I have only tried one and did not need to venture further – BATISTE is simply the best! I have oily hair even the next day after washing and I also have bangs which get super oily FAST. The ends are super dry and the roots are super oily. Not to mention the fact I colour my hair bright ginger ala Florence and the Machine so the more I wash it, the faster it leaves my locks!

It is all about the technique – you have to try to spray the can lightly and move it very quickly. Most times I get a very light white streak. You have to LIFT the hair and spray it into the hair roots rather than just spraying it straight into the top of your head. Then you have to MASSAGE it into your hair and finally brush through. Keep repeating until you have the desired affect.

In the UK, Batiste has sooooo many different scents, glitter, colour, etc! My favourite is the Original and I have the Golden Shimmer one which gold sparkles I wear for special occasions! They also have coloured ones so the powder isn’t white and it can blend into your roots if you need a colour-touch up (I have yet to try this one). I can get the ‘Blush’, ‘Original’, and ‘Tropical’ here in Canada at Shoppers Drug Mart and Winners sometimes has them as well. They sell for $6.99 at Winners and $8.99 at Shoppers.

I can actually go 5 days now without washing my hair – on the last day I usually wear my hair up in a messy bun with a headband and you can’t tell the difference, plus Batiste smells fabulous so it masks that ‘dirty’ hair scent. It’s a godsend for my bangs because I hate when they separate and look chunky instead of flowing nicely!

I do not know how I ever lived without Batiste before! It is my HG beauty product and I take a can with me everywhere I go! My precious!!!

Jenna Avatar

I love dry shampoo. My favorite right now is batiste in tropical. the original smelt bad and made me gag but i dont mind this one. it smells like creamy coconut, still not the best but better, much better then the original. They also have a scent called blush which is more floraly, it was nice but i preferred the tropical.

Rose Avatar

I have fine Asian hair and I tend to get oily at the roots after about 2 days. I tried the Tresemme one (dry/oily) and I hate it. It leaves a flaky residue and makes me look like I have dandruff. I tried a random one at Sephora (I THINK it was Oscar Blandi), and it didn’t leave me “dandruffy” but I just didn’t enjoy the texture in my hair.

Baby powder works really well if you’re really in a pinch, but I honestly would rather wake up earlier to wash my hair.

Dorna Avatar

I like it! I prefer to wash my hair every other day, so if I feel like it’s getting a little oily in between I spray it in their. I use ojon, but i’d like to try oscar blandi. It’s good for going on short trips, and they make travel size bottles which are perfect for the planes! the secret is to aim directly at where the oil is and do short, quick sprays. spraying it all over will make you smell like linen spray and leave lots of white dandruffy specks.

Dee Avatar

I love some… hate some. The worst is probably Big Sexy Hair Dry Shampoo….HORRIBLE!!! Two that I like a lot are Klorane Dry Shampoo and Oscar Blandi both are a little more expensive than drugstore brand but they last forever. The key is the technique and once you get the technique down then you will most likely fall in love.

Cords Avatar

Cannot stand dry shampoo. At all. Ive tried it a few times and i really really hoped they would work for me as someone pointed out, washing my hair daily is just impractical and bad for it. I have oily roots and dry ends. I can get away without washing my hair for 2 days at a push. After that i have to tie it up if i dont want to wash it. So mostly i spen 2/3 of the week with my hair tied up. Between college, my child and college work, and soon enough my new job, i dont have time to do much in the line of major beauty maintenance. i would love to have something to bridge the gap between days. Ive used all of the Baptiste dry shampoos and i find them all to be the same.
Drying for an hour. i feel like my hair is amazing for an hour. Then it gets clumpy, it feels liek there is hair spray in it, its dry and its stiff and its greasy within two hours. I actually find it makes my hair WORSE then before i used it. So i just dont bother. ITs such a better look for me to just tie my hair up

Meghann Avatar

Dry Shampoo is a lifesaver for emergency situations ie: last min. date, or last min dinner with friends, woke up late for work, etc….
I use Oscar Blandi (for dark hair) this works amazingly! It’s a clear formula so no white or grey residue in my dark brown hair.
It smells good enough…. and it lasts a long time (the can). I buy the small cans, and they generally last me 6-7 uses, and since i don’t use it often…. maybe once every 2 or 3 months…. that lasts FOREVER….

Esperanza Avatar

I have used Oscar Blandi and actually repurchased it too. I also used Batiste (I think that is the name). I also repurchased it once. I think they are good to extend an extra day or when on short business trips and do not have the time to go for blow dry service or to do your own hair then they are a good alternative. They do take out the shine out of your hair. Oscar Blandi smells better than Batiste. I tried baby powder and hated it. It is gross. You can not compare. The dry shampoos spray a fine mist of powder combined with cleaners. Baby powder is just that: powder no cleaner. So my final thoughts is that dry shampoo serve its purpose which is to delay hair washing/styling a couple of days.

Syrie Avatar

I have tried dry shampoo just once (TRES Emme) and hated it! I have long, thick, and straight hair so I was looking for an alternative to washing all the time. Didn’t work for me. I’d rather wash. The key to washing long hair without drying it out is to shampoo the roots and slide your fingers through the rest of the hair. Apply conditioner to just the ends and rinse with cold (or at least somewhat cool) water.

Dana Avatar

I like them, but each brand is hit or miss. My favorite is the Oscar Blandi loose powder dry shampoo, I think the loose powder works best for me as opposed to the spray. I hated Tresemee spray, it left my hair greasy and gucky (I know that’s not a word) and full of residue. It left my hair dirtier than when I started. Bastisse and Psssst worked ok, just not as good as the Blandi one 🙂

Kyle Avatar

I’ve used both Tresemme (spray) and Tigi’s rockaholic and I’m not a fan of either. I have really fine, flat, blonde hair, and it just makes my hair feel so heavy and gross. Tigi’s definitely smelt better though! haha.

Kimmy Avatar

I have tried a few and I thought they all sucked. I tried Oscar Blandi powder and the tigi one that comes in an aerosol. Both left my hair feeling gritty and nasty. I returned the Tigi and luckily the Oscar Blandi was a sample. My hair dresser told me they were really invented for old people who only go get their hair done once a week and just need something to get them through between appts. I totally believe that now. That stuff made my hair feel 10 times dirtier than if I had just left it alone and done nothing to it.

Nothing beats just washing your hair the old fashioned way.

Roberta Avatar

I use the Tresme one but I don’t like it. I like the concept of it cause I don’t want to dry my scalp but it’s smelly an feels so weird during the day. I can’t wait to wash my hair basically.

Helena Avatar

I love dry shampoo! I try to wash my hair very infrequently, as it’s been bleached to Hell and back, so dry shampoo is awesome. I used to use Batiste but now use another, cheaper one I found in Sally’s by Beyond the Zone. (Doesn’t work as long, though…)

Danielle Avatar

I have really thick, wavy, color-treated hair. My ends are wayyyyyy dry, and my scalp gets very oily. I generally go 2-3 days between washes, so dry shampoo is god-send. It just isn’t good for my hair to wash every day, or even every other day– my ends fray, and my hair becomes much more brittle. I started using dry shampoo to try to extend the length of my blow-outs, and continue using it so I can be gentle on my poor damaged ends. I tried Oscar Blandi and Ojon, but didn’t particularly care for them. The smell was not for me, and they just weren’t all that impressive in my opinion. I also tried Big Sexy Hair’s brand of dry shampoo, but absolutely hated it. It put so much build-up in my hair and made it feel dirtier, and extremely dry– my ends felt like they were cemented together, and were more brittle than usual. The dry shampoo I like the most is TIGI Rockaholic. I flip my head upside-down and mist lightly on my roots, brush through, and I’m done. If I need a little more, I’ll pin up the top layer of my hair and spray the second layer underneath. I think the one thing I could say about getting the best from your dry shampoo is to focus on your roots, and actually try to stick to keeping the can (if you use aerosol) 6-8 inches from your head. I usually don’t listen to that recommendation, but it helps a lot!

Melanie Avatar

I bought this asian brand styling powder which acts as a dry shampoo as well. Its a superfine texture that disappears on contact with your hair but it gives the most amazing volume and lift and is great for flat hair. I used to wash my hair twice a week now I just need to wash it once cos this product keeps my hair looking clean, like freshly washed hair!

JennerLynner Avatar

i hate it.. honestly, i’d rather just wash my bangs and put baby powder into my roots. all the dry shampoo’s i’ve tried leave a weird smell and texture. it also makes my hair looks dull.
i got really greasy hair from my dad, and i do not think these products work for my hair. oh well! good thing i love showers lol

Janice Avatar

Tresemme- horrible for me. Didn’t do a good job at “drying”
T3-love! I don’t really have any complaints, maybe only that I wish the product lasted longer (but you can’t expect miracles can you now?)
Ojon-initially loved, however returned because after 5 uses the nozzle becamed clogged. Wasted a lot of product-tried but full sized and travel sized to see if there was any difference-both clogged. 🙁 Worker at sephora said I needed to really shake the can while spraying to prevent this- but still didn’t work on my second bottle. T3 has never done this to me- I’ve purchased t3 3 times.
My hair is brunette and natural thin-medium fullness/straight for reference.

Liz Avatar

Dry shampoo is great for those of us with thick, dry, frizzy hair that we heat style (blow dry or iron) straight. Let’s me get a few extra days out of the hour-plus it takes to wash and style. It’s just not feasible to do that every day. Before with my thick hair I could rock a good blowout for 4 days but with dry shampoo I get away with washing once a week!

I’ve tried so many: Klorane, Rene Furtier, Ojan, Oscar Blandi’s powder version, the Tresseme spray for oily hair, and the new Suave Professionals. Out of all of them, I’d say you get what you pay for. Klorane is my all-time favorite, but I can use the Furtier and Blandi too. Suave was just okay. Tresseme was just awful- it left a sticky, thick residue in my hair and just made it look gross. I’ve gone back to shelling out the big bucks for Klorane because it works.

ariana Avatar

ooooo i love the SAMY line! will have to check out their dry shampoo next! i tried oscar blandi’s pronto dry shampoo a couple of years ago and it was expensive, but my ends were so damaged, but greasy in the roots, i wanted to give my hair a break…it left a visible white cast-my co-worker even asked if i had dyed my hair lol…years later i decided to give salon graphix a try, but the smell is horrible and it didn’t do much for volume…now i have the pssst! one and i love it! it smells good and it gives me volume, also cheap…want to try batiste and tressemee, want to keep my hair healthy!

Lori Avatar

I find that dry shampoos don’t really work for me. The concept is great because over washing your hair is very damaging. But I have really curly hair and when you use dry shampoos you have to brush or comb them out and brushing my hair is a big no no. We’re talking light socket frizz city.

Amy Avatar

I love it SO MUCH. I try to wash my hair once every two or three days, and it is a lifesaver. My hair is in amazing condition now that I’m not washing all the time. I’ve tried Batiste (which is great, but I’ve overdone it and had to hop into the shower) and the Sally Beauty brand (which is called Biotera). The Sally Beauty one was just a squeezable powder – a lot like Oscar Blandi.

My BIGGEST problem is the scalp itchies. Does anyone have any shampoo/product recs for this? Right now I’m rinsing my hair in apple cider vinegar and it helps a little.

Allison Rabbit Avatar

Hi Amy! I think we have a similar scalp! 😀

I find that my scalp really itches when my hair is styled with products containing a lot of alcohol (e.g., hairspray, dry shampoo, etc.). For me, I think the alcohol is really drying, and gives that itchy feeling… The best thing to do is take a break from those kinds of products for a couple of days (maybe use a leave-in conditioner and go “natural”?), and use Scalpicin (http://www.scalpicin.com/). It’s an AMAZING over-the-counter liquid you just rub on your head and it clears it right up! If your skin is a little irritated, or you’ve been really scratching, it may sting a bit. But it is REALLY amazing, and on their web site, apparently they have wipes now (I bet those are really great for traveling). Hope that helps! 🙂

Valene Avatar

I love the concept of dry shampoo, but the products out there are rather hit or miss. The biggest miss being tresemme dry shampoo, horrible horrible product, leaves a heavy gross residue on your hair no matter how much you brush it, so it feels ick. My favorite is Batiste, works wonders, doesn’t leave my hair white or with an unbearable texture, and truly takes care of the oils and leaves my hair looking fresh. I’m currently testing out a new dry shampoo from got2B, but I’ve only used it once so far, so not enough to report on yet. I did try the Beyond The Zone Rock On dry shampoo from Sally, but I used it once and then the thing clogged up and I couldn’t use it again. It’s practically a full bottle but I can’t get the darn thing unclogged to use it, so a packaging fail right there. That’s NEVER happened with my Batiste.

Tuna lala Avatar

I tried got2b’s Rockin’ It on a whim when i wanted to maintain an expensive 1-day old haircut. Worked great. I agree with some comments that it’s not really for lazy days but for times you would just like to extend your hair style. I have an oily scalp with dry ends so I think dry shampoos are a godsend. I like the smell too.

Mabeth Avatar

I love dry shampoo! My absolute favorite is from Batiste. It works really well at making my roots less oily and it only costs around $7. I tried the one from Tresemme and was really disappointed. It didn’t do anything for my hair. Try not to be too discouraged if the first dry shampoo you try doesn’t work. As with every beauty product, some experimenting needs to be done before finding what works for you 🙂

Allison Rabbit Avatar

Wow! I was just thinking about Dry Shampoo the other day, and how much I needed recommendations. 🙂
My hair gets oily (at the roots, on my scalp) very quickly, and I like voluminous hair, so the natural oils make my hair really flat… But many dry shampoos have a “powdery” scent that I dislike! I have used Psssst, which is fine, and works in a pinch, but I don’t love it. I’ve heard great things about the brand Klorane, it’s supposed to be organic, though a bit pricey (in my opinion; it’s approximately $18 USD a can).

Anyone tried TIGI’s Rock Star dry shampoo? I’m gonna try that one next!

lexi Avatar

I have tried three lower cost dry shampoos lately (some not as lately as others):
1) Tresemme Fresh Start Dry Shampoo for Oily/Straight to Normal Hair
2) Victoria’s Secret Clean & Go Dry Shampoo
3) Suave Dry Shampoo

I’ve had and used the Tresemme for months (since it came out). The VS – I’ve had since it came out (a few months), and the Suave I’ve only had a few days.
#1 Victoria’s Secret Clean & Go Dry Shampoo ($12)
#2 Tresemme Fresh Start Dry Shampoo for Oily/Straight to Normal Hair ($5.49)
#3 Suave Dry Shampoo ($3)
My verdict is that the Victoria’s Secret is the BEST in terms of being a dry shampoo. It is the most effective, by far. It also smells really nice if you like the VS Body by Victoria line. If you are someone whose hair/roots isn’t really that oily, and you only want a refresher, this will be TOO much for you! I only wash my hair 2x a week, so my roots get a little oily and this sets them right. If I washed any more frequently, or had drier hair/roots – I wouldn’t be able to use this.
The Tresemme smells the freshest and cleanest, however – like a soft citrus/clean scent. Tresemme is also very effective, but not as effective as the VS. If you have normal/oily hair, this will likely work great.
Suave Dry Shampoo is the strongest in terms of fragrance – very fruity/perfumey. If you are more looking for a refresher, this will work well. I wouldn’t turn to this on my day 3-4 hair to control oily roots. It’s “light-duty” in my opinion

Deborah Avatar

I use Klorane Dry Shampoo in aerosole form. It freshens my hair nicely between washes and the oat bran oil leaves it soft and not dry like other dry shampoos. I use it every second day after I wash my hair. Klorane makes great shampoos as well.

dana Avatar

i LOOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE dry shampoo..it is a lifesaving product for me..i have fine hair (but a lot of it) and i cant wash every day or my hair goes limp. it gives it extra volume and it looks like i just washed it. i use TIGI Rockaholic Dirty Secret dry shampoo..and ive been though about 8 or 9 bottles of it. i absolutely love it.

CJ Avatar

Looove it. I use Toni&Guy’s and it’s a life saver. I have bright magenta streaks in my hair and if I washed my hair every day, I’d have to color my hair every week. If I go overboard and get too much product in one place, it’s easily toweled out.

meme Avatar

Hated Ojon – did little and ABSOLUTELY next day had to wash hair. The only one that works for me and will last days (well tested by me as I am often stuck in the hospital unable to wash my hair for 2 weeks) is Oscar Blandi. Highly recommend it. I have my best luck with their non-aresol version that you squeeze the power out and rub it into your scalp and hair. The version in the spray can does not hold up over time for me. I have dry hair that is in good condition and Oscar Blandi does not upset my hair conditioning at all. And boy what a happy hospital camper this product makes of me. That and pre-moistened face cleaner toweles – a must in my hospital bag always.

spacegeek Avatar

I have thin, fine color and straightened hair. I started with Bumble and Bumble but it mattifies and also is quite messy. I liked it well enough to repurchase. But then I was at TJMaxx and saw T3 Oscar Blandi (I think)–def a T3 product for $4.50, so I thought I’d try it. LOVE!! I’ve repurchased the T3 dry shampoo several times now–it helps me avoid shampooing every day, and doesn’t feel thick or weighed down.

ValentinaB Avatar

I swear by and love LuLu Organics dry shampoo. Great scents, super cute packaging and it is the ONLY dry shampoo that actually DID something! I also like how it easily blends into my hair and scalp, rather than remaining white like most powders, which makes me look like I have dandruff!

Lindsey Avatar

I’ve used the Treseme’ one for oily hair and the Suave one. They both don’t smell that great and also don’t work that great. It makes my hair feel heavy and almost more dirty. It sucks, because I know washing your hair every day isn’t that great for it, but my hair gets so oily that I have to wash it every day.

Saraina Avatar

I think dry shampoo is an either ‘love it or leave it’ subject. Personally
i have only tried a couple dry shampoo’s, high end and drugstore. Since i am blonde it really doesn’t matter what i use. The only “dry shampoo” i have always kept going back to no matter what is…..Johnson’s lavender and chamomile baby powder! It smells great and it blends perfectly into my hair and absorbs all the oil. I would not recamond on darker hair but for me, i am in love!

Plus you can get it in a little travel size bottle, SOOOO CUTEE!

Hannah Avatar

i am in LOVE with dry shampoo…..i color my hair and deep almost cherry red color and as most of us know, red hair is the hardest color to maintain. So i only wash my hair with shampoo/conditioner about once maybe 2 times a week. and in between i use the bateise (or however u spell it) dry shampoo. when i first apply it is does leave a white resude however when i wait about 5 minutes (start my makeup etc) it disappers then i just brush the rest of it threw…..i have tried the treseume ones and i honestly hated them they were to oily for me….

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