Rant & Rave: Brow Powders

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my answer: Tone can be really important, and I think that a lot of brands think 2-3 shades is enough to cover… everyone… but I think brow lines should be more expansive. Thankfully, brow powder is a lot like regular powder eyeshadow, and those ranges can have a lot more possibilities! But it is a must for me to fill in my brows!

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I’ve never used a designated brow powder; I’ve always just used an eyeshadow to fill my brows, precisely because they have more tone options (and you can find them for cheaper, too). I’m looking to try a brow pencil, though, actually – perhaps the Hourglass one.

I recommend the Anastasia brow wiz because there are more shade selections but if you want a waxier pencil then the Hourglass one is a good option. I little overpriced in my opinion and it doesn’t stay sharp which annoys me.

NYX eyebrow cake powder is AMAZING. There are 6 different kit/color combos you can choose from and each kit comes with 2 colors and a clear wax. I use the blonde, which includes both a warm toned blonde and an cool toned taupe. It also comes with two brushes and it only costs like $6! It is easy to use and lasts forever. I’ve used other brow powders that cost alot more money and the NYX brow powder beats them all.

I couldn’t live without my chanel brow set. While it is expensive, I’ve had mine for 5 years, using it 1-2 times a day. Color is natural, brush is perfect, and wax helps set it and tame wild hairs. It’s worth every cent.

I actually use a matte brown Inglot shadow as my brow color. Powders look more like actual eyebrows, in comparison to brow pencils. I can usually tell when someone prefers a pencil. They tend to have shiny brows after a few hours. Pencils are easier to apply however, the look of a powder completely trumps that benefit.

Completely agree with your points. In particular, I find far far too many warm tones in brow powders. Lots of us darker haired ladies do not want warm coloured powders for our brows and nor do we want dark brown or black powders which can look like horrible scouse brow. A lot of dark haired women have ashy cooler coloured brows.

I am personally a brow powder addict. I’m in love with my anastasia brow powder. But lately i’ve also been loving the Elf browkit. I totally agree with you that the most brands don’t provide enough colours. Too bad.

I’ve been playing around trying to find the right product to use to fill in my brows, and Anastasia’s brow powder has become my go-to.

I like that their line always includes two shades so you can tweak it to your liking and their line is a lot more diverse than most, so you should be able to find something that works for your brows. Plus it gives you so much product I’ll be able to use this for years and not worry about running out!

Haha – I’ve never actually owned official brow powder! I’ve always substituted matte browny eyeshadows, because I like to try different colour combinations (in search of the perfect one, and none of the brow powders I’ve tried have quite gotten there…) :- P

I guess my rant would be the same I have for a lot of make-up, there usually aren’t many options for natural redheads. Luckily, I stocked up on Mac Brow Shader in Auburn before it was discontinued. It’s perfect for me and at the rate I use it, I think it’ll last me until my hair isn’t red anymore.

As a Master Esthetician i’ve seen some bad brows over the years. I don’t like it when they are shaped like what I like to call “The Nike Swoosh”, I think you know what I mean. πŸ˜‰ It’s best to go to a professional if you are unsure.
My HG brow product is Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder Duo in Medium Brown. It’s the best! It fills in my medium-dark brown brows without adding any warmth, or without adding darker color to them. It just fills in the bare spots perfectly, and lasts all day. My mom wanted me to do her brows and I used that product. She liked it so much that I ordered her one, and she uses it every day!

I’m hoarding my only pan of MAC Auburn/Malt brow powder. It’s held up for me through henna and into salon color – just right to make my hair and eyebrows match every day, and strong enough to layer up for stage. I haven’t found a replacement yet.

I have the same opinion. I’ve used brow powders and never found a shade or tone that worked. Though I do have brow pencils for a quick, light fill. I now use eyeshadow as a brow powder. MAC’s range finally helped me find an appropriate shade.

The total lack of red ones! I’m ginger, not auburn or reddish brown but ginger. Illamasqua do a red one which I have used for years (still got tons left in it). I’d love one slightly lighter but they simply do not exist and I get really frustrated with brands that say they cover all hair colours but miss out red entirely.

Clinique’s Brow Shaper in Charcoaled works really well with my medium brown hair and light – neutral complexion. It also wears pretty decently. However, on a daily basis I still prefer Bali from NARS (single eyeshadow) which is much easier to apply evenly.

I have medium skin and dark hair but my brows are charcoal grey rather than jet black, and I haven’t found anything grey. The brow kit that came closest was BrowZings from Benefit and I hoarded some three of these – until I discovered Benefit Gimme Brow this year. I gave away all three BrowZings on the spot! Gimme Brow is perfect for me!

It’s not a powder but Shu Uemura Hard Formula pencil #9 in Stone Grey is perfect. I’m Asian w/black hair & brows. It looks natural & you can’t over do it. For powder I like Clinique brow shaper in Charcoaled. I also agree that the NYX powder is good. I tried my sister’s & the color was nice. I will buy that for my travel bag when Ulta re-stocks.

I think the limited shade options can be attributed to the fact that sometimes brow makeup is overlooked, outside of having them shaped (by waxing, tweezing, or threading). I only recently got into filling in brows using pencil and powder a few years ago, and now can’t go without. It seems to be such a small piece of the makeup industry, therefore, MU companies don’t invest a lot in developing products for brows. However, filling in brows, enhances my appearance so much that I think it’s just as important as wearing mascara. I hope more companies extend their shade range.

Ah, dear Typograph! That deep charcoal eyeshadow by MAC has been my go-to for years. When I want a more sculpted and refined look, I use ClΓ© de Peau’s pencil in dark grey because the wax holds my brows in place. Otherwise, a bit of Typo to fill in any sparse spot and I’m good to go.

Used to love omega shadow by mac seeing as I am an nw 15… However, the new Anastasia dipbrow pomade, is phe-Nominal! Love it. Holy grail. Looks more natural and even adds a new level of fullness to sparse areas… I may still use a powder from time to time, but will always have the pomade in my collection.

I find they mostly need some grey tones in them to be flattering, even for me who is very warm/yellow toned. I prefer powder over gels, pencils and waxes because they allow more precision and are a bit more forgiving if you need to make any adjustments!

I like palettes or kits that have two shades for custom blending too and I love how the NYX ones have a teeny little angled brush and a spoolie included – great for travelling!

I do need brow powder (don’t care for pencils and don’t think any of the gels or other things work well enough) and have used Anastasia’s for years but recently got turned on to Illamasqua’s. Finally found a brunette shade that’s perfect for me in their fairly limited line-up. I see a real difference – it’s a strong but not overwhelming color. Give it a shot.

I only have one brow powder, one of those MAC LE ones that included a highlighter and I like it, but it is easier for me to use Spiked brow pencil, blending with a spoolie and using clear mascara to set. I have thought of getting another brow powder, but as Christine says, the shade range is limited and since I’m happy with Spiked, I haven’t really looked for something else. I believe that with one of those powders that include two colors I would end up using just one and I would waste one shade. I also find some brow powders are too expensive, though from the comments here they seem to last a very long time.

Too Faced has new brow makeup out and so will Milani (drugstore brand). I agree that brows have to be done. Or else it messes the whole look up. I use pencil (currently Almay), Benefit BrowZings, and sometimes Benefit Gimme Brow.

I have to use eyeshadow, as black is nearly impossible to find. Not charcoal, not deep black-brown, but actual *black*! I dye my hair, so it is fairly stark, and when I use anything but black, it’s quite a contrast. My skin is also very neutral, so any undertones of a product are amplified.

Anytime I have red tones in my hair I like to reach for MAC Blackberry. I often feel like eyeshadows provide a better color match than most brow powders, pencils etc.

I fill in my brows with a brow powder by a brand called Christian. It comes in a pretty wide array of colors and they’re not overly warm or too ashy/cool. Eyeshadows really don’t work for me as I think the color is not intense enough. On the go, I use a brow pencil but I prefer powders!

Hi Christine,

I use a dark brown pencil + also eyeshadows for the brows.
Wayn Gross sais it’s quite a waist of monney to buy brow powder while there are much more choises in term of colors in eyeshadows that work just perfectly well.
I feel also that brow powders are just a marketing issue, just to make you buy one more so called specific product while you can use the huge amount of eyeshadows ur girls already have.

What’s the difference for you between brow powder and eyeshadows?


I use eyeshadows myself, but brow powders might have a different texture, or it might just be easier to *find* the right texture/shade range than browsing MAC’s 100+ eyeshadow range, you know? πŸ™‚

I use Guerlain’s Γ‰crin 6 Couleurs : 93, Rue de Passy.
I use the darkest brown (with plum undertone?) in this palette on my brows.
I love this palette πŸ™‚ !
Have you tried this one ?

I’m waiting to receive the Tom Ford Cocoa Mirage palette.
Love brown palettes.
But most of 5+ colors palettes i’ve seen contain too much light colors, and i know i wont use most of the light colors.
I’d like to find one with more dark gardians from browns to black.

To come back to the brow powders, the Guerlain’s is tempting.
But the eyeshadow palettes from guerlain and TF are much more tempting for me ;).

I used to use the Anastasia Brow Powder in Strawburn (which is now discontinued, I believe) and looking back it was waaaaay too orange to go with my auburn hair. MAC Cork & Wedge have become my go-to.

I’m a fake redhead and love Anastasia’s Caramel powder for adding in some warmth to my brows without turning them as red as my hair. If I were to return to blonde, I’d use a cooler light brown shadow to fill them, as my brows are naturally very ashy.

I started out using eyebrow pencils, but once I tried Sephora’s “Eyebrow Editor” brow kit (in Midnight Brown), I’ve never gone back to pencils. The brow kit has three compartments: two color shades and one wax, plus there is a pull-out drawer with travel-size tweezers, angled brush, and spoolie brush. It’s kind of pricey at $19, but I think using the powder gives me a more natural look. As an aside, I’ve tried using eye shadows to fill in my brows, but it never looks right for some reason.

Totally and insanely expensive and only available in certain department stores in Japan and Selfridges in London, the Suqqu brow powder in Moss Green is my HG. Darn you Lisa Eldridge for making me spend money on frivolous products! But it is beautiful. Soft and totally natural looking, you can blend and shade and contour like a pro with this palate. You don’t need a lot either so it lasts forever. Anyone lucky enough to travel to London or Japan can pick it up for $65. There’s also a lighter version for light brunettes or blondes. I recommend their eyebrow brushes and eyebrow pens as well if that’s your thing.

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