Rant & Rave: Brow Gel

Share: Tell us what you love and hate about Brow Gel!

my answer: I love it and try to use it more often to keep brows in place, but sometimes I feel like I’m over-paying for the product (probably because I am).

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I really like brow gel! Without it, my hairs go everywhere and do not look good. I tried using clear mascara to save money, but it would take forever to dry and looked gloopy. I don’t mind spending the money on a brow gel because I know that it will work.

I MUST use brow gel. EVERY DAY! lol. I was using the Anastasia clear brow gel until I found the MAC colored gel (cheaper!!) and I have been in love, It get the hairs a little “crispy” so they stay in place.

I too looove my MAC brow gel, but I came to it from a cheaper one (really though didn’t need anything better than Lumene colored brow wax until I tried the MAC one in Beguile). Not only does it tint and tames my brows, it also fills them in enough that I do not need any pencils or shadows.

I love that they seal the color on my brows, and keep the hairs in place. But I HATE that the spooley is big (they all need to be like Benefit’s gimme brow) and a huge rant is Anastasia’s brow gel, it deposits too much product.

Oh my god, I so agree with the rant! I love the color it gives me, but jeez Anastasia use a small spoolie like Benefit if you’re going to give me that much product! I try to apply with the lightest hand possible, which sometimes is still too much D:<

Same here, I have blonde thin brows and I get lazy about filling them in when I am in a rush. I have the Anastasia one (which is a tad dark) and agree with the comments above. Tried the Benefit one at Sephora the other day and it is a perfect colour and I love the tiny brush 🙂

I have a similar problem with the brushes being too big and depositing too much color. I’ve solved this problem by using a smaller spoolie (I use one by Sonia Kashuk) and sort of rubbing the spoolies together (sounds strange haha). This gives me the use of a smaller spoolie and less product!!

I don’t have great eyebrows. They are quite sparse and tend to vanish when I do anything dramatic with my lips or eyes. Eyebrow gel is a good safe way to get them to stand out without the extra work needed when using a pencil. Am currently loving Benefits Gimme brow. Lovely product! Doesn’t lump and the small brush means it’s easy to shape and manipulate eyebrows without loosing control ❤️

I LOVE brow gel! I have used a clear brow gel for ever and just got an Anastasia tinted brow gel. It is amazing for my blonde brows. If I want to, I can just run the tinted gel over and instantly I have eyebrows! When I add it to my typical brow routine it stops the annoying shine that sometimes comes with my naturally golden brows.

I’m currently using Benefit’s gimme brow along with Anastasia’s clear brow gel. I absolutely love Benefit’s gimme brow and would recommend it to anyone who already has a decently full brow, but still wants more definition and fullness. However, I feel as though the gimme brow doesn’t really keep my brow hairs in place so I add the Anastasia clear brow gel over it. However, I don’t like how large the brush is on the Anastasia brow gel.

Rave: Tinted brow gel is a lifesaver for me. I’m kinda goofy with powder and pencils; can’t ever seem to get them to look natural. Tinted brow gel is fast, easy, covers my gray, and locks those hairs in place.

Rant: My only rant is the ones with shimmer in them. Seriously, who has shimmery eyebrows in real life? Can we just have one area of our face that strives for natural (albeit enhanced natural) real life and isn’t covered in shimmer? I’ve bought a couple where there was no mention of shimmer on the packaging only to discover after application that my brows looked like I should be in a Star Trek movie.

I use tinted brow gel to lighten my natural eyebrow hair color, and a bit of shimmer actually helps achieve the effect I want, especially since hair does reflect light a little. I find that it only works with very fine shimmer, though, nothing sparkly or anything.

I only have one – at least, I think it’s a brow gel even though it claims to have fibres in it. It’s the Beneft Gimme Brow and I love it because the results are quick and natural looking and the teeny brush gives a great shape while allowing me to put the product just where I want it.

I have extremely long black brow hairs and if I don’t gel them they almost immediately start fanning down my eyelid in a really obvious way. Because they’re so dark I don’t bother with tinted – I just fill in my gaps with eyeshadow and put clear gel on top. I tried to save money once by using clear mascara and it does NOT work as well for brows that need a lot of hold. Used to use anastasia. Now I’m using illamasqua and it’s a bit better, although nothing solves the problem completely.

I can’t tell you the number of photos I have of myself before I discovered brow gel where I look otherwise great but my brows are all fanned down oddly. It’s really annoying.

If you’re not concerned with tinted and just want to tame your brows, a cheap solution is to get a brow/mascara wand (disposable works fine, I got mine from a MAC counter), spray it with a bit of hairspray, and use it to comb your brows.

I’ve used a lot of brow products and I love Benefit’s Gimme Brow. I have pretty full brows to begin with, but the Gimme Brow fills in any sparse areas PLUS sets everything into place, without that crispy, hard feeling (I hate that!). The light color is a perfect match, and my brows are pretty dark.

I love Anastasia’s clear brow gel! I have long eyebrow hairs, but due to the Madonna thin brow trend of the 90’s, my brows are also sparse. I color them in with pencil to add volume and the gel keeps it in place all day. I don’t know how I lived without it for so long! I may have to try the Benefit gimme brow gel the next time I run out of my current one.

I lighten my hair and prefer how I look with lighter brows, so tinted brow gel is godsend for when I don’t have time to bleach my brows.

You might want to try brow wax instead. Some are clear, some have color. Maybe I touch my face too much during the day (or maybe I rub my forehead in frustration over work…) but brow gel in a wand doesn’t stick around on me. I switched to a brow wax about a year ago and it’s perfect: keeps my brows groomed and even keeps the gals pointing up. I fill in a little color and then swipe the wax stick. Plus since you use so little, it lasts forever. i switch between MAC and Anastasia, both sticks. I’m not a fan of the waxes in the little pots but they probably do an equally good job if you don’t overdo.

It turns brown quickly because I’ll use brow powder or pencil before using the gel. Sometimes it stiffens brows too much and it doesn’t look right..

I’ve been using Proclaims brown hair gel forever .It tames my brows , adds color and holds well. Cost around $3.00 at drugstores. Sometimes I use Benefits brow zings or Anastasia brow gel they work well too but are more expensive.

RAVE : Elf Wet Gloss Brow and Lash Clear Mascara works wonders for brows!!! PLUS it’s only $1.00 !!! Best Bargain Ever. Also the lash mascara doubles as a great lash primer.

i just bought benefit’s gimme brow yesterday and haven’t used it yet. i’m glad so many people like it. i have pretty thick brows, but they need a little bit of filling in, which i always seem to forget to do. i’m hoping the brow gel will be a quicker fix than doing pencil or powder. i have used anastasia’s clear brow gel. i like it, but again, i always for get to use it.

I used to use the Maybelline Great Lash Clear Mascara but that did nothing for me. It was way too wet and deposited too much product. I ended up wiping most of it on my hand before applying it to my brows. Now I use the Sonia Kashuk Tinted Brow Gel and I love it! It keeps my thick brows in place and it’s not too wet or too dry.

I use a colored brow gel along with my eyebrow powder or eyebrow liquid liner, depending on which one I use that day. My eyebrows can be bushy so I use it to tame it and also match the color of my hair as well. The only thing I don’t like about brow gel is that the product itself can get dry before finishing the bottle, so I feel like it can be a waste of product. 🙁

Eh, sometimes like the hair on my head, my eyebrows are well behaved and I just sorta smooth them down. Other days, I’ll use clear brow gel. Now, I found a good cheap gel, and even though I think it’s been d/c’ed, I picked up enough backups on clearance that I’m set for like two years.

What I don’t like is, since it’s a clear gel, it’ll get unusable before I finish it up. It basically slowly becomes flesh colored because I do my brows after my face. Having vaguely flesh colored gel doesn’t work on dark brows. If I did my brows first, makeup would stick to my brows, also leading to vaguely flesh colored brows. XD

I purchased Sonia Kashuk’s tinted brow gel recently. I really didn’t want to spend a ton of $ on a pricier product. I wasn’t sure if the tint would be good for my brunette brows, but I must say it does a great job. It darkens them slightly as well as puts them in their place. The formula is perfect. It doesn’t feel stiff or goopy. The only downside I would say is that the spoolie is a bit big, and I need to be careful about clumps (but you get that with most mascara like products).

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