Principessa Beauty – Bellezza Box Review (Bacio Me, Bagno Bliss, Candela-to-go, Cattiva Diva, Dolce Dreams, Fresh Fiore, Princess Pouf)

In my exploration for new body products to try out, I came across Principessa Beauty, which is a line to specializes in fragrance and bath/body products more than anything.

Here’s the company’s philosophy:

Principessa is dedicated to the art of pampering the urban princess. They leave out all those nasty fillers like mineral oils & petroleum products. Instead, these decadent products are made with sweet almond oil, shea butter, botanicals like aloe vera and peach extracts, and antioxidants vitamins E & C.

Principessa Beauty products did not let me down in my try-out session with them. The first thing I noticed was there was the slightest scent to all of Principessa products, very subtle, which made me fall in love because it’s a lovely scent with a touch of sweetness, but not much at all. I love products with lighter scents for daily usage because then I can top my outfit off with a few spritzes of my favorite perfume without worrying about some crazy scent mix. I tried the Bellezza Box, which provides sample sizes of a wide range of their products. This will make a great holiday gift, because it’s a reasonable $45 and you receive 7 products in good sizes (these aren’t made for just one use, you get plenty of body-lovin’ goodness out of these!). I always enjoy a company that allows customers to try products in smaller sizes before committing to full-size products.

Bacio Me — A cute tin of pink solid balm that melts slightly as you apply pressure from your fingertip into it to make it easy to put on your lips. It has plenty of shea butter and vitamin E, which helps to soften your lips.

Bagno Bliss — A shower body cream that’s meant to give you a taste of how it feels to be treated like a princess at a spa, only for far less and in your own home.  It really helps to soften skin all over, and all you have to do is add water! Massage gently into skin and voila.

Candela-to-go — I’m not a huge candle person, just because I always forget about them (I have several around the house), but the tin is adorable with its pink and black motif. I imagine this would be a darling and easy-to-hide candle to take with you on a romantic getaway. It’s made out of 100% pure VegeSoy wax, too.

Cattiva Diva — I have awfully dry hands sometimes, because I have a tendency to wash my hands far too many times throughout the day. What I liked about this hand cream is how lightweight it is; it’s not oily, heavy, and it dries in a matter of minutes so you can quickly go back to what you were doing. You don’t need too much to thoroughly moisturize your hands either, which is a great thing in my book — better value for your money!

Dolce Dreams — Just like the hand cream, this product feels lush and rich during application, but as it softens the skin, it dries quickly and leaves you feeling fresh and smooth.

Fresh Fiore — I love a good body wash! I also love the slight fragrant scent that lingers behind after using this cleanser. I was able to work up a good lather when using it, and afterwards, I had that “clean” feeling (who doesn’t love that?).

Principessa pouf — Like I mentioned before, the Bellezza Box makes an excellent gift, because of how many products are in it, the reasonable price tag (totally get your money’s worth), and how self-contained it is. They even provide this adorable pink pouf to use with their products, like Fresh Fiore, to help exfoliate your skin.

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