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Anything that Clarins does — their fruity-berry fragrances are absolutely mouthwatering. Or, y’know, nothing. CLARINS OR NOTHING!!! 😛

I honestly have no opinion either way, as long as whatever the product used for the scent doesn’t cause an adverse reaction… Having said that, I am a bit partial to the signature L’Oréal scent, mainly as nostalgia,

Vanilla works for me too! Perhaps this is why I have a MAC lipstick addiction going on, LoL! And quite a few Maybelline lippys as well…both vanilla, but MAC has a more true vanilla scent, Maybelline is more like “artificial” vanilla.

I think I’d go for a light vanilla scent (like M.A.C) or a slightly sweet scent. As long as it doesn’t have that ‘granny’s lipstick’ smell to it, I really hate that.

Vanilla is my favorite! I’m also okay if it is some type of fruity scent but I despise any type of floral. In a perfect world they would be unscented but all too often that means they smell a little bit chemically to me so vanilla is the best at the moment 🙂

I am in love with the way that Fresh products smell! The lip balms and shine glosses… I can’t get over it. Their sugary lemon-y scent is just sweet enough, but not overwhelming, and it doesn’t linger forever. Best of all, they all taste good when you accidentally lick your lips!

I like vanilla, but I also love Dolce & Gabbana’s delicate rose scent, it feels really luxurious and it’s got a faint sweet note to it, lovely!

The only brand of lipstick whose smell I didn’t like is the entire Maybelline ColorSensational line. They all perform so nicely… but they smell like Play Doh and dirt! I love the L’Oreal lipstick scent, though, because it reminds me of my Granny Dorothy. <3

Well, unscented lipsticks are fine, but I have a bit of a soft spot for vanilla/creme brulee/caramel/cookie type scents, provided they’re not too sweet/cheap.

I don’t mind the rose in Chanel’s lipsticks, the violet in Guerlain’s or the mango in YSL’s, but the fig (?) in Estee Lauder’s weirds me out a bit, I have to say. The bergamot/soap scent of the Maybelline color elixirs, and anything fake cherry related is where I start to draw the line, although it depends how long it lasts on the lips.

It’s very unusual, but I like when it has a true (not sweet or candy-like) black currant scent. Otherwise rose or vanilla are always nice.

Anything that isn’t medicinal or waxy. I like Lancôme’s rose scent and YSL’s mango…I think a pretty scent adds to the experience of a higher end lipstick.

I like a little vanilla (as in Chantecaille lip chic) Also I like the mango scented YSL ones! LM used to have an orange scented sheer lip tint that was nice. and BB used to have a mint scented lip gloss that was ok. While I love Chanel and I love roses, but prefer not to have that scent on my lips!

I don’t really mind scents from sweet to floral, even the Loreal rose “old lady” smell that bothers a lot of people doesn’t really affect me. The only thing I have challenges with is something that is overly perfumy…like you’re ingesting a fragrance. 🙂

Hands down vanilla. I don’t mind other scents but I much prefer vanilla. Honestly, I wish it was the standard scent for cosmetics. I’ve lost count how many products I’ve come across that smelled horrible lol

I’m typically all right with any kind of scent, even though I might actually sneeze more (I sneeze a lot anyway so who cares). I know my body is sensitive to scents, but I personally don’t mind them haha 😀

I think I’m in that rare subset of people who actually looooves the scents of the YSL lip products. I wish Guerlain made lip products with the same violet scent as the meteorite perles because that would smell heavenly.

Well I can tolerate the vanilla a lot of companies but in lipsticks but I don’t love it. I prefer no scent for lipsticks. Any of the ones with cinnamon or peppermint make my lips peel, crack, and bleed too so I avoid those.

If you’re talking about lip balms though I love CO Bigelow lemon, Fresh’s sugar scent, and all the TokyoMilk ones I’ve tried (absinthe, clove cigarette, salted caramel, cherry bomb, let them eat cake).

I prefer unscented. My lips don’t need to smell good. I don’t mind a light scent of vanilla, creme brulee, mint, chocolate, or fruit.

I loathe any strong scent in lipstick, especially chemical/playdough, cotton candy, and really fake fruity.

I didn’t address lip balms. I like everything except really fake smelling anything, artificial grape, artificial cherry, artificial orange, and anise/licorice.

Unscented, but if it must have a scent I prefer sweet/vanilla/fruity scents. I really don’t like a minty scent like Revlon has for a lot of their balm stains and other products! I like the sort of fruity scent of Bite Beauty products (I’m guessing it’s from all the fruit extracts) and also the Jordana twist n shine chubby pencils.

Preference is none, but of those that are scented, I like YSL. Fruity-mango.
I dislike lip products that smell like roses.

My favorite is the way the Maybelline lipsticks smell. I have no idea what scent it is but I literally put them up to my nose to get a big whiff before I put them on!

I vastly prefer unscented/unflavored lip products, but will accept peppermint, vanilla and the pleasantly natural raspberry scent that Inglot lippies have. Anything waxy or fake, perfumey smell… NO, just no! If I wanted something like that, I’d go kiss a Yankee Candle, LOL!!!

Definitely Chanel’s rose and whatever they put in Guerlain Rouge G’s, or nothing. I hate Estee Lauder’s fig and can’t wear it, nor will I wear mint (who wants to feel like you’ve got toothpaste on your lips?) or vanilla because it’s always a cheap, fake chemical vanilla taste, yuk! It’s fine if there is no taste. Used to love the mango in YSL, not so much anymore.

I can work with anything except for flowers or soap. Even the much reviled powdery L’Oreal lipstick smell doesn’t bother me! I guess my favorites are citrus (Fresh or Bite come to mind) or vanilla (MAC).

Unscented is best for ALL products for me. That said, I absolutely love the blackberry & liquorice smell of Clarins’s lipsticks. I didn’t think I would like it, because I normally detest liquorice, but they really are fabulous!

Otherwise, I don’t mind vanilla, or light fruity scents like the Fresh tinted balms. I can’t tolerate anything floral at all, so no Chanel or Lancome lippies for me! I have one Givenchy lipstick and I don’t know what it’s *supposed* to smell like, but it smells – and tastes – like cheap hotel soap. Yuck. Won’t be buying any more of those! It’s pretty but I have a really hard time even wearing it because the scent is so bad and it lingers.

I don’t mind Lauder’s fig scent as it isn’t that strong. Pretty neutral on whether I prefer that or the old ‘wet crayon’ smell.

I did not realise that YSL lippies are mango scented! The couple I’ve looked at have had other ingredients I’m allergic to in them, but I might have to investigate further as I love the smell of mango. *g*

Unscented is best but I can work with light fragrances, vanilla, mint in a balm, rose, fruity. Those are ok if it is very light. I am a huge fan of Burts bees wax, the original. Can’t get enough of that. Reminds me that I ran out..yikes

Anything that doesn’t smell disgusting really. Like plasticy, or that perfumey smell. But if it doesn’t smell while on your lips then I have no problem with it. I do prefer vanilla though or a light scent if there is one.

Unscented. But the smell of Estee Lauder lipsticks always remind me of my Mom so I love that! Also, the scent of Chanel lipstick brings back good memories since it was my first luxury lipstick splurge over 20 years ago.

NONE! I just bought some $35 lipstick from Kevyn Aucoin and it tastes like I put a whole bottle of perfume on my lips. In my mouth all day. YUCK! Give me Lipstick Queen and NYX gloss any day!

I don’t mind the vanilla fragrance in my MAC lipsticks, or if a balm has a mild-but-essentially foodie scent, (honey, for instance), but honestly I’d prefer none at all.

I definitely prefer fragrance free lip products above anything else, but if I had to pick one that I don’t mind would be vanilla. For lip balms and the like, I don’t mind fruity or sweet scents, but not so much florals. Minty lip balms also are fine with me.

I love vanilla/sweet scents, too! The smell of Mac lipsticks and NYX butter glosses is so good 🙂 I don’t like when a lipstick smells too waxy, I have a Clinique lipstick that I love but it just smells kind of crayon-like to me.

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