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Per-fekt Beauty - Per-fekt Skin Perfection Gel & Body Perfection Gel

per-fekt skin perfection gel & body perfection gel

Skin Perfection Gel ($57.50) is designed to act as a “second skin” with enough color to give an “airbrushed finish.” The product should improve skin tones, even and smooth complextion, and disguise minor imperfections. There are also some anti-aging and moisturizing benefits wrapped up in this dynamic pseudo-foundation. It is available in five shades: translucent, luminous, radiant, rich ideal, and decadent. It applies easily, and the company recommends using fingertips to pat and smooth onto skin.

I like that the product is free of oil, parabens, talc, and fragrances. I loved how smooth my skin felt after application. It also felt weightless — I really couldn’t tell I was wearing anything on my ace; it felt more like I had just put on a thin layer of moisturizer than a product meant to help even out skin and give the appearance of smoothness while covering a few skin flaws. In terms of coverage, I could have used more, but I tend to like light to medium coverage. However, this is such an ideal way to get a flawless skin look with less product. For those who hate the way foundation feels (cakey and whatnot), Skin Perfection Gel is the solution! It’s also a great product for summer or lazy days when you want something light, not at all heavy, and something that’s practically grab-and-go.

Body Perfection Gel ($48.00) is quite similar to the Skin Perfection, only it is designed to be used anywhere on the body that needs a smoother appearance. It also has a slight glimmer to it, which brings out your natural color better. It is available in three shades: brilliant, golden, and exotic. The gel helps to maintain moisture and prevent quick evaporation. The texture is described as “mousse-like,” which I agree with. I really love that it helps to disguise childhood scars from falling down and being a tomboy! Oh, did I mention that body perfection gel is sweat, water, and transfer-resistant?

Per-fekt is available at select Sephora and Nordstrom locations nationwide, and