Pat McGrath x Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker + Decadence Sold Out (Updated 12/30)

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Pat McGrath x Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker + Decadence Sold Out (Updated 12/30)
Pat McGrath x Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker + Decadence Sold Out (Updated 12/30)
Pat McGrath x Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker + Decadence Sold Out (Updated 12/30)
Pat McGrath x Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker + Decadence Sold Out (Updated 12/30)
Pat McGrath x Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker + Decadence Sold Out (Updated 12/30)
Pat McGrath x Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker + Decadence Sold Out (Updated 12/30)
Pat McGrath x Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker + Decadence Sold Out (Updated 12/30)
Pat McGrath x Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker + Decadence Sold Out (Updated 12/30)
Pat McGrath x Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker + Decadence Sold Out (Updated 12/30)
Pat McGrath x Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker + Decadence Sold Out (Updated 12/30)
Pat McGrath x Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker + Decadence Sold Out (Updated 12/30)
Pat McGrath x Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker + Decadence Sold Out (Updated 12/30)
Pat McGrath x Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker + Decadence Sold Out (Updated 12/30)
Pat McGrath x Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker + Decadence Sold Out (Updated 12/30)
Pat McGrath x Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker + Decadence Sold Out (Updated 12/30)
Pat McGrath x Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker + Decadence Sold Out (Updated 12/30)
Pat McGrath x Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker + Decadence Sold Out (Updated 12/30)
Pat McGrath x Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker + Decadence Sold Out (Updated 12/30)
Pat McGrath x Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker + Decadence Sold Out (Updated 12/30)
Pat McGrath x Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker + Decadence Sold Out (Updated 12/30)
Pat McGrath x Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker + Decadence Sold Out (Updated 12/30)
Pat McGrath x Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker + Decadence Sold Out (Updated 12/30)
Pat McGrath x Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker + Decadence Sold Out (Updated 12/30)
Pat McGrath x Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker + Decadence Sold Out (Updated 12/30)

Updates of a Frustrating Launch

Latest Update

UPDATE 12/30 9:45AM PT: For those who experienced cancelled orders or technical issues adding to bag, there’s been a limited release of remaining stock of Decadence with code DECADENCE10 (which will also give 10% off) – one per customer, access ends at 2PM ET. This went to customers who DM’d the brand via Instagram about cancelled orders or because the brand told them to DM if they missed the launch. This ended up being shared on a lot of other accounts (it did not stay private), so I did not want Temptalia readers to miss out since the info was shared publicly already!

Past Updates

UPDATE 12/26 5:05AM PT: Early access is now live at 8:05AM EST today (12/26). The code for 10% off is PMG10 (as provided via the affiliate program) through 12/29. Confirmed working now — might need to refresh the page. 5:32AM PT: The palette is going in and out of stock – sometimes it says sold out, sometimes it shows up in the cart and let met get as far as the payment input page (which I didn’t try) but most of the time it showed as “sold out” after I clicked “check out.” Keep in mind that it is saying “sold out” on the collection page, and if it is doing so, it may be an issue with number of active cart sessions at a given time or might actually be sold out.

5:49AM PT: I think that it is sold out at this time. The only possibility of hope is if they held stock back for the public launch at 10AM EST.

6:41AM PT: Per the brand via DM, Decadence is sold out. The palette will launch at Selfridges, but they did not know the ETA at this time (it’s almost 3PM in the UK on 12/26 right now).

8:43AM PT: The brand has posted on Instagram confirming the palette is sold out.

UPDATE 12/24 9:00AM PT: The palettes sold through on Selfridges’ within two hours of launch (best I can gather based on when some noticed they were available for sale). At this time, the MTHRSHP palettes are out of stock, and there’s nothing that has been stated by the brand that suggests anything will be restocked etc. Decadence is still set to launch 12/26, which may or may not be accurate for Selfridges (who has been extremely unreliable this launch). Sign-up for early access to shop on 12/26, which is 8AM EST, and it is supposed to open publicly at 10AM EST. I highly recommend having the Decadence page open by 7:45AM EST, regardless of whether you’re on the email list or not. I’ll update this post + a sitewide alert if there is a coupon code/early access code goes live.

UPDATE 12/23 8:10PM PT: Live at Selfridges! The mobile app allowed me to “add to bag” when I opened up any product listing. The desktop version is not allowing me to do so on the product page, but if you add the items to your wish list, then go to your wish list, click “view details,” you can “move to bag.”

UPDATE 12/23 3:10PM PT: There’s still no update that I’ve been able to find (Selfridges has not given me an update per their last direct message to me).  Pat McGrath’s Instagram account is saying “coming soon” to Selfridges to those asking about restocks/Selfridges’ launch. Selfridges has NOT modified the descriptions (one was always missing from one palette’s verbiage) about the 21st a the launch date, which is obviously really frustrating (if you think you were alone checking every hour, you were not; my body naturally woke me up every hour or so throughout the night to check).

Decadence Mothership Palette is slated for a 12/26 release (at least at the brand’s website… let’s not be hasty in our assumptions, eh?). This morning, the brand commented “10AM eastern” when someone asked about the specific launch time and asked if there was early access. (Sign-up is here.) I will update this post whenever I receive my customer email.

Remember, early access began at 9AM ET for the first drop (and historically, it has been an hour prior to full launch)… The brand has stated, via their Instagram, that early access will be at 8AM ET… but note that last time, early access wasn’t really early access because all of the products were pre-loaded to the brand’s website, they were already publicly visible, so anyone could easily purchase it.  The brand also replied that it is “limited edition” when asked on their post this morning.

Some food for thought:  The chase should be fun, mildly frustrating (or exciting), but if it’s really interfering with your sleep, has taken away the enjoyment, and so on… don’t be afraid to let it go.  These are wants, not needs, and most products are dupable, even if it requires mixing or layering two or more products you already own.

There are the Mini Palettes for $28 that are still available and include shades from the Decadence palette (Subversive contains three, Lapis Luxury, Blue Blood, and Gold StandardSublime contains Sinful); Gold Standard, Lapis Luxury, and Divine Mink are all available as singles.  Consider signing up for an account here and creating your vanity (where you input products you already own) and then look for dupes that you already own.

Decadence remains one of my favorite palettes of all-time, but while it is excellent quality, really consider the color story (and the fact that is very shimmery, as it’s biggest “con” is that it may not be cohesive for some) and whether that color story works for you.  Just because it’s good doesn’t mean it’ll be something you’ll reach for often!

UPDATE 12/13You can now shop the collection hereUse code VIP10 to save 10% off now through 12/15.  The site is not password locked for early access, so anyone can shop now (in time for the 9AM ET launch).

UPDATE 12/13 1:30PM PT: The eyeshadow palettes launched earlier today sold through by 11AM ET. I have not seen the collection launch on Selfridges, and I have sent an email to Pat McGrath’s PR team along with direct messages to Selfridges via Twitter and Instagram earlier today in an effort to get more information. If I get more information, I will be happy to share it. Update at 4:00PM PT: here is Selfridges’ response – “Hi there, thanks for getting in touch. We are unable to confirm the launch date as we like to surprise, amaze and amuse our customers. Keep an eye on @theyellowdrop as this is where we will make the announcement.”

If you are committed to purchasing through Selfridges on two dates, please consider enrolling in Selfridges+, which is available for an annual fee to get unlimited free shipping; there is Selfridges+ for UK/EU for £10.00 per year and for global, which is $55.00 (USD) per year.  I personally have had the global version for two years.  I mention this because shipping is £25.00 or ~$32.66 US per order otherwise, so if you make two orders, you’ll already have paid for the year-long program.

Unfortunately, there were issues with people signed up for the brand’s email newsletter not receiving the early access notification via email, and the brand had put out messaging on Twitter and Instagram that the collection would go live at noon ET.  As a customer, I received an email on 12/12 that said the collection would go live at 9AM ET (which is why I added that to my post!), and I received an email with the 10% off code at 8:45AM ET.

UPDATE 12/14 5:45PM PT: The brand sent out a customer email a few hours ago, and the email stated “Mother’s MAJOR new Galactic Gold and Dark Galaxy palettes from the limited edition Star Wars: The Rise of the Skywalker Collection went at lightspeed and are now SOLD OUT.” They followed with “Good news: legendary Lip Fetish balms are still available” and provided a link to “sign up” to get details on the Decadence launch.

As the brand has done for most of its launches, signing up for email notification is your best bet for the best communication about launch times. I always try to update my posts with information as I receive it (which usually comes from the customer emails!).

When pilfering through replies by the brand via Instagram, I have not been able to confirm if they have any additional stock or not. Your glimmer of hope is that replies to some customers, the brand is saying “sold out for now my sweet!” These comments do not appear visible (that I can find), and there was a response to someone asking about a restock today that said “Unfortunately it was limited edition.”

UPDATE 12/19 7:31PM PT: I was able to find the products listed on Selfridges’ website, and when they showed up as a search result, they were listed as “coming soon,” and per the description on Selfridges’ listings, the collection will launch “Saturday 21st December, 2019.”

Here are the links for Selfridges: Dark Galaxy, Galactic Gold, Clear Lip Fetish, Gold Astral Lip Fetish, Nude Astral Lip Fetish.  (Here are links to search results for the Pat McGrath x Star Wars MTHRSHP palettes and the Pat McGrath Star Wars Lip Fetish Balms; everything.)

UPDATE 12/21 2:15PM PT: I’ve yet to see the collection launch at Selfridges, despite their own website listing the 21st as the launch date. I have not seen them update the verbiage either, and the products continue to show “coming soon.”  I direct messaged the retailer via Twitter earlier today (around 8AM PT), and they said they contacted their “team dealing with this release for more information” and that they would let me know when they received “an update from them.” Here’s hoping that 2020 is better coordinated.


Release Date + About the Launch

Pat McGrath collaborations with Star Wars’ The Rise of Skywalker this December, just in time for the holidays. It’s an exclusive with Selfridges, but the collection will also be available on Become encapsulated in the Limited Edition Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Collection, inspired by the iconic Star Wars universe. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, only in cinemas Thursday, 19 December #TheRiseofSkywalker ⚡⚡⚡ Soar into the daring, cosmically courageous shades and the astral, out-of-this-world applications of Mother’s latest creations.

The collection will be released in two parts.  On December 13th, the two MTHRSHP palettes and lip balms will be released at Selfridges and Pat McGrath’s website. Then on December 26th, Decadence Mothership Palette will be released on both sites.

12/13 at Pat McGrath (first drop), TBA at Selfridges, 12/26 for Decadence (at PMG)

Products in the Launch

Decadence Mothership Palette, $125.00 (Limited Edition)

The limited edition Decadence Mothership IV Palette returns in new, limited edition gold-hued packaging.

  • Gold Standard Glistening yellow rich gold
  • Sterling Luminous polished silver
  • Hedonistic Fiery crimson
  • Lapis Luxury Frosted multidimensional turquoise
  • Blue Blood Deep frosted vermillion
  • Inferno Radiant metallic copper
  • Sinful Platinum gold
  • Divine Mink Frosted grey-brown sheen
  • Enigma Glittering grey-beige
  • Underworld Deep metallic matte cerulean

Galactic Gold MTHRSHP x Star Wars Palette, $65.00 (Limited Edition)

  • Celestial Moon Platinum with golden chartreuse flash
  • Corruption Fiery bronze duo chrome (repromote)
  • Bronze Brilliant metallic bronze (repromote)
  • Electron Rose bronze with a glittering blush flash
  • Violet Void Deepened violet with pink flash
  • Gold Standard Luminous 24KT gold (repromote)

Dark Galaxy MTHRSHP x Star Wars Palette, $65.00 (Limited Edition)

  • Cosmik Diamond sparkle pink
  • Venomous Void Mid-tone magenta matte
  • Saturnalia Chromatic crimson with pink flash
  • Smoked Amethyst Blackened aubergine with pink sparkle (repromote)
  • Odyssey Lilac taupe with pink sparkle
  • Bronze Nebula Metallic golden bronze

Lip Fetish Lip Balm, $40.00 (Special Packaging)

All four shades are current shades, just in new packaging (both exterior and actual tube).

  • Clear Blue/white packaging
  • Flesh 3 Gold packaging
  • Nude Astral Red/black packaging
  • Gold Astral Gold packaging


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Ana Maria Avatar

Same here about the big lips. 😆 The R2D2 packaging, with that red dot resembling a beauty mark, almost makes it worst.
Otherwise, stunning aesthetics, very well structured collection, incredibly visually pleasing… I just love when collaborations like this totally make sense with the brand.

raja Avatar

I’m neither a fan of Pat’s lipstick tube nor Star Wars, but I actually really love both the R2D2 tube with the optic lens beauty mark as well as the red Stormtrooper with the black lips tube.

I’ll only be getting Decadence. I reallllly don’t want Star Wars branded makeup, but I’ve been longing to get this palette for some time and this is my shot! Depending on Christine’s swatches of the other palettes, I’ll consider getting the C3PO one as well.

Victoria Avatar

I swear, this is the one thing that keeps holding me back from Pat McGrath products: I find the lips… tacky. Even though I know that tube design is incredibly expensive.

Kira Avatar

I think Star Wars fans will love how this collaboration came out. Purples are my weakness! I wonder how the MTHRSHP palettes will open/close, i.e. if they need to be slid out of a cover. I do prefer the original black lacquer for Decadence, so I don’t think I’d be interested in buying it in gold.

Julie323 Avatar

Will this launch also be on the Sephora website? Or is it exclusively to Pat McGrath? If so will it be on the same day as the launch on PMG?

Nancy T Avatar

No, not Ritualistic Rose, Blanca. I haven’t bought that one because I’ve read your comments on it and others experiences with it. You saved me some money there! The one I did actually return was Tom Ford Honeymoon quad, because the two “metallic” shades only were usable wet, and while I never minded using shadows wet, I don’t want to *have* to for an $88 quad!

Sarah Avatar

I really like this collection but I’m unswayed. I think after the Divine Rose palette completed everything I could want and need, I find I’m not aching for more.

I’m in shock that I even typed that out, but frankly…I’m set. I want to leave this amazing collection to the diehard beauty-obsessed Star Wars fans.

Emily Avatar

I wish the exterior packaging felt a little less basic. I would have loved to have seen some of the Star Wars characters done up with jeweled headdresses and gilded insects in the style of PMG’s other packages. And not having the Millennium Falcon on the Mothership palette is just a missed opportunity!

Valerie Avatar

Ok, now that I have sufficiently recovered from the surprise of seeing Decadence after customer support repeatedly assured me it wasn’t coming back, a collab with Star Wars, that irresistible red dot/beauty mark on the R2D2 balm, the stunning color stories of the palettes… I don’t know what Star Wars has to do with Pat McGrath. I actually think it dilutes the brand messaging.
But…. wow. This will sell out in a fraction of a minute.

Carrie Avatar

Mother designed The Force Awakens collab (Cover Girl, I think?) before she branched off on her own. So it’s a bit of an odd one but maybe she’s just a big Star Wars fan!

Kira Avatar

I had seen Pat hint in the past month in IG comments that Decadence was coming back. Frustrating that they would give two messages about it. Is this the last iteration we’ll be seeing of it? I’m not so sure. I think we definitely haven’t seen the last of Divine Rose.

I tend to agree about the collaboration. I think the Met crossover was a great idea, but this seems a bit too commercial and too campy as an early collaboration (when we’re still forming an idea of the brand’s identity). I think this was sort of like the merch release, where it’s not a big value add to the Pat McGrath identity. I wish they had done a little more with the Sith Trooper composition and overall design to be a little less literal.

Mia Avatar

Happy for everyone who gets a chance at Decadence, but kind of disappointed in the packaging. I feel like a lot of the Fandom crossover makeup is so uninspiring. I’d love to see a Star Wars collection that had lipstick bullets that looked like lightsaber hilts, more characters, maybe lean into what Colourpop did with the Disney collection at least. There’s so much stuff to use in the Star Wars universe, but it’s just the droids and a random Storm Trooper again. This is only slightly more exciting than the Covergirl collab a few years back.

I might cave and get one of the six pans, since at least those seem to be unique to the theme.

V Avatar

I will not use curse words on Christine’s site. I will not use curse words on Christine’s site. I will not use curse words on Christine’s site. Dannnnng it Pat!

Brenda Avatar

As a Pat lover and Star Wars fan this collection makes me so happy. If the 6 pans don’t have any repeat shades I’ll be adding both to my collection. Does anyone know if there are repeat shades and when it will be on Pat’s site?

M. Avatar

I know that Decadence is a repeat, can anyone tell me if the two smaller ones are repeats as well? I looked and it didn’t seem like it, but…light gold, bright gold, deep gold, deep purple, bright purple…etc., etc., Pat you need to step up your name game, smh.

Daphne Avatar

I CAN’T HANDLE THIS! I need every. single. C-3PO. item.
I guess it doesn’t help that I’m on the Dark Side as well.. those Sith Trooper. I can’t resist!!!

She Avatar

I like Star Wars but I’m not feeling it. Not the colors or packaging. It’s cool they’re doing collabs. I wonder if they’ll do more Disney collabs. I would to see Pat do a Disney villains collection.

TropicalCowgirl Avatar

I know my boss is getting Decadence. She saw it and loved it a while back.

I just wish Pat would release that palette and Divine Rose and be done. I can totally see her doing a release of DR during February.

Not a huge fan of tie in packaging. But I love it for others. I have one friend who will freak out when she sees this (she’s currently traveling abroad).

MandaMarie Avatar

I totally agree. “Collabs” don’t typically make me want to buy a product, and sometimes they actually make me NOT want to buy a product. But PMG and Star Wars? This is can get behind!!! Two things I love so much—I feel like it’s a win/win! I know some people don’t care for the packaging—especially for the lip products—but I LOVE the packaging and I’m even fine with the lips. I actually really like the white and blue R2D2 one with the beauty mark—I think it’s cute! I love PMG’s regular packaging because I love the artwork, but I think themed packaging works for this collection. All in all, I’ve got zero complaints about this collection—two iconic forces joined to bring back a much loved and lusted over palette and other items in themed packaging—works for me!!!

Deborah S. Avatar

I am literally speechless. I love Star Wars and love Pat so these are a no brainer. I don’t mind the packaging. I find the lips help me to discern which lipsticks are PMGL when on my vanity tray. I want all three palettes and if Divine Roses is re- released then I am set. I keep mentioning my daughter wanting to get rid of all her makeup except PMGL and I keep telling her not to as she has so much and she still uses it. When she moved last, it was a pain packing the makeup and transporting via car so that nothing got broken. Oh well, her decision.
I may stop buying Pat after these releases as I just am tired of a gold in every palette.

Jamey Avatar

I am SOOOO excited for this!!! I wasnt into makeup when Dedcance came out, and it is THE ONE pallette (of many I collect) that I want. Like my holy grail!!!! I just want one, and hope they put a limit on what they sell, so resellers give people a chance to act6get one they want for their collection.

So I’ve looked up Selffridges is in England…I’m in the United States, can I order on the 13th from Selfridges , or would it be best if I try for the 26th from Pat’s site?! I’m not good with social media or any of it, and I’m sure people would have to be quick, but would people in the states pay more ordering from Selfridges vs her site on the 26th?! Can people PLEASE share their thoughts with me on this. I REALLY dont want to miss this, and honestly this info has absolutely made my whole year, and if I actually get a pallette, it will make me feel amazing and just to look at it over and over would be like winning a million dollars!! This is how important it is for me.

I’d like to get the star wars gold pallette, but depends on how quick I have to be to add things to my cart to make sure Miss Dedcance comes to my house!! Lol. I’m SOOO excited!!!!

Christine Avatar

Most current information: The collection will be released in two parts. On December 13th, the two MTHRSHP palettes will be released at Selfridges and Pat McGrath’s website, and then on December 26th, Decadence Mothership Palette will be released. (No specific date provided for the lip balms.) You can sign up for early access here.

Jamey Avatar

I’m awful online. Lol. How do I sign up for “early access ” here?! Does that mean I will get an email when they go live?!
I like they are releasing them at different times. Will Decadence be released on her site as well on the 26th?!

THANK YOU so much for your help. I was heartbroken when your site came up on my goggle homepage last month saying Decadence was back for a short time, and I MISSED it. I actually (really, truly cried lol) .

Also, when Pat has launches is her site pretty stable?! I’ve been at some launches and the site freezes up and crashes and you cant ever buy anything because of it. I’m just trying to make sure I’m prepared. Getting one Decadence pallette will make my whole year!!! Lol.

Christine Avatar

There’s a link in the post above, and if you go there, you enter your email. They should send out an email when it is live, and they usually give early access (an hour) to email subscribers. Decadence is on the 26th; the other two palettes are on the 13th; per the brand, those are dates associated with their site (not Selfridges). They didn’t specify for the lip balms that I saw.

I haven’t bought recently during a PMG launch (they have sent press samples), but I don’t think the site suffered under the traffic from Monday ($10 LuxeTrance) that I saw.

Mandy Avatar

They specified the dates for the lip balms on an earlier Instagram post (3 with the minis, one with Decadence). There’s early access for the gold mini starting on Dec 12, but only if you use the purchase link through Instagram. Or something. Not really sure how it works, but that’s what one of the Instagram stories said.

Jamey Avatar

I am on a Samsung tablet and dont see anywhere to put my email in. I clicked on the pat mgrath and it took me to her site to shop, but no email…do I need to do this on a computer?! I’m so technology non savvy it’s not even funny!!! I so appreciate your help, especially if I can have an hour head start to buy one!!

Rachel Avatar

Yeesh. I know Disney has to pay for the franchise but this just seems contrived, a cash grab. Did Pat do the makeup for the movie? What’s the connection?

She Avatar

Yeah, it says “Rise of the Skywalker.” Colourpop did Frozen 2. I guess this is what the times are…? Several trailers and make up collections…?

Valerie Avatar

Anastasia thanks for explaining this. It seemed a bit left field. The package finally arrived today so I’ll have my paws on it shortly. I can’t wait to add those beautiful lippies, especially R2D2 with the red beauty mark, to my collection. I have all the shades but actually use them so these will be the display version.

Jessica Avatar

If you do not have Decadence, get it! It’s so freaking good! I want both of the 6-pan palettes, but I really only need Dark Galaxy b/c I don’t have any of those shades from PM. I have been wanting Smoked Amethyst for so long, but it was in a palette that I had exact PM dupes for and I couldn’t justify buying it for 1 shade. I hope it doesn’t sell out before I can get my hands on Dark Galaxy.

Naomi Avatar

I missed out on the Opulence 2018 palettes, I was able to get Dark Star later on. I also got Decadence in the recent Sephora drop, if not I would have purchased it in this release. I want the Dark Galaxy palette too. I love the color story it kind of has some Ritualistic Rose vibes (I don’t own that one, but have considered getting it). I like Galactic Gold, but seems repetitive and not meaning the actual repeats, but even where it stands with all of Pat’s releases.

Tatiana Avatar

I am loathe to buy anything else directly from the Pat McGrath website because of her packaging. The gold sequins in everything are annoying enough, but the black, plastic squiggles she uses as padding are down right bad for the environment. You get a box and all this black plastic is coming out at the seams and corners of the box. Who knows how much of it ends up in the street and down a sewer to the waterways and oceans. Trying to unbox a shipment from her website without all the black plastic going all over your house is impossible. It jumps out of the trash and goes everywhere. Has she not heard that plastic is bad for the environment. Sheesh. Use crimped paper. I can recycle paper.

krb Avatar

I hate that black Easter basket grass too. Why these companies won’t adopt the packing peanuts that dissolve in water is beyond me. Heck, I’d pay a few extra bucks for that rather than a mess of slippery plastic.

Dana Avatar

I totally agree with you, Tatiana, and each time there’s a new collection in recent times, I say that I have enough from PML and I don’t need to get anything else, plus they’re not cruelty-free. And then, all reason and good sense fly out the window on a new palette release and I find myself pounding down the road (metaphorically), running over small children, toy dogs, and old people and not stopping ’til I have the desired item in my sweaty feverish hand. It’s like some kind of weird obsessive relationship with someone you’re trying to get free of and JUST CAN’T. Sad, I know. I should start a support group: “Women who love Pat McGrath too much”.

Valerie Avatar

Those black squiggles make me cringe every time I see her packaging. It really kills any excitement I have at receiving anything PMG. It’s impossible to keep my kitten off them and they end up everywhere. It’s a mess, and a cleanup job, and like you said – so bad for the environment. The last time, my doorman complained that they always fall out in the storage area and they have to clean them up. He handed me a box with stuffed squiggles sticking out of the seams of the box. I left a trail of squiggles in my wake and of course it was a big cleanup job.
I hate those $&@) things with a vengeance.

Lindsey Avatar

Valerie, here’s a story….. I always have my PMG orders delivered to a UPS center rather than my home because I have had items stolen from my doorstep. When I went to pick up my last order (Divine Rose), the girl at the counter reached down to get the box off the counter and screamed because she there were spiders on the box, She said she was traumatized. Now that she knows what it is, she said she will be okay next time. I think that black mess they put in the box is ridiculous, and a hot mess to clean up, It’s a shame it has to go in our landfills.

Valerie Avatar

Tammy that’s what it is! I knew they freaked me out but couldn’t put my finger on it! Spiders. I bet it freaked out my doormen but they were too dudely to say that.
One time I got rid of the box, only to realize there was a lipstick unaccounted for (I ordered a bunch). This was back when she used bigger shipping boxes so it was easy to miss. I fished it out of the trash room and sure enough, it was hidden in the plastic spiders.
People freak out about using single-use plastic straws and bottles but each one of my packages probably contains enough spiders to make 100 bottles. I wish there was a way to communicate to brands to be more mindful of consumer experience (who thought spiders were a good idea? Who??) and of course, the environment.

Helene Avatar

I pointed it out when I reviewed my last purchase from them.
If we all review and complain about the plastic they should listen, I hope.

I just ordered from her site, as the collection isn’t online (yet?) at Selfridges. I’ve had their Pat McGrath page up most of the day, refreshing every now and then, but I didn’t dare (LOL) to wait too long, so black squiggly spiders it is. 🙁

Donna Avatar

I am in the UK so it would be Selfridges but will they even put them online if you live nowhere near the London Store? Anyway Dark Galaxy I thought heaven, but now seeing the swatching I have actually thought er no.

summer_breeze Avatar

I just bought GALACTIC GOLD via early access through Instagram Checkout. I have never used IC before. No matter what I did, the product wasn’t showing up. I couldn’t purchase it. Then I switched to my iPad, everything sailed through. So for anyone who has trouble buying it through your computer, try your phone or tablet. Very happy I got the purchase! It came with a 10% discount as well.

Kim Avatar

The palette duo came back and I used sosorry20 and got 20% off. So the $115 duo was $100 with taxes.

I still haven’t gotten some of my stuff from Cyber Monday so we will see how this launch goes.

Helene Avatar

I wasn’t going to, but I did! I bought both palettes, the six pans, and Nude Alstral!
What is wrong with me, I’m on a Low Buy! 🙂
Now I just hope these palettes will be at least as good as my favourite eye shadows from Mother.
I had decided not to buy anymore of her palettes as I hardly use them, I’m in a nude eye shadow mood right now. Maybe these little palettes will bring out my more adventurous me, I can only hope. 😀

Kira Avatar

I have been on a nude kick lately too, and I have been buffing a wash of the PMG mattes onto my lid with a fluffy blending brush. They are so smooth and buildable this way, and make great subtle looks! I picked up Dark Galaxy and can’t wait to try this with the matte magenta “Venomous Void.”

Valerie Avatar

Dark Galaxy was a given – I LOVE rose and purple shades like that. Saturnalia and Odyssey whispered sweet nothings in my ear. But I also ended up getting Galactic Gold, even though there were 3 repeat shades (and I have Gold Standard, rarely use, in 2 palettes already) because of Electron and Celestial Moon. Electron looks like an absolutely stunning duochrome violet (different from the written description above). Celestial Moon looks like it has a green flip, Lioness from Safari Raine palette that sort of looks like that but I don’t have anything else.
Sometimes I’ll buy a palette even if I know I have dupes for a lot of the shades, for even just 1 or 2 standout shades. Doesn’t happen often but this is one of those cases.

Lesley Avatar

I feel the exact same way… c’mon, Gold Standard has been repeated twice last year already in the Opulence collection, and now this too? 🙁 I looove her eyeshadows but the repeats are really annoying and disappointing. They shouldn’t be happening at this price range. I’m a collector of PML, and these constant repeats are kind of a slap in the face for her diehard fans.
Dark Galaxy is extremely gorgeous though! That’s the one I’m most excited for.

Kriss Avatar

I bought the red palette which is the one thing I really wanted! Aaaaaaand somehow the gold palette also jumped into my cart *facepalm* I also just bought the La Vie en Rose palette just yesterday for way under retail so I’m pretty excited. But now that Dark Star palette is really calling to me lol. Oh and earlier this week I got the Subliminal dupe from Ulta. I think I’m a little PMG’ed out but damn her stuff is so pretty.

Angela Avatar

Arghhhh. Really love the purples in the Galactic Gold palette but 3 out of the 6 shades in the palette are repromotes. I am getting really tired of the repeats and “new” shades that are near identical to previous releases in just about every palette she releases these days. I feel like I’m getting ripped off spending 3 figures to buy a palette which contains several colours I already have merely for the sake of getting the few colours I don’t. On the plus side, if this keeps up, I will save a fortune.

hB Avatar

So glad that I got my early notice email. I buy from every release, so maybe they know I’m easy, haha. Picked up the dark palette, because the tones of the other palette just didn’t look like it would work with my skin tones and complexion at all. I certainly had planned to buy both, though.

Looking forward to the release of the new, larger palette on the 26th, also, with the Flesh 3 lipstick combo. I’m excited, but I’ve already bought so much of her earlier holiday releases and her gorgeous rose mothership palette, plus a full Tatcha regimen, Chanel 19, Lisa Aldridge lipsticks, Natasha Denona palettes, Kevyn Aucoin brushes, Wayne Goss’ holiday brush, several Surrautt items, Hermes parfum…I’ll never use in five years what I just bought in a month, which happens every month. I need an intervention…eek!

Donna Avatar

Well, after foaming at the mouth trying to get through to Selfridges London I just gave up and managed to grab Dark Galaxy from Pat’s site. Strangely it works out the same price as buying from Selfridges even coming to the UK.

Now, I did actually speak to Selfridges’ customer service who had no idea when it would launch on the website but they did say it was showing on their system.

Yes, I did say I would buy it. But when the time came I had.

Diana Avatar

Christine, do you think you’ll be able to get a straight answer from Pat’s team on whether there will be a restock or not? I thought there will be at least one based on Pat’s replies on Instagram a couple of hours ago but they’re now singing a different tune. Someone asked if there will be another chance to buy the mini palettes and Pat said, “Unfortunately it was limited edition my love.” I am so disappointed in her brand.

Rachel R. Avatar

Me, too. In the past, I’ve had no problem not getting her LE realeases. The only reason I missed out on Decadence was I hadn’t tried her stuff yet, and thought it wouldn’t be worth that kind of money. Once I got Bronze Seduction, I realized my error.

I mean, how could PML NOT know this collection would be very sought after, and have made a good amount of stock, and planned the release to go smoothly?

Bonnie Avatar

Rachel I’m with you!!! I missed the launch after staying up all night waiting for the supposed 5 am early access time PST (8 am est bc normal launch was supposed to be at 9 est) and I fell asleep at 5:30 waiting and waiting and I wake up a few hours later and of course it’s all sold out. She totally screwed us over and at this point I feel just done with her brand.

Helene Avatar

Thank you.
Yes it is disappointing. At least I got an answer from the custom care. I copied it here:

“Thank you for reaching out to us!

The Star Wars Collection was Limited Edition and we have no plans to restock.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

xx Candiss, Customer Care”

Now I can stop hoping to get it and look forward to actually just shop my stash, something I do need to do. 🙂

Donna Avatar

I had a look at the Pat McGrath Facebook page yesterday. Numerous complaints from people who missed out on the Galatic Gold and Dark Galaxy Palettes as they did not receive emails saying they were available to buy now. They expected them to be available Noon EST in the USA but they were released earlier.

I am signed up to her emails and only received the one on Tuesday 11th saying early access on the 13th. Only because Selfridges seemed to be doing nothing on their website I then moved to randomly check the Pat McGrath Site which showed me a notice saying Decedance was launching on the 19th! I believe it was around 2.30 pm UK time that suddenly they appeared. The UK is 5 hours behind EST so that was weird. I immediately bought, but don’t expect to receive until after the Holidays.

But honestly, the whole launch seems to be a total mess on their part.

Nancy T Avatar

Thanks for the heads up, Donna. I did sign up for early access, but didn’t see the 19th shown except to say that the movie releases that day. Now, I’m getting nervous and very confused. Like, is this date showing for some, but not all? Perhaps depending on what device one is viewing it on, PC vs tablet vs phone? I wish her site and this collection would be more consistent!

Donna Avatar

I so agree Nancy T.

This release has turned into a disaster. People getting early access emails but then they changed the actual release time, other people didn’t get emails who had signed up.
Her website is a mess all flashing images but trying to navigate around it a nightmare. Even at checkout the first time I tried to order in the summer I actually just gave up as on a laptop at checkout not working I tried two different browsers.

Nancy T Avatar

Donna, I sincerely HOPE that her PR people are reading this particular post and resultant thread! They need to. PMG’s site issues, the sloppy way in which she releases LE products such as Divine Rose Mothership and the Star Wars collections is one hot mess. If she wants to remain in the respectability zone, she’s got to get it together! Have enough stock on hand when you know there will be high demand, have SET times and dates firmly established and held to, have a site that is user friendly and accessable across ALL devices and PC’s.

Waseema Avatar

I was told by staff in Selfridges the products had finally arrived at the warehouse on Saturday and they hoped to sell on Monday. I think there was a customs hold up.

Iliana Avatar

I’ve gotten zero emails even though I’ve signed up for their email list, plus made an account on their website in anticipation of this launch. I’ve checked my junk/spam folder… nothing. I had been getting regular emails, then it all stopped once I signed up for advance notice/created an account? I don’t know what’s going on. Even signed up for the email list/advance notice on another email account, and nothing. Also checked the blocked filter just in case I accidentally blocked them, and there’s nothing there. No sign of the email you reported that they sent customers…. Getting pretty frustrated with this whole launch.

Bonnie Avatar

I’m literally so angry at Pat McGrath and her stupid FOMO HYPE MACHINE right now. I’m a die hard Star Wars fan and even though I was disappointed that Star Wars was going with SUCH a high end, inaccessible brand this go-round, I was going to buy it all anyway bc I always do. For Star Wars. But it was impossible to get my hands on the first palette launches and the $40 lip balms are just maddening. Lip BALMS for $40 without even Any Star Wars branding just some color variations in packaging. I’m at the point where I’m about to boycott her ridiculous brand.

hB Avatar

Even though I received an email, I did not see it until HOURS after it was sent. I absolutely LOVED that she gave a discount! I have made a dozen purchases directly from her site and many, many other PMGL purchases from Sephora. I appreciate that she gives advance notice and a nice discount to her loyal patrons. I haven’t had any problems with the site so far, and certainly hope that I don’t when it comes to the next release, because I am desperate to buy the full-sized Mothership palette and lip combo.

To be honest, though, I’m concerned that I’ll miss out on being able to purchase it after reading how many problems others have had. I’m counting myself lucky, so far, because everything has worked as it should. I really think these are all in such hot demand, though, that a whole lot more should have been available. Limited Editions of anything really give me anxiety. Even though it’s only makeup, I think it’s beautiful, and I’m not so sure that I’ll be able to buy it after reading the comments.

When other sites have given dates and times in advance, the site always crashes and that is far worse than what happened this time. I still have no clue when to have my eyes glued to my email, or even if I get an email, but fingers crossed for all of us!

Jean Avatar

OH MY GOD that’s so disappointing!! How could ever such a fragile parcel stay around (through couriers and postal services) during the christmas holidays!!
Selfridges has the worst packing skills ever known!! The palettes arrives broken and they don’t replace them but make you send them back and then gives you the full refund.
Please can anyone in charge tell selfridges to pay extra attention at the wrapping?! Anxiety big time!

Donna M. Avatar

I hope Selfridge’s does a better job than the PMG site with processing and shipping the orders. I ordered the Star Wars palettes on the 13th and the status is still showing as unfulfilled. Multiple emails to customer care for a status have not been answered. From what I’ve read on Instagram, PMG was overwhelmed with Cyber Monday orders and have been backed up ever since.

As a side note, many people have received notifications that their Cyber Monday lipstick orders can’t be fulfilled. My guess is that they were oversold. Not good customer service – sending email cancellations after several weeks.

Christine Avatar

Pat McGrath’s website has stated that will take 2-5 business days before processing (I noted that when I purchased), and their normal processing time is 1-2 days, plus shipping. My order placed on 12/13 was packed yesterday, which is within the stated processing time (about 4-5 business days, depending on if you count the 13th, and is within their stated window). There is also a note that says to allow for additional processing time during launches/promos, generally.

They should be answering emails in a timely manner for anyone who has a concern or question about their order, though!

Donna M. Avatar

Thanks Christine. I didn’t note the processing time. Maybe I was overly optimistic – when I ordered the Divine Rose palette it shipped the same day.

Kira Avatar

My order from the 13th is still showing as unfulfilled. I sure hope I get notice from them if it can’t be fulfilled, since I would still like to buy the palette while I have an opportunity to do so. I don’t think I’d pay for shipping from Selfridges, but I’d like to know what my status is and what my options are.

I was a bit disappointed when the lipstick I wanted the most from my Cyber Monday order was not included when I opened the package. I feel like they should have had an email automatically go out saying that my full order couldn’t be fulfilled when they learned of the issue, and then automatically refunded me and/or alerted me that a refund would be processed. Instead I had to request a refund for one to be issued.

I am also one of those people who never got an email alerting me that the launch was available, though I had signed up for the notice. I understand they are busy and it’s hard to process all the demand, but I think something might be wrong with their email or logistics system that’s causing issues for customers. Something might also be wrong with their web store processing more orders than they can fulfill.

Lindsey Avatar

The same thing happened to me. I ordered three lipsticks and the shade I really wanted was not shipped. I was notified by Paypal (not PMG) after the fact that I received a refund for the lipstick not shipped. I was disappointed. Perhaps it is a problem with their inventory system when orders are placed. I just received notice yesterday from UPS that my dark palette will be delivered next week but did not receive an email from PMG. Very strange…

Hope B Avatar

Glad to get the shipping text for my Dark palette. I was getting a little worried after reading of a few people getting cancellation notices so many days after ordering. That is sad.

Any idea when we will be able to order the next round?

Michelle Avatar

Christine everything but the Dark Galaxy palette says “Launching Saturday 21st December, 2019” so I assume Dark Galaxy palette won’t be released until some later date? Also Selfridges has another 6 pan palette listed as Star Wars Decadence palette in a red case, the back label says Sublime Golden Opulence, any word on if this is an exclusive or part of a holiday release?

Jean Avatar

Selfridges is the worst!! c’mon they didn’t release the palettes!! I’m refreshing the f***ing pages since the whole day!! How could Pat McGrath be on such a bad website! What a fail

MKanugo Avatar

Has anyone observed how the pricing of PMG products is all over the place on the Selfridges website? Her Mothership palettes used to be €129 ( Euros not USD) and after Black Friday, they’ve quietly changed it to €135 ?. Feels like a shameless cash grab ?. There’s also no way to know when something goes up on the Selfridges website, they seem to be a very confused lot over there. The divine rose palette was wrongly labelled as mothership 6 , no one knew it was a Selfridges exclusive and so much mess and eventually it came to PMG. I’m not sure I like purchasing PMG anymore when the brand is behaving in this juvenile way ?

Katie Avatar

I have to agree!! I love PM, but these FOMO hyped launches that are so grossly understocked has really left me torn between utter disappointment and relief that I saved over $100 on eyeshadow! LOL! Like others have said, I’m over the messy launches, the sparse communication and sell outs before you have a chance to realize what you’ve set an alarm for is already gone!
What’s really sad though is people who buy up the inventory and later scalp them on eBay and Mercari. I even saw both 6 pans going for $500+ EACH!!

Julia Avatar

You’re lucky… I bought mine on the 13th and didn’t get my shipping notification until yesterday (the 23rd)!

I know it’s the holiday season, but really?!

Valerie Avatar

I’ve just received and swatched the 2 palettes. Electron is stupendous in person. The palettes are notably improved over prior 6-Pan iterations, with thinner packaging, no elastic band, and cover folds over and stays down. Bigger looking mirror.
The lipsticks are stunning in person and I love the red packaging even more than I thought. R2D2 delivers as an absolutely unique lipstick packaging.
I love everything so much.

Donna Avatar

I got the dreaded black squiggles in my package! Supersized ones too!

Someone is selling Dark Galaxy on eBay UK for £150 plus £7.50 shipping. Madness!

Kira Avatar

I just received the two palettes today too — so relieved! Stunning in person and really improved packaging!! Very glad I got the duo at the last minute, as the two palettes pair really well together. My boxes were full of the plastic squiggles though. I’m glad to hear this might be the last order with the plastic squiggle surprise waiting inside ?. I hope she releases some of the unique shades in these again so that everyone has a chance to get them.

Hiroe Avatar

I also sent a message about the launch date.
And the reply is as follows.

“Thanks for getting in touch and enquiring about the Pat McGrath Labs Eye shadow palette,”MTHRSHP”.We like your style!

We’re sorry to say that the product you were looking for isn’t available on Do give us a call if you’d like us to connect you to a store to see if the item is available there. Alternatively, if you’re near one of our stores, call in and one of our team will be available to help.

To find out more about your nearest Selfridges store, click here

If you have any further questions, you can email me back or you can call us on 0800 123 400, or +44 (0)207 160 6222 if calling from abroad.

Thank you,

This means over-the-counter sales only??
Sorry,i’m not good at English:(

Christine Avatar

Honestly, it just sounds like they don’t know what’s going on because obviously the product is listed as “coming soon” on Selfridges. I checked every hour from before midnight on the 21st (UK time) til about 4AM (UK time) on the 22nd and never saw it go live.

Nancy T Avatar

Christine, it still hasn’t, and it’s 7:35 PM over there! This is such a pathetic mess on both PMG and Selfridges parts. I literally am beyond any (polite) words. I’ve been checking almost hourly because I have a good friend who’s looking to buy both palettes, and I am feeling so sad for her right now! And everyone else trying to access this collection. Their collective lack of professionalism and common courtesy towards their customers is, again, beyond anything I’d feel comfortable putting in writing. Yeah, I’m obviously quite pissed off over this.

Jean Avatar

You’re a queen. You’re right we should let it go. I’m really losing interest in this launch but mostly in buying on Selfridges.
As I already mentioned they are not able to wrap the palettes in order to keep them safe during the delivery, and if the the product arrives shattered the customer service don’t replace it but make you send the damaged product back and get a full refund.
If the product is a limited edition then it’s over.
Unfortunately being European it’s not smart buying from overseas, and mostly it’s not smart buying overseas if you’re a collector.

Valerie Avatar

Hi Christine,

@kinkysweat posted a review last night about it, saying there was an “accidental” leak on the Selfridges site where it was listed under Decadence by “mistake”. She received the palette and was thus able to review it.
I noticed that you actually have the information up for Golden Opulence but it wasn’t reviewed and didn’t come up on the daily digests or regular page. Do you have any further information about it’s release date? Is it scheduled to be released with Decadence as a “surprise”?
Tbh, this marketing strategy of preying on fomo and as someone else called it, hunger games, is getting old. I understand it sells palettes but when I see people trying to buy up the sold out Star Wars palettes on Poshmark at $300 a piece it gives me pause about a brand I’ve loved and supported. It’s just no way to treat your fans and customers.

Anyway, sorry for the continuing diatribe about this. I’m still going to give them the benefit of the doubt and buy the Chinese New Years release but not sure how much longer I’ll continue supporting the brand. For one, I rarely use gold and it’s in every palette. And two, the colors schemes are starting to overlap. I have the entire range at this point so might focus on using the palettes I do have.

Christine Avatar

I do not have any information at this time as I continue to wait for the brand to provide official information. You can safely assume that if I had information to post about a Pat McGrath release, I would have done so to let all readers know those details, since I cover Pat McGrath’s brand extensively! 🙂 Thank you for understanding.

Lauren Avatar

Is this how they like to “surprise, amaze and amuse” their customers? I wasn’t going to splurge on these palettes despite my initial interest but as someone who has yet to try anything from Pat McGrath, observing the recent release treasure hunts has really put me off indefinitely.

Katie Avatar

I absolutely agree!! The way she’s handling these launches, the FOMO frenzy being created (which just feeds the scalpers selling $64 six pans for $300-$500 each on Poshmark, eBay and Mercari) is nauseating! As much as I love the formula, this has all gone way too far! Especially for a top tier luxury brand like Pat McGrath! I don’t understand why more inventory wasn’t forecasted knowing how hyped up this messy launch would be! Who does that?! These are just the shimmer formula! Not even the special shades which she made plenty of for the holiday quads!
Like other customers who have expressed the same, I’m turned completely off on the brand now.
Limited edition used to be fun. Now, it’s a complete turn off!
I’m so done buying Pat McGrath. Sorry Mother but enough is enough.

DianaG Avatar

Thank you for the tip on the app! I’d been trying via the browser and couldn’t add it! The shipping was painful but still cheaper than Poshmark etc.

Diana G Avatar

Yeah, I feel bad for the Europeans who were asleep when this went up.

In other news, the expensive shipping is worth it as it’s already shipped and due to arrive in California on Thursday.

Rachel R. Avatar

Well, thanks to an alert from our wonderful Nancy T., I supposedly got Dark Galaxy and Galactic Gold via the Selfridges app. It was a nightmare, as it kept spooling instead of taking me to PayPal, then it wouldn’t take my credit card, and I don’t know why. Finally, my husband’s credit card worked. I got a confirmation email. Hopefully, I don’t get a cancellation and refund like some people did on the PML website! Not to beat a dead horse, but this release has really put me off PML. Best of luck to those still trying to get it!

Nickey Avatar

I’m sorry but this launch was a reheated hot mess. Everything is sold out. I’m in the UK and you mean to tell me Selfridges released this in the middle of the night without warning so that basically everyone in Europe missed out? After playing coy with the release time. Rude! I stayed in all day on the 21st for nothing. That is so out of order and not the first time. I’m glad I gave up Saturday or I would be livid. Makeup shouldn’t feel like a mean girl clique. Not a good look.

Svetlana Avatar

This is the first time when I am so in rage and sadness because of the make up launch. I watched how collection was getting sold out at Pats website, because her IG account told me that the collection was launching at Selfridges the same day. And now I simply missed it, because the launch happened at 5 am. I wonder if anyone from EU was able to get the palettes from Selfridges. I just hate the whole situation so much, and hate myself for planning to buy more from her, just because I like the eyeshadows.

Valerie Avatar

Wait you mean to tell me the limited edition palettes were released at 4:30am on that continent and sold out by 6:30am, when everyone was just waking up on that continent? And after all the waiting the Europeans had to endure? Who does that???

Katie Avatar

I’m with you. I’m so disgusted by this whole thing. I’m an avid Star Wars fan and WAS a Pat McGrath fan. While I love her shadows I’m sickened by the way this launch was handled. Just like others I’ve been checking Selfridges every hour. Went to bed not feeling well only to MISS the final opportunity??? Unreal! As much as I wanted the Decadence and even with the 25% off from the botched cyber Monday sale, I’m done! I’m not forking out another $100 for her eyeshadow – especially for limited edition items. It’s not worth the hassle, hype, FOMO, stress- not to mention the money!! Now I can use that $$ I planned to spend on something else! 🙂

Mkanugo Avatar

I had sent an email asking Selfridges when the two smaller 6 pan star wars palettes would launch.

My email was before the crazy 2 min launch on Selfridges that was unannounced and when no one in Europe was able to purchase.

I received a reply this morning :

“Thank you for contacting Selfridges.

The star wars collection is out very soon. We are not allowed to disclose the date. You have not missed it though! Please keep an eye on the website and it will be released shortly.

If there is anything else I can do please feel free to respond to this email.

So what does this mean then?! The palettes launched and sold out but will officially “launch” ?

Secondly there’s the whole up and down on the pricing of PMG products on the Selfridges website. The large 10 pan Mothership palettes were previously listed for €129 and now they’re listed for €135. So you want to fleece customers now and disgust them with this FOMO nonsense?

I feel like Selfridges alone has caused so much damage to Pat McGrath’s brand. They do whatever they want, whenever they want and they don’t even label the web listing properly ??

I saw on Alicia ( Kinkysweat’s) youtube that she was able to buy an unannounced palette called the Golden Opulence which others are saying is the Chinese New Year palette. I saw that palette too and it was wrongly listed as the Decadence 4 palette.

I understand that Pat McGrath wants to use FOMO as a strategy to sell. She at least gives you a chance with the email alert and clear communication about the launch date.

What is Selfridges’ excuse? They do nothing right!

Meanwhile all Pat is doing is frustrating people. We have jobs and cannot spend all our time stalking all these websites. I mean shopping is supposed to be fun. She’s turned everyone inside out and upside down calculating time zones across the planet and for what?!

These palettes are not cheap. That said there’s a limited customer base that can consistently spend the coin to keep up with these releases. By indulging in juvenile tactics like this, all she’s doing is pissing off her loyal customers and fans.

No one is irreplaceable.

I’m going to give one last shot at trying to get the decadence palette and after that I’m done with her brand.

Enough is enough.

Jamey Avatar

I want to THANK YOU for all your help and info. I’m hoping I can get one Dedcance pallette. I wasnt into makeup when she was released and I seen it too late. Its like my holy grail pallette. I appreciate the pep talk about if we dont get it, it can be duped etc. I think it makes the nerves more manageable and it sucks because some people get it so they can resell it and make three times what it costs. It’s sad when people just want one for themselves and miss out.

I also wish Pat would put her pallettes in sephora etc. Its easier for people to get and pay for and know what to expect and not a lot of drama. That’s the way it should be done.

Also, thank you for the sign up “early ” link. I was worried I had missed it with your other post because I didnt see where you told me to look, as I’m on a tablet and it’s easier for me to use this then drag out and mess with my laptop.

I hope everyone was and will be able to get at least something (if not everything) they want, and I also want to wish everyone a Happy Holiday season, and a Magical and Safe, and Healthy New Year!!

Cady Avatar

I can’t seem to find it on any website. I want the dark Galaxy palette so bad but it only says sold out or unavailable for me. I am unsure if it will restock or what to do

Helene B Avatar

Sorry if this is more obvious to everyone, but I’m livid and on my way to the hospital. Did she sell the Large Decadence Mothership on her site?

Hope B Avatar

Thank you so very much for being a REAL source of information! Now that I’m 14 vials of blood lighter, I’m thinking a little better than earlier. This is so upsetting that they are not setting limits of 1 per customer. WHO needs more than 1, or 2, at best? This is like Beanie Babies all over again. Now that the people that had kids at that age are away from home and finished college, now we are going through the Beanie Baby ordeal all over again over a damn makeup palette! Sheesh! Also, apologies that I did not realize there was already an “Helene” on this site. Sorry. I’ll try to add “B” to my name. Please let me know if there’s already an “Helene B” 🙂 Don’t want anyone thinking that I’m absconding with their name. 🙂 It’s already stressful with this darn palette mess. Don’t know what we’d do without you, darling Christine! xx

Hope B Avatar

On a side note, received my ONE Dark Side palette (that’s all that I ordered, because I don’t resell stuff, only buy what I use). Just wait until everyone sees the BIG squiggles that she’s shipping with now! 🙂

Valerie Avatar

Really? Mine came in bubble wrap. I was anticipating spiders with cringe and frustration (PTSD from roughly two dozen shipments over the years), but was pleasantly surprised. I think they got the message and probably only a matter of time before they give up on the scary squiggles.

Hope B Avatar

Wow, that’s interesting. It had to be only a matter of a day or two, so why would we receive it shipped in different ways? I will say, however, that the palette had squiggled (see what I did there) its way to the bottom of the box and could easily have arrived shattered. It actually did have some spots where it had broken around the edges. However, I know there will NOT be a replacement sent, only a refund. So, so, so glad for the bubble wrap. I do feel that’s more protective, but not nearly as fun. I do recycle 100 percent that is recyclable, so I do my part.

My Divine Rose Mothership arrived with the smaller, straight shiny black squigglets (just made up a word, weeeeee!), and now I’ll see how the Golden Decadence Kit arrives.

By pure chance, I received a HUGE Himalayan Salt lamp that lights up as an alarm, and I had it set. It really woke me up, whoa! I was wide awake and raring to go to claim a kit.

As far as the bulk buyers. Ugh! There’s no reason for someone to buy more than 3 or 4, if even that. I can understand if a mom has daughters, or an aunt has nieces, etc, but that is even pushing it. As much as I absolutely ABHOR those scalpers on those various sites, if a limit was not set, then I don’t think it would be fair to cancel the order afterwards. The limit needs to be set beforehand. I had children at the Beanie Baby age, the teen age when new PlayStations came out, and now mommy’s makeup time since they are college graduates and out of the house. I am in an endless loop of fighting to just get ONE, and maybe two, so that each son could have one, or an extra one for my mother. I have no use for more than two. If my Mother does not want her’s, I would only sell it at the price that I paid, NO PROFIT. I truly hope this somehow turns around and everyone that truly wants ONE for themselves can get ONE. I hope not one person can sell these and make a profit, other than PMGL, the only people that deserve to make a profit. They make this palette, so they deserve the profits, not the people buying 10.

Jess Avatar

What bothers me is that I went on some of those resell sites for fun to see how much they are selling for and one lady had a picture of her reciept where it showed that she bought 6 of each palette. I know that limiting numbers might not have stopped her from getting so many, but it may have slowed her down to allow others to get one. I will not buy from anywhere but a legitimate site, but this whole launch has struck a sour chord with me.

Cameron Avatar