Pat McGrath Sunlit Seduction Mothership Palette Coming Soon

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Pat McGrath Sunlit Seduction Mothership Palette Coming Soon
Pat McGrath Sunlit Seduction Mothership Palette Coming Soon
Pat McGrath Sunlit Seduction Mothership Palette Coming Soon
Pat McGrath Sunlit Seduction Mothership Palette Coming Soon
Pat McGrath Sunlit Seduction Mothership Palette Coming Soon
Pat McGrath Sunlit Seduction Mothership Palette Coming Soon

Release Date + About the Launch

Mothership XI: Sunlit Seduction tempts you to venture into new realms of makeup artistry with its solar-infused spectrum of seductive shades and versatile finishes. From the gentle allure of floral mattes and blush-toned pinks to the captivating essence of burgundy orchids, this palette caters to looks that range from casually chic to sensually subversive. Experience the gleam of metallics and sparkling astrals enriched with shimmering pearls for radiant and dimensional color. The sumptuously smooth formulas ensure easy application, transforming your eye artistry into tactile indulgence. The palette features standout shades like molten crimson ruby and sparkling platinum mauve plum for eye looks that are simply haute of this world. Embrace the sunlit hues and let your artistry radiate.

Coming soon

Products in the Launch

Sunlit Seduction Mothership Palette, (128.00)

  • Skintense Radiance Soft coral shimmer
  • Xtreme Vermillion Dusk Burnished vermillion matte
  • Nude Rose Warm nude rose matte
  • Copper Dawn Gleaming soft copper metallic
  • Hypnotic Bronze Enriched sierra bronze metallic
  • Sienna Mystique Soft warm terracotta matte
  • Astral Pink Fetish Sparkling pink with golden pearls
  • Astral Amethyst Allure Sparkling plum with iridescent pearls
  • Blitz Crimson Ecstasy Gleaming red foiled metallic
  • Astral Gilded Aura Sparkling golden peach with iridescent pearls


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ac Avatar

Right? I feel like I’ve seen this EXACT palette at least three times from PMG, and *dozens* of times from other brands over the last 3-5 years. Easy skip.

Raven Avatar

I was also thinking, okay, “SUNSET” so like daring reds or oranges? OMG I went to check IG for the video you’re talking about and WHAT A TEASE WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL. Where are THOSE moody oranges, and the shadowy colors of that horse? That whole color scheme is screaming orange, yellow, and moody blues and greiges/black and we GET PINK? BRUH

Mariella Avatar

At the risk of sounding repetitive (sort of like this palette), this palette doesn’t look all that different from just about every other PMG palette I’ve seen over the years! I have one of her smaller palettes (blissfully free of pink and red shadows, which was its appeal for me) and I don’t think I’ve really seen anything else that I’d consider a “must have”. For those for whom these shades are a dream, I’m happy for you but for me (and Genevieve), it’s $128 (US) saved!

Cara Avatar

Maybe it’s because I don’t wear warm tones but all her pink palettes look the same to me as well. For a brand supposedly built on artistry, only the first 3 Motherships were truly unique and it seems like they ran out of ideas after that or are just plain lazy.
I’ve tried many PMG products, including lip, cheek, mascara, single shadows and Mothership I Subliminal (a huge letdown) and nothing really stood out as amazing but I feel bad for the brand’s fans that keep begging for new color stories, only to be ignored over and over.

Mariella Avatar

The only PMG product I’ve tried has been one of her smaller palettes (6 pans, I think) – maybe Bronze Seduction (the names are all so similar that I have a hard time remembering) and the only reason I got it was because I could see it and purchase it “in store. And it is very nice but certainly not life-changing.

Mariella Avatar

Genevieve, do you know what this retails for in Australia? Here, in Canada, her palettes of this size sell for $174, which to me seems insane, especially since she keeps releasing palettes of this size and price. I suppose if she came out with one that was cooler toned, with neutrals and a few “colours” that I’d wear, I might spring for one of them – ONE – but this ongoing flow of really pricy palettes that seem awfully similar – I just don’t get it but I’m sure there are Pat fans who buy every single one…

raja Avatar

It’s a wrap on PML for me if this is what passes for a Mothership palette now. I’m still so in love with the first 5 and even enjoy the last 5 despite some lack of variation. Between the dismal color story and the lack of true baked Astral shades, it’s very clear to me the brand isn’t delivering the quality it used to. Maybe if this palette flops someone on her team make some more interesting decisions.

Mo Avatar

Wow… pink, bronze, and copper. How new. How daring.

Oh wait… SIGH.

I love the formula, but so many of the palettes are near duplicates.

Dear Pat Mc Grath, is it too much to ask for purples, blues, and greens? Or how about a true cool-toned palette?

For the price, this is a pass for me.

Reina Avatar

I was hoping for greens and purple and orange and lime. Maybe a multi color palette so just one palette will work. I won’t be buying this

Nancy T Avatar

Ah, I see, so Bronze Seduction and Divine Rose II made a baby. How creative. Not.
And then there’s that part of me that looks it over and knows that because these actually ARE the perfect shades for my bluish green eyes, it would be a genuine workhorse palette for me. One can go very copper bronze or rosy plum with this. Great for green and hazel eyes. But so, so, so redundant!

Vanessa Avatar

So… I have the two Bridgerton palettes and Ritualistic Rose… but the only mothership I have is Midnight Sun (I have two other MTHRSHPs but not in the pinky category). I was contemplating Divine Rose I but thought it looked ashy and grey, which does not suit me. I also contemplated Huetopian Dream, but hadn’t pulled the trigger yet. I am still drawn to Huetopian Dream (and Bronze Seduction) but also drawn to this new one. Three astrals and a blitz shade? I can’t wait to see videos and reviews. I would very much only pick it up on deep discount, but given my extreme selectiveness and curation of PML in my case there should not be too many duplicates. The pinks from both Bridgertons seem different at least.

Nikki Avatar

Even if PMG eyeshadow formula worked for my lids, I wouldn’t be excited about this color story…been there, done that within her own collection. I’m with the rest of the crew wishing for a colorful cool-toned palette.

Mandy Avatar

I don’t even get excited anymore when PMG announces something new coming out even though I love the products and brand. It all not only looks the same, but is so expensive to boot! At least give me a new color palette so I can pretend to justify the purchase.

Susan Avatar

I have one word, Why? OK, maybe not one word. Can someone please tell PMG that we don’t need yet another pink palete of any size, she has it covered, again and again and again. It’s like zero thought is going into any of these products and it’s simply a cash cow. Or maybe there are now no other colours in the universe, just pink. My favourite part is the description of the shadows as a whole, like that’s going to fool anyone. Massive let down, again !

Cara Avatar

You’ve got to be joking! If I were a PMG Labs fan, the release of yet another pink palette would be bad enough but seeing the brand describe it as “a new realm of artistry” would make me angry. They’re clearly not listening to the widespread request from their fan base for unique color stories.

Denise S. Avatar

Love all my Mothership palette was hoping for something different this time. Hoping this palette leans more burgundy like ND Dream my favorite palette. If the corals are popping I’m happy been carving coral eye shadows lately.

brendacr1 Avatar

This would be a good neutral palette if you don’t own any other of her palettes. Like many others have said repeating previous palettes is redundant and I’ll save my money for something better. Thanks Pat I love you but mix it up will ya!

Sydney Avatar

I only own two Motherships and I’ve got all these colors. How could she possibly think any of her customers need a desaturated red matte at this point? Or pink-toned shimmers? With all due respect, you’d expect a legendary makeup artist to have a big more vision and creativity.

Raven Avatar

I’m sure the quality is there but at this rate, I think PMG just wants you to find your exact palette of pink! Goodness this is BORING AF ugh

Kat Avatar

This looks like huetopian dream, but without shades that make it special. Like, I understand that they want to sell more usable pallets, it is fine, but they can’t be all in the same color stories as all the old ones. Even if you wanna do pinks, pink comes in different shades rather than rosy one. Or, why not just do an interesting warm palette if you want to appeal to the mainstream, or yet better cool neutral (where there is little to no competition). Strange really… I get that they have to appeal to mainstream, but there are so many better options that are also cheaper, you can’t charge people 125usd and offer nothing special for it.

Helene Avatar

What was that? I guess I fell asleep as I became so bored.
Sorry to say I’m bored by what does appear to be a lovely palette, but it’s been done by the brand so many times, so little variation. I mean they/she did the Decadence palette!
And who writes the “about” texts?
As for sunlit, the sun also shines on green grass, leaves, blue, yellow, pink for sure, red, purple flowers, it also shines on water, stones and earth making for so many more colours than the pink/red with a hint of white? and purple thrown in.
I’ve not bought anything from the brand for years now and I loved it when it was a new, actually inventive brand.

Violet Avatar

I hear the criticisms and I agree, but I know full well I’m going to buy this. These are my colours, and I love a little PMG retail therapy. The only questions his will I jump on it when it gets released, or will I have the patience to wait until I can get it on sale, which we all know will happen within the next few months. Like others have said, I would love to see a true cool-toned palette. Maybe a true smoky eye with greys, taupes, charcoals, but not as blue as Mothership I. I wish you could switch her pans around like ND. I’m pretty sure I could assemble my dream palette from the Motherships that I have already.

People are complaining about wanting a palette with blues, greens, and purples, but she did offer that at Christmas and I don’t think it sold well at all.

Lianne Avatar

If I didn’t have any other PMG palettes I would be really excited for this – it looks like a real workhorse of a palette, something I’d reach for every day.

BUT – I do have quite a few of her palettes, and this is too repetitive to those to buy another. What are they thinking putting out the same thing year after year? I hope they’ll get a little bolder and more creative for next year’s Mothership.

Mila Avatar

Well I like the palette, i like the neutral, pink tones with the elegant packaging. I don’t collect MakeUp and reach more for the neutral so I am excited for this palette, it’s gonna be my birthday gift.

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