Pat McGrath Rose Decadence Collection Now Available at Sephora

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Pat McGrath Rose Decadence Collection Now Available at Sephora
Pat McGrath Rose Decadence Collection Now Available at Sephora
Pat McGrath Rose Decadence Collection Now Available at Sephora
Pat McGrath Rose Decadence Collection Now Available at Sephora
Pat McGrath Rose Decadence Collection Now Available at Sephora
Pat McGrath Rose Decadence Collection Now Available at Sephora
Pat McGrath Rose Decadence Collection Now Available at Sephora
Pat McGrath Rose Decadence Collection Now Available at Sephora
Pat McGrath Rose Decadence Collection Now Available at Sephora
Pat McGrath Rose Decadence Collection Now Available at Sephora
Pat McGrath Rose Decadence Collection Now Available at Sephora
Pat McGrath Rose Decadence Collection Now Available at Sephora
Pat McGrath Rose Decadence Collection Now Available at Sephora
Pat McGrath Rose Decadence Collection Now Available at Sephora
Pat McGrath Rose Decadence Collection Now Available at Sephora
Pat McGrath Rose Decadence Collection Now Available at Sephora
Pat McGrath Rose Decadence Collection Now Available at Sephora
Pat McGrath Rose Decadence Collection Now Available at Sephora

Release Date + About the Launch

A luminous love letter to ravishing roses, this limited edition MTHRSHP ROSE DECADENCE eye palette pays tribute with six stunning rose-centric shades, ranging from poetic pinks to radiant metallics and a dynamic fuchsia duochrome. Each of these powerful pigments, made with PAT McGRATH LABS’s award-winning, proprietary formula, deliver intense, yet highly-blendable colour in a single swipe.

“2020, The Year of The Rose at PAT McGRATH LABS, which kicked off with our First-Ever Global Face, the legendary Naomi Campbell, continues with the sensual six-pan MTHRSHP ROSE DECADENCE. With stunning shades ranging from poetic pink, captivating coral and radiant metallics to a futuristic fuchsia blazing with ultraviolet sparks, these lightweight, ultra-blendable shades adorn eyes with tantalising textures, delivering a grandiflora array of luxurious looks.” — Pat McGrath

Editor’s Note:  You can shop the Rose Decadence Collection now, plus get 10% off with code ROSEDECADENCE10, ends 8/16.

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Products in the Launch

Rose Decadence MTHRSHP Palette, $65.00 (Limited Edition)

A six-shade love letter to ravishing roses, this Limited Edition palette is rendered in a swoon-worthy array of cream mattes, incendiary shimmers, and one divinely decadent duochrome. Evoking the brilliance and splendour of legendary royal gardens, this stunning bouquet sets eyes passionately alight in luxuriously lightweight ultra-blendable shades ranging from Parc du Malmaison-inspired pinks and carnal coral to luminous rose-infused metallics and a fiercely futuristic fuchsia illuminated by ultraviolet sparks.

  • Pink Champagne Warm frosted pink
  • Peach Dust Pink coral matte
  • Fuchsia Flame Warm pink duochrome with fuchsia purple flash
  • Hedonistic Rose Mid-tone pink mauve
  • Scandalous Rose bronze metallic
  • Golden Honey Light antique gold metallic

Lip Fetish Divinyl Lip Shine, $36.00 (Permanent)

The award-winning, ultra-hydrating PAT McGRATH LABS LIP FETISH LIP BALM family welcomes another breakthrough transformative texture with the launch of LIP FETISH DIVINYL LIP SHINE, six high-gloss saturated shades, each with a level of shine never before captured in a hydrating balm.

Blazing and brilliant, PAT McGRATH LABS LIP FETISH DIVINYL LIP SHINE mesmerises with a divine, mirror-esque level of reflection. Antioxidant lychee extract and rich coconut butter deliver the benefits of a lip-treatment mask in a light-as-air, sensuously-soft lip-soothing formula. Dressed in a pink couture-chrome case, LIP FETISH DIVINYL LIP SHINE made its runway debut at the Fall 2020 Maison Margiela Artisanal couture show, transforming models into “electric, eccentric blitz kids.”

  • Nude Venus
  • Boudoir Rose
  • Electric Lotus
  • Belle Amour
  • Temptress
  • Love Interest

Lip Fetish Astral, $36.00 (Permanent)

Iconic iridescence meets seductively surreal shine. Enhanced hydration meets soothing softness. Always a subversive sparkler, this out-of-this-world formulation is on her way to adorn your lips in glow-rious holographic glamour. Two shades (plus previous shades in updated packaging).

  • Amethyst
  • Rose Quartz

Lip Fetish Sheer Colour, $36.00 (Permanent)

The original pout provocateur, this cult-status balm will soon unite seven impossible-to-resist sheer shades presented in a mesmerisingly minimalist white silhouette. [Editor’s Note: The original range is being repackaged into slimmer tubes, plus one new “tinted temptation.”]

  • Dark Romance

Permagel Ultra Lip Pencil, $28.00 (Permanent)

Featuring LABS-exclusive PermaGel technology, these ultra-blendable pencils shade, shape and elevate every lip look to a work of art; pairs perfectly with tempting NEW shades of LIP FETISH Lip Balm. 10 new shades.

  • Structure
  • Blood Lust
  • Vengeance
  • Allure
  • Brownouveaux
  • Cosmic Vibes
  • Star Struck
  • Half Naked
  • Deep Dive
  • Living Legend

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I’m laughing as I say this, but I think it “pays tribute” to roses, in a love letter to roses.

I know this looks like her other Divine Rose releases, but I will definitely scoop up this palette. Look forward to lip swatches. All of this looks lovely.

Ridiculous, but I am such a sucker for these shades… the gold could certainly go away forevah, but the peaches and roses.. still make me weak at the knees. The mattes do look quite similar to Mothership Rose part deux.

As much as I love Mother’s products, this is a huge pass for me. These colors tend to make me look like I have a cold or allergies if used on the eyes, and I just don’t wear blush enough to repurpose it for that. I will also repeat comments from every single palette launch: wish it was a silver instead of yet another gold!

As I’m looking at these mattes from Mothership Divine Rose II and Mthrshp Rose Decadence, these eyeshadow/blush colors are making me rethink using some of her other peachy brown mattes as blush/contour.

Damn. I was really hoping that this was a cheek palette. Nope, just another eyeshadow palette with the obligatory gold. Cannot begin to describe how disappointing and anticlimactic this release feels to me.

My sentiments exactly, like geesh how many more palettes do we need. I’m not into eyeshadow, but even I’m like dang she just keeps putting out eyeshadow and they all look similar. So I was definitely hoping for a blush and highlight palette.

I have been hoping for a cheek palette also, but, like lipstick, I haven’t got much use for it right now during mask season. I am thankful for eye shadow so I can get my daily make up fix!!

I got both Divine roses (and surprisingly I like the DV II better!) No problem with golds for me – but I’ve got enough of these colors )

Definitely looking forward to lipsticks! This sounds like my favorite texture ))

Well I have Divine Rose 1 and 2 (even though I swore I’d pass on 2), so the palette is an easy pass, although nice for someone who doesn’t want to pay for those 10 pan palettes. I like a few of the lippies and really love sheer, balmy lipsticks, but I literally own a four year supply of lipstick and have promised myself a no buy on lipsticks until I get down to far fewer in my stores.

I have DR 1 and 2 and also both of the elusive Star Wars palettes, which will completely cover all the colors in this new release. I absolutely love PMG eyeshadows but I’m getting exhausted by ridiculous uninspiring repeats of gold, gold and more gold in every single palette.

Didn’t she already do a mini Rose palette? I have Pat McGraft’s 2 large Rose palettes and a rose quad that’s in the same family. Are these new colors?

That’s what I came here to ask.
I will probably get it as the collector in me needs all the limited edition lol.
But curious to know if there are any repeat shades.

La Vie En Rose came out a few years ago. I’m pretty sure it was limited edition, so I don’t think it’s available anymore. It was a purplely-pink-mauve palette. Looking back and forth between the palettes, they’re not really similar. This one is a lot softer than La Vie En Rose.

I went looking for this answer on IG and her account says they are new shades. They look so similar to Divine Rose II to me though.

Gorgeous palette and I’m very pleased to see she is using the same style she had in the Star Wars collection. I love Mother Pat and own most of her palettes, this one will be joining my collection. I like the looks of the new balms too.

So excited for this palette!! I passed on the two big mothership palettes because of price so this one is right up my alley! Can’t wait to see some reviews.

I love shiny and glossy lipsticks, so these got my attention right away, but I don’t know about these colors- looking forward to the swatches and reviews!

Lisa Marie, every time I see your avatar, it makes me smile. Is this your cat? He or she looks like a real character.

Very early this year Dave Lackie said a lot of the perfumes coming out this year will be rose scented ones. Well, it looks like Pat likes roses as well, it seems to be the theme of 2020. I have 2 of her Rose themed palettes so I am covered, but the newest addition still draws you in when you look at it, the colors are so rich. I love Pat’s golds, I may have quite a few and yes it would be nice to have something different but it’s her choice what goes in her palettes it would be interesting to hear her take on it. I love her lip products as well and I probably have a lifetime supply to prove it, but it’s hard not to just buy one more!

Have there even been that many rose-scented perfume drops this year? Chloe has a new Tangerine Rose flanker, but I doubt it’ll be as good as the rose flanker they already DC’d. I love rose perfumes so much, so I am always hunting for new and exciting roses. If you know more, I am all ears!

I love ale Labo’s Rose. (Sorry I don’t remember the number but I think it’s the only rose scent they have.) Very different and sexy.

Ruh roh.

I’ve managed to avoid all of PMs palettes so far — more because of the price $170CND, which seems ludicrous.

I was pretty proud not caving for Divine Rose II (loved 90% of that palette) but this one might break my no-buy.
I expect (hope) it will be more in the $110 range. I’ll hold off for swatches.

It’s $88 CND, so definitely more approachable in price than the rose Motherships. I held off on Ritualistic Rose and Divine Rose I, but I am seriously considering this one.

I wish that there wasn’t such a hectic pace of releases, though. I am new to collecting palettes and now understand why so many people say they are on a low-buy or no-buy….

I want this palette. I have both of the Mothership Divine Rose palettes, but this edited version is really perfect. The two mattes will make gorgeous blushes. I really want to get them on my face. I used the Vermillion Venom (from VI) as a blush yesterday and it was so nice. And typically whenever I use VIII, I will use Naked Blush as a blush and Xtreme Burgundy will probably be used during the winter. I do wish she would release blushes, but her mattes shadows work until she gives them to us.

All these pinks and roses really make me wonder why Pat has not released blushes yet. Like. Come on, girl! With slightly bigger pans this would be a bomb-ass blush palette.

I received the email about this collection coming and went OH! I am lucky and can wear pink and even red eyeshadows. Then looked at my Divine Rose l and ll and the La Vie En Rose which was always my favourite of the 6 pan mini palettes. The latter is still around on some sites in the UK or was until recently. My sensible head came into play and now it is a no from me. Agree with others a blush palette would have been fabulous

I’m surprised no one’s pointed out the Lip Fetish price hike! The new release costs 10% more per ounce.

Older version: $38 for 3.5g ($10.86/gram)
New version: $36 for 3g ($12/gram)
Lip Fetish Divinyl: $36 for 2.5g ($14.40/gram)

I’m glad I stocked up on the Lip Fetishes during the sales, because they’re all I wear during mask season, and I’ve literally used Flesh 3 and Love Supreme down to the nub. (I’m glad they got rolled over to the new release, but I’m not keen to pay more.)

Thank you Valerie, you are right! I muddled them up with the Lip Fetish Astrals, which are 3.5g.
That gives the Lip Fetishes have a price hike of 26%, and the Lip Fetish Astrals a hike of 10%. (The weight has been equalised in the new packaging to 3g each.) Ugh.

Hey sure. I’m surprised anyone else noticed, actually. It’s a bit disappointing that she did that. I’m glad I stocked up on my faves also. Blow Up and Flesh 3 are great. I’ll check out Love Supreme 🙂 good luck tomorrow! I hope it’s easy to access the release.

That’s disappointing news! I put the old fetish balm minis into my cart last night, as I was considering giving them a shot. I checked today and they had removed all old stock from the website. (Luckily, I was able to check out with the minis, as they were already in my cart.) I guess that paying more for less is the new style….

When the collection initially went up for sale this morning the lip bundle with the three shades was priced at $60. I thought to myself wow that’s a great deal ($18 each with the discount)! I put the sets in my cart and made my purchase along with the palette. I went back to later to check my order status and noticed that they must have made an error because the price for the set changed from $60 to $92. I almost passed on them, but now I am thrilled that I purchased them early because I got a great deal!

I use some of the shades in the 10-pans as blushes, highlighters, or contours, especially the more recent releases. This 6-pan is perfect as an eye, blush, and highlighter palette. Colors look gorgeous (as usual with Pat). I’m so first in line for this release that I thought today was the 12th and started refreshing the page at 8:59 and by 9:03 I was texting my makeup fiends tearfully. @kinkysweat came through with the info that it’s the 11 not 12 of August today ?‍♀️yes, this does have dupes within the 6-pan LE lunar new year and 2 rose motherships. But I will not be swayed. This Looks like a beautiful blush palette, as well as an eye palette, and hopefully mine tomorrow!?

Hi Wednesday! Oh no, we’ll we’ve been trained to wait in agony so I feel you! I got myself in a frenzy yesterday haha.
Did you pick it up this morning? I got 2 (have learned to get backups with Pat’s LEs, many previous 6-pans have been yanked from the site and there are some I just love).
I’m a little frustrated – stocked up on some lip balm minis and wanted to try the Love Supreme balm but everything was sold out in my cart by this morning. Gotta anticipate that when the price of stuff goes up/weight goes down significantly, the way it did with the balms – oh well!

I just picked up the 6 pan as I am barely wearing lip balm these days with masking and I wanted to see Christine’s swatches for the lip products and pencils first..

I had my code early too and experienced some weird glitches while checking out and my 6 pan went ‘out of stock’ and I almost lost it ???? thinking how could this possibly be. It wasn’t even 9:00 ET yet. So I emptied my cart, went back in through the site via email, added the 6 pan again and checked out fine. It was another PMG bizzaro world experience and my paypal receipt and PMG receipt say I have it, but I have been let down by Mother before… ?????

Oh no! Sorry you had a hair-raising experience! I’ve had those moments too on Pat’s site. It’s showing as still in stock so hopefully no issues ?I got a backup, just in case.
Yeah about the lip balm – it does mess up my paper masks and I probably shouldn’t wear any lipsticks but it feels and looks so off when I don’t. Just a tough habit to break!

Valerie, do you have other go-to Pat McGrath blush shades or contour shades?

I also got Rose Decadence fully hoping to use at least 2-3 of these shades as blushes. I’m so excited to try it out!

Hi Kira,
Me too, I’m excited to get my hands on this release.
Here’s my favorites for contour and blush by palette:
M7/DR1: Velouria, Rose Dusk (also in M2 – really is a lovely blush)
M8/DR2: Naked Blush – both contour and blush
M5: blitz flame – use fluffy brush
M1: ultimate taupe, VR violet – fluffy brush for blush topper
M2: bf nectar blush topper – fluffy
Lunar new year palette (6-pan): moon phase +lotus luxe together – fluffy for blush/contour
La vie en rose – rose risqué – very bright, use fluffy brush on apples

Basically, I mostly use the “pink” hue in a palette as blush and the more cool/neutral mauve/tan color for contour. I do this with Pat’s palettes, as I have fluffy brushes that fit in the pan and can diffuse the color. It really pulls a look together.
I also love the pink color in Natasha Denona’s Star palette – that’s probably my favorite eye shadow palette blush of all time.

But generally, I love Suqqu for blush and NARS for powder contour and that’s my go-to with other palettes.

I hope that helps. I’ll report back when I get this new palette. It looks so lovely and I have high hopes for it as a full face product.

Thank you so much! This is so helpful!! So many of these I never would have thought to use, and I had been thinking about blush brushes too. Not that I’m doing any traveling these days, but I’m increasingly seeing the Motherships as all-in-one palettes I would take to travel!

Thanks for the helpful suggestions Valerie! You are so creative. I tried the M7 combo (Rose Dusk as blush with Skinshow Nude as highlight) and it was lovely.

Decided to get creative with VR Sextraterrestrial from M8 (thinking it might be like the yellow/green highlight in ND’s Citrus palette), and the effect was unintentionally hilarious – the green shift made me look like a Vulcan, or like I had bruises down the sides of my face. Had a good laugh and washed it off!

To be completely honest, I am anxiously waiting for this palette and I am not sure why. I have a lot of similar shades and I am not a fan or gold in every palette but this one is just intriguing to me. I purchased La Vie En Rose and it arrived shattered and then the DR 1 and 2 just didn’t speak to me and at their price point I passed. I don’t think I can pass on this. The lippies look great and most are in my favorite range. Now, to decide whether I want this palette or the Hourglass Ambient Lighting blush. So many roses and so little time!

Ordered the palette and one lip shine. Checked out and paid and order shows I’ve now ordered 2 of the same color of lip shine….. Immediately emailed them and they are unable to fix it, you just have to return one after you receive it. Gotta love technology.

It’s all pink. I hate pink.

As negative as that sounds, I appreciate that during my penny-pinching year brands are releasing things I wouldn’t buy anyway. Makes it soooo much easier to stick to a budget.

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