Pat McGrath Opulence Collection for Holiday 2018 Release Date + Official Swatches

Release Date + Collection Info

PAT McGRATH LABS PRESENTS The Opulence Collection ⚡️⚡️⚡️ Packaged in beautifully bejeweled palettes in alluring aquamarine, ravishing ruby and provocative pink sapphire, this trio of six shade seductresses contain an arresting array of matte and metallic pigments conjured to captivate.

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Products Available

Sulbime Bronze Temptation MTHRSHP Palette, $55.00 (Limited Edition)

What do you get when you combine a handful of warm metallics with shade-shifting jewel tones and tawny mattes? A palette of rich, regal shades, guaranteed to bring some serious heat. Set your look ablaze with scorching gold, ruby, and champagne tones, paired with a decadent emerald to temper the flames and add extra smoulder. The plush, blendable texture delivers an intense flare of colour, imparting pure colour in just one swipe.

  • Celestial
  • Burning Desire
  • Supernova
  • Dark Paradise
  • Corruption
  • Provocatrix

Subliminal Dark Star MTHRSHP Palette, $55.00 (Limited Edition)

  • Enraptured
  • Deep Space
  • Entice
  • Interstellar
  • Metropolis
  • Dark Matter

Subversive Metalmorphosis MTHRSHP Palette, $55.00 (Limited Edition)

Heavy metal meets glam rock this sextet of precious elements, which serve as the next generation of Mother’s limited edition METALMORPHOSIS 005 Lab. Gild eyelids in molten gold, copper, and forged steel finishes, paired with a deep, smoked amethyst to add extra richness. Each pigment feels just as luxurious as it looks, delivering a foiled alloy accent in a single swipe. It’s the gold standard of metallic pigments — and you deserve to have the best.

  • Metallurgy
  • Copper
  • Sterling
  • Smoked Amethyst
  • Bronze
  • Gold Standard

MatteTrance Lipstick (Opulence Edition), (Limited Edition)

Same luxurious matte formula inside, brand-new regal exterior destined to become a collector’s item. Mother’s most iconic MatteTrance™ shades are decked out in their most festive party dresses to wrap your lips in a featherweight veil of velvety colour. The opaque matte texture is complemented by a sensually creamy formula, which hydrates lips on contact while helping to smooth over imperfections.

  • Christy Divine beige peach (Pink Sapphire)
  • Forbidden Love Ultimate classic red (Pink Sapphire)
  • Flesh 3 Deep rose (Pink Sapphire)
  • Guinevere Blooded crimson (Aquamarine)
  • 1995 Warm light nude (Aquamarine)
  • Flesh 3 Deep rose (Aquamarine)
  • Omi Mid-tone rose (Ruby)
  • Elson Blue red (Ruby)
  • Flesh 3 Deep rose (Ruby)

Pat McGrath Opulence Collection

Pat McGrath Opulence Collection

Pat McGrath Opulence Collection

Pat McGrath Opulence Collection

Pat McGrath Opulence Collection

Pat McGrath Opulence Collection

Pat McGrath Opulence Collection

Pat McGrath Opulence Collection

Pat McGrath Opulence Collection

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I am gasping over how lovely those e/s palettes are! That blue!!! That GREEN!!! That PURPLE and the gold shade in the 2nd palette…and all those shimmery taupe-y and champagne-y colours! Oh, swoon!

All three of those palettes look gorgeous! If the quality is the same as what she’s put out so far, I have a feeling I’ll get Subliminal Dark Star. I’ve been wanting to try her formula but not wanted to shell out on a big palette before trying it, and none of the three permanent smaller palettes either attract me too much or don’t have stuff I can already dupe. And the packaging on these looks gorgeous as usual.

Haha “Take my money and go away”. Girl, I feel ya 100 percent. My luck she comes out with these babies right after I just got Subliminal. (Big palette). Aayyy. Which one are you getting?

Okay, so Pat McGrath is seriously trying to kill me off!! I came home from Europe, where Pat McGrath does not appear to be available, ready to order the Bronze Seduction palette and found it sold out. I couldn’t buy it on-line from Europe because I was worried it would get to my house and be stolen from my porch. Now I am waiting for an email to let me know it is back in stock and I am pretty sure it won’t come back at Sephora, even if it is available, until after the 20% off sale. Now I see these three palettes and I am like, I could buy all three of these and only spend slightly over what the other palette is going to cost. Who I am kidding, I am getting all three and the larger palette as long as these review well. I really love all 3. Thank you for posting these so quickly. I saw a small peak on IG so I knew something was coming.

Pat Mc Grath is indeed not available in Europe you lucky b******! So for the time being I can only swoon over this beautiful collection. 🙂

I’m in Europe and I order from her website with no problem at all. It does get quite expensive as I also have to pay tax and postage but so far it’s been worth it.
This time I’m waiting for the reviews here before ordering.

I’ve been talking to myself about maybe splurging on Subliminal for the holidays, if these hold up to her other palettes maybe I’ll save myself some money and go this route instead.

Yes Christine, I noticed that as well. I believe its the Decadence palette, right?
Wow, so weird to chat with the pretty face behind Temptalia’s swatches. Which palette are you picking up? If any at all. I’m going for Metalmorphosis. I need these metals on my eye’s. Especially silver.

I want and don’t want all of the palettes, but I feel like I could probably dupe it out with the palettes I already own from her or just grab one and be happy. FOMO is telling me I need them all, but I know I do not.

These are really stunning – but I think it would have been better for PMG to release one palette at a time. I just don’t want them overextending themselves and ending up like Too Faced or MAC.
However everything in this collection is beautiful.

I’m thinking of getting the red palette, I’ve never tried Pat McGrath before. I was really hoping for a gloss set or a set of the new lip balms.

Darn, Mama Pat what are you doing to me? I want all of these palettes. Well, I guess I will cross off the other items off my holiday wish list! These are gorgeous, but I would not expect anything less from this woman.

Definitely still getting the Bronze Seduction Mothership palette, but now I am also eyeing the mini Subversive or mini Subliminal, too. Oh noooo!

Crap. There goes my money 💸💸💸- I want all three of these! I have all 3 of the first round of small palettes, Decadence and Subliminal and they are all the best quality and I LOVE using them! I plan on asking my husband to get me Bronze Seduction for Christmas or for my birthday in early January since its permanent, but these babies need to COME TO MAMA!!!

Whoa! I am currently loving the mothership V and now these? I really don’t know how I will decide .The smoked amethyst, I cannot live without. Fortunately, I already have most of the lipstick shades, I will not repurchase them just for new shiny packaging!

I hope that these will be available at Sephora Canada. As much as I love PMG, I don’t feel like paying shipping and custom duties/taxes above the price.

Wow. Just, wow. I love everything about these. I especially love how the lip trios have the corresponding casing color to the eye palettes for which they are intended. Unbelievable attention to detail!

Oh my!!!!!!!! Well, now I may NOT be getting the original Subliminal for Christmas and going this route. My head is turning around like an owl, what does a girl do??? LOL!

Okay, okay after near getting whiplash from looking back and forth over these beauties and going to the site to look again and again, Lord help me!, I have come to some reasoning. If I can dupe half of these palettes, I will let go of them mentally and go back to my original decision, the large original Subliminal palette. There it is, I’ve said it, it’s one step in the direction of healing. LOL!

Kill me! Just kill me now!! Arghhhh!! Why? Why are they so beautiful!! I’m just working for her products now. The money goes straight from my paycheck to Pat McGrath! Sigh!!

Looks beautiful all of it, but I can’t help thinking that just maybe Its beginning to be a little bit too much of Pat McGrath right now… I mean a little bit of the exclusivity of her brand and the presciousness of saving up to getting one palette from her gets lost in the avalanche flooding the market right now… Its getting a bit Tarte-like….;)

It is starting to feel like a bit much. And the way her stuff sells out reminds me of those long lines at nightclubs that are empty – fabricated demand..

I find it wonderful that Pat McGrath expands the 6 pans range. I have two from last round and I love how curated the color selection is and the quality of the shadows😁

ALL of the eyeshadows are stunning!!!!! I can’t say that I really need any of these palettes but I seriously want them all. Gonna have to pass unless a good sale comes along. It seems like her shadow palettes are consistently superior quality. I haven’t laid eyes on any other shadows that can compare to the swatches of these. They’re all beautiful!

OMG, the packaging! It’s so pretty it hurts!

The palette packaging is absolutely divine, but the shade collections are not calling out to me (which is kind of depressing in a weird way). However, I MUST get one of the the aquamarine lipsticks because that gorgeous blue tube is making my heart melt.

But OH NO! I just noticed that one of the aquamarine shades is 1995, which I JUST bought two weeks ago in the classic black tube. 🙁 Grrrrr!!!! Well, I guess I’ll just have to get Guinevere. But the last thing I need is another red. Or another lipstick in ANY shade, to be honest. (Heavy sigh.) I don’t think I’ll be able to resist the blue tube.

First ND was bringing out palettes like no tomorrow! I thought once I bought the ND palettes that I wanted and the Hourglass ones for myself and gifts, I was just waiting for the Nudes palette by Huda to drop in Nov., not much interested in any more Holiday palettes until now…….Now PMG is bringing out limited palettes!😩 I have to get these to complete my collection! She is my weak link, and I will go without Starbucks for a month or work an extra shift just to get them. I honestly can’t wait!…….and need new makeup storage to encase all of them!💋😍

I am currently using the clear acrylic Muji drawers, the one the has two drawers because they’re larger. I then just stack them. I need to order at least 4 more drawers. They’re in my bathroom but it’s an open bathroom and large enough to where steam doesn’t get to my makeup- something I worried about in the beginning before I bought these drawers. I also like the drawer dividers in the link you sent.. you are right, ‘Mother’ deserves something special!

There are dupes for almost all of these shadows across her other palettes,
but I still want them all 😭😭😭

They have nothing to say about Subliminal Dark Star? It’s the most intriguing choice there! Maybe they think it speaks for itself.

Annnnd … I’m guessing Flesh 3 is a top-selling color?

They have the description for a prior six-pan palette for Subliminal Dark Star up, which I’m assuming is a mistake (shade names are also wrong), but I’m sure they intended to have one.

I’d rather believe they were being deliberately silent. When I look at the palette, I hear a Vincent Price-type voice in my head deeply intoning “Behold … the mystery.” 😉

I am planning on getting all the palettes! I love Pat first of all and ever since I was a small child going to the Carnegie Museum of Natural History in Pittsburgh,PA my absolute favorite section was the Hillman Hall of Minerals and Gems which has rows of tiered glass cases containing hundreds precious stones. The whole theme,packaging,ect. is so beautiful and is this one of the most exciting releases of the Holiday in my opinion!!

Ok, this is bad. First MAC, who I usually don’t give a second look, the Viseart 30, and now Pat????? WTF? Now I need to sell vital organs!! Its ok, I have an extra kidney. Need these!!!

Why you do this to me Mother Pat?
I literally, just received your Subliminal palette. Btw, she’s a beauty!
I love your pearlized pigments and never been so excited to play with eyeshadows.
Ok woman, I’m stalking your website to see the “Coming Soon” change to… “Order Now”.. Mama Kat is ready to Rock n’ Roll.

Come on Mama Pat. Been up since 6 am est waiting for “coming soon” to change to “order now”.. First time I’ve stalked a website or anyone for that matter. 😀😎

Here we go. Her page says ” We’ll be right back and now I’m logged out and can’t get back in. I know I’m entering the correct password cuz I wrote it down but its saying cannot enter. Arrggg what’s going on? Ill be livid if I miss out on Metalmorphosis. Why log us out? Doesn’t make sense unless too many ppl are overloading her website?. 😭

These palettes are drop-dead gorgeous, but my back account is really happy that none of them would work for me. And as much as I adore the lipstick packaging (that aquamarine!), the only shade I would consider is one I already own. So money saved!

But this is truly a beautiful collection!

I ordered the bundle with all 3 palettes for $125, plus used the 10% off code, so I ended up paying $112.50 for all 3. No tax is a bonus too.
I just knew I wouldn’t be able to decide and I would end up with all 3 at some point, which would have cost me more to buy one at a time so….I just sucked it up and got them now.

I did the same thing! (could not decide and justified by telling self I could gift a couple- but prob won’t). I could not resist adding the trio of astral balms– saved $28 w/bundle and coupon!

I ordered all three eye shadow palettes ASAP. I have all PMG’s eye shadow palettes and when I use them, I wonder why I bother using anything else — and I have hundreds of eye shadows that I love. Can’t wait to get these!

Oh gosh, the light blue packaged palette is calling to me…but I think it’s because those are the colors I like to WEAR. I think they’d actually be too dark on my face. But as always these are incredibly attractive.

Alright I broke down and decided to get all 3 palettes. There’s a running banner about 10% off for the next 24 hours. Does anyone know how to access that discount? I tried REIGN as that was part of the banner, but to no available.
Help! It’ll save me $30..

The code is OPULENCE10 . It worked for me!

I got all 3 too. I was trying to decide between the 3, but I couldn’t. I’m making it my birthday gift. 😉

Just picked up th he pink and red set and the balm version of Flesh 3! I’m so excited! I don’t care for matte lipsticks, but I have gloss I can use very sparingly to give the lipsticks that satin sheen that I like.

Couldn’t make up my mind on these so I bought all three. This on top of the Sephora VIB sale on the 26th, I’m pretty much eating ramen the rest of this month. But my makeup will be ‘on point’ while I do so….🤦🏻‍♀️

Ooh I didn’t realize the VIB sale is that early this year! I have 57 items in my cart and can finally start counting down hours! Do you know what time online on the 26th? Is it at like 12:01am or 12pm eastern.. or when the stores open?? I’ll be one of the crazies outside the flagship in Manhattan with my list of stuff to buy in store so I can use my rouge point gift cards and store credits. Policy has changed to store credit after 60 days, FYI.
Just 176.5 hours to go till that store opens for Rouge……..

Even though I’m not a palette eyeshadow person, I have the Platinum smaller palette and know the dark star will be awesome, so I ordered that today.
I skipped the lips because I am not a matte person even though her formulas are very emollient, it’s just not my thing.
I’m hoping that the pieces I saw coming up in the glitter tubes will be the luxetrance formula so I can splurge on those.

Damn. You really have to hand it to Ms. McGrath; she is doing things right! I’m super-excited about this entire collection and will most likely end up with all three palettes and at least one of the lipstick sets. And I won’t regret it, either lol. Let us all bow down to Pat McGrath, the QUEEN <3

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