Pat McGrath Mothership X - Moonlit Seduction Launches July 22nd

Pat McGrath Mothership X - Moonlit Seduction Launches July 22nd
Pat McGrath Mothership X - Moonlit Seduction Launches July 22nd

Release Date + About the Launch

Prepare to dance the night away in a decadent, dazzling and discopulent array of nocturnal neutrals inspired by sensually starlit seductions under the mesmerising moon. Each hedonistic hue inspires glamorous structure in ten warmly wearable shades with unprecedented single-stroke intensity.


Products in the Launch

Mothership X: Moonlit Seduction, $128.00

  • SKINTENSE GLOW Soft Beige Shimmer
  • XTREME NOCTURNE Brown Taupe Matte
  • BRONZE DEVOTION Gleaming Golden Bronze
  • PLATINUM DUSK Sparkling Metallic Anthracite
  • PLUM CABARET Neutral Plum Matte
  • VR SEXTASY Vermillion with Blue Shift
  • BLITZ VENUS Sparkling Rose Quartz
  • ASTRAL GOLD LUST Sparkling Golden Champagne
  • ASTRAL LILAC AURA Sparkling Platinum Lilac


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Kate Avatar

In the picture, it looks just like several other Mothership palettes. I don’t trust the color accuracy of PM images, though, so maybe it is more different than it appears. Interested to see your swatches and review.

Swoozy Avatar

It looks nice, but I don’t need it and can dupe these close enough with other things I already have from PMG. I’m so tired of pink eyeshadows.

Tracey McGarry Avatar

I think finally this will be my first Pat McGrath palette, this colour story is the first one to make my heart skip a beat , yay ❤️

Naomi Avatar

This was not what I was expecting for the 10th Mothership. I was hoping she would go all out and release an all Blitz Astral palette similar to how she did for Decadence with metallics. I know a lot of people are going to be let down by the color selection, though I like her rosier tones since they are wearable. I am just not jumping to grab this one at full price. I am also not happy that she chose to repeat the packaging from the IX and just made a few minor tweaks; The outer packaging has always been a part of the new Mothership experience.

kjh Avatar

Discopulent? I have zero idea what that means. But to me, regardless, the denotation is vulgar. I see ‘copulate’ as the root. It’s like a cross between pseudo-erudite and worn out UD/Nars sexual images. Turn off either way.

Jane Avatar

Often times her names turn me off as well. This time, I only have one that does and like I did once with an old UD palette, I just cover them if there on the palette. In her case, she doesn’t put them there, so it’s outright and mind. But I definitely hear you on the tiresome use of sexual inuendoes in MANY brands product naming.

Thalia Avatar

Oh my goodness. Will I be buying this? Yes. Will I be waiting until Black Friday sales for a minimum of 30% off to buy it? Also yes. I adore PMG, but gas costs me more than $5/gal and getting groceries anymore requires taking out a second mortgage payment. 40% off is the new 20% off.
The color story looks more daily wear friendly and less avant garde than earlier Motherships, which given the current economic environment, makes sense. I think brands across the board are playing it safe when it comes to color stories anymore.

Brian Avatar

It looks beautiful. I would probably buy it if I had the money to spend. It’s also boring. For the love of all that is holy I am begging PMG to do COLORFUL MATTES. PLEASE.

Tigerlaf Avatar

Nice looking palette if you have nothing else by OMG. For me though, this would be ridiculously redundant. They’re nothing new in this palette except the glittery blue brown duochrome, which I’m sure I can dupe.

Gina Avatar

this looks pretty and glad it’s not another pink palette, but also repetitive in terms of colors already in her other motherships…guess i’m never that sad about not being into a pmg product bc so pricey! but imagine if she did a green or blue centered palette? could be incredible!

Maureen Avatar

The name and description made me hope I had finally found THE Mothership for me because I’ve always been in love with the whole lunar-celestial-starlight aesthetic, but the packaging and the image seem warmer and earthier than I expected. I see some shades that correspond with my imagination…but idk. I guess I have to accept that the perfect Mothership for Me might never appear and that I will have to supplement (particularly for transition shades—since I’m pale *and* have small deep-set eyes I feel like I can’t go as deep as I might desire with my eye looks) and there might be a shade or two I don’t use at all. I am still excited to see other people use the palette and maybe I will still be inspired to get it as my first Mothership!

Sydney Avatar

That’s part of the problem with Pat McGrath. At that price, we think every shade should be the shade of our dreams. That will never happen. As with $12 Colourpop palettes, there will be shades you adore and shades you will never use.

Maureen Avatar

Exactly right. I don’t think I’ve ever had a palette where I really want to use every single shade. I need to let go of finding the perfect fit and find my best fit.

Waiting for another sale though 😉

Laura Davis Avatar

It looks beautiful like her products typically are yet I find myself bored with a same-old-same-old sitch here with this palette.

Christina D. Avatar

I know how misleading photos can be — especially from this brand — but this looks like previous iterations of recent Motherships and I had to take a closer look at the descriptions (that, and the “X”) to see what exactly is new about it. Will have to wait and see what it REALLY looks like.

And OMG…who writes this copy? It reads like a bad romance novel. Simply cringe-worthy IMO.

Shannon Avatar

This would be gorgeous if the lighter pink was switched with a mid-tone satin purple and the bronze shade was a matte dark blue… I’m so tired of the matte pinks, bronzes and golds being in every dang palette!

Susan Avatar

I dont get it? It doesnt look anything like previous releases! So glad no clown looking colors here….its really very wearable yet not typical imo! I have not been inspired by pmg for a very long time……i will wait to see Christines swatches before considering picking this one up….but i do think it looks really good!

raja Avatar

It’s fairly boring, but at least she’s playing with some cool tones again. I’m going to get it, but it’s apparent that the company isn’t willing to step out of the box the way they did with the pre-Divine Rose Motherships. .

Mary Avatar

I received the notice about this today and my eyes popped !
I’m cautiously optimistic about this one …although I’ve been taken in by the glam editorial before…
so I’m interested but will wait for Christine’s reviews …

Latika Avatar

Looks amazing.. beautiful.. and I am absolutely sure more stunning in person.. the glittery smoky opulence to be created.. I really wanted her to take a break and give me a bronzer… but oh well I guess it is not my time yet.. none the less.. I will contemplate getting this palette once I swatch in person. I usually am not one for a lot of smoky eye looks but Mother Pat can probably make me rethink it.


I have all the motherships except DR1…….this looks like the one that got away, I will be picking this up on 30% to fill the void. Thanks Mother;)

Cyn Avatar

I’m guessing 40% by thanksgiving, unless she has another “accidental” 50% off sale.
I’m so over buying her stuff at full price, only to see everything go on sale shortly after.
It’s ridiculous for a brand that markets itself as luxury to do that.
Having said that, I’m so getting this. The photos and swatches never do her stuff justice. In person, nearly all the motherships are stunners.

Ellen Avatar

I think she finally got me, this might be my first Mothership. Although I agree with Shannon that it would be so great if the bronze gold shade was instead a matte dark blue. The navy shade in my much loved Viseart Liaison palette gets so much use and I think it would really work with both the shimmers/metallics/special shades in this, as well as with the pinky mattes.

Alice Avatar

I still don’t own any full size PM palette. For something at this price point (it’s still a lot even at 40% off, especially since I have a collection that I am already happy with), I want to make sure it is something that I would actually get a lot of use out of. I have been debating between Bronze seduction (but the transitional shade is too dark for me), Divine Rose 1 (still a strong contender, but can dupe it with other smaller PM palettes that I have already owned) or Huetopia Dream (totally my kind of color story, but review is mixed, and it is a little brighter than my typical type of everyday neutral)

This new one looks even more up my alley!!! I can’t wait to see the actual swatches.

Deborah S. Avatar

My daughter saw this on social media and sent it to me saying, “Mom this is you in palette form. You need to get it.” Now my daughter is enabling me! It is pretty but I will wait and see swatches. I have looked at it on PMGL IG feed but I hate how she films her products with all the CGI sparkle. You really can’t know how anything really looks.

Char_in_Taipei Avatar

It’s so sad that for international customers like me, Pat McGrath upped the price of every items on her website so that I find it even harder to justify myself purchasing from her. For a Mothership palette, it is USD 140 instead of the normal USD 128 (I’m from Taiwan). On top of that, I need to pay for shipping (when the amount of my order does not qualify free shipping) and of course customs😩.

Laura Avatar

I was really hoping that X would be “the” Mothership palette to really wow me. It’s… pretty? I keep seeing people talk about the similarities with other palettes PMG has released recently, so I threw together a side-by-side comparison in one image, and I’m inclined to agree. It’s at: (Top to bottom, left to right: Moonlit Seduction, Huetopian Dream, Divine Rose II, Divine Rose.) Apart from a couple of more saturated pinks and golds (and that lilac in XI), these are definitely a continuation of the same color story IMO. Real swatches might differentiate it from the pack, since Mother’s special shades look very different in pan, but for now I’m passing on this one.

Brenda Avatar

I agree with the majority of comments. I’m over the pinks and golds too, but it’s Pat and Mother never disappoints. There have been several motherships that at first I was going to pass on but eventually bought. Those are my most used and loved ones. I’ll pick this up, love cool tones.

Z Avatar

I’m 100% saying this from a genuine, and not a bitchy for the sake of it, place – I thought this pic was of one of the last two releases. They have all begun to look very much the same. But as always I’ll wait until I see YOUR swatches. I think we’re all aware of the “inaccuracies” in PMG’s promo photos.

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