Pat McGrath Huetopian Dream Mothership IX Palette Coming Soon!

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Pat McGrath Huetopian Dream Mothership IX Palette Coming Soon!
Pat McGrath Huetopian Dream Mothership IX Palette Coming Soon!
Pat McGrath Huetopian Dream Mothership IX Palette Coming Soon!
Pat McGrath Huetopian Dream Mothership IX Palette Coming Soon!
Pat McGrath Huetopian Dream Mothership IX Palette Coming Soon!
Pat McGrath Huetopian Dream Mothership IX Palette Coming Soon!

Release Date + About the Launch

Experience astral projection as your transform eyes into prismatic nebulas with these ultra-blendable, hyper-wearable hues. Ten cosmically creamy pigments venture from iridescent amethyst and solar bronze to shocking pink-coral. Six futuristic finishes — velvety mattes, mesmerising metallics, luminous shimmer, mind altering duochromes and single transcendental triochrome let you gleam, smoulder and shape your way through a galaxy of looks. All shades are formulated with a next-generation technology to ensure seamless blendability and exceptional wear on every skin tone.

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8/12, 9AM ET

Products in the Launch

Huetopian Dream Mothership IX Palette, $125.00

The year is 2049: are you ready to ride the rainbow to outerspace? Be the first to boldly blend where no one has blended before in a cosmic paradise of floral futurism starring ten universally flattering shades in an alluring array of matte, shimmer, metallic and multichromatic finishes.

IntesifEYES Artistry Wand, $TBA (New, Permanent)

Behold: mixing liquid in an easy-to-use pen. This major multitasker amplifies the vibrancy and shine of metallic and sparkling shadows, delivering longwearing looks that transcend the stratosphere.


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Mariella Avatar

I’m the opposite – pinks, reds – they don’t work for me. But like you, Rachel, to me this looks like just another “more of the similar” – I only have one PMG palette and because of the prices and how similar they all look to me and the plethora of red, pink and orange toned shadows in all of them, even at half the price, I wouldn’t be signing on for this. If anyone wants a bit of the vapours, her palettes retail for $170 here so for me to drop that much cash, a palette would have to be outright perfection, with every shade one that I adore.

Mariella Avatar

For all I know, this new palette may be more expensive – I was going on the price of the other ones currently at Sephora. In all honesty, even if I loved every shade, I do not think I would ever spend that on an eyeshadow palette, however wonderful.

Gaiya Avatar

The color story seems to be in alignment with divine rose I and II palettes so it’ll be an easy skip for me. What’s different in this palette has been colors in her previous palettes I feel like. The previous two mothership palettes must have done really well if they’re continuing with the similar color story.

Mary B. Avatar

Will be interesting to see swatches. This promo shot looks almost completely different from PM’s IG story, where it looks very orange. Oh, who am I kidding, I can’t pay $125 for one palette!

raja Avatar

The packaging is gorgeous! And I know I’ll love those Astral shades. But this is kind of boring. It’s the same pinks and browns with a pop of gold. I’ll probably still get it because at this point I like to collect the Mothership palettes, but it’s not making me want to get it right out of the gate.

DG Avatar

…I saw this and assumed it was one of the Divine Rose palettes.

I’ve been a bit salty about PMG since the first launch of Divine Rose (compounded with the fact the lipsticks I own seem to have… dried up / thickened? They’re rather unpleasant to use.), and I won’t buy her products. But I do lament for those who still love her stuff and want to see something different. This might be good for darker skin tones?

Maybe I’m being unfair. But yawn.

kjh Avatar

My Pat l/s have not begun to die yet. No change in texture, though some of the mattes came a bit draggy. They live out, but in front of an AC. Reframing: if they do die, I’ll replace them with those Armani liquids I covet. At least they don’t get grody tubes, like Nars. To me, the palettes are for admiration from afar. Zero need, plus I do think they’re OTT and expensive for a person my age.

Kate Avatar

This is a beautiful-looking palette but I feel like the first “quad” of shades (top two left, bottom two left) looks like it’s lifted directly from Divine Rose I. The coral and gold shades also look like they might be repeats from past palettes. I look forward to seeing your review because, as much as I love my PMG palettes, they’re too expensive to justify purchasing if I have shades that can serve as dupes.

DonnaL Avatar

At least three of those shades remind me of ones in the Divine Rose palettes. It wouldn’t be a PMG palette without a gold shade.

I’m really getting tired of how she builds hype for the product. We all know they know when the palette will be available. Why not announce it?

Chelsea Avatar

It look pretty. But the pen looks gimmicky. Also as an OLD I feel like I’ve seen or used that before. Any gen xers our there who recall seeing this in the 90’s?

Juliet Avatar

Gen Xer here. When I first saw the pen, I thought it was the “stay on your lips until you die” topper that Revlon made in the 90s. It was sold along with their long-last lipsticks and it essentially pulled all the moisture from your face and within 20 minutes, your mouth was a cracked, desolate land coated in a thick layer of colored adobe. Whenever I think of that pen, I consider it a badge of honor that me and my kisser survived the early wave of “wear all day” lipsticks. THANK YOU, SCIENCE for getting us to 2021.

Denise S. Avatar

The palette looks very pretty! Hope it doesn’t lean too pink because I have way to many pink eye shadows. And I’m very interested in a pen with mixing liquid to secure metallic/glittery eye shadows. Eye primer in a wand sounds very convenient. Excited for the new release!

Swoozy Avatar

Well, this seems like a reprise of Divine Rose I &II with the lilac in Midnight Sun. All of which I have, so this is an easy pass.

Brenda Avatar

At first reveal I was disappointed. I was really hoping for pastel blue and green and instead of another dark brown matte a navy matte instead. However, I will buy this mothership because I adore Mother Pat, nothing compares. I am excited to try the pen, provided it reviews well.

Wednesday Avatar

Divine Rose meets Midnight Sun. I really have to see swatches to determine how close the shades are to the many PMG which look similar in stash. Some of her shadows are pretty special in my eyes and yeah I’ll fess up to being a sucker for her products. However, she cannot make me wade through the blasted product descriptions. 🙄. I quit after the first sentence.

Kia Harris Avatar

It’s pretty will need swatches to see if I really want it. I’m also trying to understand what magical palette and colors folks are expecting from PMG? All colors have already been done in highlight, blush, and eyeshadow 🤷🏿‍♀️. What new colors are there that aren’t available? This palette is exactly what I picture for the brand and the price is too just like Tom Ford, Natasha, Dior and everyone else price their palettes and products but I see most gripe on PMG products. Just don’t buy it 🤷🏿‍♀️. Anyway thanks for all you do on this blog been following since the beginning 😍

Erica Avatar

I dunno. This is the same ol same ol from PML except she added a sparkly purple this time. This is a pass for me as this looks like her last few releases. I don’t get new or innovative or even rainbow!

Latika Avatar

I love this! I know people will complain about the pinks.. these are lovely with the bronzy colors and that blue/purple! I will absolutely buy it. I love all of these.. I have sublime..and both divine rose palettes and bronze seduction.. and several of the small quads.. I love every palette of PMG I will enjoy this one too! Just went I thought I did not need another one…

brendacr1 Avatar

I would love to see the swatches but I doubt very much I will purchase, I’m sure I could dupe them all, just pick from any of her other palettes. I am interested to see what the pen does though, I like gimmicky new things, if they work well!

Lune Avatar

This still looks like another predominantly pink and red palette. I’ll wait to see if the swatches prove me wrong, but otherwise this color scheme has been done to death. Including by PMG.

Brian Avatar

The special shades look beautiful but the other six are disappointing. I don’t get why there isn’t at least ONE colorful matte? A purple? A blue? SOMETHING.

Mo Avatar

I wonder if the Artistry Wand is similar to Fyrinnae’s Pixie Epoxy?

The palette looks lovely, but I’d need to see swatches, because other than the lavender it looks too much like other PMG palettes.

Naomi Avatar

Yeah, I wonder what the texture/formula is like. I like Pixie Epoxy, but it does take some getting used to it if you’re new. I wonder if it’s more fluid-like or on the thicker side like PE.

Nikki Avatar

Is shade 9 a repromote of Sextraterrestrial? It looks like it! I love that shade, but didn’t like the rest of that particular Divine Rose palette enough to buy it. But this one, with Sextraterrestrial and all the purples? Maybe!

Clidre Avatar

No dear, there are no repromotes in the new palette (although many shades seem close to previous releases).
The new multichrome is different from Sexaterrestrial: while Sexaterrestrial is similar to Clionadh Forge or Natasha Denona Ultraviolet, with a fuchsia/green shift, this new one is similar to Clionadh Kiln or ND Dogbane, with a red/gold/green shift.

Paulina Avatar

It’s not giving me rainbow-pastel vibes that was promised and it for how it looks, it could be named Divine Rose III as well. Another palette of bronzes, gold and couple of pinks. How original

Chelsea Avatar

It definitely appears to be a far more mainstream marketing colour story to me :/
Like I understand Pat not wanting to revisit the most recent Festival Makeup / Euphoria phase – but this really does read as a more neutral Divine Rose palette theme than anything else.

Penny Bartol Avatar

Beautiful palette but too similar to other shades in previous palettes. I already have 5 PMG mothership ones and there is nothing special here that would warrant me spending that much for maybe one or two shades. The swatches and reviews would have to be spectacular for me to cave….As far as the new formulation , I’m very happy with her previous shadows, can’t believe it would be that “new”

Mary B. Avatar

Someone posted a comparison to the other PM palettes (I can’t link to it here, sorry) and the similarities are shocking. Easy, easy pass.

Juliet Avatar

All I want is a Pat McGrath purple Mothership. I would pay double for everything lavender to royal, maybe with some burgundy thrown in. Ms. Pat – you can even toss in one of your beloved golds. Just please, give me a super purple palette.


This looks stunning but the swatches on Sephora never seem to match the pans (or even come close to them). I’ll have to wait until Temptalia swatches it because those are the only ones I trust 🥰.

Valerie Avatar

Looks like Divine Rose x Midnight Sun lavender. I can’t use most of her golds, as I lean cool-toned, so that’s probably one color down. Also not a fan of red rabbit-eyes, so that’s 2. But I can probably make everything else work. Plus I’ve learned that sometimes, the PMG colors that scare me can actually look great.
Looking forward to Christine’s swatches so I can drool some more before it gets here.

Gina Avatar

like other people i am not excited about the shadow colors– i have a few PM quads and bigger palettes and all these colors (obvs in somewhat diff tones) are already in previous releases. give us more blues! greens! but the pen looks cool– look forward to seeing reviews of it in action.

domaas366 Avatar

I hope for a palette in future w more warmer matte light shades, like yellow-coral, orange, yellow-beige etc. It is always the glitter ones that have more exiting colours, and more cool/ashy matte eye colours next to it. If i Could, I would trade the 3 colours on the left w these ones. Thinking of the 3 of the 4 lightest ones: Or some of the light ones here:

Is there any colours in this palette, that already exist in any of the other PM palettes?

Sydney Avatar

I wish she had paid attention to Christine’s dreams for future Pat palettes, which were much more interesting. I have 3 Pat palettes. If I had none, this might interest me, but she needs to stray from gold and rose tones.

Kate Avatar

I agree with the comments that this looks similar to the rose-themed palettes that we’ve seen from PMG recently but the truth is that I use both of my Divine Rose palettes and Rose Decadence a lot. So if there are enough shades that seem unique and I think I’ll get a lot of use out of the workhorse neutrals, there’s a good chance I’ll pick this one up too.

Kira Avatar

I was looking forward to reading peoples’ reactions here to this palette. I don’t feel a rush to get this right away, and I hope if I put it off long enough, maybe there will be a gorgeous limited edition packaging version of this. Iridescent? Hope someone at PMG is reading this 😉

Valerie Avatar

What a good idea, Kira. I didn’t want to chase a second Divine Rose just for the pink packaging. I had bought a second Midnight Sun (it’s a genius palette and a workhorse) for the gold trim package and a second V in the purple packaging from Bergdorff’s (but didn’t use it as much as I thought I would).
So maybe this time I’ll wait for the LE packaging. Thank you for the reminder!!

Naomi Avatar

I am definitely picking this up when it launches at Sephora! My Divine Rose Motherships are my most used onea. I think PM collectors forget that the PM team caters to a general market as well; The average consumer is not picking up every palette from a brand. The data also probably shows that her pink-themed palettes are selling the most.

I think Pat is probably saving her big ideas for Mothership X; I am really hoping for a unique palette like Decadance or a Blitz Astral/VR palette. I wonder what she will do this holiday season? I hope her team uses this time to stray from the rosy colors since a colorful holiday release would probably sell.

Jennifer Henry Avatar

This is a beautiful palette! If you were not sold on rose or rose 2, this might be your jam. I love the dusty rose color as transition and the purple with blue on the bottom right is so beautiful, as well as the one next to it. Just beautiful duo/multichromes. I wore it out of town on a trip and had 3 different people ask me about it and compliment the look.

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