Pat McGrath Holiday 2019 Collection (Updated 10/10) + 10% Off Code!

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Pat McGrath Holiday 2019 Collection (Updated 10/10) + 10% Off Code!
Pat McGrath Holiday 2019 Collection (Updated 10/10) + 10% Off Code!
Pat McGrath Holiday 2019 Collection (Updated 10/10) + 10% Off Code!
Pat McGrath Holiday 2019 Collection (Updated 10/10) + 10% Off Code!
Pat McGrath Holiday 2019 Collection (Updated 10/10) + 10% Off Code!
Pat McGrath Holiday 2019 Collection (Updated 10/10) + 10% Off Code!
Pat McGrath Holiday 2019 Collection (Updated 10/10) + 10% Off Code!
Pat McGrath Holiday 2019 Collection (Updated 10/10) + 10% Off Code!
Pat McGrath Holiday 2019 Collection (Updated 10/10) + 10% Off Code!
Pat McGrath Holiday 2019 Collection (Updated 10/10) + 10% Off Code!
Pat McGrath Holiday 2019 Collection (Updated 10/10) + 10% Off Code!
Pat McGrath Holiday 2019 Collection (Updated 10/10) + 10% Off Code!
Pat McGrath Holiday 2019 Collection (Updated 10/10) + 10% Off Code!
Pat McGrath Holiday 2019 Collection (Updated 10/10) + 10% Off Code!
Pat McGrath Holiday 2019 Collection (Updated 10/10) + 10% Off Code!
Pat McGrath Holiday 2019 Collection (Updated 10/10) + 10% Off Code!
Pat McGrath Holiday 2019 Collection (Updated 10/10) + 10% Off Code!
Pat McGrath Holiday 2019 Collection (Updated 10/10) + 10% Off Code!
Pat McGrath Holiday 2019 Collection (Updated 10/10) + 10% Off Code!
Pat McGrath Holiday 2019 Collection (Updated 10/10) + 10% Off Code!
Pat McGrath Holiday 2019 Collection (Updated 10/10) + 10% Off Code!
Pat McGrath Holiday 2019 Collection (Updated 10/10) + 10% Off Code!
Pat McGrath Holiday 2019 Collection (Updated 10/10) + 10% Off Code!
Pat McGrath Holiday 2019 Collection (Updated 10/10) + 10% Off Code!
Pat McGrath Holiday 2019 Collection (Updated 10/10) + 10% Off Code!
Pat McGrath Holiday 2019 Collection (Updated 10/10) + 10% Off Code!
Pat McGrath Holiday 2019 Collection (Updated 10/10) + 10% Off Code!
Pat McGrath Holiday 2019 Collection (Updated 10/10) + 10% Off Code!
Pat McGrath Holiday 2019 Collection (Updated 10/10) + 10% Off Code!
Pat McGrath Holiday 2019 Collection (Updated 10/10) + 10% Off Code!
Pat McGrath Holiday 2019 Collection (Updated 10/10) + 10% Off Code!
Pat McGrath Holiday 2019 Collection (Updated 10/10) + 10% Off Code!
Pat McGrath Holiday 2019 Collection (Updated 10/10) + 10% Off Code!
Pat McGrath Holiday 2019 Collection (Updated 10/10) + 10% Off Code!
Pat McGrath Holiday 2019 Collection (Updated 10/10) + 10% Off Code!
Pat McGrath Holiday 2019 Collection (Updated 10/10) + 10% Off Code!

Release Date + Where to Buy

Mother debuts Blitz Astral Quads! These hybrid formulations combine the best features of powder, cream, and fluid textures delivering high pick up with an opulent payoff for eye looks that beam with iconic illumination. Succumb to extravagant makeup artistry with this exquisite array of finishes that deliver radiant color and sparkling shine.

Get early access + 10% off the holiday collection with code OBSESSED here, ends 10/16.

Now online

Products in the Launch

Iconic Illumination Blitz Astral Eyeshadow Quad, $65.00 (Limited Edition)

  • Astral Gold Allure Glittering platinum gold
  • Blitz Bordeaux Sparkling deep burgundy
  • Blitz Brown Rich chocolate brown
  • Bronze Gold 003 Glistening golden bronze

Nocturnal Nirvana Blitz Astral Eyeshadow Quad, $65.00 (Limited Edition)

  • Incandescent Gold 003 Glittering gold sparkle
  • Blitz Aquamarine Glistening blue green
  • VR Emerald Sparkling emerald duo chrome
  • Blitz Purple Vivid purple sheen

Ritualistic Rose Blitz Astral Quad, $65.00 (Limited Edition)

  • Antique Gold 002 Glistening antique gold
  • Astral Rose Orchid Glittering rose gold
  • Beyond Bronze 003 Sparkling deepened bronze
  • Rose Quartz 005 Metallic plum gold

ChromaLuxe Hi-Light Cream, $30.00

This gel-cream highlighter shines with radiant glittering effects for the eyes and face, available in sparkling gold and brilliant blue iridescence. Pearlescent pigments create multidimensional shine with a smooth texture that’s exceptionally adhesive and applies effortlessly with the finger or a brush. This glittering full coverage cream stays in place for lasting wear and high-impact diamond sparkle intensity.

  • Pale Gold 002 Sparkling gold
  • Astral Blue Star Brilliant blue iridescence

MatteTrance Lipstick Duo, $70.00 (Limited Edition)

  • Nocturnal Nirvana Elson + Flesh 5
  • Ritualistic Rose Beautiful Stranger + Femme Bot
  • Iconic Illumination Vendetta + Fever Dream

Lip Fetish Noir, $40.00

The iconic Lip Fetish Balm unleashes luminous hydration in two new noir-tinted hues presented in luxe Limited Edition matte black bullets. The ultimate secret weapon for lethally luscious lips now shines in an opulently opalescent Noir & a glittering Astral Blue Star. Decadent luminosity meets lush hydration in a legendary formulation infused with soothing emollients, antioxidants & vitamins that impart dewy divinity in a single swipe.

  • Noir Opalescent ebony
  • Astral Blue Star Glittering iridescent

MatteTrance Lipstick, $40.00 (Special Packaging)

  • Omi Mid-tone rose (Matte)
  • Guinevere Blooded crimson (Matte)
  • Flesh 3 Brown rose (Matte)
  • Christy Divine beige nude (Matte)
  • Deep Orchid Plum berry (Matte)
  • 1995 Warm light nude (Matte)


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Dianne Avatar

Yes Michelle, it has to do with the international monetary exchange rate. When I am in Canada or Australia I get more money when I exchange my US dollar. However, I get less money in the exchange rate when I am in Europe or Japan for the Euros or Yen respectively. It is not Pat’s decision.

Mariella Avatar

I’d love to see a move to MORE cardboard and recycle-able packaging generally in makeup. I was looking at Pat’s singles at Sephora yesterday – MORE useless sequins, which I’ve kvetched about before. I’d just seen that young Swedish girl, Greta Thunberg, on the news moments before and then, faced with this stupid plastic sequin packaging – it just made me angry because it’s not even like it’s useful stuff for 90% or more of the people who buy it. We have to stop thinking of heavy plastic packaging as “high end” or “luxury” and more as a luxury we can no longer afford.

Van Avatar

When I ordered my Mothership V palette (and nothing else), it came in a large box filled to the brim with black plastic confetti. It was cool for about five seconds, and then I just got annoyed. It got everywhere, and when I finally bagged it up to throw it away, there was enough confetti to fill up an entire grocery bag.

Valerie Avatar

The only thing marginally more annoying than the confetti (which my cats love to track all over the house) is the sequins stuff used to come packaged in.
It’s one of the few downsides to being a PMG fanatic, I must admit.
Super annoying cleanup every time and a gnawing guilt about my ever-increasing carbon footprint. If it were any other brand, I would never order from them again.

Mariella Avatar

I wonder if it’s incumbent on all of us to contact the company (this one in particular because of all the really needless extra plastic in the form of those sequins and then a plastic zip lock bag to hold them) to state our feelings and request/beg/implore the company to rethink this idea of “glam” (or whatever is behind it) in the interest of plain old common sense.

Kiran Avatar

I have. Multiple times. The response I receive from CS agents… it’s not under their control or decision making. So I guessing it’s direct decision by Pat herself !

Dianne Avatar

I am sure you are pretty smart Michelle Evans and I never meant to attack you in that way. I sincerely apologize. Cle de peau, La Mer, Sisley Paris, Omorovicza are very expensive . I know people who buy those products and people who do not. Since those products are still sold world wide; enough people buy to turn profit for those companies. Probably many in your country will buy Pat’s products despite the price.

Michelle Evans Avatar

Thanks Dianne, I spend thousands and thousands of dollars a year on makeup and I think this is too expensive for what it is. I have virtually all of the luxury makeup brands and brushes.

Dianne Avatar

OH MY GOODNESS MICHELE, I spend to MUCH on makeup but I get some savings from duty free and if I have always had good luck with the product maker, what can I say, I buy. {lol}. I have a daughter and sisters who make regular visits. Smile.

Christina Avatar

While i like the Nocturnal Blitz quad, it seems awfully expensive for just 4 shades, even if it contains the luxe packaging and the special shimmer formula. I’m tempted, as I don’t have any of the Mothership palettes, but the price is high, even for someone like me who regularly purchases luxury cosmetics. If it swatches well in store, I might just pick it up anyway because the VR Emerald is calling my name!

Kuávsui Avatar

Nocturnal Nirvana is exactly what I want from a colourful set! I love this concept and I hope she’ll be bringing out more quads – and I hope these are released in Europe or at least outside of Sephora as well. I don’t mind exclusivity per se but it definitely leaves a sour taste in my mouth if that’s the whole holiday collection. At least selfridges seems to have the five-pan mini palettes!

Christine Avatar

They’ve raised prices on the 6-pans to $65, but one thing to note is that each quad includes the domed formula, which has (thus far) been reserved to the larger Motherships – I don’t know if there’s any truth to it, but some feel like they’re the “expensive” formula, which is a theory on why they haven’t been in the six-pans. I would have expected the quads to be $55, though – like it would have explained the bump to $65 on six-pans knowing that quads were coming at $55.

I’ll say that, generally, more baked/domed formulas have, historically, been more expensive than traditional powder eyeshadows (see MAC Extra Dimension, NARS Dual Intensity).

Mithila Avatar

Makes sense.
Just feel frustrated on multiple fronts –
1. this product is only available on the Sephora USA site that people in the EU cannot even open because the site is not GDPR compliant. The way in which Sephora handled that situation is a whole other mess :D.
So we can’t even look at the product listing or order from Sephora, we have to wait for it to come to the PMG site.
2. Next the price point – USD 65. They usually just replace USD with EUR with no change to the value when listing on the PMG site. USD 65 is not the same as EUR 65, c’mon! Also the new Mothership palette is now €120 instead of the €115 it was earlier.
So not only is it expensive to start with, they made it that much more by changing the currency.
3. Finally, let’s say you wait for it to get to the PMG website and you swallow the increased price, you are hit with the final ballistic missile – Customs Duties.
As PMG is US based, you have to pay 21% on the cost of the product+shipping when you receive it here in the Netherlands. She gives free shipping only if your total order value crosses €250 something. You cannot always make such a huge order and the things you want are never in stock all at the same time.
She is giving you free shipping to NL currently, but I don’t know how long that will last.

So basically feels like all these products are only for the people who live in America.

A little harsh when Pat herself is British don’t you think?

I get this is a luxury brand, but at this point I feel like we’re all being taken for a big ride.

Christine Avatar

They were unveiled at Selfridges’ holiday press day, so imagine they’ll be available there soon. I think Selfridges carries most of the line, like they have the new Midnight Sun palette and the mini eyeshadow palettes that came out recently.

I’m not sure where the brand is set up, their legal structure, what import fees or distributor fees might occur, etc., I know that the price point of some brands is much higher internationally than in the US, so it’s not uncommon to see from what readers have said over the years (like MAC eyeshadow refills had a price drop here but not in other countries!). Wish I could be of more help, but those are things that are far outside of my knowledge! I just looked up a few on Selfridges – MAC Lipsticks are €20.00 and they’re $18.50 US, and Natasha Denona 15-pans are €125.00 and $129.00 US. Anastasia Soft Glam shows up for €52.00 but retails for $42 US. PMG’s Midnight Sun actually shows €129 on Selfridges!

jean Avatar

Hi Ladies,
thank you for the information!
I really hope the collection is going to drop at selfridges! How come the brand doesn’t say such important stuff!!
They just say that is going to be available in the US but doesn’t say anything about the whole European market! Pat Macgrath is available at Selfridges and Net A Porter but selfridges usually is the first to have product launches.
Maybe the higher prices are the value change from Pounds to Euros!? Since Selfridges and Net A Porter are uk based…

Shari Avatar

These quads! Everyone has been saying for the longest that she needs to make a small palette with her best formulas that she doesn’t include in her 6 pans. I need both

Kira Avatar

re the new ones — really loving Ritualistic Rose Blitz Astral Quad! She hinted on Instagram that she will do a deal price for all three quads. I hope there’s a good deal or that these go on sale after the holidays! These and the NARS matte lip pencil mini set have definitely been the most appealing holiday releases to me.

Meeyeon Park Avatar

If you ladies think the U.S. prices are crazy, get a load of the Canadian ones. The limited edition Holiday 2018 (yes, they’re still available) were priced at CAD$70. Now, the permanent 6-pan palettes are CAD$86, and now these quads are… CAD$86 !?! Insanity.

Nicole Avatar

Very torn on this. I do find her shadows beautiful, but for $60 more you could get the 10 pan with the luxe packaging. Either way, I think it very nice for Mother collectors. 😉

Gina Avatar

I swatched both of these today in my Sephora.
I was NOT impressed at all.
Both had very, very weak payoff.
They are absolutely gorgeous to look at, but no way are they worth $65.

Gita Avatar

I also swatches both palettes in store today and the color payoff was great, just like her usual mothership palettes. I ended up buying the Iconic Illumination quad, the colors are much more beautiful in person than they look in pictures… honestly I had no intention of buying either one.

Alyson Avatar

I agree, the colour payoff is fantastic…not “weak” at all. Plus I can do one better than swatches…I actually bought both and have tried them on my eyes! No need to use them wet, they go on perfectly with a brush. I collect the Pat McGrath palettes so I “needed” them either way, but I am still very very happy to have these in my collection!

Alecto Avatar

If these are a hybrid formula that’s meant to have a creamy, or cream-to-powder like formula, then being displayed as a tester will ruin them. I don’t think they’d be well-represented by the quads that are left out for people to swatch from.

Jen Avatar

Missing out on the Decadence MOTHERSHIP is my one makeup missing out regret. So I’m picking up both quads during the next VIB sale. Also, I love that she went with the MOTHERSHIP packaging for these palettes.

Deborah S. Avatar

So, Nocturnal Nirvana is winging it’s way to me as we speak! I picked up two of those because, one for my daughter, of course. I get the higher price is obnoxious but, and it is a big but to me, if they are something I want then what is the point of not buying it? I mean if you can’t afford it, I get that but when I have the money and I love the colour story, I would only be punishing myself by not buying it.

Catherine Avatar

I think there would be more openness to the price point if people could pick which four shades they could put in the quad for $65. There are definitely combinations I would pay $65 for, even without any discount sales. Blitz Emerald, Blitz Sapphire, maybe the red Blitz from Mothership V, and one of the domed sparklies – yes please! Or Emerald, Sapphire, and two of the domes sparklies. Because of the packaging and the formula types, I don’t really compare this quad and pricing to the six-pans – I compare more to the Mothership 10-pan palettes for $125, and I’m like hmmm. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

P Jill Avatar

I was really unimpressed with Nirvana in the store. The aqua was sheer and the green seemed more lime than emerald. The other palette is unnecessary if you have singles such as Sextrovert or Crimson Fire singles. I strongly prefer the Mothership Palettes to the smaller cardboard housed PMG ones, not only for packaging, but size of pan and blend ability even if if is supposed to be the same formula (except for the VR ones)

TropicalCowgirl Avatar

I initially felt this way too. However, when bringing in my palettes to show my boss who LOVES the glimmers, I realize I constantly use these as toppers in the majority of my looks. Every time I use her golds, I always get compliments, even from men. This formula is so different than the ones in the six pans…it’s “cushiony”.

I do get though that not everyone goes for gold. But if you think of her product evolution, it was where it all started. It also transforms her blues into a beautiful shimmery emerald. I am craving Iconic Illumination…would completely compliment Sublime Bronze Temptation (red six pan…my fave!)

Anastasia Avatar

A silver could do the same transformation, or better yet an iridescent! It looks like some of the formulas found in her current big palettes and not as “cushiony” or creamy as Decadence. Its not interesting to me, since I have & love Motherships Subversive (3) & Bronze Seduction (5). I’ve always leaned more towards cooler tones so I’m often against gold anyway, but I appreciate the grungy golds.

bridget Avatar

I find the price point for the quads and the lipsticks absolutely ridiculous and in direct contravenance of the spirit of holiday releases. Turning me off all PMG products!

Alyson Avatar

FYI Nocturnal Nirvana is different in person than it is in the photos (or even in the official promo video on Instagram). I don’t know why that is, but the dark purple is on the bottom left and the duochrome shade is just straight up mid-tone emerald green. It’s still Blitz formula and it’s freakin’ gorgeous, but the photos make it look like some sort of pink/gold/green duochrome shade. NOPE. It’s green.

Valerie Avatar

Since there were so many grumbles about price, I found the MSRP and weights of a selection of luxury market quads to get a sense of the price per weight distribution:

Chanel $65 (2gm, $32.5/gm)
Tom Ford $88 (6gm, $14.7/gm)
Cle de peau $80 (6gm, $13.3/gm)
NARS $52 (4.5gm, $11.5/gm)
PMG $65 (6gm, $10.8/gm)
Charlotte Tilbury $53 (5.2gm, $10.2/gm)
Suqqu $48 (5.6gm, $8.6/gm)

Pat McGrath is marketing herself as a luxury brand, where you pay from $9-32/gm in a quad and she falls somewhere in the middle. These new holiday quads are also her “special shades” in the “special packaging” of black lacquer. So although you get 10 shades for $125 in the black lacquer package, 4 of those are the special shades and not super dupeable. If you own any motherships then you know what I’m talking about. If you buy the 6-pan, they’re $65 but cardboard. If you don’t care about packaging then the luxury market must seem really inflated and none of this matters anyway.

All things considered, it’s a decent price for luxury market – high quality, undupeable shades in beautiful packaging, especially that mermaid-vibes quad. It’s a great holiday gift for a gal who cares about luxury, quality, and uniqueness. Or someone who loves PMG. Or someone who’s not price-sensitive and just wants world-class things.

And I have a feeling there’s more stuff coming from Pat so if this seems much, there will be more to choose from in the PMG holiday range soon enough. These holiday lipsticks are a rerelease of the 2018 holiday collection, in the same packaging, just scrambled a bit. And the Midnight Sun mothership came far in advance of schedule. So there are probably some new lippies on the way, and another Mothership or collection of 6-pans to boot. The holiday season has been underway for a month in the beauty world, but then there’s The Holiday season and that usually gets kicked off in November.

Z Avatar

Thanks for the breakdown! I rather enjoy that PMG has a range of packaging and price point options across the board. Her shadows are really nice, but the $125 palettes are a bit of a miss for me as far as color selection and quality FOR THE PRICE, but everything else priced below that I’ve quite enjoyed and feel are worth the pricetag, while keeping the luxury feel – baby plastic palettes aside, which are just going to be awesome for travel.

Valerie Avatar

You know, I’m a PMG fanatic but afraid I must agree. Her small palettes are better than the 10-pans overall. For the price, I want to be able to use every single shadow. I’m lucky if I use half the shadows on any of those large palettes. I tend to use more of the shadows on the smaller palettes..
Come to think of it, it might be an issue for me overall. I don’t use the larger 28- or 15-pan ND palettes as much as the smaller 5-pan ones. Same with Viseart. I love quads.
So maybe for me it’s an overall issue of getting overwhelmed by larger palettes? I know I can make them work but maybe it feels like a lot to try, when I have a smaller palette option.
But I’m such a fiend about her range that I’l probably get any palette she comes out with!

Nancy T Avatar

Valerie, you’re not alone on that! I’ve begun to beer more towards using my smaller palettes and quads more often recently myself. I believe it truly is a sense of feeling overwhelmed in a sensory overload kind of way? I’m not sure. However, her 10 pans don’t do that to me, nor does ND Lila, so I’m not 100% sure on my theory yet. The only mega sized palette I’d even consider for myself could be one of the two Viseart matte megas. They are ultra cohesive and probably the only ones that don’t make me feel nauseous or stressed to look at them!

Z Avatar

I absolutely adore Guinevere, but I’m much happier with the teal/blue packaging from last season versus the red of this one.

I’m interested in those eyeshadow palettes too and can’t wait for you to swatch them!

Valerie Avatar

Thank you! Looks like a Selfridges exclusive, early October… I’ll hold off on buying these quads and just do it through Selfridges. Might end up the same as VIB sale or better.

Jane Avatar

Look, she did what many (including me) asked for some time ago, just the blitz and VR colors. But the prices! Argh! I can’t justify it as they are the best (thought they are VERY, VERY good) the I’ve found. I mean after I duped the blitz blue with a 8 dollar Kiko shadow (yes, really, even quality was better), I can’t see paying so much for them. Again, perhaps because I’m on palette overload, I don’t see anything out that is “special” or “unique”. The thrill is gone. 🙁 Norvina’s n°2 and Jeffrey Star’s Blue Blood are the only palettes that have colors that I don’t have much of in my collection, only I really would prefer a frosty winter palette (with cohesion and not more that 15 colors). So until I see it in an ND-Pat McGrath-Syndey Grace quality OR I make the time to hunt down the exact colors I want in singles, well I think I may not see another palette purchase this year.

Valerie Avatar

It’s a pet peeve of mine when something gets rolled out slowly. Two of these quads and some lipsticks came out in advance of the rest and LATER we find out you can get the whole set with some benefit (discount) after a bunch of people have already bought it. How are they supposed to feel? Why couldn’t you just roll it out at the same time?
Having said that, it’s all pretty and I want all of it and glad I waited ?

Brenda Avatar

Nocturnal Nirvana is on its way now. I’m definitely picking up Ritualistic Rose too. She confirmed in the comments on the Instagram post announcing this collection that Ritualistic Rose will be on her site. If not I’ll order off of Selfridges site. I’m passing on the other quad. I have Mothership 5, don’t need that many red eyeshadows in my life.

Alecto Avatar

Two thoughts:

1. Holy cow! 78 comments?!?

2. There’s a lot of love for Nocturnal Nirvana, but almost none for Ritualistic Rose, which surprises me; when I saw the marketing photos, I was sure I’d scroll down to find an outpouring of affection for the soft, cool(ish) quad. People continue to surprise me. 🙂

Mimi Avatar

For #2, I think it’s because when Christine first posted this information (Sept 26th I believe from the comments), Ritualistic Rose was not announced yet. It was announced yesterday Oct 7th so most of the comments were posted before will not be mentioning this third quad — except the people who follow sneak peeks and was waiting for it! 😉

Dianne Avatar

When I am in Canada or Australia my dollar goes much further when I exchange US dollars. The difference has to do with the international exchange rate not Pat. When I am in Europe or Japan it cost more US dollars. I get less Eurofor the US dollars.s or Yen

Michelle Evans Avatar

Thanks Dianne I’m pretty smart so I know about the exchange rate but I doubt many people in Australia will be buying this release as it’s so expensive in AUD.

Dia Avatar

Christine, do you know if the 2 Lip Fetish Noir shades and the Hi-Light Creams are limited editions or new additions to her permanent collection?
The lipstick description is rather confusing with the “Limited Edition matte black bullets”. Is it the case that is limited or the shade too (also, isn’t “the bullet” supposed to be the actual lipstick and not the matte black CASE?). *baffled*

Naomi Avatar

I heard a lot of people are complaining about the price, as far as saying that they will not buy from PM anymore. Honestly, I hope these don’t sell out because I would love to pick it up at a discount. Last year’s holiday palettes went on sale. I didn’t get them the first time around, but I just got my hands on the dark star palette and a couple of months ago the original 6 pan palettes went on sale and I was able to pick up those. I would rather wait than pay the full price on these, just because they are pricey on comparison to her current products. There is also an opportunity to get it for less from Sephora during their November sale.

Z Avatar

I need to see the ingredients list on those new highlighters before deciding whether or not to pick them up. If I feel like splurging a balm will follow me home. Man, I love those quads, but they feel redundant to me at this point with my collection. And finally the lipsticks are gorgeous, but I already have the ones I want from the rerelease, even if the holiday packaging is delightful.

Donna Avatar

I did jump and buy but could not use the 10% code as at the moment they are doing Free Shipping and No Duty to the UK so it really works out a great deal for me.

Ivana Avatar

So I got REALLY lucky as I had a 10% code from when I originally signed up for the newsletter… So that on top of the Free shipping and No Duty? Clearly I snagged a quad + 2 lippies combo 😀

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