Pat McGrath Divine Rose II Mothership VIII Artistry Palette for Summer 2020

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Pat McGrath Divine Rose II Mothership VIII Artistry Palette for Summer 2020
Pat McGrath Divine Rose II Mothership VIII Artistry Palette for Summer 2020
Pat McGrath Divine Rose II Mothership VIII Artistry Palette for Summer 2020
Pat McGrath Divine Rose II Mothership VIII Artistry Palette for Summer 2020
Pat McGrath Divine Rose II Mothership VIII Artistry Palette for Summer 2020
Pat McGrath Divine Rose II Mothership VIII Artistry Palette for Summer 2020
Pat McGrath Divine Rose II Mothership VIII Artistry Palette for Summer 2020
Pat McGrath Divine Rose II Mothership VIII Artistry Palette for Summer 2020
Pat McGrath Divine Rose II Mothership VIII Artistry Palette for Summer 2020
Pat McGrath Divine Rose II Mothership VIII Artistry Palette for Summer 2020
Pat McGrath Divine Rose II Mothership VIII Artistry Palette for Summer 2020
Pat McGrath Divine Rose II Mothership VIII Artistry Palette for Summer 2020
Pat McGrath Divine Rose II Mothership VIII Artistry Palette for Summer 2020
Pat McGrath Divine Rose II Mothership VIII Artistry Palette for Summer 2020
Pat McGrath Divine Rose II Mothership VIII Artistry Palette for Summer 2020
Pat McGrath Divine Rose II Mothership VIII Artistry Palette for Summer 2020
Pat McGrath Divine Rose II Mothership VIII Artistry Palette for Summer 2020
Pat McGrath Divine Rose II Mothership VIII Artistry Palette for Summer 2020
Pat McGrath Divine Rose II Mothership VIII Artistry Palette for Summer 2020
Pat McGrath Divine Rose II Mothership VIII Artistry Palette for Summer 2020
Pat McGrath Divine Rose II Mothership VIII Artistry Palette for Summer 2020

Release Date + About the Launch

Luxuriate in an avant garden of couture colour with Mothership VIII: Divine Rose II. This provocative Eye Palette transforms the blushing beauties of the instantly iconic Mothership VII: Divine Rose into a glittering grandiflora bouquet of 10 brilliantly blendable pigments that elevate eye artistry to the heavens in sublime shades, ranging from petal-soft pink, peach, rosé and burgundy to gilty golds, brazen bronze and astral champagne.

Futuristic finishes abound, inspiring looks both everyday-exquisite and extraterrestrial-extreme via mesmerising mattes, supernova shimmers and gleaming glitters, molten metallics, along with an otherworldly triochrome. Adorn eyes in fiercely multidimensional chromatic shine with this aliengelic arrangement. There’s only one rule: BLOOM WITHOUT CAUTION.

Editor’s note: Use code BLOOM10 for 10% off the Divine Rose collection.

Restock 6/12, 9AM EST at PMG

Products in the Launch

Divine Rose II Mothership VIII Artistry Palette, $125.00

Will also be available in limited edition pink-hued packaging (this seems to imply that VIII is permanent in standard packaging!). There will also be a bundle of the first Divine Rose with Divine Rose II with and without special packaging available for $230.

  • Skinshow Rose Opal Incandescent champagne with opalescent shift
  • Naked Blush Mid-tone coral matte
  • Eleganza Chromatic plum pink
  • Bronze Rose 005 Metallic copper rose
  • Gold Lust 001 Glistening antiqued gold
  • Xtreme Burgundy Deepened burgundy matte
  • Divine Dusk Luminous rose bronze
  • Rose Seduction Vivid magenta satin
  • VR Sextraterrestrial Fuchsia, golden peach, chartreuse triochrome
  • Astral Pink Moon Glittering peach champagne

Divine Rose Lip Triso, $80.00

  • Pink Soft Core, Divine Rose, + liner (TBA shade)
  • Peach Christy, Peach Perversion, + liner (TBA shade)


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Sarah Avatar

You know, this is very pretty and I might see myself owning it, but the Bronze Seduction palette and the original Divine Rose really covers all the shades I could want. And besides, I’m not a fan of how Mother chooses to stagger her launches…I don’t like how she and her brand seem to almost relish in how they generate feelings of FOMO. I don’t want to feel like I have to beg a brand to take my cash so I can have a product in return. At some point, even the most luxury of luxury isn’t worth the run around.

Ah well.

Mariella Avatar

Sarah, I so agree with your statement about having to beg a brand to take your money. It is only makeup, after all – not some life-saving treatment. And as Cameron said (just above your comment) at a time like this, it’s so unnecessary.

Swoozy Avatar

Ditto. I’m still salty after getting Divine Rose 1 (which was supposed to be limited), paying $30 shipping from England, only to have it eventually come to the US anyway. Had I known it would come out here, I would have just waited. I’m not going to fight people for a pink case. It’s made me really wary of the brand and how they message their customer base.

Emily Avatar

I’m so glad someone else said this. When I ordered the foundation and powder on the first day of the launch, the order didn’t get sent for weeks and weeks. The effect, seeing it all over the internet, was that silly suckers who pay for their product should wait while every influencer got it first. Just as I was about to cancel my order (in fact, as I was writing a letter detailing my intense irritation about that fact, which is something I’ve never done in my life), I got a notification that they’d encountered ‘unexpected delays’, so I gave them more time. But it left me bitter, particularly because I’ve liked a ton of foundations more than the one it took a full month to receive. I didn’t have the same delay problem, but my experience with their latest lip glosses was similar; I love super-sparkle, but I don’t like the opaque-ness or the colors or the feel of them nearly as much as many other glosses, like Becca’s new line.

Bo Avatar

I totally agree with Bronze Seduction and Divine Rose 1 being the best and most used palettes. Also, I’m sure DR2 will be included in site wide sales on her website or Sephora in a few months. Gone are the days people are going to shell out $125+ for eye shadow.

Deborah S. Avatar

Ditto for me, Nancy. I love that shade but not enough to buy the whole palette. I am a little at odds with PMGL for all the reasons others have cited. The game playing, trickle it out in small batches to build FOMO is just bad business and while I love her formula, there are several Indie brands that do shadows just as well and at much cheaper price points. I doubt I will buy anything from the brand again. $125 is an obscene amount to pay for a palette during these times when many can’t feed their children and are in danger of being evicted. While I haven’t been affected financially, I cannot in good conscience spend that kind of money for one e/s palette.

Bonnie Avatar

Hey Nancy!!
I did a detailed accounting of TWENTY different indie brands that product the exact same multichrome shade that Pat used (and a lot of them much better from what I’ve seen of hers) on my IG page is at LeBonMaquillage and in my story highlights reel if you want to support indies and have this shade!
And yes, I too skipped this because of the gold as well as the fact that she just copied what’s already been done 100x over now by indies and thinks she’s super special.

Stephanie Avatar

I have passed on the original Divine Rose many times because, while it looks like a beautiful palette, it seems kinda basic to me for the name being “divine.” This to me feels like a DIVINE rose for sure! Hoping that the release goes smoothly and I can get my sweaty paws on this one. I haven’t been excited about a palette like this since…. Mothership V probably, and I use that all of the time.

Christina F. Avatar

I agree, Stephanie. This is my first Mothership palette and I am excited! Too many browns/tans in the other one for me.

P Jill Avatar

Having recently purchased the Divine Rose Palette (luckily 20% off) this kind of pisses me off. I think if I would have had the choice, I would have chosen the Artistry palette.
Is anyone, besides me, disappointed that the new release is not a blush/glow palette?

Ouineque Avatar

Last palette I got, the Platinum Bronze that I bought for 30 euros including handling and shipping to Europe (I resold it immediately, I felt bad, hahahaha) those plastic bits were not in the box! It was tissue paper, and I was very pleased with that!

Jamey Avatar

This dont6bother me a bit. I use it as decorate vases or baskets and reuse it. Plus of it keeps my pallette safe and not cracked, I’m all for it. I’ve had some pallettes shipped on foam, plastic bubble wrap and the brown paper and have issues. I can say that of all the times I’ve bought from her site (knock on wood) I have never had an issue with a pan being cracked!!

Brenda Avatar

At first I was disappointed it was not a face palette. But after seeing the colors (ignoring the gold) the disappointment went away. I agree a lavender or included Synthetica. She’s only released it in a single.

I love Pat’s palettes and this one will be joining my collection. Plus I think one of the lip kits. I have the small Divine Rose lip gloss and it’s 1/2 way gone so I will probably pick up that set.

Lea Avatar

To my eyes, the swatches make this look like a bronzy gold palette with a pop of pink. I’m more into cooler colors at the moment so this is an easy pass for me.

Nikki Avatar

PMG doesn’t attract me in general. This palette will likely not be an exception, as Sextraterrestrial is the only shade I actually want. Now, if she’d release that shade as a single, I’d consider buying it.

Odielle Avatar

But no, I don’t need it..
I have all of the Motherships but I am on a extreme, real no/low-buy forever, because I am drowning in make-up. Maybe for my birthday (:

Hénomis Avatar

I agree with the comments on lavender versus gold: although the intensity differs, that’s still 3 shades of gold, when this unique texture really has the potential to amp up any colour… So yeah, the palette could have been more original, but it is still stunning this way :p

Helene Avatar

After the disappointing release of whichever palette it was, I’ve lost count, the one before the rose one, I think, I decided to stop buying PMG products. Yes, they are lovely, they are fun, interesting good quality and have a lot going for them, but that release and then the Decadence palette coming back again and again, just make it permanent and stop playing on the FOMO already!
I hope all who wants this will get it without having to jump through fire or crawl in mud.
I gave up, and with the extra cost of shipping and tax it’s ridiculously expensive to buy.

That said, I still look forward to reading the reviews and seeing real swatches. And as I say, I hope those who want it will get it.

Adriana Avatar

I feel exactly like you . Chasing a brand to buy the 100th release of the same “sold out” palette is ridiculous albeit Divine rose I (the first one) was beautiful. Than another “sold out” limited edition came back !?
I wanted to support the brand, but I am turned off and will not purchase anything from them .

DG Avatar

ALL. OF. THIS. I’m not interested in playing games with this limited edition nonsense. If you don’t make it easy to take my money, you don’t get my money. And the market is filled with quality products, often at a lower price point.

I hope people who get it, enjoy it. But, as the young’uns say, I just can’t.

Rosalie Avatar

I have the original Divine Rose and while I love it, I find myself wishing some of the shades were a tad warmer, so I’m really digging this new palette! That shifting shade looks lovely of course, but also Xtreme Burgundy and Naked Blush. I also loved Astral Solstice so I’m glad to get another shade in the same texture. I hope I’ll be able to grab that gorgeous pink packaging, no matter how annoyed I might be with limited releases…

Sonia Avatar

I’m so confused!! Lol….On Pat’s website it says coming soon June 2020. But here you seem to have received the date as May 29. So is it launching in May or June on her site? I really would like it in the pink packaging, and pushing it back to June would be better on my budget.

Brian Avatar

Despite my negative opinion of the price of luxury makeup I was planning to make this my first PMG purchase…but then I saw Katie Jane Hughes use the palette in her insta stories. I’ve seen her get more striking results with similar shades at a much lower price point. The duochrome especially was so insanely lack luster she had to @ the brand to ask if she was using it wrong. I will just go ahead and continue enjoying what I have and order some of the Clionadh stained glass multichromes.

Brian Avatar

This palette, the Divine Rose 2. Several people already have it, but what I saw wasn’t a review, she just used the palette on her insta stories.

Genevieve Avatar

I am beginning to think that quite a few of PMG’s palettes/quads are starting to look the same – gold, pink, red and a neutral shade…yep these colours are there.
Secondly, here is another brand who thinks it’s cute to have sexualised names for their makeup products.
And thirdly, let’s just hope that there is no run around like the last time, because let’s face it, it is just makeup.

Latika Avatar

I have resisted the Divine Rose palette. I love it but have several other PMG palettes that I feel can give me similar looks. However I keep looking at this palette and it is just compelling. Both these rose palettes are simply lovely and I just may have to fit them into my make up budget 🙂

Hope B Avatar

Was able to purchase it in the pink “Limited Edition” casing, but it sold out pretty quickly. I took advantage of the 10 % off, which every little bit helps at this price point. I watched her live chat yesterday and was blown away with how incredible the looks are with this palette. It’s definitely a nice palette. Will I use every shade? Heck no. That bright pink and gold will never be touched. Enough of the gold, already. I suppose it’s “a thing” now, that it will continue to appear in every single palette. So, I better get used to it.

It was selling out, so I won’t be confident that I’m receiving it until it is in my bloody hands. I am one of the goofs that always buys her makeup, concealer, Star Wars, etc, the whole shebang, every release. Looking forward to the email that it has actually shipped.

Christina F. Avatar

I grabbed the pink one this morning and I’m so excited to get it! It’s my first Mothership palette, so I won’t be replicating colors. I’m so glad I waited to get this one. It’s perfect for me! (at least it *looks* perfect for me!

Bonnie Avatar

Pat McGrath palettes are just 50 Shades of Gold to me. I’m so over them. I have Bronze Seduction and Rose 1 (well, VII or whatever) As and two of the 4 pans, but every single palette has gold or bronze or BOTH and ZERO matte/satin transition or brown bone shades. Why are we still paying for these? FOMO? HYPE AF? Luxxxe packaging? Honestly I’m done with her. Her launches SUCK, it’s a mad dash scramble just to get your order cancelled at 6 am, and then 6 months later SURPRISE ITS COMING TO SEPHORA and you can get it on sale. My biggest issue is her copying indie multichromes and calling it her own special unique “trichrome”. As if, mother Pat. These indies have been doing it for years. Anyway don’t even get me started on her wasteful Non-recyclable packing garbage lol…

Dana Avatar

Bonnie, as much as I hate to admit it since I’ve loved PML for ages, you are RIGHT. I’m a die hard indie eyeshadow fan and some of the multichromes I have from Notoriously Morbid, JD Glow, Darling Girl etc are beyond amazing. Not to mention Clionah!

Bonnie Avatar

Thanks Dana!!
I plan on buying more multichromes from Indies too, especially since they’ve been making them for years. I’m just so over the PMG hype machine.

Jamey Avatar

So when I go to (not the app) it shows the release date coming up june 16th. After looking on here to see the info “before released ” it seems like I might have missed it 🙁 Can anybody tell me if I missed the release on Sephora?! And if so, why does the sephora site (not the app) say in stock the 16th?? I don’t want to miss this and fell like over already missed out..

Jamey Avatar

Thank you 🙁 That makes me so frustrated. It’s still showing on the .com 6/15. Do you have any info on a restock? Kinda starting to agree with others about this brand. It’s a bit over the top what the company is doing or allowes their resellers to do and they really do bot seem to care as long as they get money, because they will get it, no matter from who.

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