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I dump them into one standing pile in the bottom drawer, lol. Except right now they’re all on top of my makeup drawer because I’ve been too lazy to put them back inside??????

I have four plastic bins from Ikea. 1: Shimmers & cremes. 2: Glitters & Holos. 3:Duochromes. 4: Textured, thermal, & stamping polishes.

I have them separated in three different boxes: dark more wintery shades, bright and pastels for spring and summer, and in the third box neutrals, reds and glitters that I use the whole year.

Look, at this point, I think I should just probably push this jumbled shoebox of stuff…maybe over here in the corner? That’s better. No, really, you should stop looking at it. πŸ˜›

I HATE organising my nail polishes, I want to arrange in perfect colour order but with undertones and duochromes and unrelenting (and irresistible) collections, as soon as you THINK you’ve got it right, it’s wrong again. I have well over 700 polishes now and organising them is such a daunting task, they’re in brand order at the moment, but I’m not happy.

How many do you think you have, Christine?

By colour..or at least an attempt to. I pull colours when I can’t make up my mind and then they end up back in the stash not so sorted. I have hundreds of nail polishes so it’s a bit out of control. I have my polishes stored in long flat clear storage boxes stored downstairs in my gym/office so I can ignore the insanity.

They all fit in the bottom of an emptied Birchbox in the back of my drawer in my bathroom. The weird thing is I feel like I have way too many, but most of them are duplicates since beauty boxes send the same “nail color of the season”.

All my polishes are stored in acrylic racks that are mounted to my wall. I have tried a few different way and this is the one I LOVE. Everything is easy to see and laid out by brand.

Warm colors in one drawer, cool colors in another. Generally I pick out fiveish colors at a time and bring them to in front of my computer where I do my nails, and actually decide what color/s to use once I’m there. Consequently I currently have… 20?! just scattered about my desk. Clearly time to tidy!

In a bin, all jumbled up. It depresses me because I keep shopping for nail polish and throwing ’em in there. I even have some repeat colors because I can’t see what I already have. I’ve been dying to get a nice display for them but I have 300+ bottles! Most of the acrylic holders out there are for less than 96. I just want a big one for all my polishes, and I want it to be wooden! DulceCandy on YouTube had a nice tutorial for one, but I’ve been procrastinating on it because I’m not DIY AT ALL πŸ˜›

I have 2 – 5 tier acrylic stands that hold 60 bottles each. I sort them by color but keep all the glitters and toppers together and sort those by color. I also have a drawer of misc ones that didn’t make the cut.

This is way too insane for most people, but I use a spreadsheet and numbered Helmer drawers. I have columns on the spreadsheet for every possible thing, and then I use filters if I’m looking for something in particular. Each nail polish has a permanent “home” (drawer number) that I can reference, but in the Helmers themselves? Just sorted by brand. Oh, and I have a Pinterest board for each brand if I need a visual. It’s OK, you can call me crazy πŸ™‚

I have a few (!!) of those plastic wall displays like you see at a nail salon with about as many colors as you’d see at a nail salon, and then they’re organized by color or brand as I buy a lot of speciality polishes. It’s really obscene how many I have.

I have all my polish upright in a large Hat Box! I have swatches of the color on the top of the lid, so i can choose a color, at a glance!

I have all my polish in a large Hat Box! Its all upright, with a swatch of the color on the top of the lid, so i can choose my color, at a Glance!

After trying many solutions, I realized that I like to have all the polishes stored on their sides, so I can easily see what color they are. I tend to maintain a large collection (~250 bottles), so I needed a solution that would take up minimal space too. Everything I could find was 4+ inches deep, until I finally found Artbin, style #9100AB. It’s translucent, so I can see which type of colors are in a box without raising the lid, and easily stackable.

I TRY to keep them organized by color in a plastic container but they kinda just windup doing whatever they like, LOL!

My nail polishes are in plastic shoe boxes separated by brand then color. I have 5 plastic shoe boxes with some over flow looking for a new storage option….

Alphabetically-ish by brand, then alphabetically by shade name, in two plastic tubs and a metal organizer…thing. China Glaze takes up almost an entire bin by itself!

I have them organized into clear plastic shoe boxes (from walmart), by alpha groups – a-e, f-m, n-z. All Sally hansens, revlon, etc, drugstore type brands (i don’t have a lot of those) are in one separate, glitters, base and top coats and nail wheel are in another.

Around 200 bottles, 5 bins, fits nicely! And I can SEE what I have!! I am making myself go through them and use them by letter (ABC Challenge style) and that partly forced me to get organized. They used to all be dumped in a very heavy single basket. (except the drugstore ones) and they didn’t get rotated enough. Now I’ve worn several I hadn’t ever used and am due for my letter Q manicure!

In theory, I arrange them by color BUT the basket I keep them at has shrinked as of late (lol), so it is a mess really. I do not wish to get a larger container because that will give me the excuse to buy more! and I am in a no buy ban πŸ™

They’re in the top 2 drawers of my Ikea Alex drawers. They used to be organised by brand but now they’re just in colour order with my fave/most worn colours at the front

I have a traincase for high end and another for low end, where they’re …sort of organized by brand. (But they also end up a jumbled mess!)

I have just over 1000 (oops!) and have them on a big wooden rack may dad made for me, on one of my walls. They’re arranged by colour, then alphabetically by brand.

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