OPI Swiss Collection for Fall 2010

In compliance with a digital takedown notice sent from OPI Products and their lawyer, all OPI images and information have been removed in order to avoid legal action taken against Temptalia.com and its owner by OPI Products.

We will not “fight” this as a legal battle, as we have no desire to further promote nor give our time to a brand who uses their legal team on bloggers as their first line of defense. A simple Google search will turn up dozens of different websites and blogs with the same information we had previously posted.Β  Our apologies for being unable to serve our readers better.

We have been asked several times regarding this, but OPI did not issue any apology to Temptalia.com.Β  I’m happy to hear that hopefully some bloggers received apologies, but we did not. We aren’t hiding anything, and why would we?Β  We have always supported OPI in the past.

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That one dark blue reminds me a lot of Blue India from Liberty of London! And other than that, there looks to be a lot of really pretty colors, especially the last three, that I might have to splurge on πŸ™‚

Oh my – between this and the Burlesque collection I am overwhelmed! Also, I don’t even want to think of Fall/Winter colors just yet. I’m still enjoying my summer blues/turquoise colors!

I think there are some really interesting shades in this collection but I’m not sure if I’ll get any with all the hoo-ha with OPI and etailers in the US, and their ridiculous prices in the UK (srsly Β£10.50 for a nail polish?!)

Oooh, this collection is really calling my name! I would be SO EXCITED if a few of these were duochrome! (Like Lippmann’s Wicked Game!!)

I don’t see any must-have colors for me. Perhaps that is because I am so very much in spring/summer mode. Maybe I will fall in love with a few colors closer to fall.

I was wondering why it seemed every update I got was negative! Holy geeze OPI needs to take a chill pill. I bought 4 frikkin Shrek shades because of this blog swatching the purdy colours.

Talk about shooting themselves in the foot. I just bought some Opi, thought of buying more, and headed this way to see swatches. It took me some time to understand why you didn’t have many lately… I take it you haven’t had any apology yet? I’m certainly going to write to them.

I’m sooo glad OPI is SHOOTING itself in the foot in this economy over this. OPI can kiss it; their products are not great anyways. ANNNd they are horrible with releasing a million pinks and reds! ugh!

I hope someone from OPI is reading these comments. I’ve been tempted by swatches by BLOGGERS and other info that BLOGGERS have posted to purchase more of their products, but no more. Someone else will be getting my money. Heck, I can get Nfu-Ohs for a little more than OPIs, and that’s what I’ll do. Get bent, OPI!

I totally agree! Most of the OPI polishes I have bought have been because of swatches I have seen on blogs. I am really not a fan of these type of business tactics and will not be buying their polishes anymore.
Plus, China Glaze is just as good, if not better, at a lower price. $10 for OPI is absolutely ridiculous. If I’m going to pay that much I’ll kick in another $2 and get Nfu-Oh which is vastly superior.

i agree! the only reason i buy most polishes is because of the swatches that are posted that really promotes the brand…and now they want to take legal action. get real. this makes me want to never buy any polish again. besides…china glaze is half the price and has similar shades anyway so sux to be them. its unfortunate they would attack you……its from you they get their business but i guess they will learn the hard way!

In Italy OPI is almost not imported (only in Milan it’s sold), so I have to ask friends who are travelling around to buy these products for me. And how I choose the polishes? With your swatches in mind, since it is the only place where I see this quality of pics.
No more swatches means no more “hype” about this brand…

Yeah, I can say after the e-tailer thing (which I did understand their side but still) and now this I will not be giving another dime to OPI. I’ve long thought them over-rated and it seems like they really need to get off their high horse. I don’t think they realize the power of bloggers…

Wow, I’m a fan of OPI, but this might make me think twice about buying their products next time. How unnecessary and seriously lame of them to threaten you with legal action.

There are definitely lots of brands out there, which is why I’d rather not spend time on this matter when I could be swatching those! Like helloo Nubar, why didn’t I know about you before?!

no worries, OPI has gone to crap anyway, dry times that take years, leaky bottles, brushes that are too fat, formula that’s chips within a day. so much better choices out there for polish. it’s interesting that this issue arose right around the time that i’ve chosen not to buy OPI anymore.

hear, hear. I really get hacked when I read stuff like this OPI thang. I will ban them too, just like I banned Lu$h for similar bolognie like this! Foo on you OPI, I will switch to another brand!

I several OPI’s and most are quite good – not exceptional, but some interesting colors and mostly decent formulas. When the etailers offered them at reduced prices I was glad to get them. Now that the price is going to be $10 I will no longer be a customer. There are many other brands on the market, both higher and lower end, that are as good or better than OPI. I do not like OPI’s bullying of the little guys nor its heavy handed use of high priced lawyers. Hey, OPI…get a grip. You are shooting yourself in the foot, angering a lot of nail polish lovers and will ultimately suffer for your hubris in believing we will buy anything you launch at any price. OPI, you just ain’t worth it. I would rather buy two Chanels for roughly the new price of one OPI, a Lippmann for $6 more or a Rescue Beauty Lounge polish for $8 more. As you can see, it is not the money per se. I don’t like how you choose to treat etailers or bloggers who have for years given you excellent advertising and exposure at little cost to you.

I was on the edge with OPI anyway. All their collections now look the same to me. $10 a bottle AND they threaten legal action for sharing out love of Nail Polish.

They want you to buy from a retailer? Well, here’s the problem. I live in a RURAL area. There is NO OPI here. I have to order it online, or I don’t get it. PERIOD.

I have about 300 bottle of nail polish – many are OPI. I guess they don’t want us gals that live in the Country to wear their products.

Oh well, C-YA OPI, been nice knowing ya! I CAN get China Glaze online πŸ™‚

Screw OPI.
Please don’t ever consider promoting their wares if they came offering it to you on bended knees – they’re not worth it. About time they’re going to learn the purchasing power of the internets. *Flexes muscles*

Wow! Thats ridiculous, in case OPI didn’t realize, it was called FREE advertising for them. Well, no problem we can definetly find other products to use our money towards.

I’ve sent OPI an e-mail letting them know how disappointed I am in them for harassing bloggers (not just you, I’ve seen this before, ::sigh::) into taking down images.

Yes, their pictures ARE proprietary, however they don’t realize that you reposting them is FREE ADVERTISEMENT. They only gain from you posting their stuff and they really need to get over themselves.

Funny thing is, I bought a bottle of OPI just this evening (Music Hall Curtain Call), but only got it because it was on clearance.

Aw! Your support is SO appreciated.

I am totally okay with brands wanting to reign in some control over information that’s leaked (but I am a firm believer in sorting out your own house first!), but all they have to do is ask. It could have been handled better for sure.

I JUST got the Summer Flutter polishes and some Sephora by OPI polishes that I planned to swatch & review… and I don’t know what to do πŸ™

Don’t swatch it! I don’t want to see any more OPI because of this, and I’m sure all your loyal readers would agree! I won’t buy anymore OPI from now on, I am a firm believer of supporting companies that treat people politely and you’re right, they could have sent you a simple email asking you to take them down before threatening you…that is just awful…what were they thinking? I guess they thought they didn’t need my business anymore!!!

Duly noted, Katie! Yes, I don’t think any of us would feel too terrible if they had just asked through their PR department or whatever. “Hey, those shouldn’t be out yet… could you hold off on publishing them until XYZ date? We’d really appreciate it!” Could always go further with a lawyer if someone doesn’t do it.

Bad form for OPI. And how self-defeating. I probably wouldn’t buy even half of the polish I do if it weren’t for nail and beauty bloggers leaking advance pics of what’s to come and getting me all excited over it. It’s not just that they’re trashing free advertising, it’s that these kind of early leaks are likely twice as powerful with their core affinity group as magazine ads they pay for closer to the launch. They’re what bring people to stalk their local Ultas and other salons hoping that today will finally be the day the new polish comes out. It makes no sense to discourage this kind of buzz.

I cannot believe they did this to you, such a shame.

If it weren’t your blog, I would never see so nice news on collections and plan buying stuff. Will never purchase from OPI again, after all it seems they will start doing this to other bloggers, too.

wOw I was just on my way to ulta to buy the shrek collection but I’ll spend my hard earned money on another brand….very sad indeed

Oh OPI really has pushed it! I know about the whole etailer thing going and I understand what their point is but they have really pushed it by asking you to take down down their pics. Geez can they be a little thankful for you bringing them some sales since you are posting some images of future collections and swatches. The main reason why I started buying OPI was because of your and other bloggers nail promo collections and swatches, without them I wouldn’t be investing in OPI. But now I won’t be investing in them since they are being such jerks for telling you to take their pics down and for bringing up their lawyer into a situation that can easily be solved with just a nice simple warning. Why is OPI now all of the sudden threatening legal action on bloggers? This has been going on for YEARS. Now let me write a short and simple small letter to OPI incase they do decide to stop by this blog and read some comments.

Dear OPI,

I am going to make this short, simple, and straight out. In the name of Tyra Bank, Kiss my fat a**! You won’t be seeing me investing investing in your products in the future.

Sincerely a now former OPI buyer,

P.S. The brush on your nail polishes are too big and suck!

And Christine you don’t have anything to be sorry about. I’m done with OPI after this.

Thanks for your support, Bridgette πŸ™‚ I completely understand OPI wanting to control the timing of the images, since obviously the images were leaked, but definitely a simple request from their PR department would have achieved the same results without the frustration!

What are they, doing their best RIAA impersonation? After reading about the digital takedown notice you’ve received, I will no longer purchase OPI products. No big loss I suppose, seeing as their product is mediocre at best. So much money for so-so quality has kept my OPI purchases rare lately (sorry folks, but I call it as I see it). Thank you for sharing.

Christine, that’s ridiculous for OPI to sick their legal team on you. All your doing to promoting their products by doign reviews which make comsumers want to purchase them. These actions make me, a polish collector who owns numorous amounts of OPI polishes, not want to patronize them EVER again. Thanks for the insight Christine.

Unbelievable!!! What is OPI thinking? I’ve used their products for years with mostly wonderful success but now they would have to release the most spectacular, attention-getting, Anna Wintour approved nail polish ever formulated for me to buy from them again. In this economy OPI, you’re really going to put the kibash on free advertising from someone whose only mission is to promote beauty products in general and your products in specific? REALLY?? Whatever…you’ve lost another customer.

Really OPI? really?
Sounds like they just shot a hole in their foot, in this economy you think they would like the free advertisement. What a bunch of rude dummies.

It is really sad that OPI is treating you this way. Sorry to hear it =/ I love reading your blog because it gets me excited about collections and helps me plan what I am going to buy. I guess I can scratch OPI off of the list for the future. China Glaze and ORLY can have my business.

SERIOUSLY! OPI is going to alienate a LOT of it’s die hard fans. Coming from a true Nail Fanatic, with probably over 30 OPI’s in my collection, I don’t understand why a brand would turn down the free press and advertising. And their tactics are downright BULLYish….Contemplating boycotting OPI….

OPI is a million dollar company, I understand your anger towards them but don’t take it personally! In my honest opinion, it is probably because they must make very careful decisions to ensure that they do not lose any customers based on different types of advertising.. although I really enjoy all the blog style swatches etc, I also understand why a company may not want to be affiliated with people whom they don’t know! Every move by a company is seriously big decision, their reputation is on the line of this blog, some bigger companies just don’t want to have no control over what is being put up on the internet! I wouldn’t take it to heart, it is simply an executive decision, to refrain from certain types of advertising to have a certain type of reputation!

It’s not the decision – it’s using a lawyer, rather than someone from the company, e.g. their PR, simply ask rather than threaten. That’s how every other brand I’ve worked with has done things.

It’s also a blanket decision, so it’s not about who they have relationships with or not, just FYI πŸ™‚ I don’t take it personally, but I think it reflects poorly on their understanding of the blogging community to use strong arm tactics.

i agree that they should have been more respectful less threatening!.. maybe they have had problems with rude bloggers?:)

Strong-arm tactics that do nothing other than alienate brands to their customers.

Very clever OPI.

Your response is perfect, eloquent and shows this brand up for what they are. Clueless.

Wow, talk about being rude O_o I didn’t know about this until today, ti’s really such a shame on them. And yes, they could have just asked politely, like that’s a big problem.

I could understand their side when it was about retailers, but this kind of “communication” I don’t understand and never will.

From now on, I’ll definitely not be posting anything about OPI anymore. Some things are just too much.

p.s. not like they’re even who knows how great brand. Nothing better nail polishes compared to ChG, Color Club or any other cheaper brands.

Just heard about this from British Beauty Blogger. BEHOLD the mighty lawyers paid for by OPI fans and customers!! *shriek* Ah, they’re not that scary. Dollars speak louder than lawyers πŸ™‚ Shrug it off, doll. Maybe you can take it as a bankhanded compliment on your readership stats?? LOL. And what’s with the “Oh, no! We’ve had a leak!” mentality? What are they, Apple?

Luckily I have enough legal knowledge that it wasn’t really scary just a, “Really? REALLY?” kind of moment, haha. At least the past three years of law school have given me SOMETHING! after all!

This is so frustrating. I love opi’s sparkly and glittery colors and I about fell out of my seat when I stumbled upon their burlesque pictures!! Yes, the pictures were leaked and they have a right to do something about it. But not like this. I am truely going to miss seeing your opi swatches, I lived for them! Haha πŸ™‚ No seriously….I did lol

WHAT?! SERIOUSLY?! Does OPI not know that we salivate over those pictures of upcoming collections and plan our day around their launch so we can go and scoop them up? We only plan on this because of pictures and information posted on these beauty blogs? So wrong. OPI sucks.

I’ll be sticking to my love of Essie thank you very much.
Ten bucks is crazy for nail polish, no matter how amazing THEY think it is. I got the Alice in Wonderland collection mini’s and they’re already starting to get gooey and clotted up, and I’ve been trying to take such good care of them, screwing the bottles super tight and keeping them where it’s normal temp.
This just adds to the vexed attitude i have for them right now

Oh this is too bad. I wanted to see swatches but I found this. Nailpolish is not really my thing but swatches of upcoming collect. tempts me and gets me excited to purchase new ones. I am not loyal to opi but I am loyal to your blog so I will not be purchasing opi. I mean seriously there are so many brands I can choose from and to threaten you with this is a foolish way for them to loose business. I know a lot of people are supporting you but I wanted to write so that opi will see how turned off we consumers are. They are certainly not the best and yes their collect have far too many reds and pinks and lots of companies acknowledge how you tubers and bloggers are actually doing them a favor.

Hey Christine! I decided to see what all the OPI pictures being taken down fuss was about (since I just BARELY started getting into OPI). I didn’t have a clue they were taking legal action against you! That’s so poor of them. I have already bought A TON of China Glaze because of you (always been a fan of theirs, but your swatches rock!)It’s sad to see I won’t get to see OPI swatches, but that’s their loss. I rather see swatches of what I buy, since I’ve gotten some pretty ugly looking colors in my collection. Ha ha. CHINA GLAZE ALWAYS!! <3

Yeah, it’s unfortunate πŸ™ I was looking forward to the Swiss collection myself, and I had even already bought the summer collection (but I gave it to my sister instead). I was hoping OPI might send over a short “Oops, we didn’t mean to come off so harsh,” since they tweeted to me about sending me an email – but nothing ever happened.

Wow Christine!! This is crazy!!! Does this mean no more OPI swatches on my beloved Temptalia? I’m not too worried, thanks to you I have discovered wonderful new polish brands that get the job done better AND cost less. Boo OPI, hooray China Glaze and Orly!

Yes, at this time, we’re not supporting OPI if they don’t recognize the value of bloggers and the dynamics of their relationships with them.

Wow…I searched under OPI on your website because in a comment you said you were not doing swatches for their new collection, and I was curious to see why…so glad I did. I was a big fan of OPI, but after reading this post I’m not.

…will check out the other polishes you recommend =) I 100% trust your swatches and honest reviews!

Hi Kat,

You are very sweet πŸ™‚ OPI makes some great polishes, , so it’s definitely unfortunate – I just can’t support a company that strong arms bloggers. I just feel it means they don’t appreciate or understand the blogging community. I’ve always paid out of pocket for OPI, so I’d much rather spend it on other brands that do!

Well, now, after seeing the new collection I kind of understand OPI. The pictures were leaked far too early. I think maybe that’s a standart procedure to warn people about taking legal action.. IDK. What I know is that China Glaze has 3 or 4 colours in their recent collection that are dupes for the new OPIs. Maybe there is a war going on, stealing ideas off each other? That’s why they reacted so harshly?

Hey Mimi,

I have no problems with them wanting to remove the content. Though it is their responsibility to take preventative measures so that leaks don’t happen–I don’t work with OPI, so I have no way of knowing if they’ve legitimately released information, particularly since images have been launched 2-4 months in advance for 2-3 years since I’ve been blogging and they’ve never cared before! The issue is that they have a PR department who does work with beauty bloggers, and instead of their PR department sending a quick email asking for image removal to bloggers, they sent their lawyer instead. This is a strong arm tactic meant to intimidate, IMO, because it is a threat not a polite request. They could always use their lawyer as a secondary move for any blogs who did not comply.

When you have ten bloggers frantically emailing you about what they should do and asking are they going to get sued and do they need a lawyer, OPI’s strong arm tactic most certainly worked. I understood their letter as a law student, so I did not feel overly threatened since it is only noncompliance that would cause any issue, but I can imagine why many bloggers emailed me immediately seeking advice and fearing they were already being sued!

I’ve had many brands in the past ask for images to be removed through their PR departments, and they’re nice, polite requests. I’m always happy to remove images as brands request it to be done.

Some possible reasons a brand may want images pulled:

1.) They’re not finalized/approved
2.) They don’t have the legal ownership/rights to the image yet (e.g. the photographer owns them, perhaps)
3.) Another press publication (e.g. a print magazine like Allure, Cosmo, etc.) has an exclusive on it

I’m sure OPI has a legitimate reason for it, so I am not at all bothered by the removal, only how they went about it.

Doesn’t OPI recognize that any press is good press!! When word goes out on the street about a upcoming collection launch people get excited and start preparing their “shopping lists.” This isn’t the first time OPI has done something like this, they flexed their “legal” muscle with the popular polish “e-tailers” and told them to stop offering their polish brand. IDK what OPI is up to, but I sure don’t like it! Oh well, it’s turning to be their loss, because I’m not buying something that I don’t see up front — I like to view what I’m going to purchase online first before I proceed with buying, so OPI’s loss — especially in a dying economy! πŸ™

What idiots OPI are! What are they thinking? Don’t they realize that when thousands of women see your images and swatches, it makes them run to the store and buy the colors we like as soon as they are released? Hmph! Now, forget them! I will buy China Glaze and other nail polish brands in the Fall…

I think this is an excellent way of treating the whole affair, Christine πŸ™‚
I was looking for OPI swatches on your blog and then stumbled upon this.
I don’t understand why they had to act in such a threatening way. An e-mail from their PR department asking you to take pictures off of your blog would have been way nicer and probably wouldn’t have had such a strong impact.
In my opinion, you are totally right about not posting about OPI any more at this point!

What the he.. ??

If anything – free marketing is “gold” so why do something like that ??

Well, there is always a nother brand to buy….. πŸ™

How STUPID can OPI be? Yes, let’s PAY for advertising rather than getting free advertising and endorsements from a REPUTABLE and RESPECTED beauty blog like this one, one that hundreds or maybe even thousands of women turn to for information. Magazine ads (which cost a fortune) tell us nothing so most thinking women turn to sites like yours, Christine, for worthwhile information. What a stupid marketing move on OPI’s part. I may rethink purchasing their stuff in future! Seriously!

Seriously??? OPI might not be among the priciest polishes around, but most of us do look at blogs BEFORE we buy anything. I’d rather skip a good polish than buy something with bad quality. Most of us learned not to believe everything that is said in magazine ads with Β photoshopped pictures. OPI should know that I STOPPED BUYING their polishes altogether after I heard about them taking legal action against bloggers…Β 

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