Open Letters: Write Your Own

Open Letters:  Write Your Own

Yesterday’s post asking “How limited edition is TOO limited edition?” really showed how often times our favorite beauty brands do things we may love or may find really frustrating. I think it felt good to talk about it together; to express our thoughts and just know that we’re not alone.

I encourage you to use this post to write an open letter (or two or three) to your favorite beauty brands, whether they’re positive or negative (but in a constructive way, of course!). If you’re not familiar with the concept of an open letter, it’s exactly as it sounds: a letter to a person/company that’s public. They can consist of anything; sometimes it’s merely a thank you, often times it’s more critical, and occasionally, very, very funny.

Open letters can be very cathartic; if it’s a critical letter, it can help you release pent-up frustration, if it’s positive, it can be rewarding to know you’ve made your appreciation known.

I’ve written three…

Dear MAC,

I love that you keep me on my toes with your collections, but could you scale them back just a bit?  I’m all for more than the typical four or five seasonal collections, but maybe just one per month would do the trick.  I would also love to see more products merged into the permanent line.  Not all limited edition products work out, so I wouldn’t expect or want all of them to become permanent, but sometimes you make some really fantastic/unique shades and textures and would love to see those sold out products make a comeback.

P.S. — Your makeup wipes are the best.  There is nothing else I trust and use more for removing swatches!

P.P.S. — Mellan would really love it if you’d consider doing a Fabulous K-9s collection next year… he was really heartbroken to see MAC favor cats this year.

Dear Guerlain,

I love the Rouge G formula!  I love it!  It’s one of my all-time favorites… maybe the favorite.  It’s just so cost prohibitive for many, many people.  Is there any way you could make refills available so that the case is an investment instead?  Or how about a holiday set with mini-Rouge Gs so those wary of such a pricey lipstick can try without breaking the bank?  I think the range of colors is absolutely fantastic, too, and I wish more people were able to try out your excellent formula!

Dear Chanel,

You got me all caught up in the nail lacquers of Chanel!  I missed out on Jade, so I do hope you’ll re-release it at some point, but don’t worry, I’m not holding my breath!  But from here on out, I’ll be sure not to wait around like a dope contemplating whatever nail lacquers you develop.  More often than not, they’re truly intriguing shades with subtleties that make it worth the cringe-worthy $25 price tag.

Oh, and could you make more Rouge Allure Laque shades?  I’m kind of in love with them, and I would like to buy 20 more shades of it.  You know, if you could make them!