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OOKISA is a new hair care brand out there, and you may have seen some ads for their products, but the reviews are in short supply. I tried this at least two months ago, but I wanted to hold off on making a review until was actually available to purchase. What good is a product recommendation if you can’t buy it?! I was only able to get my hands on itsy-bitsy samples (enough for about three uses, which is about a week’s worth), but I was sooo in love with the results!

I washed with their Fortifying Shampoo ($27.95), then followed up with their Replenishing Conditioner ($29.95). Both products are sulfate-free, which is always a nice thing, but the scent is lovely. (I wish I could tell you more about the scent, but my memory fails me other than remembering it was pleasing.) See, the reason why I really loved this set of products was it actually allowed me to wash less often. Usually, I wash my hair every other day (day one, wash; day two, none; day three wash, etc.). By the end of day two, my roots are oily enough to be noticed. I found this product extended the life of my wash to day three (pretty much unheard of in my routine!). This alone made me go, “SCORE!”

I’d actually purchase a set right now, but I can’t seem to put more than one item into my cart at a time on their website, and the last thing I’m going to do is pay twice for shipping. Hopefully this is just a glitch on my end! At least you can get some samples off the site, though, for those interested in a little trial! 🙂

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I have been using the product for one week now. I love it! I purchased the other day the volumizing product, just used it for the first time this morning and It also works great. I live in the south and the humity here is unreal. The shampoo and conditioner works great, my hair felt thicker the first time I used it. I usually use pantene, yes Ookisa is pricey, but if it works I will buy it. Just like alot of you I searched for reviews about this product and didn’t find much a all, took the chance I purchased the free trial. Again, I love it. I have also noticed it makes my hair stronger and I am not loosing much if any hair at all. I recommend this product for you gals out there to try.

I’ve used it for 5 weeks now and will order again. MY stylist asked me what I was doing to my hair, because she’s never seen it in sucb good shape. I’m 57, and even though I wear a shoulder length bob, it makes it look so much thicker.

My thinning hair wasn’t due to a medical condition, so I can’t speak as to how Ookisa might perform for those with alopecia, etc. But… I WAS losing a great deal of hair following a straightening procedure that damaged my hair.

It was breaking off and coming out at a substantial rate. Also, the texture was frizzed out, rough, horrible.

I could tell a difference with these products *the very first time* I used them.

Tangling decreased and texture improved right away. After a few days, breakage and loss slowed down.
I’d say within a couple weeks, I also noticed increased thickness. Whether this is due to swelling individual hair shafts or retaining more hair, I’m not sure. Most likely a bit of both.

Bottom line is, even though these products are a bit pricey, they are worth it. And I’m not one to spend irrationally on cosmetics. I typically go for the most frugal products I can find that still work well.
I’d be curious to hear reports from others. For me, though, Ookisa produced superior results.

I had no hair loss till I tried Ookisa shampoo and Conditioner that claimed to improve hair texture,(it was very thick but not smooth) and make hair grow faster( my husband wanted my hair longer it was halfway between my shoulder blades and waist).the 1st time I used it ,it seemed like there was more hair in shower drain than usual . I called they said that was normal. When it dried it was baby fine and fly away. I used it 2 more times than stopped as it was getting worse. that was 5-6 months ago ,it never stopped, my hair is snapping off, it looks like I cut it, they said it wasn’t their problem,and wouldn’t refund my money(they finally refunded my money after months)….My hairs were visibly finer after I used this. I’ve always had thick strong hair before this. I had to cut it to shoulder length, it hasn’t been this short since the 80’s.It’s still snapping off. My hair dresser commented this isn’t your hair. I’ve lost at least half my hair and it’s not slowing down. I look like Roseanne Rosannadanna,I used to get complements on my beautiful hair, no more.
I haven’t had a perm since 62′, I’ve never had my hair died or bleached and I’ve used a blow dryer maybe 5 times in the last year. My hair looks fried and fragile

This is what I wanted to hear…I am now trying the kit for 89.95 and have NEVER ordered anything off of the internet I was desperate to have back the texture that my hair used to have before age took it from me. I have tried many different products and hope that this one is the answer.

I wanted to order it again but can’t now because I can’t use a credit card.

Sounds to me like you should try different conditioners. A lot have either sample sizes cheap, like 1 oz. Or 2-ouncers, I just got a Giovanni Smooth as Silk for 48 cents at Target and it’s 2 ounces!! That’s a really good one. Or try to find KMS – there were little 3-sample pack things at TJ Maxx or Marshall’s that I got for maybe 4.99. Also really good products. Are you taking vitamins and supplements for good hair? Like horsetail/silica, biotin 5000 mcg, and others.. He shou wu is one. Good luck

It really worked for me, but I also used their vitamins and fish oil capsules.
My hairdresser could not believe how fast my hair has grown in 2 months!

I purchased the product for myself ( shoulder length, color treated ) and i personally didn’t like it. BUT my boyfriend, a handsome 40yr old man with thinning balding hair, LOVES IT!!! We really didn’t think it would work, just used it b/c it was expensive and he didn’t want to throw it away. But after using it for 6 months, Everyone has seen the change! WE ARE VERY HAPPY that this product helped my boyfriend thicken his thinning hair!

Yeah, same with Rogain/minoxidil, which you can get dirt cheap at Target. I have recommended this to several balding men who refuse to try it!!! They just keep complaining and wearing hats. You can lead a horse to water……..

Well, I just ordered the free trial of the nightime follicle renewing serum, conditioner & shampoo (shipping charge only of $5.95). I am 47 and I used to have very thick hair; as I have aged my hair has change textures and become thin. I really hope this makes my hair look a little better. Hey….it’s worth a shot. One question I have; I’m wondering if the nightime follicle serum is like rogaine for women…..Can anyone comment on this? Has anyone used this product that has thinning hair – what were the results? Thank you.

Sherry – please be careful about that free trial. I ordered the same free trial with also only $5.95 for shipping, but once the order confirmation came it, it had the following text in it saying that you’ll be charged $100 in 35 days unless you call, cancel the trial AND send the product back!!! See text below:

You will have 35 days to try OOKISA and discover why it is the perfect hair
enhancement system for you. If you like how this system increases your
hair’s thickness, fullness and protection against thinning, do nothing

Snowmade, Ookisa’s sales tactics are so shady I would doubt any of their claims. Yesterday, I started a “free” order with $5.95 for shipping, but did not give my credit card to complete the order because I wasn’t sure about it. Today they sent me an e-mail to try the product for $2. After I made the order, I noticed that while it said FREE trial for 30 days, they actually send you a 2-month supply and charge you $99.95 if you don’t cancel and return the product, and then charge you $99.95 every other month. I called immediately to cancel my order, and they said, “Well we’re acutally offering a special for $49.95 and we can give it to you at that price if you don’t cancel your order.” I told them to cancel.

Actually, Kara, it IS a SCAM, for a couple of reasons:

First, they make you return the product (even if it’s empty) –this is something a lot of people will probably ‘forget’ to do.

Second, they don’t mention ANYTHING about the $100 charge until AFTER you give them your credit card number for the trial.

So, yes, they are DEVIOUS and DISHONEST (a lie by omission is still a LIE).

It’s totally NOT a scam. It clearly states on the order page the Terms and Conditions which you can READ before you decide. It is also up to you to return it if you do not like it. How is that a scam? Everything is clearly written on the site BEFORE you place your order.

If a restaurant offers you a free trial on a hamburger, they’d be unethcial liars to then charge you $19.95 after you bite into it. Doesn’t matter what word games are played to convince you to accept the meal. If they intend to charge you, there’s nothing free. The objective is to convince you to accept something in order to justify getting your money. Even if they say they won’t charge you if you show dissatisfaction by standing on your head, there’s nothing free about the calculation to obtain your money if you don’t.

My thoughts exactly. They were the most reasonable company I’ve ever dealt with. Nothing scam-like about them. I only wish I’d had the means to keep it up.

Hi Sherry,

I dont think this works as rogain since it does not have minioxidile in it. I also ordered the free trial and tonight was my first time using the product. Over all, i am happy with it, i already see some volume in my hair. i started losing hair due to bad nutrition. About the over night serum: i expereinced a deep burning sensastion…. but i think its working because it’s supposed to activate the blood flow of the scalp!

I also used the nightime follicle serum and my hair was burning also. It wasn’t the tingling sensation that was supposed to happen, but burning. I got a relaxer later that weak and the relaxer burned liked crazy around my hairline, only thing it could have been was a reaction btwn the serum. My hair actually broke off, but the shampoo & condition are wonderful and I should have stuck with that. Didn’t notice any warnings against relaxers & this product.

I hope it gives you the results you’re looking for! And with luck, another reader can answer your last question!


I was already using minoxidil, then decided to use both, so I think I did minoxidil in the a.m. after washing, then used the Ookisa serum at bed time. Just covering all bases!!! with excellent results. If only I could afford to keep it up.

I agree with Snowmade and Mac, the trial is for $6 but you have to cancel by the end of the trial period or they will charge you $100. I spoke to a respresentative who stated that their products are anti-breaking products and are not hair regrowth products which is opposite of what they claim. I would say try it and see if it works for you but cancel the trial as soon as you receive the products. You can always reorder a product if you like it. I don’t know if these products will be around long!

I just tried that shampoo and conditioner today. After i shampooed my hair was really stiff, so i was kind of disappointed. however, when i used the conditioner and rinsed out my hair was pretty soft. There are no sulfates (well, no SLS, but i think there some sort of milder sulfate) so thats good. I dried my hair and it was shiny and suprisingly no frizzy or split endy. and it did give my volume, my hair feels … lighter. on short hair this might be bad though. also, i like the fact that its an anti-breakage product rather than a hair re-growth product. I’m young and really just want to stop damage. i think the serum is a re-growth product, but i hear it does burn like hell (from other reviews on the net). Oh, and yes, the price is very steep, and i cant be sure its worth it yet. but its worth it to do the trial thing and just remember to cancel. the people at ookisa are nice, it wouldnt be a problem. i dont think its a scam, i mean, netflix and blockbuster online rentals have the same “free trial” thing, but if you dont cancel in a certain amount of time, they charge you. if you give your credit card, to anyone online, be prepared.

Netflix and Blockbuster memberships are clearly advertised as subscriptions. That is a huge difference.

Ookisa conceals the fact it is actually an ongoing subscription. They never mention it is a SUBSCRIPTION and instead call it a “free trial”. In short, they fully intend to charge you for the product they call “free” unless you cancel the subscription. That’s as deceptive as any type of lie. Is it fraud? Only if enough people keep complaining to the proper authorities so they eventually get caught.

I ordered FREE trial for 30 days for $5.95, and I paid by my dredite for $5.95 last mouth. And I check my credite payment this mouth, they charged me another $99.95..don’t know why? if it’s free trail, But keeping charge me..?

Well the pricing plan is quite understandable, so I don’t get why any of you have a problem the the contractual obligations after committing to a purchase; it’s spelled out quite clearly. And I do not see where in the ad it states this stuff “grows hair”. Any misintepretation is your bad. It’s expensive shampoo so I’ll wait a year before making a decision.

Actually, the offer is misleading. Which is a shame, because it’s a great product.
There is only a tiny asterisk on the “free” which you have to click, then go to another page to read the “catch.” Aside from the ‘you must cancel’ clause, I find it additionally irritating that you get on an auto-ship program. People should be able to order what they want.

At the time I did my trial, it really was free (other than shipping) and they sent full-size products. Apparently that changed, because when I referred a friend, that’s how I learned about the automatic billing.
She cancelled hers before it ever shipped.

I think I’ll write the company as well… because they are really doing themselves a disservice with this silly bait and switch tactic. The products are so good, I’d bet 85% would order them anyway after using up the trial size.

I feel it necessary that I share this with you. You must understand that companies such as this prey on the innocent who really want to use their product. They have chosen to use a very dishonest way of selling that product because there is a very strong chance that the customer will be dissatisfied. They also know that US law is on their side and it will take a lightening strike to force them to be honorable and do the right thing. Many citizens of this country wants to trust every company in operation but more and more of them are becoming slimmy, greedy mongrels that use the worst tactics ever to sell a product. That is why there are so many negative posts on this site. People, ever so badly, want to believe in this company’s honesty. That company is already proving itself to be dishonorable. I hope you don’t take this post as a harsh response.

It might not be a scam but it is a little shady. When I canceled my “free” $2 trial due to the $99 charge that was to come later, I told them that if a million people did that, they would be millionaires without even sending a single product. They did not offer to refund my $2. That’s not right no matter how good the product might be.

I don’t know why some of you don’t understand why you were getting charged at the end of the trial. It is posted right there in black and white BEFORE you even pay for the S$H that if you do not cancel and send the empty containers back before the 30 day trial is up then you will be charged $100, and every 60 days after be sent more for another $100. Its not so hard to read the terms and conditions before you commit to buying something, it’s actually reccomended. So don’t dis on a product just because it was your fault for not paying attention. People only ever look at the bad reviews and these bad reviews are without reason. The company is not to blame. It’s no scam, it’s good product.

I feel Ookisa’s offer for a free trial is deceptive and a class action should be brought to stop them from using this type of language.

The exchange of the product for your credit card info constitutes a sale. They fully intend to charge you $99.95 in 30 days, so there isn’t anything free about the product trial.

The hook is the 30 day delay on the charge to make you feel you are getting something for nothing at the moment. But charges are scheduled and pending once you accept, therefore this offer cannot be justified as free.

The free trial at best is actually only a return policy after purchase. The burden is on the purchaser to make the return, so what portion of the trial is free?

If you meet the strict and arbitrary conditions to cancel the imminent charge, you are simply returning your purchase, empty or not. It isn’t free, merely conditional on you to meet the terms for their product return in order to cancel.

If you’re required to return something, how could it have been free in the first place?

Free trial versus free sample or free product? That’s the linguistic game Ookisa attempts to play. Linguistically or legally it is but a thinly veiled deception to conceal there is nothing shipped that is actually free.

In answer to some of your questions..

The PRODUCT trial is in fact free. It clearly states that you ship back even if the bottles are empty. So what is contained within “the PRODUCT” was free. The intitial shipping charge is for that, shipping. The charges thereafter are for more of the PRODUCT. This is used in many businesses. And is VERY legal. They were offers with everything spelled out legally. It sounds more as if the ones complaining are looking more for “free stuff” than the intended purpose of the “trial” not free, offer. The company is allowing you to “try” their product to promote and sale, not give it away.

This tactic is used by all the cable companies I know of, many phone companies as well as almost everything you get from the internet. If you do not like the terms, then simply do not accept the offer. What is the issue? It is up to the consumer to be aware of what the conditions are and if they were negligent in knowing what they were agreeing to that is their own fault. Its not as if anything is hidden nor is the use of wording wrong.

You mentioned a class action brought against them. Is a class action going to be brought about to the thousands of offers exactly like this one as well?

I would advise that you simply stay away from such offers since they upset you so much. Noone forced you to accept the terms. It is a choice with all information provided to make that choice.

The pricing policy is self-explanatory.

I was wondering if anyone using this product has had the experience of having hair grow in thinning spots. I have thinning hair and don’t want to order unless someone has had some hair growth.

Thanks for your help

As a former victim of bait and switch, I was in the process of ordering the free trial. Heck, I am even willing to pay the $100 for the product. But what lost me is that the company only allows credit card purchases only. I ask for a snail mail option where I would send the payment in. They refused me that opportunity. They need another sucker and I am not her. I am willing to try anything once but I will not be stuck with a payment system that I did not authorize. Banks are not refunding or cancelling payment systems like this because they believe customers should be more careful about submitting their card numbers. One final note to Marie: The ad most certainly does say the product grows hair. That was the inspiration for me to try it.

Love the product! Their Customer Service has always been very helpful on all my reorders. Sometimes I think people just need something to complain about. This is not a miracle. Only one person can perform those. What it will do is provide you with a product that has natural ingredients and makes your hair smell fresh and alive. Your hair will break less and yes, in the end be fuller and better looking. Like all products it’s not for everyone. Mark down your trial end date, call before its over and you will not be scammed. If auto ship is not for you then they have other plans available. 30 or 20 day trial who cares, if you need longer and call within your time they will give you longer, if that is what you need. Yes I have also noticed full hair in my temple area where my hair was thinning the most. I have colored my hair since I was 24 from premature graying and after 60 days my hair looks as good as it did when I was younger. It is pricier than Suave, but no comparison as to what it does for your hair, NONE. Believe me I’ve used both.

I ordered the Ookisa, the terms were exactly how they described them. I have used the product for a little over a week and I must say that my hair does look fuller! I have fine, thin, curly hair and I am pleased with the results. I have also used the nighttime serum – I have not had any problems with it – they said your scalp might tingle a little after using it – but I actually felt nothing unusual. Also, with cheaper hair products, I always had an itchy scalp and and flakiness – I have not had that problem with Ookisa.

Just got my order in and also thought it would be a trial size and to my surprise a full size until I saw the the packing slip with it for charging you after so many days, I should have known this was one of those tactics and fell for it. I am sending it back tomorrow, because I do not like these scams one pulls on others.

Any time a company offers a “free trial” READ THE FINE PRINT before you send your credit card info. There is rarely a no obligation free trial, these businesses are trying to make money!!! You will either be obligated to send the product back within a specified window of time, or you will have to pay for it! I don’t understand in this day and age how anyone could not know this! You all act so surprised by the fact that you eventually have to pay for your “free trial”. hmmmm…

I simply wish to know if these products really work. I have very thin, fine hair that tangles terribly. Can anyone tell me about that? I realize that they are trying to get you to buy into 30 day supplies…but that is not always bad…have you ever tried BareMinerals…its the same way…and the product is great! I’ve used it for years.

I ordered my “free” trial products in Dec. I was in a hurry, on my way to work and had a gut feeling that nothing in life is free. I got home and had a confirmation email from Ookisa explaining the every 60 days fee of $99. I called to cancel, the sales rep told me I could buy the set for a one time offer of $44 plus shipping. Which I did. The way the billed my credit card was odd. I had 4 charges that all equaled the $49.95. I don’t like the way they sell the product, I would rather go to a store or salon to buy it. However, I love the products. I used to have a decent amount of hair. I had radiation & chemo treatments for cancer. My hair was really thin esp. in the back where the radiation went out. They told me that it might grow back but then again it might not. I don’t know how the Ookisa works but my hair is thicker, stronger and shiny. It doesn’t tangle either. I only wash my hair every other day, it is chin length so I don’t use a lot of shampoo or conditioner. I have used about 1/2 of the shampoo and conditioner. I tried the nighttime follicle renewing serum when I first got it but it made my scalp red and itchy so I quit. But in the past week I tried it again, no redness or itching. I went to get my hair cut this morning and my hairdresser commented on how thick and healthy my hair looks! I love the products, I just wish it was easier to purchase it.

Yes Sher..
I use bare minerals as well. Another to try is meaningful beauty and the autoship and pay is extremely convienant. In truth, the fact that they had already shipped the product in anticipation of my satisfaction saved me taking the time to order, wait and pay another shipping fee.

Along with the free trail, I also purchased vitamins for $19.95, when they arrived and I opened them they were not sealed nor did they have cotton, I’m wondering if I should take them?

I so agree with Holly and Kayleen. You can’t just start blaming the company and labeling this a “scam”. It is not a scam. If it’s a scam I would’ve never received my products to try, right? Whenever you encounter anything “free”, obviously it’s too good to be true. So what do you do? Read the fine prints, of course. I knew all about the free trial and them charging me if I don’t cancel before the 30 days are over, yet I was still up for it. And to be honest, I am not disappointed one bit because these stuff works wonder! From the very first try I already fell in love with it. You definitely see a difference in the way your hair feels and looks. My hair (after having my baby) got thinner and more sparse. Now, I haven’t been using these products long enough yet to see whether it regrows hair or not, but I can say that it will leave your hair thicker, shinier, and more voluminous. I definitely recommend these products to everyone.

And I don’t think you necessarily have to have thinning hair in order for these products to work on you. Based on the results I’ve seen, I believe it can work for any other hair types. Definitely give the free trial a try. (Just make sure you cancel it before the 30 days are over.) You will not be disappointed.

I have to say, I know how you must feel thinking it could be a scam, because there are scams out there, for sure. However, I just placed the order for the trial, and also added a full size instant volumizing souffle as my own to keep. i only ordered the products this morning, so i have no idea if ill like them or not. That being said,i read the fine print before i submitted my order, and it is all there in black and white. For 5.95, they send you 3 products full size. You have 30 days to see if you like it. If you do, then you keep it, and they charge you 99.95 for it. Then you can tell them NOT to send you it automatically every month if you dont want that. All you have to do is call. I just spoke to the rep. if you send it back, they dont charge you anything. the bottles can be half empty, or completely empty. So all i can say, is that you need to read before you buy….its on the page as clear as day BEFORE you choose to hit the submit button. I even printed it out!

Hello, I am a woman of color whom purchased the trial product. At first I thought, this product won’t work for me but after using it for two-weeks every day plus taking the vitamins, I can say, “I WAS RIGHT! Definitely not the product for woman of color.. It stripped the life right out of my hair and it was a mess. I had to go out and purchase a wig for God’s sake. Very, very, dissapointed!

hey guys….i’m considering using this product, are there any side effects? i mean this is primarily just a shampoo like any other product right, no medicine or anything like that? that’s my main concern…


I hate this product scammers. They just want to get your credit card # and who knows what they want to do next. It was like the product I ordered last month, the Acai Berry pills with the cleanser. Such a fake.
The capsules are hallowed and I got few opened, and inside the contents are just half. When i swallowed one, and I burp it, it came back up. Gross…I just discontinued it and complained to them. Usually the company is just in a warehouse/garage. Just be warned. Too many scammers nowadays!

The marketing for OOKISA is a scam regardless of any product merit. I ordered the 30-DAY FREE TRIAL for my wife and paid 5.95 s&h. The terms are only partly disclosed in the banner ad and order page. These state you must cancel before the trial period ends otherwise they will send another shipment and charge you for it. Obviously, you assume you will have 30 days to cancel. But after you place the order, OOKISA sends you an e-mail confirmation with fine print stating you have only 20 days to cancel, not 30 days. Upon receipt the invoice for the 30-DAY FREE TRIAL states at the bottom you must notify them in 14 days to cancel. If you don’t read that, you will not notice that your 30-DAY FREE TRIAL has now been changed to only 14 days. That’s how they unexpectedly get you for that first $100 automatic shipment after just 14 days. It’s a scam to get your credit card # and charge you automatically before you know it. Upon close inspection, the bottom of the invoice states they will not process any refunds for packages marked Return to Sender and all sales are final and non-refundable after the 14-DAY FREE TRIAL period. How does a 30-DAY FREE TRIAL suddenly become a 14-DAY FREE TRIAL period after they get your credit card number? This is clearly deceptive! If you fell for this, fight back! Dispute the charge with your credit card company and tell your friends to beware of OOKISA.

I tried the product and it’s great! I called to cancel because I could not afford $99.95 every two months. When I called they offered me a lower price of $44.95 and said I would not be under obligation to buy every other month. I agreed. Well, to make a long story short. I ran out of the product and called to order. They billed my credit card for $44.95 immediately and to date I still have NOT received the product. I have called the company several times. The story I got was that they were back logged. Once when I called they said it had shipped and gave me the old UPS tracking number dated 2/12/09. A little dishonest – don’t you think? I ordered it 03/05/09. It is now 4/11/09 and I am anxiously awaiting. But, I think it’s worth it.

If anyone wants my supply, I’ll sell it to you for a small fee. Personally, it did not work for me and I think it is a scam as well. Be careful what you put on your hair, especially if your thinning already!

I ordered the free trial, thinking I wouldnt like it, and would cancel within 2 weeks. I did call to cancel, but they told me they could reduce the price, and shipments would be every 2 months. It was very doable. And the fact is, I love the products. It may not grow hair, but I DO see much more volume in my thin, puny hair. I have been wearing extension pieces to add volume for the past 10 years. Yesterday after 15 days, I went out with just my hair only. Its such a liberating feeling, to be comfortable with my hair. It feels so soft, and looks so shiny. I can’t believe thats its really my hair. I am so glad I gave it a try. I also started taking Biotin and Folic Acid supplements, it cant hurt either.

What I am hearing is that the product is not worth the full price, since whenever anyone calls to cancel they immediately offer a reduced rate.

I received a sample of this from Sephora, when I bought another Made from Earth product. I couldn’t believe it when I tried it. It’s wonderful, it smells great (my boyfriend loved it), it got my hair really clean and left it soft and with some body, not limp and greasy feeling. I will only use Made from Earth products from now on, they really are the best for your health.

I received the sample, did not read the fine print, got billed, got the return invoice after two phone calls, returned the product and they denied receiving it. So far no refund. How can you trust a product when the muscular tactics this company uses are stacked against you from the beginning?

Hello. I don’t know if this stuff works or not – have not tried it. BUT as to how to deal with this and other companies who offer a trial for a small price and then bill you for a large amount for an ongoing supply of it — DON’T buy from them. Instead, BUY IT FROM EBAY! Ebay is full of offers/seller of these subscription-type products, sold by women who got pulled in to the billing scam and have PLENTY of the product to sell. And some of the products are indeed wonderful – like the Cindy Crawford Meaningful Beauty products (especially the Maintenance 2 Night product). By purchasing any of these from eBay you can just look for another eBay seller who is offering your product, when you are running low on it. Very simple.

Love the product. Have used it three times, and for the first time in years, two people commented today on how good my hair looks. My hair has been thin & fine since I stopped taking hormone replacement pills six years ago. Ooskia is pricey, but worth it if it works!

LET THE BUYER BEWARE — Hey all — I bought a trial sample of this product off their website for $6.95 but please read the fine print — they will bill your account for $99 dollars month as a stipulation of the trial offer. I mailed the product back and called to cancel my subscription — they have a “money back guarantee” and it’s been 3 months and no refund to my account has been made.

I don’t trust them and it’s a shame too because they are not trying to build brand loyalty, but rather just go for a fast buck at the expense of their customers.

I love their products, but I wish they weren’t so expensive. I simply can’t justify the cost to continue using them, but my hair looks soooo much better with ookisa than any of the other products I own. I did the trial, cancelled within the 35 days, and had no problem whatsoever. I was charged the $5.95 shipping charge, but that’s all. Returning the empty bottles was very easy; I cancelled online and they emailed me the RMA.

How did you cancel online when there is no link on their website to cancel? Did you mean you sent them an email? The only contact option on their website automatically signs you up to their mailing list. The pupose of making you call to cancel seems to enable their trainees to talk you out of canceling or if that fails make you an offer for half price.

You say you canceled after 35 days when others above have complained about being charged after only 14 days. They promise a 30 day free trial period, so when they charge after only 14 days they’re apparently lying to get your money. Suppose they just lie to some of the people some of the time?

You have to read the Terms and Conditions – the lady even told me that when I called – because it is not clear nor does it come up anywhere when ordering – lesson learned – and I just did this a week ago – June 1 09. When you get the email confirmation is when you see it will end up being $99. So, you have to pay $6.95 for the shipping to get it – and if you don’t like it – You HAVE TO SEND IT BACK – empty or not – so – another $6.95 to send back or more – which of course I am going to empty so it will be less to send back weight wise. Plus, a hassle another errand to do in sending back. I kept thinking trial size-you can’t find anywhere on the website how many ounces are in the true product size. 6ozs. $99 for a 6oz shampoo and conditioner and serum! Well – make that really $107 with shipping.
I have normal/oily hair – and it made my hair so dry when I washing it – the conditioner was ok. Nothing great. The secret ingredient is not even proven to help grow hair – biotinoyl tripepide. Honestly if they had a great product they wouldn’t have to sell it to you like this. If you have thinning hair, get rograine (sp?) which is proven to help thinning hair. Hope this helps.

I told cust service rep that I am not happy with the results and they extended the trial end date 2 more weeks. I have not been using the night serum regularly (keeps forgetting) but have been using the shampoo and conditioner more than 2 weeks and I have not noticed any difference yet. I still think that I will return the products.

C’mon people. Imagine going to Whole Foods or Costco and getting a free food sample. But before you leave the store they make you give the toothpick back or they’ll charge you for a two month’s supply at the retail price. Surely you wouldn’t consider that a free sample anymore now would you? No way! Yet OOKISA wants you to believe you’re actually that stupid. You might be if you let them get away with it.

Saw a new banner ad. They dropped “30 Days” from the headline so now just reads “Exclusive Online Free Trial*” with the asterisk. When you click the ad, the only asterisk reference is the following “* Try a 2-month supply of OOKISA FREE for 30 days. Just pay shipping & processing.” No disclosure of needing to return the product and they’re still falsely claiming a full 30 days to try, but in small print, not in the headline. When you decline, a pop up window appears offering you shipping for just $2 with a bogus 24 hour time limit. They actually put a fake bar code and scissors on screen like a paper coupon! How stupid do they think you are? It also says RISK FREE in big letters, without stating any price at this point. If you accept the offer, then and only then, is a disclosure at the very bottom, well below the space you enter your personal information and even below the submit button:

“Your FREE Trial of OOKISA™ includes a full 60-day supply for just $2 in shipping and processing. You will have 30 days to try OOKISA and discover why it is the perfect hair care system for you. If you like how this system makes you look younger with more youthful looking hair, do nothing – at the end of your free-trial period you will be billed the discounted price of $89.95. If for any reason the collection is not for you, call OOKISA Customer Care toll-free at 877-466-5472 within your 30-day free-trial period to cancel. Then simply return the product (even if it is empty!) and you will NEVER be billed. No commitments, no hassles.

Plus, if you decide to keep OOKISA, you will receive a fresh supply of OOKISA approximately every 60 days at the same low price of $89.95. You can cancel anytime by calling OOKISA Customer Care at 877-466-5472. No risk, no obligation, cancel any time!”

AGAIN, it is a scam to call a consumable trial free if you require the consumer to return the product or its empty packaging.

MOREOVER, it is false to call it risk-free when fully intending to charge the customer $89.95 unless they figure your scheme out first.

I vowed I would never again order anything with Free in it. Nevertheless I went to the site. I did not see anything revealing the conditions. It should in large print. Or a low-price first time offer. I do not patronize anyone who uses these tactics or who has shipment “clubs”–I did not see that either. I didn’t see any of it until I got the order confirmation. I literally had my blood pressure shoot straight through the roof when I realized I had been fooled again. All these people defending the product and the marketing method likely work for the company.

I am canceling and shipping back unused. And from now on, I use only PayPal for new products. If you can’t get it with PayPal I ain’t gettin’ it. There are a lot of products out there folks. Any product worth having and that is reasonably priced is not going to require you to sign up for automatic shipments. Come to think of it, is not going to offer a free trial either.

Oleander, I just got my Ooksia “free” trial kit and I seriously did not ever see anything about them charging me after 30 days. I was so infuriated when I saw that packing slip (which I almost didn’t read) that even if it works and makes my hair fantastic, I am sending it back just on principal alone. I look for tricks like that and I didn’t notice any disclaimer or “note” on the website. Yes, legally they said “trial” but there wasn’t anything mentioned about being charge $99.00 after 30 days. I am so angry right now.

I am interested in purchasing these products so I appreciate all of the feedback. I read the info on the website which was quite clear about how it works with regard to paying. If you are a person who is looking for free stuff without paying for it at all, this would not be an item for you to purchase online. All free trials work the same way. It is free or a nominal charge for a period of time. Then, of course, you would have to pay for it unless you return the unused portion.

If you’re really interested in trying the product, you could purchase it at Ulta. I called them (the one in my area) and they have both the full size product and the sample products available for purchase. But you have to go into the store to purchase it. They do not sell certain products (Ookisa, Paull Mitchell,etc) online due to certain retail restrictions. So problem solved! Now…I’m interested in hearing more comments from people who have actually used the product….

If you think that you are getting something for about $7.00, forget that. You will be committed for about $100. If you have baby fine hair, try spraying in salt water after shampooing. 1/2 tsp salt in about 4 oz. of water. Section your hair and spray it on the roots, It’s free and it works well for me!

From all of the posts everyone is well aware of the price of Ookisa , which seems to be a problem for some. High end products do cost more. I don’t know if the problem is that people want a high end product for free or low cost, or if people are upset that they cannot afford the high end product. If you don’t spend that kind of money on health and beauty aide products that is fine, but don’t berade people who don’t mind paying for quality. On the flip side, I do believe that for every expensive product there in a less expensive product that works the same or better. I have found this out through many years of trial and error, and thousands of dollars later. Trial and error costs money too. However, I still don’t mind paying for quality, that is, if it truely is a quality product.

Each time I read these posts, all of you convince me that I made the right decision not to purchase the product. The banners and ads are very convincing. They are supposed to be. But let’s think about it for a moment. One or two posts with the same experience maybe that’s just people who are disgruntled. I lost count after 25 posts about the experience of being charged $100 without authorizing it. I would personally pay $100 for a product that could give me the results that many of you have enjoyed. But I will not be a part of the deception. I really do wish something could be done about the bait and switch tactic that is becoming paramount in e-commerce. Right now, no one cares and as a result the abusers will continue to prey on the vulnarability of those of us who want to preserve the one vanity that makes us feel good–our hair.

Below is the terms and conditions from the Ookisa website. If people would have READ it there be no confusion and unauthorized charges:

Your FREE Trial of OOKISA™ includes a full 60-day supply for just $6.95 in shipping and processing. You will have 30 days to try OOKISA and discover why it is the perfect hair care system for you. If you like how this system makes you look younger with more youthful looking hair, do nothing – at the end of your free-trial period you will be billed the discounted price of $99.95. If for any reason the collection is not for you, call OOKISA Customer Care toll-free at 877-466-5472 within your 30-day free-trial period to cancel. Then simply return the product (even if it is empty!) and you will NEVER be billed. No commitments, no hassles.

Plus, if you decide to keep OOKISA, you will receive a fresh supply of OOKISA approximately every 60 days at the same low price of $99.95. You can cancel anytime by calling OOKISA Customer Care at 877-466-5472. No risk, no obligation, cancel any time!

Where is the deception? It looks like people did not read the terms and conditions before agreeing to have a product shipped to them. If this is too much work for you to be bothered with, then the alternative is to go to an Ulta salon and just buy the product outright. I don’t see any deception, just a process that some may not want to be bothered with.

It’s not a free trial if you have to pay for it. Period.

Doesn’t matter if they charge you in 30 days or 1 year later. $99.95 does not equal free under any circumstances. Having to return the product to stop an imminent charge also does not equal free. It’s a condition for return of a purchase, therefore not free.

Free Trial Offers ARE wrong and the US Attorney General is moving to shut them ALL down starting with Wu-Yi Source/Living Lean “Free Trial” scam. If you have been affected misleading Free Trial Offer by Ookisa, you should contact your state attorney general as well as the Federal Trade Commission and file a complaint. Even though Ookisa has a fine print, the Free Trial Offer claim is still misleading and are NOT protected by the law. Every complaint helps.

The product very well may work, however instead of building their product name/ and loyalty they decided to trap consumers in. Their sales did skyrocket when the product first launched and now their sales are dwindling. They are becoming desperate for money and will do ANYTHING for it.

After reading all of the posts I feel I have been HIGHLY informed about the billing/ordering process yet I didn’t get a lot of information about the product itself. After doing some research I came across a similar product called NIOXIN. This product is found in beauty supply stores, hair salon’s, and also in some Walmart’s where they have a hair cutting co. inside. I was unable to find decent, concrete comparison posts though. It would be nice if we could compare these products being that with NIOXIN your able to purchase the product in a store. I also saw someone mention another product called “Made from Earth” The research I found on that product is being more organic and less perfumey, doesn’t say much about repairing, restoring, rebuilding hair though.

If there’s anyone out there that has already compared both NIOXIN and OOKISA products I would love to hear from you! I’m not sure I want to go through the billing hassle with OOKISA. I was thinking about ordering the product and the same day I receive it just empty the contents out into other bottles and then send the empty bottles back just to avoid any 14-30 day return confusion that I have read about. If no posts come in regarding this comparison, I’ll go out and try both products and put another post up with the comparisons.


Very interested in finding out which product is better – Nioxin or Ookisa. I have thinning hair and am about to try Nioxin as I heard good reviews about it.

Hey 2GirlzMoM,

I have been using Nioxin for about a week now. Let me just start off by describing my hair type. I have long thin hair but a lot of it, I have been coloring my hair for years from dark colors for the winter to highlights in the summer so I bought the Nioxin System 3 kit for color treated hair. One thing I didn’t like right off the bat was the smell. It smells like Tea Tree Oil now your hair doesn’t smell as strong as the product does after you wash it but it doesn’t smell good either. Its also very minty and tingley as your washing but not in a good way LoL. Just like what some of the other users described you tend to loose more hair then normal the first few times you use Nioxin. My hair does not feel soft at all and tends to get tangled easier. I haven’t felt a huge difference in my hair texture at all however I’ll try to describe this the best I can, as I run my fingers through my hair it feels as though there is a film/barrier. Its really really light and doesn’t seem to weigh my hair down its just a weird “residue” feeling. I paid 30.00 for the kit at a local Walmart that has a mini hair salon in it. I will not be purchasing Nioxin in the future, its not worth 30.00 to me. You can purchase the generic brand of Nioxin (Nutri-OX) at your local beauty supply store starting at 15.00 for the kit.
Now that I’ve got that out of my system 😉 I am going back to my Pantene Pro-V Full and Thick while waiting for my purchase of the free trial of OOKISA that everyone has been making a huge fuss about. I will purchase with caution. LoL

I’ll check back to give you those results.

Thanks V for the detailed report. I was actually looking forward to using Nioxin, but scared about the initial excessive hair loss. Not sure if I should start it, just bought it yesterday.
Also you have used it for just a week so would be hard to see any hair regrowth.

Yes, please do keep us posted about OOKISA. Also heard about Folligen and the positive results. Any idea about it?

The extra hair loss while using Nioxin isn’t as bad as it sounds I look at it as its cleaning up the mess I have on my head LoL. As for Nioxin helping with regrowth I don’t think its intended for that. Just like OOKISA, I believe both products are ment to help repair, replenish, thicken etc, etc the hair we already have. Folligen? Hmmm i’ve never heard of it. I looked up some reviews, its very different. Its a cream/spray treatment and that’s intended for hair regrowth. I’ll put it on my list of products to try LoL. Let me know what you think of Nioxin. I ordered OOKISA today under the 2.95 promo, i’ll let you know how it turns out.


I have personally used NIOXIN for 3 years now and I have twice the amount of hair I did 3 years ago. I just use the 3 step, shampoo, conditioner and scalp therapy. It has made my hair grow in thicker and longer. I do also use OOKISA and went thru the same problem of buying the trial for $5.95 and then getting charged for $99.95 for the next month, I was able to get it cancelled, but it wasnt easy. But I am just at the end of that product and I have had it for 1 year. I use it about once a week or every other week when I want some extra volume and I gotta tell you it gives the extra volume better than any other product I have seen before. I would love to get it again on a special, they sent me an email for $19.95 for the whole set with no obligations, so it said…considering using a disposable credit card to purchase as to not have them just start charging again. But I just wanted to let you know that NIOXIN has been an awesome product for me and OOKISA as a back up for the volume.

Thanks Odie for your response. I will keep using Nioxin then. I dont see hairfall anymore now. Also, do you know if Nioxin is a sulfate free shampoo/product?
Has anyone here tried Hair Essentials vitamins from Natural Well being?
Personally would love to know your feedback.

I’m wondering why the people who are so unhappy with a standard “free trial” from the company don’t just buy this product off of Amazon, or elsewhere? If you can find it on Amazon, you should also be able to find it elsewhere.

Good golly, Miss Molly, give it a frickin rest you idiots who keep saying that this is a scam. What in the world do you think you should get for $5.95??? The whole world? You think you should get 60 days worth of a product for $5.95?? Are you for real? Let’s keep it “real” and move on as to whether the product works or not.

Listen, I’m going on 47 years old, I have always had a head of strong, thick, coarse curly hair and in the last few years, not only am I getting grey hairs, but the front of my scalp is noticeably thinning. So, let me know if the product will work as far as getting stronger, thicker, fuller hair and shut up about the “scam” part. If someone is so stupid to think that they can get 60 days worth of product for $5.95, then they are “scammable” and deserve to be scammed (in their own mind).

Actually, the only idiot is a balding 50-year-old who thinks shelling out $90 every other month might grow her hair back. The other people frustrated after finding out this free trial is not actually free are simply voicing common sense objections to unethical advertising.

This is a common SCAM used by cosmetic companies I like mineral make up, so I tried sheer cover. I am an african american woman. Some mineral makeup can produce a chalky effect. When I recieved the product I tried it immediately. The product gave my skin a dry gray apperance. I washed my face and called Sheer Cover. I explained the problem to customer care. The rep was very polite and looked for a better color match, but it seems they were none. My last statement to her was so how do I mail this back to you. She stated “Oh you don’t have to mail it back dont worry Is there anything else I can help you with” We moved out of state and I closed my bank account. When we settled into our new home, and started work I went to open up an account. They refused to allow me to open an account because I had a $500. over draft charge from my old bank. It was all sheer cover recharging my account for the product I offered to return. A product I couldn’t even use that I was told to throw away. All of these companies that use these unethical methods are SCAM artist. Let the buyer beware.

Ok ladies, i ordered OOKISA and used it for a week and these are the results I got. My hair type is long, thin but a lot of it and i color it. I was not very impressed with this product =( My hair already gets greasy by the end of the day so I have to wash my hair every day and with OOKISA my hair was extremely oily by the middle of the day. I didn’t really notice thickness however my hair felt stronger and this may be due to only using it for a week. There really wasnt a smell to it as some people claim. No crazy tingly sensations going on or strong minty smells it was a scentless shampoo and conditioner, however i didn’t experience as much hairloss as i did with Nioxin for the first couple of washes. As for the overnight leave in treatment, honestly i didn’t get a burning sensation like everyone stated. I didn’t feel anything LoL. Sadly, this product didn’t work for me it was makin my hair too greasy to continue use.

As for the customer service, they are excellent. I called them and requested my RMA # (needed before returning the product which is educated to you on your purchase receipt)with no problem, was educated the deadline of when the product needed to be returned in order to not be charged full price. For those of you that feel scammed and is bashing this companies marketing skills, you have nobody to blame but yourselves. If you read the Terms and Conditions before purchasing the product (which you can do so by selecting Terms and Conditions at the bottom of the OOKISA web page) it makes doing business with OOKISA a lot easier. Now I know i’m probably the only one that has something positive to say about the purchasing aspect but i’m gonna say that’s because i’m the only one that actually read what i was purchasing and how the billing works.

Right you are… read, read and then read… the Terms & Conditions/small print that NOBODY reads, then believes themselves scammed. Have you never heard, “LET THE BUYER BEWARE”?? So..beware of what you’re putting your money down for.

There is NO topical product that is a “magic bullet” It’s only shampoo & conditioner

Why does no one read the fine print where it clearly indicates that after the “trial” period, you will be getting charged whatever their charges are for their product.

Clearly, if this product works that well on Japanese hair — I’m convinced it’ll do nothing for the average African-American woman’s kinky/nappy hair.

Wow, that was really RUDE Rob. It could work on their hair, just because it’s really CURLY (NOT nappy)doesn’t automatically mean it’s ineffective!

I too used the product I see no change it smells nice but not for that price. I buy matrix and it is alot cheaper then this stuff for the price I paid I could of bought 10 shampoos and conditioner sets. what a rip off never again.

Buyer beware! I ordered the ookisa products for the initial $5.95 and then discovered the $99.95 charge to my credit card. I then called to cancel in further shipments (sad, because I loved the product)and they reduced the cost to $69.95 and would wait 120 days to send another shipment. I agreed to this and have kept the e-mail confirming this, but lo and behold the next month I was charged $75.95 on my credit card. When I called the customer service rep was rude and told me to suck it up in other words. It is now in dispute with my credit card company and I canceled the card also.

OMG!!! Give it a rest already!! For those of you complaining shouting ITS A SCAM!” LoL Its not a scam! Just like with anything else at high dollar value READ THE FINE PRINT!! I ordered the product, didn’t like the product, called the company, got my return #, sent it back in the allotted time frame stated under the TERMS and CONDITIONS and was only billed for the shipping, never the ridiculous amounts some have claimed. Its not the company’s fault you don’t understand the charges under the TERMS and CONDITIONS.

I got an overprocessed perm in November and it left my hair like a cottonball. I ordered Ookisa and started using immediatly after I had to cut my shoulder length hair OFF. My hair started growing and is fuller and stronger than it has ever been. I love the products and will continue to use them for life. They make my hair the best it can possibly be. I have used very high end shampoos and conditioners, but nothing out there can touch Ookisa!! Try it!!

Once again, someone taking the time to log in to a complaint forum to PROMOTE a product. How credible is that?!

BTW, the product is distributed out of Los Angeles but apparently run by a company in Texas which is held by holding company in yet another state. It’s a corporate shell game to avoid identification and accountability when the time comes.

Ookisa product are very expensive and worthless. if you have colored hair or highlighted hair, dont even bother with this product, it will not work, it will make grunchy. I use Pantene products,they are cheep but works for me. I do not recommend this product.

I found a better product at Walgreens. Sammy Fat Hair products work much better and have made my hair extremely thick looking even though it is thin. I use the zero calorie shampoo and conditioner and the curl definer and it all costs under $20. The curl definer is the best I’ve ever used, even better than Nioxin Products.

I saw an ad for Ookisa and followed this link: https://www.ookisa.com/index.html?s=8aa081ca1edb1a60011edbeba2430886&SUBID=ara_ok_k3_article_041410;2776; I then read through the page and clicked on the link at the top right hand corner of the page that said “Click Here”. I was taken to this page: https://www.ookisa.com/page2.html I read through that page to make sure there were no “you’ll be subscribed to receiving this product every xx days unless you cancel in xx days”. I saw nothing like that and proceeded to then fill out the application, and paid the shipping and handling for my “free trial”. I just received my package via UPS… and saw the receipt. I am now subscribed to receiving this product on a regular schedule for an amount of money I would never agree to pay UNLESS I knew beforehand that the product was worth it. I did NOT agree to terms and conditions that I was not made aware of. Please, check out these two pages and tell me if I am missing something?

I ordered the “free trial” from this company, and was charged about $6 for the shipping, which was fine when I opened the boxed and found a complete set of large bottles of Shampoo/Conditioner/Serum. Shipping was fast and I was satisfied with the customer service during the shipping process. However, The product did not seem to work. I didn’t even experience much volume, which is the main reason I ordered the product in the first place, as well as the possibility for hair regrowth. In addition to the dissatisfying results, I received an email from them letting me know that after the 30 day trail my account would be charged over $60 for the product… so much for free trial, right? I called them a week before the cut off date of the “30 day trial” when I would be charged, and they told me they would be sending out a shipping box for me to return the product. Why would they want used product returned to them?! Over all, I found this system, the companies policies, and their “trial” to be a hoax and a joke. Please don’t waste your time… the only effect that they have on your head will be an over whelming headache.

I purchased the shampoo and conditioner many moons ago, unhappy with how my long hair felt after using it. Because I didn’t make my 90 day return date, I was left paying full price for a shampoo I didn’t want. But at 100.00 for 2 small bottles I kept it around. Then, my handsome but balding 40yr old boyfriend said he would use it just to get rid of it vs wasting it and throwing it away. That was 6 months ago, and WOW! My handsome man is no longer balding!!! Really tho, we were so shocked! the product made me eat my words! His hair is full, soft, and strong! WE WILL ORDER MORE!!!!

Sorry for the repost – I’m new to this and not sure where I was supposed to post this!!

I have been using Ookisa now for about six months. I’m African, had UNPERMED thick shoulder length hair (that never grew much past my shoulders)and a little bit of thinning around my temples (from years of braiding). I ordered the product (well aware of the charge in the 30-day period and subscription because I read the terms, etc.). Although I liked the product, I decided the 1-month supply bottles were too small for my needs (they lasted about 3 weeks). I called the company w/in my cancellation time and was offered a steep discount. For the 3 products – I thought it was a good price and kept the subscription. NOW ON TO RESULTS.

My hair has grown so much within the last few months!! I have colored my hair w/ permanent dye for 15 years. On my 3 times a year splurge to my hairdresser (I’m cheap!), she thought my hair looked great and also recommended that I try a texturizer for manageability (I’m really tender-headed for someone who will not perm her hair) so I now also do a quick texturizer once every 4-5 months. My hair is fabulously long now when I blow it out straight and gorgeously curly when I don’t. I LOVE what the conditioner does to my curls!! My hair is soft and thickening – even where I had the thinning (although I’m still a bit cautious about describing what’s happening at my temples). It’s taking time and is slower than the rest of my hair growth, but I do think the hair around my temples is growing back in. With the serum – my bottle must be filled with water, because I have felt absolutlely NOTHING when using it (no tingling, burning…nada…so I’m not using it regularly). This my primary cleanser now – and the conditioner I cannot live without! When the Ookisa runs out before the next delivery (as it always does) – I grudgely use Suave (or whatever is on sale) until my Ookisa arrives.

I do recommend this product to everyone who asks about my hair (with the warning about the price difference and the subscription)!

Ookisa is a scam. I accepted a free trial sample and received nothing. I was charged for the postage and then almost $100 for the product that never arrived.

I called “CS” and got a teenager who sounded bored and barely capable. He refused to cancel the “subscription”..the one that was not made known until AFTER MY CARD WAS CHARGED… and refused to refund. I have read a couple other reports claiming that people got packs of literature to validate a tracking receipt and then were charged for stuff they did not get.

I don’t mind trying new products. But let’s get real. It takes many months for any change in your hair to be noticeable. Once it passes the scalp, hair is dead and cannot be “repaired” by anything. It can be patched, protected and have damaged “covered,” but it can’t be repaired. Notice the ookisa trail period is 30 days. Get real. Hair grows about 1/4 inch a month. Most people would not see real change for at least a year!


This company is a scam! I thought that I was ordering a trail sample and I didn’t have any idea that I had to return the product.Nor did I realize that I would be expected to continue to receive the product.When I called to tell them not to send me anymore products they were rude and refused to cancel.They said that I would be charged if I don’t return the products at my expense.

I saw the ad online and it said to try it for a month. I’ve actually loved the way it makes my hair look and feel, but I have thin hair and wanted it to look thicker.

After a month of use, I went to my salon (which sells very high end products) and my stylist asked me what I was using on my hair since it was in such amazing shape.

I got the night time lotion to put on each night, but I haven’t used that yet.
I am 58 years old and I have shoulder length dk brown colored hair. I will continue using it and recommend it to my stylist.

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