OCC Pretty Boy Collection for Fall/Winter 2011

Photo by Michael Webber | STUDIOWEBBER.COM

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Pretty Boy Collection for Fall/Winter 2011

Who says makeup is only for girls? From David Bowie and Boy George to Adam Lambert, Jared Leto and today’s crop of glam rockers, the impact men have made on the art of makeup is one that still resonates through the present day and boys keep swinging!

Pretty Boy, OCC’s new Fall/Winter 2011 Colour Collection, takes its inspiration from these artists and performers to present a palette created to empower all genders to express themselves with colour.

The creative process began backstage at the Fall/Winter 2011 Collections where the runways were littered with brightly coloured makeup including intense neons and saturated pastels, not typical of what to expect from makeup trends meant for the later months of the year. At BESS NY, under the direction of Makeup Artist Vincent Oquendo, male and female models alike took to the runway in bold neon lips, multi-colored eyes and with some literally covered head-to-toe in glitter. At Eva Minge, Makeup Artist Kristi Matamoros created a look that showcased almost-neon red lips, and at Logan Neitzel, Makeup Artist Victor Henao’s look featured a graphic green/black eye makeup look that made models of both sexes look equally mysterious and androgynous.

OCC’s take on the trend features 6 new intense shades of Lip Tar, alongside new Nail Lacquers, Loose Colours, Pure Pigment powders (a pro favorite!) and Glitter to finish off the look with a bold and dramatic flourish.  Available September 6th @ occmakeup.com.

Lip Tar ($13.00)

  • Butch Pastel periwinkle
  • Femme Pale flamingo pink
  • Banjee Freshly sliced mango
  • Queen Screaming neon red
  • Narcissus Creamy pink/lavender
  • Pretty Boy Deep, true fuchsia

Loose Colour Concentrate ($12.00)

  • Cruising Brassy gold shimmer
  • Poison Primordial forest green
  • Jubilee Pastel blue with intense green/yellow shimmer

Pure Pigment ($12.00)

  • Magenta Intense red-violet
  • Turquoise Intense teal/green

Glitter ($12.00)

  • Mirrorball Disco-era silver with rainbow reflections

Nail Lacquer ($8.00)

  • Pool Boy Creme blue
  • Pansy Creme purple
  • Palare Deep fuchsia with blue/violet duochrome
  • Femme Shimmering flamingo pink, matches Femme
  • Extravaganza Rich pink/coral with gold shimmer overlay
  • Cruising Brassy gold shimmer, matches Cruising

See more photos!

Photo by Michael Webber | STUDIOWEBBER.COM

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I’m with Mel. Women shouldn’t be expected to wear makeup and men shouldn’t be expected not to. So-called gender roles exist only in our minds.

“Ugh I hate this heteronormative stereotype.”

I’m not trying to start an argument here a la the Rodarte arguments but I don’t see why you feel the need to attack another woman for saying she would prefer if men not wear makeup.

It’s pretty obvious a collection like this will most likely be bought completely by girls or by gay men, if by any man at all. And there’s nothing wrong with gay men wearing makeup but, seriously, to attack a woman for not wanting her men to wear makeup?

It’s like getting upset with someone for hating when it rains. Seriously. Chill out. #justsayin’.

OP didn’t say it wasn’t attractive to her. That’s personal preference. Going “ugh” and saying it isn’t “virile” is pretty much being judgmental, along the lines that a “real” man shouldn’t be wearing makeup.

You say there’s nothing wrong with gay men wearing makeup, there’s nothing wrong with ANY men wearing makeup. That’s why people were responding like they were.

There are boys who prefer blonde girls, brunette, red-haired girls, etc. And I can speak in this term about weight, height, eye colour, way of speaking, way of dressing, whatever. Tastes are tastes. MY tastes is that I like men not wearing make up and I don’t think this should be a problem of whoever.
My boyfriend has curly long brown hair. Far LONGER than mine. And I like this. Should I break with him because you consider wrong that I like boy with long hair and not with short hair? I think not.
So, I either don’t think should be your problem (or whoever else) if I don’t like boys that wear make up!
Same answer for all the same comments above and down.

I respectfully disagree with you.Everyone has a right to there opinion this just so happens to be mine.For myself personally i do not want to see any straight men in my life wear Make-Up, period.Especially say a boyfriend! That would be 100% turn off to me. I just couldn’t date a man that wore Make-Up. I don’t want a man that is sitting next too me at the Make-Up table doing our faces together in the morning or before a night out.Fact is that it is a feminine thing to do and feminine is not a word most women want associated with their man lol And i find it extremely hard to believe many straight men would wear Make-Up at all ever.Perhaps on Halloween,maybe.There are quite a few exceptions though for straight men who may or who do wear and even like wearing Make-Up. For example goth men or musicians.Actors,male models,performers,artists and even straight male teens who i know even when i was in high school sometimes wore male acne medication withfoundation for blemishes and on Halloween or costume parties.Even perhaps straight male Make-Up artists.Though as a Make-Up artist myself i must say i challenge you to find many if any straight male Make-Up artists out there lol. So yes there are exceptions and straight men that do enjoy Make-Up.But i think the major majority of straight men would not wear it. Of course i don’t have a hate or anything like that for a males who wears Make-Up.But i do think in my own personal opinion that is that a straight man wearing Make-Up for beauty reasons like a female does is really kind of silly and im sorry but a major turn off to me.Though as it goes, ‘to each there own’! Me or anyone else doesn’t have the right to tell people they can or cant wear Make-Up lol And if a straight man chooses to then that’s his business.I just choose not to date a man that does because its not appealing to myself.Having said that there are groups of men who i wouldn’t even give a second thought about the fact that they wear and even love Make-Up.And for some examples obviously number one is male Make-Up artists! Also some gay men that enjoy the feminine things in life like Make-Up,also drag queens,male to female trans genders,bi sexual men sometimes too like ‘Bowie’ and ‘Bowie as ‘Ziggy Stardust’,the artistic eclectic types.For men like these types that wear Make-Up i don’t find silly at all.In fact i think Bowie in the 70s looked pretty damn cool lol And there are many gay men on YouTube who do Make-Up who i really enjoy watching and they look gorgeous!!! If you want to check out some of them here’s a few i can think of off the top of my head…there’s ‘Petrilude’,’Gossmakeupartist’,’WhatStyleIsToNickel’.Those are just a couple i can think of right now but yes check them out there fun to watch.And my fav youtube artist are PIXIWOO!! LOVE LOVE LOVE lol Pixiwoo are two Make-Up Artist sisters but they are beyond amazing they are a must to watch for any Make-Up Lover! My closing line is if a man straight or gay or bi wants to wear Make-Up thats their own personal choice to do so thats the point end of story.If my oppinions offend anyone im sorry but we all have the rights to our oppinions.

So how long do you usually hog a soapbox for? LOL, you need to work this out in your head first!

I don’t want my men in foundation or bright lipstick, but judging by the names male buyers won’t be “my type”.

Just get over it already! My XBF wore screaming chartruese nail polish, looked totally awesome, and was totally hetero manly. So keep the sound down in your cage!

Hahaha! Guys who wear toenail polish because it cheers them up and makes them happy totally rock! I feel bad that men are made to feel weird when they want to enjoy the same things women do. This is especially hard for straight men with whimsical sides… I love it when people have the self-confidence to think others are strange for questioning how they dress/wear makeup!

I’m definitely getting something for no reason other than the fact that they mentioned Jared Leto in the ad copy! Echelon ftw 🙂
Palate and pretty boy are mine for sure and maybe Pool Boy. Can we expect swatches when this collection launches, Christine?

Same! Some of the descriptions intrigue me, but the promo photos don’t match what I was envisioning in my head when I scrolled down. So I’ll second the hope that they will send you some things to swatch. Hear that OCC, we need Christine’s help! lol

I have never heard of this company before but I see they are vegan. That is great. I wish they were in a local store so I could see if they have any fragrance free products too.

Uh oh, that nail polish, Extravaganza, is exactly what I love. Coral + gold. I already own four of those colors, but I need more!! LOVE IT.

agree with the shipping prices- they are not reasonable imo. And so what if a man wears cosmetics? Most the time if I see a guy in makeup (yes, in real life, not a rock star) they look better then half the females trying to do it. I think its attractive especially if they have an eye for it. Plus I dont see anywhere here that says these are FOR men, just says Inspired by…

I’ve never wanted to try OCC before, but as a genderfluid kind of person (kiss my well-tailored behind, Vale!), I am so excited!

Also, looooove the names.

Wow. I have never heard of OCC before. I would love to try to Butch lip tar since it’s periwinkle and I have been looking for a periwinkle lip color for ages. I will check out their website. Thank you Christine!

This is a great idea, I love people expressing who they are, male or female. I would love to see an Adam Lambert line of makeup, many would buy it.

Awesome! Love this idea and a man that isn’t afraid to wear lipstick and paint his nails! Makeup is fun for all genders! Don’t be afraid to express yourself boys.

Cruising is calling my name! I’m very pleased to see OCC launching fall collections. Anyone else notice the model has a bit of a butt chin though, lol? Maybe I’ll just look at him from the neck down. 😉

What’s wrong with a butt chin? It’s a genetic trait that people can’t change. However, you could consider changing your condescending attitude

I’m such a huge fan of OCC it’s not even funny… they can do no wrong in my eyes.. except lower shipping.. but my friends and I always do group orders so we kind of split up the heinous shipping. 🙂

That image is TO DIE FOR. So gorgeous. The lip tars all look great, although the fuchsia looks rather dupe-able. I wonder how it’ll swatch!

I am pretty sure I will not be able to exist if I do not get the golden color whatever it is all over his neck. It’s like he dipped himself in gold. LOVE!

I like how this contrasts with other fall collections this year that have a lot of the typical fall colors (though those are also gorgeous).

As a male beauty blogger and someone who wears makeup every single day of his life, I say BRING IT. Utmost love and respect for OCC for reaching out to the male consumer like this in a way no major brand would even dare without female counterparts. I’m so excited for this its not even funny.

As a guy who’s not typically interested in makeup myself (unless it’s movie/monster makeup and props, because YES), I think this is great! Way I see it, the body’s a canvas and the makeup the paint, whether it’s on a male or female. I definitely see the art behind it all and it isn’t anything less than that, make no mistake.

Honestly, let’s be real: what man, unless it’s Halloween, is going to wear blue lips with pink toenails? LOL! I can get black or silver toenails and maybe clear gloss but pink, coral, glittery?

LOL… no. Especially since Lip Tars are so opaque and pigmented…

What are you even saying? A guy would wear colors x and y but omg no self respecting male would ever wear colors b and c! You should get out more, or even around the internet more – guys are not all lumberjacks and scruffy macho men. Check it out sometime.

Not gonna lie, this is pretty hot. I kind of like the androgynous look on dudes… And besides that, I agree that we should be at a place where men can express themselves with makeup in the same way that society accepts women expressing themselves through cosmetics. If it makes you feel good and it’s not harmful, do it! My boyfriend uses under eye concealer because he was really self-conscious about his dark circles, and it makes him feel so much better. I say go for it!

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