OCC Lip Tar Test Tubes x 3 Sets for June 2014

OCC Lip Tar Test Tubes x 3 Set
OCC Lip Tar Test Tubes x 3 Set

Blue Blood Lip Tar Test Tubes x3 Set ($19.00)

  • Lip Tar Primer (0.08 oz.)
  • Stalker Lip Tar Matte True blue-based red (0.08 oz.)
  • Rx Lip Tar Matte True cyan blue (0.08 oz.)
  • #010S Short-Handled Precision Lip Brush

Champagne Shores Lip Tar Test Tubes x3 Set ($19.00)

  • Lip Tar Primer (0.08 oz.)
  • Pris Lip Tar Metallic Champagne metallic (0.08 oz.)
  • Trollop Lip Tar Matte Pinked coral (0.08 oz.)
  • #010S Short-Handled Precision Lip Brush

Pink Prism Lip Tar Test Tubes x3 Set ($19.00)

  • Lip Tar Primer (0.08 oz.)
  • Lovecraft Lip Tar Metallic Pink/lilac metallic (0.08 oz.)
  • Pretty Boy Lip Tar Matte Super rich fuchsia (0.08 oz.)
  • #010S Short-Handled Precision Lip Brush

Availability: Now at Sephora

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OCC Lip Tar Test Tubes x 3 Set
OCC Lip Tar Test Tubes x 3 Set

OCC Lip Tar Test Tubes x 3 Set
OCC Lip Tar Test Tubes x 3 Set

OCC Lip Tar Test Tubes x 3 Set
OCC Lip Tar Test Tubes x 3 Set

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Yes, but I don’t understand what’s new (other than they’re smaller). The lip tars have always been marketed as something that you can mix to create your own.

These, but many more than 3, are what I’m talking about! OCC is fab, but does anybody other than makeup artists who squeeze endlessly all day.. Does anybody ever use up one? While its good? These are promising, good price, decent deal, great idea. Next step is to let the customer pick minis in a choice of a few deals.. It would create buyers and customers would be content trying everything! 😀

Wish they’d just make the primary pack permanent, but the blue blood set looks like a good way to start a collection. Question, do you think the primer is necessary or at least helpful?

Major Lip Tar fiend here (I have the All-Star Minis pack, the Primary Pack, one of the Pro Packs, and a whole mess of full-sized bottles) and the Primer from OCC is my absolute favorite. For me it works the best of all my lip primers with both Lip Tars and any other lip product. I almost never used my Too Faced Lip Insurance anymore. It’s very moisturizing so I even use it as balm sometimes. Thankfully, it absorbs quickly and is very easy to pat down if you need to apply your lip color quickly. I keep a mini in my purse always and at least one in my stage kit. The minis last a long time so the packs are a great way to give the lip primer a shot. Really helps prevent feathering and bleeding too. Even more so than some of my clear liners.

And you should try it too, Christine! Jack Black lip balm and Rosebud Salve are my favorites and I know how much you love Jack Black. I think you’d really enjoy the clear Lip Tar. Sorry for the massive Wall of Text, but I have mad love for this product and think all lip product lovers should check it out! Off the top of my head I’ve used successfully with Lip Tars, Melt Cosmetics, Guerlain, NARS (in all formulas, but especially ultra-matte), NYX, Too Faced, MAC, KVD Everlasting Love Liquid, etc. and by itself. Plus it’s just as good patted on with a finger as with a brush.

I may have to try out the lip primer. I love lip tars but they don’t last long on me AT ALL. An hour, tops, and then they’re completely gone. I’ve tried Mac Prep and Prime and Bite’s primer but neither can get the lip tar to stay. It’s driving me nuts because I love OCC’s bright color options. I want to find a solution so bad but I’m feeling a little at a loss.

Aw, that’s frustrating! I’m sorry! It used to happen to me too. I do have a couple tips but of course sometimes some formulas just don’t cooperate on us. I hope some of this helps:

First off, always use less than you think you need. Even less than the usual drop. It’s better to have to layer more on than go too heavy at first because it takes too long to dry down and wears faster the heavier the application. And of course people prone to bleeding and fading should always prep with exfoliation, moisturizer, and then blotting the moisturizer to maximize wear. Get the pigment on both sides of your lip brush to coat more evenly. And really, really brush it into your bottom lip first spreading the pigment out from the middle. Blend and brush in as much as you can to get the color to set, stain, and start drying down (rubbing lips together will help the volatiles in it dry). Let that layer set down, and repeat the process on the top lip. Repeat as needed but not to excess. Also, they need a pretty good chunk of dry time even with this method so really let them set before heading out. You can always use 1-ply TP or blotting papers to blot down a bit and act as a barrier while you roll setting powder on if you need some extra staying power oomph.

Eep, sorry, I know this is an information inundation but there’s one more thing: Waterproof it. If I’m running super low on time or need to guarantee it won’t bleed on me (like under hot stage lights), I use Anastasia’s waterproofing gel over it. I like that one in particular but any one you’re comfortable using on lips should do. It absolutely does not mess with the color and cuts the dry time in about half. Plus since my lips have the moisturizer/primer barrier plus the Lip Tar barrier, it doesn’t dry them out. So if all else fails, give waterproofing a shot.

OCC lip tars are such an exciting mystery to me… We don’t have them here, but I like how they kind of encourage/facilitate mixing your own custom colours! I’d be all over the blue blood set – much as I like coral, with that first one you could make purple 😉

I want the one with the blue ‘cos in the packaging, it looks darker and I want a nice blue, but it swatches so much lighter. D:

If you mix Rx with a purple like Rollergirl, Hoochie, or the DC’d Belladonna you can get a really wicked cobalt blue. I personally do this with one thin layer of Rx as the base and Rollergirl as the second layer. Up the Rx ratio if you want more of a blue-violet instead of violet-blue cobalt. If it’s still too light for you, a tiny little pinprick of Tarred will darken it up but you’ll need barely any or it will muddy. You can make some really cool cobalts with Rx.

I need the Champagne Shores set!! I’d love to see how Trollop and Pris work together. You should do color mixes to post with these! Just an idea but it would totally help me choose sets that I NEED and WANT. haha Not much of a difference there. :p

This actually seems like a great idea. The tubes are small, but you need so little product anyway, that it doesn’t bother me that much. Even more so, when you get primer and two different shades and the small brush for the price of one. Even the Blue Blood one is a good idea when it otherwise may not seem like it, since Rx is good for mixing.

It’s actually a lot more than it sounds like. It’s the same amt as the holiday set and it will take a long time for one to run out bc of the pigmentation on these. The smallest drop is still too much.

Love lip tars and love the pack with primer and Pris! Pris is a great color to lighten these with and I personally love the metallic finish. Even when they fade, the metallic sparkle is very pretty.

I’d love to see a set like this with the really dark blood red color and then a light champagne to nude metallic shade. I could do so many mixes that way!

I had to go look at my own copy, I meant black dahlia matte with something maybe like Hollywood metallic? Or another lighter metallic that would blend with Black Dahlia.

was just thinking about how I wished occ would sell smaller tubes of lip tar because I’d prefer variety over quantity from their super pigmented products

I have a not-so-secret loathing for Lip Tars… especially as a lip product (good cream blushes if you can use them before they start to separate). This is something I could get behind tho – if only to try the different finishes. I’ve tried their classic formula and have been curious about the mattes and metallics. Seriously though… if you asked what product everyone else loves that you hate? My answer over and over again: OCC Lip Tars.

While they don’t live up to the hype for me, the first time I tried them, I’d gotten the five pack from Sephora that contained Iced–which is basically pure frost in a lip tar tube–and I like the consistency and effects of them a lot better when mixed with some of the Iced shade. Though I know you like frost, so perhaps you’ve tried that one already!

Also, the Stained Gloss formula is a lot different, and I like that a lot better than the regular lip tars. Haven’t tried the other formulas yet…I’m hoping for another big Sephora set of the minis to come around so I can get a bunch for mixing.

A pass for me as i have most of the shade but really $19 for 2 shade Plus primer seems a rip compare to the $21US for 4 shades from the holiday kit. Your paying for less then 1 full lips tars here in terms of product. lol

Technically you can say your paying for the brush but the this style brush comes free for a single lip tar.

Love the idea just wish they had put a third lip tar instead of the primer, i’ve never used it and would much rather prime with Jack Black lip balm. So it’s kind of a useless item to me at least.

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