Natasha Denona Star Eyeshadow Palette for Holiday 2016

Natasha Denona Star Eyeshadow Palette for Holiday 2016
Natasha Denona Star Eyeshadow Palette for Holiday 2016

This Eyeshadow palette features a unique concept to easily create gorgeous eye looks. It includes four Crystal Eyeshadows, nine Creamy Mattes, three Metallic, and two Duo-Chromes with silky-soft textures. These shadows are long-Lasting, with strong color payoff, thanks to a high percentage of pure pigments. Extremely buildable and blendable, these shades will not crease, and they easily adhere to the eye—without having to use primer.

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The Details

Star Eyeshadow Palette, $169.00

  • 101K Spectrum Sparkling golden brown
  • 109K Cosmo Sparkling golden olive
  • 112K Galaxia Icy sheer shade with multi-colored crystals
  • 116K Polaris Sheer golden nude with gold crystals
  • 102CM Earth Matte dark brown
  • 104CM Flesh Matte warm nude transition
  • 106CM Diadem Matte grey-violet transition
  • 111CM Vega Matte transition with pink undertone
  • 113CM Phoenix Matte medium bright plum
  • 115CM Electra Matte medium grape
  • 117CM Atik Matte medium transition nude with cool undertone
  • 103M Bellatrix Metallic nude
  • 107M Atria Metallic burnt bronze
  • 118M Rhea Metallic coral
  • 105DC Orion Duochrome green-brown
  • 114DC Supernova Duochrome brown with silver


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Mo Merrell Avatar

As I understand WHY it cost the way it does to a certain extent, I don’t find her worthy of a palette this expensive. I actually don’t know who she is so even if her single cost $20 or whatever this is too much just like her other one. Everybody else do palettes and singles so what makes her think this price point is ok? I’m really unhappy about this price point because it’s ridiculous for makeup. Sorry Christine this just fumes me.

Mo Merrell Avatar

LOL right. Now if it’s Tom Ford I’d be made mostly cause I CAN’T afford it but i’d understand the price point. Oh well i’ll stick to my budget lol

Kim Avatar

I think price point is an all-encompassing term that includes the other Natasha Denona palettes. Price would single out just this item, but she wants to note that all of the palettes are highly (and unjustly so) priced. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Mo Merrell Avatar

Kim is right. I use price point because I am referring to the point of a price on a scale of possible prices to use for this product compared to other products of hers and like hers while price is generally a static price.

For this palette I am annoyed with the fact that she and her manufacturers feel justified offering a product at a higher price point than most designer items like Tom Ford or even popular brands like Naked would do. I understand the math of it all with how many oz. per pan and etc. but it doesn’t justify – to me – the price point when on the demand curve this item would go outside the normal ranges of most brands.

It says to me that she knows ppl will pay the price she set because they want “better” or “exclusive” and with the cosmetic market growing at an exceptionally fast rate why not up the price. If someone would pay $40 for a lipstick or $21 for a single eye shadow why not $169 (or $239) for a palette when she knows good and well that the cost price to make that palette is at least 60% less than the actual price.

I can’t stand it when markets think we’re stupid. Her packaging is nothing Anna Sui or Dior like – there is no “fancy” look to match its fancy price she uses standard “made in japan” packaging that you can buy bulk on Aliexpress.

Compare her palette ingredients with that of Naked Palette and the ingredients are identical. She has talc, mica, iron oxides, zinc stearate, and the list goes on. In comparison she used the exact same lake pigment as Naked with the same “normal ingredients” and although She has more emollients/waxes/oils for the skin added for longevity and softer feel than Naked it doesn’t justify a triple increase of price than Naked. She also uses “Synthetic Fluorphlogopite” Which is a “bulking agent” that dilutes others solids to increase the volume of a product but those unknown amounts which could be .5% or more or less per ingredient doesn’t justify the price point. SO what exactly am I buying for $169? A name….not worth it – to me.

If this were say a gallon of milk well the typical price range wouldn’t differ so drastically from market to market

Christina D. Avatar

This is the most tempting item I’ve seen from this brand but as much as I have a weakness for eye shadow palettes, there is no way I am spending $169 on one.

kjh Avatar

Ooooh, go for the cheap one! Ridiculous. C’s initial reviews in Norway justify ND’s stratospheric price structure. I wouldn’t bite, even if I had limitless make up money.

Sabrina S Avatar

Let me just cut to the chase here. The number one complaint is price. For reference, Anastasia Modern Renaissance palette has each shade at .02 in size. Natasha Denona’s are .08. This means that you get 4x the product from ND. Now, the MR palette is $42. Multiply that by four, what do you get? $168. Aka the pricing of ND’s palette. People need to realize the differences in quantity before judging price. I get that it’s very hard to hit pan on a larger pan, and most people don’t need more product than what you get in the MR palette, but regardless, you’re getting more from Natasha Denona, and I think that makes the price worth it.

Tracey E. Avatar

I agree. I understand the shadow formula has improved from the last palettes but the foil/metallic shadows seem to have problematic fallout. I wouldn’t invest in a palette this size until I was satisfied with the quality of smaller palettes. This may be a brand to watch but needs time to refine, at least, this main offering.

Annie S. Avatar

You may be getting more product but if it doesn’t perform well it’s not a bargain or worth the cost. If you are buying, say a $4.00 wet n wild palette, you could accept some fall out and other issues because it is cheap. People aren’t expecting a palette that cost this much to have major fall out issues.

jel888 Avatar

Glad you pointed this out, because I took the bite (ouch!!!!) and purchased it and it should arrive Monday, so if it doesn’t “pan out” quality wise, I WILL be returning it. That said, I have her Eye Palette 5 in n° 12 and it’s a really nice color combo and good travel-sized palette (that I’m pulling back out this fall). The blending is top and the shimmer shades reflect just right especially for an older woman (I’m over 50) and the smoothness is just as good as Marc Jacobs (one day I’d like a Tom Ford quad to compare, like “Honeymoon”). There is “fallout”, but not more or less than Marc’s.

ceebee_eebee Avatar

Any chance you are gonna have a review of this up before the sephora sale starts, Christine? I’m hesitant to drop that kind of money until I see what you have to say about it. Thanks!

Nika99 Avatar

I just ordered this from Beautylish.I saw a Utube video the other day from Glam Life Guru and these shadows are stunning.I trust Tati’s reviews and her first impressions were good.If your contemplating getting this check out the video I think it it’s very informative.You will need a glitter glue or thick white primer for the shimmery colors they are pressed pigments and apply well with fingers or a rubbery brush like the one Stila made to apply the Magnificent Metals.The palette is pricey but these are made with out talc and in my opinion it is the prettiest palette she has put out in terms of color selection and distribution of mattes to shimmers.

Lea Avatar

I was a little skeptical of her review on this. Clearly she loves ND shadows; that was clear. But she completely overlooked the major glitter fallout she had during her later check-ins. She acknowledged the problem in application but then went quiet about it while you’re looking at major sparkle on her cheekbones. I’m sure the shadows are great, but I the glossover gives me a bit of pause. To me, it would have been better if she had said “yes, there’s some fallout and I’ll see if a glitter primer can fix it, but either way the shadows are too damn good for that to be a deal breaker for me.” Normally I don’t have any issues with her reviews, but between this and her WTF on the Cle de Peau palette being rated as crap and compared to kids make-up, something is off – the ND palette was fine for not having a transition, highlight or liner shade but the CdP one is terrible for not having a transition color. The Kyshadow palette performed terribly, but she made a lot of apologies and “you can make it work” statements. It could just be a brand preference or the fact that she got the ND for free, but it’s left me with a less than happy feeling about the objectivity lately.

kjh Avatar

Really? Think I’ll have to YouTube the CdP. That one makes me want to drop a geld pile. So, you have to pull out a UDNB? That’s what they’re for. Lack of transition is not really a drawback, when it is child’s play to remedy. Not like glittery fallout all over your face that won’t brush off. Think I, too, disagree with Tati on these two. Thanks for comment.

Lea Avatar

Honestly, please do look KJH. I am admittedly a fan of CdP and own several WTF items from the Tati series, but in this case am baffled at the “terrible” review compared to the Kyshadow and obvious problems with ND. I could care less if people like what I like overall – to each their own and I’m the first one to admit preference for HE and Luxury over bargain. This is like bizarro land though and it just throws me. I personally can’t deal with her comment stream – they see price and flip out. Heaven help you if you try to explain Asian beauty versus western! I’m honestly interested in what you think if you watch all 3 reviews. I take it all with a grain of salt – but feel like I’m in bizarro land here.

Nika99 Avatar

I have not seen any other videos of hers about Natasha Denona eyeshadows.I saw her video reviewing the Cle De Peau palette.In my own opinion this palette is way more appealing to me because of the crystal shadows,metallics and duochromes.I was not extremely interested in her eyeshadows before this palette this one was just really calling my name.The price is extreme but if I’m going to use it a lot I can justify buying it especially as a holiday splurge.

Lea Avatar

Nika99 – having a preference for one over the other or not thinking one of the palettes is worthwhile is something I can completely respect. Something just struck me as perhaps impatient when reviewing the Cle de Peau and therefore not putting in the effort that she clearly had to do with the Denona product. Not that you have to or should need to put in an effort with every palette, but it was just off to me. I would never expect everyone to love everything that I love. That would be so dull!

Hex Avatar

are COOL TONES ever gonna be the IN THING? it doesn’t bother me that what i like isn’t the trend, but i don’t like that it means ALL the newest palettes and products are so dang warm. everything looks the same. i could customize my own palette but we all know that’s a lot more pricy.

kjh Avatar

Read up on C’s mufe swatches, do trios, and put them in a Z. Also a T reader had Beautylish do a cool mod ren for her. Excellent idea. You can do it! Like what you like, and seek it out. Makeup is to be yourself, not what the market wants you to be. My most used coolish palettes (bec I would not call them truly cool) are both from Zoeva. En Taupe and Cool Spectrum.

Lea Avatar

That was me! I’m happy to share what I bought as a cool MR equivalent if you like. I totally sympathize – @love the idea but know how the warm tones will play on fair-link skin. I did a custom Inglot set to replicate what I wanted. Happy to help if you like.

Taylor Avatar

I would LOVE to know your cool MR equivalent! Porcelain skinned girl here and cool tones always pop more on my skin and eyes than warm tones. I do love the MR palette though, it’s beautiful.

Lea Avatar

Taylor – sorry for the delay. I went heavy on the red, purple and mauve shades; I have a lot of bronze and taupes, so I went more on the colors I was lacking and avoiding the more orange colors that I know I won’t wear. This is the Inglot palette I made with Beautylish…

Nude/Cream – 356 Matte
Purple – 487 Double Sparkle, 75 AMC
Mauve/Brown – 378 Matte, 460 Double Sparkle
Bronze – 37 Shine
Red – 449 Pearl, 614 Double Sparkle, 450 Pearl
Pink – 362 Matte
Black – 65 AMC

I haven’t decided if I want the pink or black in there for regular use, so I’m still sorting that part out. I have the 10 shadow freedom system. I also recommend the magnet in case you decide to rearrange it. No idea how you’d get them out if you don’t get your perfect layout before you place them without the magnet.

AB Avatar

Too pricey for my blood, on basis of a straight number ($169 for a palette is not for me). Not a painful choice, as I have what I think will be pretty precise dupes for the shades I’m liking.

makeupbykifana Avatar

Out of my budget all at once but Beautylish’s no-interest payment plan made it easier to swallow. $56 today, November and December. I don’t normally spend this much on anything, like barely a good pair of leather boots but I just wanted to try one of her palettes. I think I can handle $28 per pay. I know it’s the principle too but I just took the chance.

Alison Avatar

I purchased the blue-purple and had the same experience. There is just a limit to how often I will wear blue and the rest of it is a lot of warm browns and grays with a few purples and pinks thrown in. Admittedly, it is a fall-winter. So I will go back to it this season. And this current palette in addition to price and fall out issues is just too warm overall for me as are most of this season’s palettes. I just want the burgundy and wine colors, not all the browns and bronzes. So my purchases this season are the cool toned Suqqu eye quads and yes, the Morphe plum palette. Obviously, wide span in prices. And with a slightly sticky primer, the Morphe is just fine. And I love having a whole selection of purples, plums, mauves, wines, and burgundies to choose from, instead of these darned mostly warm palettes. I am wearing that one pretty much every day at the moment. I wish one of the higher end brands had the brains to do something similar. I do have the Zoeva cool neutral palette too, which is a good one.

Lea Avatar

I hear you on the color combos. I like most of the shades on the purple and green side, so the larger palettes are unappealing to me. There would be a few in the blue/green sides I might like, but I really don’t wear blue with my uber pale skin, dark brown hair and hazel green eyes.

maria Avatar

The palette looks beautiful really pretty mattes and duo-chromes. The YouTube review I saw showed a lot of fall out with the metallics & duo-chromes. With a primer the shadows performed much better. It is quite expensive for all the shadows not to perform well. Christine will you be doing a review?

jel888 Avatar

Ah!!! I haven’t even tried them, but Pat’s are my dream eyeshadows, and thank God every time I’m on the site everything is sold out because they’d break me!

LaMaitresse Avatar

I have a 5 pan of Demona shadows, and they are beautiful. I haven’t had fall out problems, because, quite frankly I would not spend a penny on shadows that have that issue. I don’t know if I’m ready to commit that much in CAD, I already placed my Ford order, which was bigger than expected. Maybe if it’s around for the Rouge sale at Sephora?

Katherine T. Avatar

I have 2 of her singles ( Golden Rose and Cloudy Blue), the colors are pretty (esp. Golden Rose) but they fade on my super oily lids, even with primer, so I won’t be buying any more shadows from her. And Christine’s reviews of the $250 palettes were mixed, so not holding out much hope for this one.

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