NARSskin Potent EFA Cream – Lipid Support Line

NARS Potent EFA Cream ($70.00 for 1.7 fl. oz.) is the third NARSskin product in my daily routine. While I told you about my two favorite PM products, the Hydrating Moisture Cream and the Aqua-Gel Hydrator, let me tell you about a third. It is a thicker cream than I typically use, but it sinks into skin incredibly well and doesn’t take all day to do it. The goal of this cream is to give you smooth skin with moisturization using their “lipid-enchanting” ingredients.

So, is it as good as the first two PM products?

What I like about the product is its goal:  strengthen and repair your skin. NARS says that this is best used at night, and for ultra moisturization, let it sink in for thirty seconds, then follow with your favorite moisturizer. Now, what I love about this product is its packaging. It comes in an airless jar that allows you to press the top and it will pump out a pea-sized dollop. The amount it dispenses is perfect for covering the entire face; I usually need two pumps for both the face and neck. The airless technology means that the active ingredients won’t be compromised by oxygen or sunlight–plus no contamination by your fingers dipping into the jar.

Here’s what NARS says about their active ingredient in EFA:

The NARSskin exclusive Omega-3 Lipid Support System™, an essential fatty acid complex that contains Omega-3’s, Ceramides and Super Sterol in a 3:1:1 ratio plus Açai and Hyaluronic Acid, nourishes and repairs the skin cells deep within. The skin’s absorption ratio is optimized as the complex simulates the skin’s lipid content, ultimately allowing the skin to increase its intake of hydration.

I’m a youngin’, so it’s always hard for me to give you guys a good report on how well an anti-aging product worked.I find that this product gives me good hydration without having to follow-up with a moisturizer, which means that for most, you don’t need two products. I do think this is a thicker cream, which makes it ideal for drier skin types than oily skin (if you’re oily, think Aqua-Gel Hydrator, STAT!). Sometimes I cheat and use this product in the AM, because I feel like it gives me a bit of a natural glow. Not shimmery or highlight-given glow, but just the I’ve-got-super-healthy-skin look.

Have you used this product? Did you see any difference in your aging lines?

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