NARS – Lipsticks – Swatches

NARS Cosmetics – Lipsticks – Swatches

NARS’ range of lipsticks ($24.00 each) include three finishes: satin, which is a soft, semi-opaque texture with slight sheen; semi-matte, which is an opaque, creamy near-matte finish; and sheer, which is a sheer formula with more noticeable shimmer. Based on their current line-up, NARS features 11 shades of satin lipsticks, 18 shades of semi-matte lipsticks, and 28 shades of sheer lipsticks.

Some of my favorites were Catfight, Christina (drat! if only it was “Christine”, I’d so get it just for the name), Flair, Funny Face, Roman Holiday (reminds me of Real Doll by MAC, which was LE and often coveted), Shanghai Express, Niagara, Venice, and Scarlett Empress.

What are your favorites? Do you have any?

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Belle de Jour, Blonde Venus, Sabrina, Catfight,

Catfight, Mitzi, Promiscuous

Mindgame, Corinthe, Napoli,

Kiss, Barbarella, Hot Voodoo, Christina,

Barbarella, Hot Voodoo, Christina, Honolulu Honey

Morocco, Klute, Sexual Healing

Nouba, Falbala, Dolce Vita

Dolce Vita, Viva Las Vegas, Tobago

Hindu, Flair, Beautiful Liar, Shrinagar

Shrinagar, Rain (Lip Treatment), Tanganyka

Tanganyka, Porte Vecchio, Casablanca

Funny Face, Senorita, Timbuktu, Canaille

Timbuktu, Canaille, Roman Holiday, Russian Doll

Russian Doll, Fire Down Below, Pigalle

Heat Wave, Schiap, Shanghai Express, Jungle Red

Schiap, Shanghai Express, Jungle Red, Niagara

Jungle Red, Niagara, Gipsy

Vera Cruz, Rouge d’Enfer, Manhunt

Trans Siberian, Red Lizard, Success

Success, Afghan Red, Captiva

Corinthe, Venice, Scarlett Empress, Viridiana

Masai, Tamango, Flamenco

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