NARS – Lipglosses – Swatches

NARS Cosmetics – Lipglosses – Swatches

NARS’ range of lipglosses ($24.00 each) includes thirty-eight different shades. They’re glossy, non-sticky formula help make them last a little longer while still providing a hydrating feel on lips.

What are your favorites? Do you have any?

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Triple X, Striptease, Greek Holiday, Harlow

Harlow, Sweet Revenge, Turkish Delight, Frisky Summer

Sunset Strip, Orgasm, Giza, Dolce Vita

Sandpiper, Female Trouble, Gothika, Belize

Risky Business, Stella, Pillow Talk, Moon Fleet

Chihuahua, Stolen Kisses, Tempest, Risky Business

Babe, Talitha, Revolt, Boogie Nights

Revolt, Boogie Nights, Bad Education, Misbehave

Boogie Nights, Bad Education, Misbehave, Bloodwork

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