NARS Holiday 2008 – Quickie Review & Swatches

Jolie Poupee eyeshadow duo / [unknown] / All Night Long / [unknown] / Caneille

When I was visiting the MAC counter last Thursday, I noticed NARS’ holiday launch was out. I swatched everything on the displayer, but curiously enough… there were more products on the displayer than listed in the details I’ve read as well as NARS’ website. This is why two shades are listed as “unknown” in the above photo.

I’m going to have to wait until I receive my products to give this launch a full review, because some of the shadows (namely Silent Night) did not swatch well at all, but it may have been due to people’s oily fingers mucking up the tester. (Boo!) But I can say that Jolie Poupee duo is gorgeous and richly pigmented! Super Orgasm is quite lovely, and I hope it will work for me! The lipgloss and lipstick were pretty, but they didn’t really connect with me. The multiples always tempt me, but the price tag tends to keep me from taking them home. It’s just a product I know I’d use once or twice and never again! Anyone got some Multiples they want to sell me on the cheap? 😉

More swatches…

Sertao* / Gilda / Super Orgasm / St. Barts* / Palm Beach* / Orgasm

Silent Night / Night Life / Night Breed / Night Flight / Orgasm Polish (bottom right)

* I think these are the correct shades, but I’m not 100% due to the fact that they were on the holiday displayer, yet not listed as part of the holiday launch.