NARS – Eyeshadow Singles – Swatches

NARS Cosmetics – Eyeshadow Singles – Swatches

Now that we know what NARS’ eyeshadow singles look like, let’s take a look at how they swatch. Eyeshadow singles retail for $22.00 each, and each one contains 0.07 oz. of product. There are currently 14 matte eyeshadows, 22 shimmer eyeshadows, and 11 eyeshadows from their Nightlife Collection, which brings them up to 47 eyeshadows in sum. (We’re only missing 1 — Night Fever.)

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Goldfinger, Night Sun, Fuji, California

Night Sun, Fuji, California, Grenadines

California, Grenadines, Night Flight, Fez

Grenadines, Night Flight, Fez, Sophia

Lulu, Night Rider, New York, Night Porter

Night Rider, New York, Night Porter, Bali

New York, Night Porter, Bali, Bengali, China Blue

Bali, Bengali, China Blue, Tropic

Silent Night, Night Clubbing, Galapagos, Ondine

Galapagos, Ondine, Thunderball, Night Flight

Thunderball, Night Flight, Night Life, Night Breed

Night Snow, Tibet, Heart of Glass, Nymphea

Heart of Glass, Nymphea, Baby Girl, Party Monster

Baby Girl, Party Monster, Himalayas

Biarritz, Abyssinia, Fathom

Fathom, Night Fairy, Strada

Strada, Edie, Night Star

Nepal, Cairo, Ashes to Ashes, Barbuda

Cairo, Ashes to Ashes, Barbuda, Bombshell

Barbuda, Bombshell, Cyprus, Voyage

Voyage, Blondie, Lola Lola

Mekong (left)