NARS Cosmetics Knows Skincare – Hydrating Moisture Cream

NARS Hydrating Moisture Cream ($72.00 for 3.4 fl. oz.) is my night cream of choice. I consider this my current staple, and I’ve actually be ignoring a lot of my other favorite night creams in lieu of this fabulous one. I also credit my lessened acne and breakouts to using this deliciously rich and quickly hydrating cream. I didn’t change anything in my skincare routine except for using this as my PM cream, and whoa nice skin! Although, I admit, I’ve been cheating on Hydrating Moisture Cream with an equally amazing NARSskin product–Aqual-Gel Hydrator–but more on that three-way relationship later on this week.

Okay, what else makes this so great?

I fully advocate having a specific PM cream. I do believe in having separate AM and PM routines, because your skin needs different ingredients and products at different times. For instance, at night, I prefer richer, thicker creams because I’m not layering makeup on top of it. I’m not worrying that it will melt off or give me an oily appearance. While in the morning, I have to have SPF somewhere in my AM skincare routine–but why bother with SPF at night?

You could definitely use the Hydrating Moisture Cream in the morning, because it does absorb fairly quickly (2-3 minutes tops), but I do prefer it for the evening. It just feels really luxe to me. I love pampering myself right before I head for some pillow time, you know? This cream has antioxidants like chestnut rose fruit, fennel to re-texturize the skin, and vitamins A and C.

I’ve actually received several comments in the past few weeks asking what I’m using that’s giving me such glowy skin–perhaps its the NARSskin additions I’ve made in my life.

Get yours at! Consider this a Temptalia staple and must-have 😉