Myriad of Mascara – Estee Lauder More Than Mascara


For more defined, more conditioned, more beautiful lashes. Get intense definition–for immensely expressive eyes. Get more black impact–shade “More Black” with advanced pigment technology creates the deepest jet black. Exclusive Moisture-Binding formula defines and conditions with two moisturizers for smooth, silky-soft lashes that are never flaky, never brittle. Unique hollow-bristle brush wraps each lash in luxurious color that brings out the beauty deep within your eyes. Why settle for less, when you can have more? Fragrance free. Ophthalmologist-tested.

  • Applicator: Small to medium sized brush with densely packed bristles that comes to a point at the end.
  • Clumping: Lashes do clump a touch, so you might want to have a disposable mascara wand to run through your lashes in-between the second and third coat to ensure separation.
  • Curl: Doesn’t naturally add curl, but it holds one well.
  • Ease: Quite easy to apply given the smaller nature of the wand, which allows for more precision to get to harder to reach lashes on the inner area and the lower lashes.
  • Length: This mascara definitely delivers on the lengthening promise, because my lashes were definitely getting to that sky-high level that I love.
  • Thickening: My lashes appeared a bit thicker, but not overly so, which is mostly good. I wouldn’t want them to be too thick if it meant I’d risk sparseness instead.
  • Volume: Some volume, but not a ton. There’s a bit of an illusion of volume because of how black this mascara is, though!
  • Best: Who doesn’t love a super rich black mascara? This is a moisture-binding mascara, which means your lashes don’t feel brittle at all–love that.  I also liked the length I got out of three coats!
  • Worst: It would have been nice to see a bit more volume overall, but I’m not disappointed in this mascara at all.