Most Overrated & Underrated Under Eye Concealer

Over & Under: Most Overrated & Underrated Under Eye Concealer

There are always products that receive endless raves, but they don’t always live up to our expectations or work out as well as they do for others.  Share your picks for most overrated and underrated UNDER EYE CONCEALER.  Don’t forget to share your whats and whys as to your choices!

  • Most Overrated: [answer]
  • Most Underrated: [answer]

My Picks

  • Most Overrated: MUFE’s HD Concealer didn’t work out for me, but I don’t know if I’d say it’s really overrated.
  • Most Underrated: OCC’s new concealer!
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I’ve been underwhelmed by MUFE’s HD Concealer as well, perhaps part of it is the packaging which isn’t friendly at all to people like me who don’t need to use it everyday!

Overrated: I would say any of MAC’s undereye concealers
Underrated: Garnier roller ball eye brightener. I love it, but I never see anyone talk about it.

I actually use the roller ball eye brightener as my primer before putting on my concealer and it works wonders! I no longer have to worry about my concealer creasing as the day goes on. I do wonder though if it really does brighten the under eye area?

I know a lot people use YSL Touche Eclat under their eyes as concealer, but I don’t think it’s all that amazing for that purpose really. It’s a lovely highlighter/brightener, but I don’t like it as a concealer.

And underrated…hmmm… MAC Pro Longwear maybe? It’s the best under eye concealer by far imo!

Not sure if they’re over-rated or just weren’t for me but it’s a toss-up between Clinique’s All About Eyes and some Maybelline 24 Hour one; the former creases badly and the latter creased, was chalky and sort of looked like I hadn’t put any concealer on. Oh, wait – MAC Studio Sculpt Concealer…how could I forge that? Bar none, the worst concealer for my under eye area that I’ve ever tried. It looked dry and scaly and made it look like I had lizard skin under my eyes.

Underrated: It Cosmetics Bye-Bye Undereye. At first, I didn’t like it but when I had worked with it a bit and realized it applied best with my fingers or at least needed warming between my finger, I began to like it a great deal. Also Mac Pro Longwear concealer. So many people complain about the pump delivering too much product which is true but all you need to do is pump it into a MAC sample jar (or other really small jar) and then you’ve got several days’ worth of concealer in the jar and no waste.

I really want to try some of the concealers/correctors from Eve Pearl, Cle de Peau and Armani but they’re not available near me and buying concealer online and untested is a real no-go for me.

Most overrated: YSL Touche Eclàt
I mean… It’s okay but it’s nothing very special. I think it’s the hype people are falling for.

Most underrated: A lot of drugstore brands.
L’Oréal Lumi Magique concealer does a good job for me!

I would say the MAC concealers are overrated- all of them, I’ve either found them too cakey or oily, horrible on my skin.

As for underrated I would say the MUFE Full Cover, which I’m sad to hear hasn’t worked for some here. I have very black eye circles and it’s the lightest weight, best coverage concealer I’ve ever used. Also last a long time – 1 tube took me over a year to finish and I use it daily! Also doesn’t budge throughout the day and doesn’t settle into the lines under my eyes.

Overrated : YSL Touche eclat. It’s so sheer, comes in a limited color range and do you really want to spend +30euros on a product that does literally nothing at all?

Underrated : I love Maybelline The Eraser concealer! If I really need coverage, I’d opt for MAC Pro Longwear

I don’t know if it’s underrated or overreacted but I just bought the NYX orange color corrector and Nutmeg concealer. The concealer is not great because it’s cakey and disappears but the color corrector is AWESOME! $5 (I think) and my dark circles DISAPPEAR!It’s stunning.

Over-rated: Can’t really comment since i’ve been using Cle de Peau forever (which i adore).
Under-rated: (i think because it’s still new) is the OCC Concealer. Great price and amazing coverage. The colour palette is a little sparse but the product is amazing!

Most overrated: Cle de Peau
Most underrated: Laura Mercier secret concealer, hourglass concealer, not really underrated just… Usually underrated ones are underrated for a reason for me!

Most overrated: YSL Touche Eclàt – I just don’t get the point of it? Gorgeous, sleek packaging but it doesn’t brighten as well as my holy grail…

Most underrated: Hourglass Hidden! It’s incredibly brightening, creamy, and long-lasting. It’s one of the highest quality makeup products I’ve come across and I just adore it.

The problem with the ysl touche eclat is that it actually no undereye concealer is but a highlighter.
Unfortunately, this is often incorrectly explained and conveys.

Overrated: There are quite a few that I know are very popular that just don’t work at all for my very dark circles. All of MAC’s concealers are pretty bad (either too sheer, cakey or slippery). MUFE HD concealer doesn’t cover much and it sets into fine lines really bad. My absolutely worst disappointment is OCC’s new concealer. It is so cakey on me, the coverage is poor, and it doesn’t stay put even with a setting powder on top. I’m also extremely disappointed in the color selection. I made sure to order the “R” ones that were supposed to be more pink. Well, they are WAY too yellow for my skintone. Makes me look like I have some weird skin disease.

Underrated: Amazing Cosmetics concealer! This is my HG, and I just wish more people with dark circles like me would try this one out. The coverage is AMAZING! It stays on all day, doesn’t settle into lines and the texture is great to work with. Also, they have shades that actually work for my skintone, which is something I always struggle with (most products are too yellow).

If you have dark circles not from lack of sleep (so hereditary) try taking a shot glass or any clear glass and in a mirror press the glass to your undereye. If the pigmentation goes away use an eye cream with retinol. I started using Roc retinol and my undereye circles have greatly diminished. It’s amazing.

Second Amazing Cosmetics concealer! I have not found anything the covers as well in 4 years even with my dry skin. I use a face cream or simple eye cream on my eye first before applying to help with blending it out.

In a pinch I used it as a sheer foundation as well. 😉

Most overrated: Bobbi Brown creamy concealer. It’s OK but it’s very thick and tends to collect in my undereye creases. I don’t like concealer in a pot.

I love Chanel concealer. It comes in a tube like a lipgloss. It is thin but covers well and doesn’t collect in my creases.

Most overrated? I can’t say I’ve ever really tried one that I thought was overrated. Most are decent, but I don’t really see a big difference between them. Or, they don’t work, but I’ve never really heard them hyped up, which means that they aren’t overrated.

Most underrated: Again, nothing has been so amazing that I’ve felt the need to scream its praises. I do tend to return to Mac’s Prolongwear and Dior’s Nude hydrating concealer, which get the job more or less done. I do think that, for the price, Lush’s colour supplements are a great value. The coverage is on the lighter side, but it’s very good, isn’t too thick or to thin, doesn’t collect in creases and brightens the area nicely.

I’ve purchased tons of under eye concealer and none have worked for me. I don’t know if it’s my application or the product but look forward to the recommendations from everyone else.

Hi Susan! – I used to think under eye concealer did not work for me too. It turns out my under eye was very dry so I needed a good eye cream. This prevents a lot of the concealer pooling and settling in fine lines. Maybe this will work for you too :)!

I have to agree with the Bobbi Brown concealer as the most overrated, it was too thick for me.

Underrated – I have to say Kat Von D, I love this one.

Overrated: Cle De Peau and Burberry. Too dry, too thick, too yellow.
Underrated: Lancome Effacernes Waterproof Protective Undereye Concealer!! I’m dying to try Armani High Precision Retouch.

Overrated: Bobbi Brown Correctors

Underrated: Coastal Scents’ Camo Quad in Light has a really good peach under-eye corrector, but the packaging is terrible. I love both the corrector shades from L’Oreal and Maybelline’s Lumi pens.

Overrated: I don’t think I’ve come across a particularly overrated concealer.

Underrated: I love love love the Hourglass stick concealer but don’t hear many people talk about it. I also really like MAC Mineralize concealer and Revlon PhotoReady.

please, what does “OCC” stand for? I know MUFE is Make Up For Ever but im stumped with this one. also, what does it mean when someone says a product is their “HG”?

Like foundation, everyone has much different needs. I personally have no issues with dark circles unless I didn’t get quite enough sleep, or my allergies are flaring up, nor do I have any fine lines around the eye area, so usually my foundation is sufficient. That said, on the occasion I do use concealer, I typically just use DS brands, and they work just fine. Maybelline & Max Factor have awesome ones in white, which make amazing eyeshadow bases. WnW is great, too, although the shades are quite limited.

I’m not sure I can speak to over-rated; I’ve not personally tried any of the most talked about concealers.

As far as under-rated, my 2 favorites are TheBalm Time Balm for cream, and Smashbox HD for liquid. The both make shades pale enough for my fair skin, and they both cover and blend very nicely, no creasing or emphasizing dryness.

I want to mention that YSL Touche Eclat isn’t meant to be a concealer at all-it’s not supposed to cover, it’s only supposed to brighten. Anyone trying it for concealing will be disappointed.

I don’t feel I’ve tried that many concealers! Most of them were years ago.

Overrated: Napoleon Perdis’ concealer wheel was VERY underwhelming, greasy and hard to blend. I also hate the BareMinerals “Bisque” shade they flog as being concealer – it might be good if you have pink undertones, but it looks awful on me!

Underrated: I’ve been using MAC Select Moisturecover on my undereyes for years and I love it.

Overrated: Benefit Erase Paste. It’s always getting rave reviews in mags and on blogs, but for me its so heavy and sets into my skin in a weird way. Plus it’s sticky, and when you set it or try to buff it the powder clings to it in a weird way.

Underrated: Make Up Forever Concealer Palette. LOVE this. Silky smooth colors that you can blend to your hearts content. One of my favorite products. Buildable, great lasting wear, and natural looking.

Overrated: Bobbi Brown correctors. Okay coverage & moisturizing but it really settled into fine lines & faded away w/in a few hrs.

Underrated: MAC Pro Longwear concealer. Medium coverage, minor settling into lines, & quite long-wearing w/o being drying.

• Most Overrated: Benefit Erase Paste.

• Most Underrated: M·A·C Pure Orange Studio Finish Skin Corrector + M·A·C Pro Longwear Concealer combo, works like a charm!

Touche Eclat is a pretty useless under-eye concealer but my absolute favorite highlighter. It has the perfect consistency and brightens without any shimmer at all – which I love when I don’t want to be shimmery at all. It’s really best on the orbital bone and the bridge of your nose. 🙂

Overrated: Bobbi Brown & Boing. Both crease too much on me.
Underrated: have not found my HG concealer yet…

Overrated: YSL’s Touche Eclat. Not actually a concealer (Despite my SA insisting it was), and not even a good highlighter.

Underrated: Probably Cle de Peau’s actually. I hear so many cries of “How could anyone spend that much on a concealer?!”, but if you have a very simple makeup routine and wear concealer every day, why not?

Disagree with those who think Bobbi Brown’s corrector is overated. It was put on me by a make up artist at one of those in store events, the pink one called light bisque, and I haven’t stopped using it since. I know that it is said that yellow based concealers are best, but this slightly pink, soft, smooth, moisturizing cream erased the purple circles I have has under my eyes since college! I sometimes use her concealer over it, depending which foundation I am using, but I always use the corrector. It may not work for all skintones, although it does come in many shades, but for those of us with porcelain skin and undereye circles that have defied all concealers, and dry skin to boot, this is very worth a second chance. I even brought it with me when I had my make up done by professionals for my son and daughter’s Bar and Bat Mitzvahs. There really was a difference when it was not used, so I always use it.

I fell victim to the hype of the Touche Eclat. Now, it does work great as a highlighter for me, but I don’t consider it a concealer. As far as underrated, I haven’t heard many raves about Benefit’s Erase Paste, but it works wonderfully for my undereye issues, and I love it.

Overrated: MAC Select Cover-Up Concealer.
Underrated: Hourglass Hidden Corrective Concealer – this stuff is a godsend! Doesn’t settle into lines or separate, stays put all day.

Most overrated: Mac Concealers….all of them!
Most underrated: MUFE Full Cover/Camouflage Cream

There is not a Mac concealer that I love. The studio finish was too thick and dry for me that it looked cakey and got lighter as the day progressed (although I think that had to do with foundation wearing off throughout the day, but not sure). Prolongwear actually hurt! I don’t know what it is, but when I put it on it would start to pull the skin, like tighten or something…too weird. It was really uncomfortable to wear. Select cover-up has a gorgeous texture that melts into the skin, but it just didn’t hold up throughout the day. The MUFE camouflage cream is my go to, holy grail product! It blends beautifully, hides what needs to be hidden and keeps it hidden all day! Plus, a little goes a long way, so a tube lasts me a really long time.

FYI, I read this post to my mom and she wanted to put in her two cents:

Most overrated: Cle de Peau
Most underrated: Estee Lauder Doublewear

Cle de Peau was nothing special in her opinion and for the $70 price tag, she expected to be WOWed!! It inevitably went back to Nordstroms. EL doublewear is the one she keeps going back to over and over again. She considers it her holy grail and has decided to stop looking elsewhere. To hear her talk about it, it makes me want to try it now!! LOL

Most overrated – Bobbi Brown Concealer and corrector! It rubs right off… does not stay put… the only place it does stays put is around the under eye wrinkles… not good

Most underrated – Mac Pro Longwear Concealer! I use NW20 it seriously stays put all day! (Make sure to use a super hydrating eye cream though) I just discovered it because in the past (years ago) I used Mac Select cover-up.. which wasnt good at all… so I thought all Mac concealers would work the same. I am in my early thirties so I look for concealers that stay put all day and dont settle into fine lines and of course that hide dark circles… So far Im really happy with this concealer.. but do be warned that the little pump dispenser does pump out a lot of product…Im okay with that though..I use it all up and dries nicely..

These are all the concealers I have used so far that I did not love…
Too Faced – Absolutely Flawless Concealer – Didnt love it, too dewy/oily looking under eye area….

Lancome – MAQUICOMPLET Complete – Very drying made under eye area look dusty…

Korres – Quercetin & Oak Antiageing & Antiwrinkle Concealer – It felt nice but also did not stay put… too oily… slips right off by the end of day..

Makeup forever- Full Cover Concealer – This stuff does stay put and I like it, but I wasnt completely in love with it for under eye area… Its super MATTE… but I do love this stuff for other areas of my face.. like the red around my nose area it stays all day..

Benefit- Boing- I thought I loved this till I discovered MuFE Full cover concealer.. … This does cover dark circles BUT again it does not stay put all day…

Over: Laura Mercier and MAC, all of their concealers do weird things to my skin (flaking, cracking, excess oil, clogged pores, increased redness, eugh) and slide off.

Under: Hourglass Hidden concealer is amazing under the eyes, MUFE Full Cover is matte and covers spots, Maybelline Lumi was a real surprise for me, it’s a lot like Clinique Airbrush and YSL Touche Eclat but with slightly more coverage and stays on longer.

Over rated: Bobbi Brown under eye concealer
Under rated: Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer – the ONLY thing that works and looks natural on me!

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