Most Overrated & Underrated Mascara

Over & Under: Most Overrated & Underrated Mascara

There are always products that receive endless raves, but they don’t always live up to our expectations or work out as well as they do for others.  Share your picks for most overrated and underrated MASCARAS.  Don’t forget to share your whats and whys as to your choices!

  • Most Overrated: [answer]
  • Most Underrated: [answer]

My Picks

  • Most Overrated: DiorShow — I could never quite get it to look as amazing as others made it seem; it just blackened lashes but didn’t add enough thickening/lengthening for me.
  • Most Underrated:  Bare Escentuals Buxom Lash — it’s something I reach for all the time for whenever I want really long lashes.  It doesn’t thicken at all, but it lengthens so well and never clumps.  It’s a great mascara to layer with, too.
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Not sure how it rates compared to what others think, but I love L’oreal Volumious. Its by far my favorite. I guess along that note my pick for over rated is the lancome mascara. I say that because Lancome is owned by L’oreal and I believe their mascara formulas are either the same, or on par with each other. To me its not worth the price difference.

@klenz85 I do find a fairly signifcant difference in the mascaras (both faves), and alot of the shadows, but I personally find no difference in the foundations. Before I started getting really into makeup again a few years back, I bought most items in the drugstore, especially alot of L’Oreal. It was more convenient, and a fraction of the cost.

FYI your sub heading still says Eyeshadow Primers. 😉 
Most overrated mascara I agree DiorShow, although DiorShow Blackout is pretty awesome, but regular DiorShow isn’t terrible it’s just regular mascara.
Most underrated Covergirls new Lash Perfection doesn’t get much love, but it’s one of the blackest mascaras I’ve ever used and doesn’t budge, It’s almost too budge proof in that it’s hard to get off, and that is the only reason it’s not my #1 favorite. My favorite is Clinique High Impact Mascara. It doesn’t get talked up at all but I love it! I’ve used it for years. 

Overrated: Diorshow, as well! It didn’t do anything for my lashes and I also had an allergic reaction to it, and I know many people have. Also badgal lash by Benefit. It is too try of a formula and flakes everywhere. My sister freaked out when she saw me and screamed, “How many hours of sleep did you get last night?!” Not a reaction you want to have…
Underrated: I actually haven’t found a mascara I really love yet, whether its highly recommended or not… :c I’ve tried Buxom and I’m not crazy impressed by it, it’s good if i want really natural looking but black lashes.

Most Overrated: Benefit They’re Real. Every time I try it I get nothing but thick spider lashes.
Most Underrated: MAC PlushLash. Everyone seems to hate MAC’s mascaras, but this is definitely my go to mascara. 

 @AliceM I get spider lashes too from Benefit They’re Real too! I’ve had drugstore mascaras which make my lashes look so much better!

Your title reads Eyeshadow Primers, btw.
Overrated – Great Lash Mascara. I know it’s a Holy Grail product for a lot of people, but even for its price it just doesn’t seem to do that much on me, I can barely tell it’s on!
I don’t think I’ve used enough brands to have an underrated favorite yet 🙂

Overrated: DiorShow – more of this ends up under my eyes than on my lashes. Their lash primer is worth a look, though.
Underrated: L’Oreal Voluminous in Carbon Black and MAC’s Zoom Waterfast Lash, mostly for the same reason: they lengthen and define and I don’t have to follow them with a spoolie to clean up the clumps.

In my completely unhumble opinion, it’s impossible to overrate Benefit’s They’re Real mascara. I have long lashes, but this thickens and defines and I don’t have to chase it with my spoolie. Yum!

Most Overrated: Diorshow, it’s just too expensive for what I get
Most Underrated: Estee Lauder Sumptous, what I wanted Diorshow to be – actually voluminous, separating, and lifting

Overrated: They’re real! Every time I’m at Benefit they put it on and I get spider lashes.
Underrated: I think Bad Gal Lash. A lot of people I see talking about it dislike it/don’t care for it, but it looks awesome when I use it. :|a

 @Nicoco Chanel I’ve had some good luck with Bad Gal lash too. I’m using MUFE’s Smokey Lash right now and I think I like it a hair better, but it’s still a good product.

Overrated: L’Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black!! It feels so mushy on my lashes…plus it smudges, badly, in like 3 hours.
Underrated: Covergirl Professional Super Thick Lash – the first mascara I tried – when I was 11 or 12. Fans out lashes nicely, thickens, holds a curl, decent length. Love it!

Most Overrated: Benefit they’re real! I can get the same effect from a drugstore mascara!
Most Underrated: Maybelline Falsies, I think it’s amazing!! It’s what I wanted other mascaras to be 🙂 

I feel like mascara is almost as personal as perfume, to be honest. There are some “universal” favorites and some genuine duds, but for the most part rants and raves for each product all can be valid. 
I adore DiorShow. It’s my favorite daytime mascara. It gives me a very lashy look that’s dramatic but not over the top; I feel like I can wear it to my classes just as easily as I can wear it out for cocktails. DiorShow Blackout is even better in the drama department though!
Okay, Dior love aside, here’s my two cents:
Most Overrated: Lancome Hypnose Drama. I LOATHE the way this made my lashes feel! Runner up would be Lancome Defincils. I’ve tried to make it work several times, but I’m always really unimpressed with the look, especially compared to the price.
Most Underrated: Bare Escentuals Flawless Definition Volumizing. OMG. This is the best “natural” mascara ever. It never clumps or thickens, not EVER, even if I add three or four coats. It adds volume, darkness, and a little curl in seconds, thanks to a great, big wand. I call it a “My Lashes But Better” mascara. ;D I love to wear it for more casual looks, or when I want a played down eye to go with a bold lip.

Overrated: Maybelline Falsies Mascara – I fell for the hype. I can’t stand overly wet mascaras and this was definitely one of them. Once it dried out a bit, it was a nice product, but it wasn’t amazing as tons of people were saying. Using it before it dried a bit was absolutely impossible. 
Underrated: Clinique High Impact. I hardly ever hear anyone talk about this one, yet I love it. The price tag of $15 isn’t too much and it performs wonderfully on my thinner lashes. I find I can get some extra length out of it too even though it’s a volumizing mascara. 

Most Overrated: Tarte Lights Camera Lashes – this mascara doesn’t do much of anything for me, and my lashes end up thin and spidery without added length. Maybe I’m doing it wrong? Either way, it makes me wonder why so many people use it.
Most Underrated: Clinique High Impact Mascara – I get long, thick, curled lashes at a fraction of the price of DiorShow. What’s not to love?

Overratted: Covergirl lash blast. works like a normal brush for me. The want was fat, but not the bristles. You don’t need a fat want, you need bristles that hold lots of product!
Underratted: Maybelline Lash Exact (discontinued) it was soooo volumizing!!! I was so sad when it got discontinued!!

I suppose everyone’s lashes are different so everyone will have different opinions of mascaras.  But for me, Covergirl Lashblast is way overrated.  But mostly because of the ginormous brush that everyone seems to be using now.  I can’t use those without getting mascara all over my eyelid.  I think MAC mascaras are underrated.  I stayed away from them for a long time because of other people’s disappointment, but I tried False Lashes and it’s now one of my favorite mascaras ever. 

Most overated: maybelline falsies, I hate the application, it’s too wet and it clumps easy on me.
Most underrated: clarins instant definition. I’ve never heard anyone talk about it, but it is my holy grail mascara, with MUFE smokey lash not far behind. Anyways, the clarins mascara has a weird brush but the tip helps you get into the small areas, and the rest of the brush makes your lashes full, black and long, sort of what maybelline falsies wants to be.

Overrated:  CoverGirl Lash Blast.  Everyone says it’s so amazing.  I find it blah.  Nothing special.
Underrated:  MUFE Smoky Lash.  I think it’s amazing.  The brush finds every lash and the color is pretty great.  It’s one of my favorite everyday mascaras.  

Most Overrated: Great Lash, without a doubt. It’s decent for day, when I don’t want va-va-va-voom lashes but still want a little definition, but, that’s all I get–a little definition. Nothing special about it, takes three coats to do anything, and I have naturally long, curly eyelashes, so, the fact that it does zero when I have so much to work with? Yawn!
Most Underrated: I have yet to hear ANYONE talk about Tarina Tarantino’s Fleur de Lash. I got it as a 100-point-perk at Sephora and I’m in LOVE. It gives me so much volume and length in one swipe. Of course I went back and got the full-size. The packaging is gorgeous, as well.

Most overrated: I definitely agree on DiorShow. The brush is too big, the formula is dry and it clumps like crazy. And it FLAKES. I’ve never had a mascara that came off like that, made me it look like I had the world’s worst fallout under my eyes. Another one that I’ve tried recently (and it seems like I’ll be the minority here), Armani Eyes to Kill. So hyped on youtube, great reviews on MUA, but this might be the worst mascara I’ve ever tried (okay, second worst after Maybelline Great Lash). First of all, the brush picks up way too much product. I wiped off the brush the best I could, but it still applied way too much product. Sure, it made my lashes thicker, but that was because it made my lashes clump together so badly that I it looked like I had 3 megalashes on each eye. Second, I get that it’s not waterproof and not meant to be (I got the regular version), but I sneezed while wearing it, and my eyes teared up a tiiiiny bit, and it smudged. So of course I had to test a bit more, and took a tiny water drop on my finger and blinked into it. The mascara started coming off! I’m so glad I never actually wore this outside the house. Definitely not the right mascara for a rainy day or for someone with watery eyes!
Most underrated: Helena Rubinstein Lash Queen! I’m not sure if this is available in the US (might explain why I never hear anyone mention it), but the regular version has been my go-to mascara for close to 10 years now. It give length and volume. It never flakes, clumps or smudges. It’s “tearproof” and “rainproof”, but not waterproof (so it’s easy to remove).  I’ve literally cried my eyes out while wearing this mascara (like, cried nonstop for hours) with no mascara running or smudging. I’ve slept in it several times (bad I know) and woken up the next morning with mascara still looking so good that I could have worn it out. Really amazing mascara! Another one that I don’t hear people talk much about these days is YSL Faux Cils. Great for dramatic lashes, although it does smudge a bit.
I should probably mention that my eyelashes are pretty normal, not sparse nor short, so I don’t really need any mascara. I prefer very dramatic lashes, so mascaras that promise natural looking lashes seems like a waste to me ( I can easily get that look by just permanently color my lases and curl them).

They’re Real! by Benefit is underrated. It makes my lashes extremely longer and thicker and has a very nice brush. The only thing to be careful about is to not overapply because it will clump if you put on too much.

Most Overrated: Maybelline in the pink and green tube. Never understood why this product received so many accolades as it clumps.
Most Underrated: Lancome Defincils. No matter which brand I try, I always return to this staple. Love it.

Most Overrated: Maybelline Great Lash
Why does this crummy, subpar product of yesteryear *still* end up on all those best of lists?
Most Underrated: Aveda Mosscara
Amazing brush and a great formula-no clumps and no flakes even after hours of wear!
P.S. FWIW I LOVE Dioshow mascara! It thickens and lengthens my lashes wonderfully! It seems like one of those love it or hate it products.

Most Overrated: DEFINITELY DiorShow. I bought a small sample set at Sephora that had DiorShow and DiorShow Blackout. Both sucked. DiorShow was dry. Blackout I keep in my purse as an emergency thing.
Most Underrated: I love BE Buxom so very much. Both Buxom’s are amazing (the original one and the one that has the extending brush). Gave them as a present to my cousin who had only dealt with drug store brand mascara. I converted her. Her words “I’ll never be able to buy that cheap crap again! I’m ruined!!”. Benefit’s They’re Real is also amazing to me.

Overrated:  Great Lash by Maybelline.  Neither thickening nor lengthening in my opinion, just a lash darkener.
Underrated:  MAC Zoom Fast Black lash.  I believe MAC product designers and “insiders” know how great it is, because MAC has kept it around, improved and diversified this one. (It used to be ‘Zoom’ lash and they now have a waterproof.)  Anyway, I have used the Zoom mascaras since their inception and vow to continue as long as they produce it & I always keep an extra on hand…  It is incredibly thickening, lengthens and defines my very short and sparse little lashes.  It is a relatively thick formula, but not clumpy in my opinion and doesn’t smudge.  I think the price is also fairly reasonable and it does not dry out — a tube lasts me 6 months +!!  I often layer MAC Zoom on top of a coat of L’Oreal Voluminous, which is a good drugstore mascara, but smudges.

Overrated: Either They’re Real or Eyes to Kill. They’re Real was so liquidy and just clumped my lashes together. Eyes to Kill just never applied right, too much came out, etc.
Underrated: Laura Mercier Full Blown Volume Lash Building Mascara. I got a sample of this and LOVED it. Really need to pick it up again.

Cover Girl Lash Blast, 100%! I’m an MUA and also work in the beauty industry. I just don’t see what the fuss is about and I’ve bought it twice. Right now I reach for Loreal Voluminous Carbon Black or Benefit They’re Real. 

Most overrated: Loreal telescopic. I hate it.
Most underrated: well my fave is Falsies… xD But I feel that has been hyped up  for a reason so I’d have to say a mascara from a Finnish makeup+skincare brand called Lumene: Blueberry volume mascara 🙂 Absolutely amazing!

Overrated: Maybelline Great Lash. Holy crap, what a mediocre product. I know it’s “iconic,” but I have no idea why I keep seeing movie makeup artists keep using a smudgy, overly wet and frankly crummy product. It’s really just un-usable.
Underrated: Maybelline Falsies. Really one of the better drugstore mascaras I have used and by far the best by Maybelline. It makes my lashes look thick and long, doesn’t clump or smudge and is definitely one I keep for emergencies. There is also the Covergirl Professional All-in-One mascara. EXCELLENT. It is one of the best universally usable mascaras that give natural but noticeable lashes and doesn’t smudge at all. Even the non-waterproof version.
I don’t understand the Diorshow hate! However, I have really thick, dark lashes and if a formula is too wet, it doesn’t do anything for me. I like the dryness and it was the first really good mascara I have ever used. The YSL Fauxcils is great as well, but, in my opinion, the hype around it doesn’t qualify it to be “underrated.”

Overrated: Definitely DiorShow (all of them) The wands are too big and doesn’t separate the lashes at all.
Underrated: Lorac multiplex 3D Lashes.  The wand is perfect and the formula is not too wet, which allows the wand to separate the lashes making them look fuller.  Since the wand is curved, you are able to coat the lashes from root to tip and curls them perfectly.  I have gone through several of these mascaras and I think I will continue buying them.

Underrated would be my favorite, Maybelline XXL Extensions.  I hardly see anyone talk about it, which makes me worried it’ll be discontinued.  I am never tempted to switch mascaras, so I haven’t really used a whole lot of other ones.
I wasn’t thrilled with whatever UD mascara was included in the Book of Shadows IV. It did nothing for me, and I’ve never been a fan of curved brushes.
I don’t get why Great Lash gets all the love or the hate.  It’s a decent mascara that does a little bit of everything.  I got a tube for like $1 with a coupon, so I decided it was worth a try. I got whichever version came with the “big” brush, and it worked well enough for me to go through the tube.

Most Overrated: L’oreal Telescopic Waterproof. Clumpy mess! And if I use a lash comb to remove clumps, it leaves my lashes looking just blacker, no volume whatsoever.Most Underrated: Lumene Blueberry Curl Waterproof. Incredible definition with tons of length, plus I can build it up to get amazing volume.

all of the Dior mascaras are overrated, they are messy and clumpy and do absolutely no wonders like they are expected to. MAC mascaras are awesome, especially opulash.

Dior and Mac-overrated and Tarte’s Lights Camera Lashes, Makeup Forever Smoky Lash & Laura Mercier Full Brown-underrated.

Most overrated is Maybelline’s Great Lash. They always list that on those best of beauty type lists and I’ve never understood it. It does nothing for me at all. Recently I’ve been using Rummel’s Glam Eyes mascara and I really like it.

Most Overrated: Agree with you (and several other commenters) about Diorshow. I’d heard it talked about so much, I guess my expectations were high, but I really don’t think it’s all that special. I’d rate it as decent, nothing more. 
Most Underrated: YSL Faux Cils seems to get lost among high end mascaras but it’s my HG. It might not suit everyone every day, because it’s very dramatic and ultra-black, but I haven’t found anything that competes. I also think it’s hard to beat Benefit’s Bad Gal lash. The big brush might be a little hard to handle at first, but the results are incredible. It also seems to last longer than other mascaras. 

Diorshow is very overrated. I do own it and wear it in Azure Blue, because it’s the brightest, most visibly blue mascara I’ve encountered, but it flakes like mad.
My lashes are naturally pretty dark and thick, so when it comes to mascara, I don’t really care about lengthening and volumizing so much as defining them (they get very pale near the ends, for some reason) without flakes or clumping. Kiehl’s Mineral Mascara is the best I’ve ever found. It darkens beautifully without getting that stuck-together I’m-wearing-MASCARA look, and lasts for a very long time with a minimum of flaking. (I’ve never met a mascara that actually went 8+ hours without some kind of flaking, so I don’t hold a few grains here and there against it.) It’s extremely natural-looking as well, probably not what you want for a high-impact look, but excellent for most everything else.

Overrated: Lash Blast, it straightened my naturally curly lashes and made them fall out!
Underrated: Korres Pro-vitamin B mascara, it conditions the lashes and before I used lash blast I use to use this and it made my long thick lashes look va va voom! But It’s a nice mascara. I noticed my eyes are very sensitive when it comes to eye products. So I always have to get something natural or close to natural.

Overrated: I agree with the majority saying that Great Lash and Dior Show are overrated. Great Lash makes my lashes feel very weird and plastic-y, the formula feels very out-dated. Dior Show is a decent mascara but it really isn’t worth the price tag. It didn’t so anything a good volumizing drugstore mascara can’t do.
Underrated: Clinique High Impact mascara is one of the best volumizing mascaras I’ve ever used. I got a free sample of it in a GWP kit and it quickly became my favourite. I like L’Oreal Voluminous and Benefit Bad Gal, too.

Overrated: I agree with the majority saying that Great Lash and Dior Show are overrated. Great Lash makes my lashes feel very weird and plastic-y. Dior Show is a decent mascara but it really isn’t worth the price tag. It didn’t do anything a good volumizing drugstore mascara can’t do.
Underrated: Clinique High Impact mascara is one of the best volumizing mascaras I’ve ever used. I got a free sample of it in a GWP kit and it quickly became my favourite. L’Oreal Voluminous and Benefit Bad Gal are good mascaras, too.

most overrated: Blinc mascara.  It’s such a pain to take off.  Does not live up to the hype.
most underrated: Clinique High Impact.  Elongates my lashes, not clumpy, easy to remove, and it’s non-irritating.  

I totally agree about Blinc.  It is hands down the one mascara I loathe.  It does nothing amazing for my lashes and partly flakes and the part that doesn’t takes forever to get off.  I’ll agree that High Impact is a good mascara. 

Most Overrated: Fairy Drops Scandal Queen Mascara. I may be the only one who did not like this mascara but I could not get over the brush. It was awkward and weird and I always managed to touch my skin with it, above and below my eye, no matter how hard I tried not to. And it really did nothing for my lashes. Just made them look clumpy.
Most Underrated: Ulta mascaras. I have tried many of the Ulta brand mascaras and have always been very pleased with them! My favorite is the Amped Lashes Volume Mascara. I feel like no one ever talks about them but I really do enjoy them. 

Most Overrated : Covergirl Lash Blast. Didn’t do any effect to my lashes, I kept trying to build up the effect but there was nothing there!
Most Underrated : Clarins Wonder Perfect mascara. It gives SO MUCH length ! Amazing. And builds up with volume. I looooove it.

Agree with Cover Girl Lash Blast; I have tried it at least twice thinking maybe I just got a bad tube, but it never works for me. My lashes always end up looking clumpy! I think the bristles are too far apart for me.

Most Overrated: Maybelline Falsies – It clumps like no other mascara I’ve ever used!
Most Underrated: Rimmel London Glam’ Eyes – Best mascara ever!! Unfortunately it has been discontinued… 🙁

Most Overrated: Maybelline Great Lash–it sucks. It barely lengthens, it clumps and it smudged like crazy (and I don’t have issues with smudging)
Most Underrated: Lancome Definicils–Everyone raves about hypnose but I think definicils is just as good! It lengthens amazingly and gives a good amount of volume too!

 @pigfarts4eva Lancome Definicils has been my HG for the past 7 years! I tried Hypnose but it did not have the same effect. I thought maybe I was using it wrong but I just couldn’t convert. It’s amazing and very easy to build without getting that awful spider-y look. 🙂

Overrated- I, like so many others, loathe Great Lash so it’s hard to call it overrated these days, but it also continues to show up on ‘best of’ lists, so that’s my choice.
Underrated- TheBalm Cheater mascara! It’s lengthening and doesn’t get all stiff and flaky. I never hear anyone talk about it but it’s so good!

Most Overrated: I have two picks: Benefit’s They’re Real – The effect is dry, crispy, spider lashes. All these YT gurus claimed it was so amazing, but all the reviews where I saw them apply it made their lashes look terrible. I tried it for myself, and this is probably the worst mascara. In addition, I tried Maybelline Falsies, and while it wasn’t terrible, it wasn’t great either. It made my lashes kind of stiff and weighed them down. I always had to curl before AND after with this mascara, and it always needed a comb through after because it would make the lashes clump together.
Most Underrated: L’Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes (Carbon Black). Highlights the length and volume while still looking separated. Lashes are soft and not weighed down after use, and the color is SUPER black. Doesn’t flake or smudge on me. I love this stuff so far. I can get dramatic lashes without getting the stiff and clumpy lashes.

Overrated: it is a very close tie between both Benefit BadGal Lash and Tarte. Both are overly clumpy, flaky, and sticky. Tarte also irritates my eyelids, very badly, which is really weird because I do not have sensitive skin by any means, and I often use products labled “not safe for eyes” very often with no problems. I actually really like Tarte, so it’s a bit of a bummer (I’m one of the few who *love* the shadow pallettes).

Underrated: Lancome Definicils. I have long, thick, dark lashes, so I like the light feeling this provides, and definition. When I want extra volume, I use the Lancome lash primer, or L’Oreal Voluminous, also underrated, and I look like I’m wearing false lashes.

Most Overrated: I agree about DiorShow. I gave it two chances to win me over & it didn’t.
Most Underrated: I think Givenchy Phenomen’eyes is somewhat underrated. I think the $30+ price-tag makes people reluctant to try it. It ended up being one of the best mascaras I’ve ever used.

Most Overrated: Maybelline Great Lash. It may be the best selling mascara, but for me, it did nothing more than darken my lashes.
Most Underrated: NYC Big Bold Ultra Volume Mascara (hot pink tube). I seriously love this stuff so much, and I haven’t heard anyone talk about it. It’s so cheap, and even though the chubby brush can be a bit hard to get used to, it really fluffs my lashes out and makes them a deep, dark black. Loves!

Overrated: Maybelline great lash, didn’t do anything special.

Underrated: Maybelline One by One, great lengthening, and volumizing mascara! Grabs every lash!

Agree, Maybelline Great Lash is the biggest WTF? makeup. Most Rimmel mascaras are better, even Mayb’s own Define-a-lash is far better. And it’s gone off the radar a bit in recent years but Lancome Definicils is a stunning mascara.

Most Overrated: Covergirl Lash Blast this stuff does not work for me, it irritates my eyes, it gives me crunchy lashes, and it is so difficult to remove
Most Underrated: Maybelline One by One, this is the perfect mascara for me! It’s my HG…I’ve bought a few high end mascaras and none of them are as good as this one!

Most Overrated: Diorshow- I have watery eyes and this stuff smudged BIG time on me!
Most Underrated: Dior Iconic is awesome and I almost never hear people talk about it and Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes is awesome too:)

Most overrated: Tarte’s Lights, Camera, Lashes! I always hear how amazing this mascara is and after trying it multiple times I find it to be an extremely dry and flaky formula.

Most Underrated: Tarina Tarantino’s Fleur De Lash, I love this stuff! Very lengthening! I’m usually a Dior girl when it comes to mascara but this is comparable to Diorshow for me and for a lot cheaper!

I have never understood the Love Fest over Maybelline Great Lash.  I buy it every couple years thinking “This time I’ll love it.”  Yet, I’m more disappointed than the last time.  I wonder how much these top makeup artists and mag beauty editors are being paid to praise that lackluster product.  

For the record, I’ve never tried any higher end mascaras, so this is just from the experience of retail brands –
 Most overrated:  My friends adore Maybelline Great Lash mascara.  I find it to be finicky and to smudge easily.  The only reason I still use the tube my sister gave me is because I hate watching products go to waste.
Most underrated:  Covergirl’s Classic Volume mascara.  Great formula for a pretty but subtler lash.

Overrated:  Any product whose commercial features models wearing gi-normous exaggerated false eyelashes.  You just know the product is not going to bite.  Oh and Maybelline Great Lash:  I don’t get it..really, I just don’t.Underrated:  L’Oreal Voluminous mascara, especially the new formulas in Carbon Black.  This is my casual day going nowhere special inexpensive ‘go to’ mascara and has been for years and years.  It is a consistently reliable product which says a lot.  Givenchy Phenomen’eyes is really quite nice, but I’m still searching for my expensive ‘grail’ mascara.  Next on my list is Guerlain Noir G.. on order and should be here soon!   

Most Overrated:  Any product whose commercial features models wearing gi-normous exaggerated false eyelashes.  You just know the product is going to bite.  Oh and Maybelline Great Lash:  I don’t get it..really, I just don’t.  
Most Underrated: L’Oreal Voluminous mascara, especially the new formulas in Carbon Black.  This is my casual day going nowhere special inexpensive ‘go to’ mascara and has been for years and years.  It is a consistently reliable product which says a lot.  Givenchy Phenomen’eyes is really quite nice, but I’m still searching for my expensive ‘grail’ mascara.  Next on my list is Guerlain Noir G.. on order and should be here soon! 

Most overrated:
Dior DiorShow left my lashes clumpy and looking like thick spiders… I still don’t get what the fuzz is all about
Maybelline Great Lash: Does nothing for me… Doesn’t curl, it just makes my lashes sticky and stick straight.
Most underrated:
Maybelline Volum’Express Waterproof. It’s a golden oldie but it still does a great job. Volumizing, making my lashes look lush, thick and intense black

Most overrated: Bare Escentuals Buxom Lash. I was so EXCITED to try this mascara because I kept hearing it was so amazing. It is probably the worst mascara I have ever used. It also gave me raccoon eyes.
Most underrated: Sephora Advanced Lash Booster. I got this as a sampler set and it was one of the ones that I was the least excited by upon buying this; I figured Sephora just threw it in the set to try and promote their own brand. But it is actually really amazing. I have terrible eyelashes and this mascara makes them look long and full. I layer it over Too Faced Lashgasm and together I get really nice lashes.

Most Overrated: Benefit They’re Real. Everyone I see wearing it has major spider lashes. They look like Tammy Fay Baker! Horrible! Plus everyone complains about it irritating their eyes. I don’t get why everyone loves it.
Most Underrated: Maybelline Full N’ Soft. This is my favorite everyday mascara. Gives great definition and length while still looking natural. Add another coat for some extra oomph.

Most Overrated: L’Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes- It’s the smell that did it in for me,couldn’t handle it being on my lashes & I just didn’t care for the formula
Most Underrated: Hourglass Film Noir (Onyx)- This is a new find for me, but I’m liking it thus far. Not clumpy,keeps my lashes soft & full. Lasted against my oils lids/face without movement

Most Overrated: Basically any high rated drugstore brand that I tried. They often had good points, but the end result was that they dried out my lashes and caused them to break off.
Most Underrated: Fresh Supernova. The best thing about this mascara was how it conditioned my lashes. Unfortunately it is too pricey for me and so I’ve been using Tarte instead – I like the Tarte, it still doesn’t damage my lashes like the drugstore brands, but my lashes have never looked as good nor as healthy as when I was using Supernova.

Most overrated: cover girl’s lash blast (orange tube) I feel as far as drugstore products go a lot of people seem to like this mascara. Honestly for my little pin striaght eyelashes this mascara doesn’t work- I don’t feel like the rubber bush applicator is effective in grabbing and separating my lashes and the formula is wetter which makes pull down on my lashes.

Most underrated: Fairydrops Mascara (scandal queen/ Japanese waterproof version) I really like this mascara I really like the fibers which make my lashes look longer. And the brush is nice because it is able to grab all my lashes and I like that it does volumize them- if I had to pick I’d say I prefer the original japanese waterproof formula- the brush application isn’t curved and it’s waterproof which helps my eyelashes stayed curled.

Most overrated: YSL Faux Cils mascara. smudged like crazy, gave me raccoon eyes
Most underrated: Shu Uemura Ultimate Natural mascara. separates, lengthens and makes my lashes look naturally full and soft 🙂

Most overrated: Definitely Diorshow and Chanel Inimitable. Diorshow left my eyelashes a thick, clumpy hot mess; not to mention it dries fairly quick (the product itself in the tube). Turn off!  Inimitable did an okay job separating my lashes but it extended them very straight, no curl whatsoever. I know, I could have curled them but I don’t like the hassle, especially considering the money I spent on that freakin thing. Returned it the next day.
Most underrated: ESTEE LAUDER SUMPTUOUS!!! I love that stuff! It’s $22 dollars which is aiight I suppose for a higher end mascara. It does everything I require of a mascara: curls, lengthens and thickens without clumping. LOVE LOVE LOVE! I swear I don’t work for Estee Lauder, I just love it. You need to try it, peeps! AND they just came out with a new waterproof version of it. Getting it on payday!

Most Overrated- Benefit “They’re Real”, I actually hated it so much I ended up returning it. I bought it because I forgot my regular one on a week long trip and mascara is just something I hate borrowing from others so I thought I’d give the $12 size a go because I’ve heard so many amazing reviews on YT. It just makes your lashes look spidery, takes away curl and I love the little spikes at the end but you sped more time wiping it off than actually applying it. Only plus side is the cute packaging.
Most Underrated- NYX Doll Eye Mascara in the Volume version. I already have very black lashes so I don’t know how pigmented it is but this is AMAZING. Love the brush, dosen’t make my lashes feel clumped ot heave, holds curl pretty well (I have those stick Asian lashes) and a very nice looking tube. Not flashy like “Voluminous False Lashes” or colorful like “Sexy Curves” or “Lashblast” but vwuite professional looking and easy to store in my opinion. Especially since its 7-11$ dependsing on your country. I also found it kept longer than most mascaras around 5 months and even then you probablystill could’ve kept it for a wee bit more.

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