Most Overrated & Underrated Liquid Foundation

Over & Under: Most Overrated & Underrated Liquid Foundation

There are always products that receive endless raves, but they don’t always live up to our expectations or work out as well as they do for others.  Share your picks for most overrated and underrated LIQUID FOUNDATIONS.  Don’t forget to share your whats and whys as to your choices!

  • Most Overrated: [answer]
  • Most Underrated: [answer]

My Picks

  • Most Overrated: Nothing is coming to mind — I really like a lot of the popular ones, and none of them have felt like they were unduly praised, even if they weren’t my HG, they were still good!
  • Most Underrated: My favorites are Guerlain Parure Gold and Lingerie de Peau, though I don’t know if I’d really say they’re underrated so much as they’re pricey, so not as many people are willing to try them!
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Overrated: MAC Mineralize Satinfinish Foundation – odd formula, dries really fast on the skin so it goes on patchy if you don’t have lots of moisturizer underneath. Really low coverage and it’s also glittery… it’s more like a non-moisturizing tinted moisturizer than a foundation.
 Underrated: L’oreal True Match Foundation. Very, very similar to MAC Studio Fix, but with a lighter and more blendable formula.

Most Overrated: Giorgio Armani Face Fabric. If you have any dry or flaky skin, this thing will accentuate it by 1,000%. The texture is very similar to the Smashbox Photofinish Original Primer,  and the ingredients agree with that claim. It’s basically a primer with a bit of coverage. Any foundation will accentuate dry skin, but this one does that especially well. 🙁
Most Underrated: Probably Dior Sculpt. I don’t see a lot of press or hype about it. There are a few drawbacks like an unpleasant “old granny” scent that disappears after a few minutes, but it’s quite excellent even for oily skin (me). It controls oils decently well and stays put for several hours. Granted it’s not my favorite foundation, nor anywhere near the longest-lasting, but it’s a good option for those with dry to oily-combination. It is quite expensive though, which is probably why a lot of people stay away from it.

Most overrated: definitely Chanel vitalumiere. I buff it and buff it and it still sits on my skin looking cakey and unblended. And it takes forever to dry!

Most underrated: guerlain parure gold which is a dream to blend and dries quickly. Doesn’t sit very nicely on dry patches, but what foundation does? For tinted moisturisers, Kiehls all the way!

Most overrated: smashbox ones. Now I don’t hear a lot about them online but a lot of girls would rave about it when then went shoppig at my store! They don’t do anything in my opinion, not even cover redness, they smell bad and are very drying especially the halo one!
Most underrated: clarins foundations! My faves are everlasting and the new matte one 🙂

Overrated: Anything MAC. I’ve tried 3 or 4 and all of them broke me out, left me feeling greasy, and my skin unable to breathe. They never stayed put (except the Longwear foundation, which left my skin feeling super dry and tight) and never truly matched. They oxodize like crazy. (Note: I’m not very oily at all. My skin is normal.)
Underrated: Bare Escentuals Matte. It’s a great foundation for on-the-go as it’s super easy to apply and you don’t have to worry about putting a damp foundation brush back in your bag (or in a plastic bag). It covers really well and it lasts even through sweat and snow. Never leaves me greasy (though doesn’t stay matte all day), and never dries me out. Very natural, my skin loves this stuff!

Mine are gonna be drugstore, because the only two expensive foundations I own (MUFE) are well-known and well-loved.
Most Overrated: L’oreal true match. I’ve heard so many people, including many Youtube gurus, rave about it…sorry, it sucks. Super greasy, looks cakey and unnatural. (And it broke me out worse than anything ever has.)
Most Underrated: Covergirl NatureLuxe. I actually got it for a dollar the other day because the grocery store I work at won’t be carrying it anymore…but I really like it. Truly looks natural, no matter how much you put on.

Overrated : Armani  ( Not easy to apply, ” heavy ” on the skin and  very expensive )
Underrated : Guerlain ( Lingerie de Peau ) which is very good but pretty expensive ( but not su much in fact )

Most Overrated:  MAKE UP FOR EVER HD FOUNDATION!!!  This foundation is horrible!  I’m not so sure why people love it but to each her own.  Even though there are a million colors in this line, I find that I still cannot find a perfect match.  Plus it has no longevity.
Most Underrated:  MAC Face and Body foundation.  It’s for the face AND body…so versatile!  I use it to cover some veins on my legs if I’m wearing a dress or shorts.  Also, it’s light enough for summer mixed with some moisturizer and in the winter, it’s not too cakey and still covers well too.  Has longevity, lots of good colors and inexpensive for the amount you get.  I like water based products so this is a great staple in my makeup kit.

Most over rated would definitely be MUFE HD foundation. While the colors are great, the coverage was nonexistent for me and I needed a lot of concealer and setting powder to make this semi workable.

Most underrated would be maybelline smooth mousse foundation 🙂 I really enjoy this even tho I have combo/oily skin bc it glides on beautifully and has a cooling effect while leaving my skin super smooth looking and healthy looking. The coverage is fantastic and its drugstore, so very affordable…would def set with a powder to make it last all day 🙂

Most overrated: I’m so sorry to say this, but I’m not digging Illamasquas Skin Base. It makes any little dryspot seem flaky, even if I didn’t even know I had any dryness that was visible pre-foundation. It also creases between my eyes, right over my nose. I like the coverage a lot though, and it does look quite natural. Not as much as it could though. It doesn’t feel like it sets though, and I get shiny in it.
Most underrated: GloMinerals pressed powder foundation is a charm to work with, apply, beautiful (and buildable) coverage, great colour range, feel lovely on. Absolute favourite.

 @Ravn94 Definitely agree with you on the Illamasqua! I went to try it on, and they didn’t even have my colour (and I’m an NC25, the most boring not too pale and not dark there is) and the MUA had to mix two colours and wanted to convince me to buy them both. But it’s mostly the dryness-emphasizing quality I hated: ALL THE DRY FLAKINESS EVERYWHERE!

 @Ravn94 I was looking for this product specifically in this stream so thanks for posting.  Do you mind me asking how old you are and what type of skin you have.  With the addition of the new .5 shades, I was wondering if this was something I needed to try.

 @wwendalynne I’m 18, and have combination skin, mostly leaning dry but with an semi-oily t-zone. I use shade 2.
I’ve tried applying it with fingers, a brush and a sponge. Sponge works best, but I’ve heard a stippling/buffing brush is the best. Haven’t tried those though.

 @Ravn94 Thanks a bunch!  Do you recollect which 2 shades they wanted you to mix?  Apologies for all the questions.  I have a really difficult time getting a match in foundations.  Appreciate it!

 @Ravn94 I have that same problem with foundations, and just wanted to share this tip with you- try scrubbing your face with baking soda (gently, or it could get raw) before applying foundation. It really helped me!

 @Ravn94 Awww 🙁 Hate it when that happens! I was in the same boat with my $40+ foundation, and it was so frustrating! Hope this works for you!

Most Overrated: MAC Studio Fix… I love MAC but this foundation is awful on me, it’s too dark for my skintone, makes me greasy super fast and stain my clothes… It looks good for phoographs if you just put it on but later…. Hi shiny face!

Most Underrated: Dior foundations, the airflash is AWESOME!!!! 🙂 it’s quick and easy to blend 🙂

Foundation is probably the most “personal” makeup item, in that everyone has different needs. Having said that, I think, in *general*, HE foundations are typically overrated. My main priorities are having the best color match, and not having a bad reaction. The only brand I have tried that my face didn’t like is Cover Girl, although alot of people I know *love* it. The women in my circle would rather save on foundation costs, and have more to spend on other items, because let’s be real-if you look at the ingredients lists on any foundation, you’re going to see alot of the same things used in a $50 bottle that you see in a $10 bottle. I was once the opposite; I would buy HE foundation & skimp on other items, thinking it would be better for my skin, but I found no significant difference. Then I started reading ingredients, and I learned how many HE brands also owned DS brands. I switched from Lancome to L’Oreal, and it was *exactly* the same, at a fraction of the cost. So basically, I think all HE brands are overrated & DS are underrated.

@CiaraAinsleyFears I switched to stick foundations a few years back, so I don’t really know what’s out there nowadays, but I remember using a Lancome foundation that was my HG at the time (about 10 years ago!), and I actually came across a BOGO free sale at a drugstore on L’Oreal. I was running low on the Lancome, so I decided to try it, and it turned out *exactly* the same-color, coverage, finish, etc. I wasn’t into reading ingredient labels back then, but I’d be willing to bet they were at least 90% the same, if not exactly. I knew they were sister companies, but I expected some difference. Both, by the way, were very full coverage. I’m not sure either is made anymore, though, because I use stick on “full face” days, and mineral powders/tinted moisturizer on most days, as my skins needs have changed with age.

 @xamyx  @CiaraAinsleyFears Aw, too bad it may not be made anymore! I kinda feel like DS companies shied away from full-coverage because they didn’t want to remind people of the very thick, heavy, unnatural finish DS foundation used to entail. I think DS companies are awesome if you like sheer-medium though- speaking of which, I’m trying to start wearing sheer-er finishes… Do you have any recs for a good DS tinted moisturizer that has a wide shade range (I’m pale and warm)?

@CiaraAinsleyFears Unfortunately, I can’t think of any DS TMs that have a wide range, but certain brands lean cooler or warmer. I’m very neutral, so I can really go either way. Salma Hayek has a decent one that leans warmer, but the coverage is pretty light, and it’s only available at CVS. Right now, I’m loving Garnier BB Cream, and Aveeno Positively Radiant (which has definite

yellow undertones). The Aveeno is probably my favorite, as it also is SPF 30. The best thing about DS TMs, is if you use a coupon and/or catch a sale, they can be really cheap! At this point in my life, I actually like the sheerer coverage foundations, as my skin is relatively clear & I have no issues with redness. Of course, my all-time favorite TM was Physician’s Formula Healthy Wear, which has been discontinued. It was talc and paraben free, amazing coverage, and SPF 50. By the way, don’t even bother with the PF TMs that are available now, as they have no coverage.

   Most Over-Rated: MAC (Studio Finish). Just sat atop my skin like a watery film and, even worse, if it got anywhere near my eyes, it would make them water, and water, and water! Burn and sting, too. I do *not* have sensitive skin or eyes at all but this thing…. ugh.  2nd Place goes to L’Oreal True Match. I tried 2 diff. shades & neither really “matched.” Both looked *very* cakey, amplified pores, and made me look either ashen grey or malaria yellow.
     Most Under-Rated: I don’t know. I still haven’t found my HG foundation. It used to be Shu Uemura’s UV Liquid Foundation but they stopped making it and the new Architect line doesn’t match my skin tone well. I plan on getting NARS’ Stromboli at some point and then I’ll see.

 @Kafka Ha!  So true about the studio finish!  I apply foundation sparingly everywhere and then concentrate more only in places where I need it (reddish nose and cheeks, dark chin).. I have watery eyes to begin with and studio finish had me looking like I was bawling like a baby.  Positively heinous!!!  LoL.. and definitely not fit to throw an axe and look stylin’ *wink*

 @Kafka got it!  I see Stromboli is on your list and I thought that might be a match for me at one point.  So you do not have a HG foundation either.. we are in the same boat.  We’ll assume it’s floating for now. *grin*  Maybe this whole HG thing is a mystical place all of us make-up junkies are striving for??  Maybe it doesn’t exist???  How about maybe make-up isn’t existentialistic!!  LoL 

Underated- Estee Lauder Lucidity. been using it for over 20 years.  I change to other brands in between.  Each time I go back to Estee Lauder whether I bought  HE brands or drug store brands.  Been using foundation for 30 years or more.  Makes my skin luminious, not sticky, has lite SPF. easy to apply and a bottle last forever.  Most important, my skin dont feel greasy from using it.  Used YSL foundation years ago .  It was good….but dont know now.
Overated- Dolce N Gabanna- using this now and dont like the finish and how it is applied, MUFE body foundation- didnt like it, Chanel- used it years ago, didnt like it…same for Dior.

overrated – anything MAC, I think I had them all, and they are terrible!
chanel seems to brake me out! but love the look of chanel foundations on my skin, will give Chanel vitalumiere aqua a try, as its water based may be ok.
underrated vichy dermablend foundation-GREAT foundation for sensitive skin! just a tiiiiny drop does the trick, love love love this one, a bit tricky in terms of colour selection, but otherwise totally gouges one! 

forgot to mention my other fave one, underrated foundation helena rubinstein colour clone – amazing! gives you such a lovely natural look, without looking too makeupy 🙂 

Overrated: Bare minerals foundation. What coverage does it have? Oh that’s right NO COVERAGE. I’m sorry but I had no luck with that product at all.The Brushes are scratchy and the coverage sucks.
Underrated: NA I just started getting into makeup two years ago and I haven’t had the money to afford anything too good.

Overrated: Revlon Colorstay. It’s thick, heavy, makes me break out, and makes me look like I’m 10 years older. Sorry for all you Colorstay fans, but I do not like this foundation.
Underrated: Josie Maran Serum Foundation (although this is better for the winter) and Clinique foundations. They’re color selections are so/so depending on your skintone, but their formulas are good quality.

Overrated: I don’t have a specific product in mind, but I’ve been wildly underwhelmed by the BB creams I’ve tried. That goes both for the Euro/American variety and the ones by Asian brands.  The new ones made by Western companies are just glorified tinted moisturizers and the ones from Asia are heavy and oddly colored.  How on earth did the “one-shade fits all” concept ever catch on?  I have Asian friends, it’s not like they all match to the same shade of foundation.  Also, I find their skincare claims suspect.  The high SPFs attached on many Asian BB creams are nice, but no responsible person should be relying on their foundation for sun protection.  Sunscreens have to be applied generously to provide proper coverage, and no one should be wearing that much foundation!
Underrated:  I know it’s fashionable to knock MAC these days (and goodness knows they’ve done things to deserve it), but I’m a big fan of their MSF Natural.  I wear a light dusting of it over Prep + Prime SPF 50 on days when my skin looks nice and I don’t want to bother with foundation.  It’s pretty sheer so it’s definitely not for everyone, but it does a great job on me of blurring my pores and evening my skintone without making me look like I’m wearing anything.  

Most overrated: find MUFE HD is really, really bad in real life, because it has virtually no oil control and also grabs onto every dry patch you have and accentuates it. In pictures, you do look great but for the price, I’d go for something else.
Most underrated: Guerlain Lingerie de Peau. It gives a very understated finish. Nothing showy, but you look as if you did something awesome to your face. For reference, I am NC30 and I wear #32 which is a perfect match, sadly it is Asian exclusive shade IIRC. Also MUFE F&B.

 @danzas I agree with you about MUFE HD, it’s perfect in every way for me, besides the texture problems. I find they can be solved pretty easily with a little baking soda scrub before applying and setting powder afterward, but still, it’s a little disappointing.

 @danzas Agree with you on both!!!! I love Lingerie de Peau to death but being the greedy girl I am, I always want MORE in a foundation. Gonna try Parure Extreme or Christine’s fave Parure Gold next! 🙂

 @Amber Tay I would love to try out Parure Extreme but sadly I do not think I can find a good enough match. 🙁 And it looks amazing in the pictures I’ve seen!

Most overrated: MAC Studio Fix Fluid. I once tried it on the store and immediately didn’t like it. Waaaayyy too cakey for me. Yuck.
Most underrated: Lucy Minerals Foundation in Original formula. Many people sings praises about it, but about as many people hate it as well. Some experienced allergy with one or more ingredients. Some others said it doesn’t sit well on skin, too cakey, doesn’t buff right in.And some people just have nevr heard of it. They sure do miss a lot. Because once you’re able to tackle the application, the rest is a breeze. The foundation is the powder to cream kind of thing. It handles my oily skin, doesn’t cling onto any dry bits, and overall makes my skin looks seriously glowing and healthy. It helps covering some leftover acne scarring on the cheeks and dark circle (with a help of concealer) and still doesn’t look like I pile thick powder on, and it still leaves my freckles on the nose visible! It is said to be medium to full coverage, without the cakiness!! Oh happiness!
I also know that Guerlain Parure Gold is amazing. But I like it best on my mom. It makes her look 5-yrs younger and fresh, with the fact that she’s still actively working on her job as a lawyer.

Overrated: Any MAC foundation. They all feel very heavy and don’t smell very nice.
Underrated: CHANEL VITALUMIÈRE AQUA! I love, love, love it. It doesn’t offer a huge amount of coverage but it smells and feels nice.

Overrated: Mineral Foundations in general.  They don’t look good on a lot of skin types, and have a tendency to emphasize pores, facial hair, and dryness.

Overrated: Bareminerals loose powder foundation. It oxidized so bad on my skin. It hardly stayed on my face for more than few hours due to my oily skin. I tried the matte formula in the same shade as the original and there was a HUGE color difference. I just was not happy at all. I don’t know why so many people like it.
Underrated: Mac face and body foundation. So many people rave about Mac foundations but I hardly ever hear about this one. It’s great light coverage and last a fairly long time!

Over-rated: Nars Sheer Glow or Hourglass (couldn’t get a decent colour match in either)
Underrated: either Clarins Skin Illusion or (my current favourite) Guerlain Lingerie de Peau

I have to agree with Christine, in that it’s hard to think of a foundation that’s overhyped and doesn’t perform. I know the MUFE HD foundation gets a ton of hype, but I have it and absolutely adore it. When I first started wearing it, I thought it was wearing off really fast, only to realize that it looked so natural I forgot I was wearing it! It was making me think I had nicer skin than I really did, hah! I know it doesn’t work for everyone, but it’s beautiful on my normal-to-dry skin.
I’m gonna give underrated to Boscia’s BB cream. It’s not quite a foundation, but it’s a really lovely, light alternative to foundation for summer. I’m lazy, and I get lazier in the summer, and this gives good, sheer coverage that’s easy to apply. I feel like Boscia as a whole doesn’t get a lot of attention, and I’ve always liked their products.

@Gina – “I thought it was wearing off really fast, only to realize that it looked so natural I forgot I was wearing it!”  —   I think this is a really good point which describes what happens to me with MUFE HD.  It seems to melt and blend so well into the skin that it almost seems like it’s vanished and that you’re not wearing anything.  It gives a very natural look after a few hours — more so, oddly than at the very beginning.  Perhaps that’s why some people think it’s worn off, when in reality it’s really just melted and blended in? It’s not my HG for foundation but, thus far, it’s the best that I’ve come across for me, especially given my difficult-to-match light olive skin tone.

Most overrated: Revlon Colorstay…that stuff is just awful, I don’t get the hype. It’s too thick, doesn’t blend, looks cakey…..yuck!!!!Most underrated: Estee Lauder Doublewear. If you want full coverage that lasts ALL DAY, this is it! Blends great, feels nice on the skin. Doesn’t look cakey. And lasts and lasts till you wash it off. <3Speaking of Lauder, you really don’t show them enough love on here Christine. I’d love to see more reviews 🙂 

Most Overrated: Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua. Don’t get me wrong because it is a good foundation, but it’s not the miracle “second skin” foundation that people claim it is. I can’t stand the smell of it and it honestly doesn’t look any better or worse than my other “go-to” products (Nars Pure Radiant TM, Makeup For Ever HD, L’Oreal True Match).
Most underrated: Tarte Amazonian Clay. Love it for my super oily skin. It’s a solid medium coverage and it dries to a matte finish without looking unnatural or cakey. It looks great regardless of which method I use to apply it and it lasts all day. But I haven’t heard anybody talk about it! Admittedly, the color range sucks, but I don’t even mind. This stuff is lovely.

Most Overrated:  anything MAC.. it becomes ghastly on my face and their formulas do not impress me at all. I’ve tried most of them.Most Underrated:  I think Dior can be underrated they make really nice foundations.  However, my current go-to foundations with impressive formulas are Tom Ford traceless liquid, Guerlain Lingerie de Peau and Guerlain Parure Gold.  All of these are expensive, but give such a nice finish to the skin.. I wear the Tom Ford when I want more of a dewy look and the Parure Gold when I want a more matte finish.  All of these foundations apply like a dream. 
Here’s the kicker, I cannot seem to get any foundations to match my bizarre completion…even mixing doesn’t help.  Yellow based goes either too light yellowy or the darker yellow based goes orangey on me and beiges blend in better but can go greyish pink on me.  I’ve got some that are close enough that I don’t look like a freak, but nothing remotely hits my actual skin tones.  I definitely do not have pink undertones.  So I’m thinking I’m either neutral with warmish undertones or very light olive. Anyhow, I’m definitely a very difficult match regardless. 

 @wwendalynne If you’re a very light olive you should try MUFE HD Foundation in 117… It seems to match a lot of un-matchable people, including myself! It goes on pretty yellow, but sinks in really nicely. Another one you might want to try is Bobbi Brown’s stick foundation range. Good luck! 

 @CiaraAinsleyFears Thanks for the tips!  I really appreciate it!  This is a new revelation for me after seeing a photo of myself in very stark light wearing what I thought was a really good match foundation.  The next day I did a whole pile of swatches of all my current favs and low and behold..  My skin is really really weird and all those yellow shades I’ve been buying because I have ‘yellow undertones’ do not actually match my skin.  I’m definitely going to try the MUFE HD.. I have not tried their product, but it certainly has it’s fans and I will also look into Bobbie Brown stick!  Thanks again 🙂

 @wwendalynne  To me eyes, and having seen photos, you are most definitely pale olive! I am, too, and so I understand exactly what you’re talking about. The odd thing about olive is that, yes, there are yellow undertones but I truly think there is also some weird undercurrent of greenish-greyness in the olive that can turn the wrong foundation ashen on olive skin. It’s bloody hard to colour watch when you’ve got pale olive skin!

 @wwendalynne To my eyes, and having seen photos, you are most definitely pale olive! I am, too, and so I understand exactly what you’re talking about. The odd thing about olive is that, yes, there are yellow undertones but I truly think there is also some weird undercurrent of greenish-greyness in the olive that can turn the wrong foundation ashen on olive skin. It’s bloody hard to colour watch when you’ve got pale olive skin!

 @Kafka YES!!!  beiges in particular can do that to me and all these freaking yellow based products I’ve been buying actually go orange on me or sit on top of my skin and make me look like yellow jaundiced girl, and they don’t match!  Also, my neck and chest are really pale compared to my face which compounds the issue, .. think the FB picture of me and Bernice with the doggie kisses.. I’m not wearing any makeup in that photo (hence the big oversized shades..LoL).  So dudette, I know your skin is darker than mine .. do you wear a Nars foundation perchance??

 @wwendalynne  It was the photo of you where I said you looked Danish, as well as the one of you with the super cool dyed locks that made me think, “Well, damn, she’s got olive skin too!” I actually have some photos up where I’m way, way paler than you. (Damn Houston sun.) No, I don’t wear NARS, though I plan on trying the Stromboli shade. I recently got a NARS tinted moisturizer in St. Moritz, so we’ll see how  closely I match in NARS shades once it arrives. I wear MUFE #127 which, thus far, has been the closest match for any foundation I’ve tried since my beloved Shu Uemura discontinued one. It’s called Pale Sand, I think. (I also wear MUFE 155 when I get tanned.) 

 @Kafka Thanks Chica!  I’m using the Alaska shade in Nars TM and it’s a ‘balance between pink and yellow undertones” and it looks very light yellow to me out of the tube (I can’t see the pink tones, but apparently they are there).  As I mentioned on FB, it’s the best I have right now and it blends in quite well.  The St. Morritz shade goes super orange on me.  Perhaps it just may be that TM’s in general are more sheer, or maybe neutral works better on me.  I was looking at the MUFE shades today and the one that seemed to look the most like my skin was the #127 you mentioned, Pale Sand but 117 marble looks like a possibility too.  I also saw a shade #123 Desert which states it is meant for pale olive skin.  It looks really orangey to me in the colour swatch and too dark.  Have you tried it?  xoxoOh, I’m looking at all of this on sephora and reading the descriptions with the colours.  I’m tempted to try an illamasqua neutral as well..  *flush*  that’s the sound of more money going down the drain.  LoL

 @wwendalynne  Hm, I’d stay away from MUFE #123 if I were you. Imo, it is way, way too dark for you (too dark for me too, in fact) and it has a definite orange tint! IIRC, I think it’s for someone whose MAC # is 140. Have you looked at MUFE# 125? It might be much closer because it’s a paler shade than #127. From my memory of seeing it on the skin of someone just slightly paler than me, it might work on you, even if the Sephora site says it’s for someone with beige undertones. 117 is pale but if you wear Alaska, it might work. I have found the Sephora swatches/descriptions aren’t the best. Check this out: , this  and this .  Pity you can’t find a Shu Uemura close to you. I actually think some of their foundations may work really, really well with your colouring. The brand was, after all, originally made for Asian skin with its yellow undertones but paleness at the same time. I wish I could recall the # of the one I had swatched on me at the store because it was too pale for me at the time but would have been PERFECT for you.  My suggestion: Google image swatches for whatever you like (whatever the brand), then hit eBay for minis before you shell out for something that may not work.  xoxo 

Overrated: Nars sheer glow, great coverage but melts on my face after 3hr or so.
Underrated: Shu Uemura Face Architect Smoothing Fluid, can’t complain about it in anyway.

Foundation is one of those things that depends so much on the skin of the user, but one I don’t hear much about that I love very much is MAKE UP FOR EVER Face & Body.  Light gel texture, never settles into pores (which is always a problem for me), good color range.  I have oily combination skin, it doesn’t make the shine any worse than anything else and it doesn’t accentuate dry patches which is great.  But it is pretty light coverage, so not for everyone!

Most Overrated: Bare Minerals. It has hardly any coverage and contains bismuth oxycholoride, which gives me cystic acne really bad.
Most Underrated: Lorac Natural Performance foundation. OMG, I LOVE this. The coverage is amazing!

Most Overrated: MUFE HD foundation; which disappears on me and becomes an oily mess on my NOT oily, rather normal skin within a few hours. Great color selection though!
Most Underrated: Sisley Phyto Teint Eclat Oil-Free; I never hear about this although it’s very spendy, the finish is amazing and matte while leaving a beautiful glow and not cakey at all. Lasts hours and hours. Small color selection however.

Most overrated? Well, Mac’s studio sculpt foundation made me break out after a single evening’s use, but I honestly don’t hear that one hyped so much (seems more like a pro product) and the fact that I had a reaction to it doesn’t make it bad, per se. I’ve not been impressed with anything I’ve tried from Smashbox in the foundation/ concealer department, certainly nothing that would justify the price.  
Most underrated? For the price, Gosh foundations are very good. And although they’re hardly unknown, Clarins foundations are really lovely and, for a prestige brand, well-priced.

Overrated: any Smashbox foundataion. I love their lip products and eyeshadows, but not a single one of their foundations have worked for me.
Underrated: Cargo.  I love their foundation!  I’m surprised it doesn’t get more love but I understand foundation is pretty personal based on skin type.  I love it because it covers well, is buildable, and is suited for people who need more yellow tones in their foundation.  

most overrated for me is Revlon Color stay, I think it’s a horrible foundation. most underrated is probably Bourjois Healthy Mix and I think that’s mostly because it’s not available in the US.

Overrated: MAC foundations. I know people like them, but its too much. To greasy. too Oily
Underrated: Lancomes foundations. Especially the one for oily skin and is water proof. Great investment

Over rated for me is gotta be NARS Sheer glow. I liked how it looks the first hour, all glowly and all. But by the 5th hour, I’m looking patchy. I do set it with loose powder. 
Under rated – Sisley Phyto-Teint Eclat. Its great! Its long lasting, glowly, easy to apply and my skin feels soft after washing it off end of the day! I Luuurve it! 

I haven’t tried enough to really give an opinion on overrated foundation, but for underrated I will say I’m surprised I don’t hear more about Maybelline’s FIT Me foundations.  It is a more limited selection than L’Oreal, but the wear is actually quite nice if you want light-to-medium coverage.  It doesn’t cake on me, and it blends in smoothly.  The only downside for me is that the colors available tend to lean warm or neutral, so after I use up my bottle, I’ll probably check around to see if I can find something a touch cooler for my skin.  Otherwise, I’d stick with it as my stand-by.

Veronica I agree!  I am a very hard color match (light olive) and the FIT Me doesn’t morph on me, stays true to color and wears like iron.  I even found the little pull out to match on your arm pretty spot on.  For around 5 dollars, it really is worth a try.

The most overrated foundation (for me) is Chanel Perfection Lumiere. I used to love it, but I recently used my old bottle of MUFE Mat Velvet and wow what a difference! I am pretty pale, but have a neutral undertone so I used my MUFE foundation for that my new Nars Liberate blush would look better with my skin tone. The MUFE foundation itself went on smoother, lasted longer, and overall just made my skin look really flawless. I used to bash the MUFE mat velvet, but it’s a lot better than the Chanel one I have. Don’t get me wrong; the chanel is great, but MUFE is a better foundation (for me). It was definitely not worth the $60+ I paid for it. 

Most Overrated: Revlon Colorstay. Feels awful, looks awful, and smells terrible.
None underrated for me. I’m still looking for my HG foundation. I’d have to say Temptu’s S/B foundations are pretty fantastic though!

Revlon Colorstay “overrated”? Really, I love Revlon Colorstay; I wear it in 400 Caramel for oily skin. I think the formula is now up to 24hrs of wear–not that most of us keep foundation on that long but it truly stands up to its claim. 

Overrated: Bare Minerals, stupid bismuth oxychloride breaks me out. I’ve never had a reaction with any products before. love the coverage though. im still trying to give it a longterm try to get my skin used to it
Underrated: Clinique powder foundation. The bestttt foundation ive ever tried. Last all day (hot sunny sweaty day) and no shine, looks perfect. 

Most Overrated: 
» Revlon Colorstay & Estée Lauder Double Wear.
Unlike Revlon, ELDW doesn’t gave me painful cystic acne, nor comedos, but both of them doesn’t stays on my super oily (yet dehydrated skin) like the rave I heard/read.
Most Underrated:
» Shiseido Sun Protection Liquid Foundation SPF 42 PA +++.
I never even seem to find anyone who gives a review on this product other than in Let me tell you, this product IS UH-MAY-ZIIIIINNNGGGG!!!! It stays like nobody business!
To be honest, I have few other liquid foundation that I also love, but those foundations that I didn’t mention here seems can’t fit the “underrated” title.

I haven’t tried but one foundation and it’s MAC Select Moisturecover and I really like it, it does not aggravate my super sensitive skin and it stays on for most of the day or night and looks very natural. So I guess I’d call it underrated since I don’t hear a lot of people talking about it.

Most Overrated: Make Up For Ever HD Invisible Cover Foundation – barely lasted 4 hours and didn’t control oil at all.
Most Underrated: Estee Lauder Double Wear – extremely full coverage and lasts a long time 

overrated: to me is bare mineral: I have big pores and this foundation really emphasize them! but my friend who has perfect smooth skin really like it.
underrated: nothing yet… maybe Nars sheer matte. I look really polished in it but it doesn’t control the oil very well.. nothing is perfect.

Most Overrated: While I don’t hear about it much anymore, I remember people were RAVING about MAC’s Studio Finish powder. While it gave me the coverage I wanted, it always felt heavy and I had to discontinue using it because it gave me awful cystic acne like no other product
Most Underrated: Lancome Teint Idol Fresh Wear… I never really hear much about it and I love it, its coverage is a touch heavier than tinted moisturizer and yet it feels incredibly lightweight on the skin, like you’re not wearing anything. Out of all the foundations I’ve tried, so far it’s my HG, I really haven’t found anything that gives me the combo of coverage and lightweight feel that this foundation has

Most Overrated: Revlon Colorstay. It makes me break out like nobody’s business, and it just doesn’t look natural unless you really put effort into it.
Most Underrated: I’m loving my L’Oreal True Match. They have colours for those of us who are super duper pale, and it hasn’t broken me out in the few weeks I’ve used it.

 @Sarahbear5I so agree with L’Oreal True Match. It’s one of the only liquid foundations that comes in a shade light enough for my skin.

couldn’t have said it better.. Colorstay is so heavy and breaks me out also, i didnt realize how heavy it was until i switched to l’oreal true match lumi and i fell in love immediately i just hope it doesn’t turn on me anytime soon and break me out!!! i bought the lumi due to the pump but if all goes well id like to try the original true match!!

Overrated: Bare Minerals. I used to love this, and then realized I was getting *no* coverage from it and it didn’t stay.
Underrated: I don’t know if it’s underrated, but my current fave is Chanel’s Perfection Lumiere. Looks totally natural but just brightens up my whole face and evens out my skin, and it lasts forever. 

Overrated: MAC Studio Fix Fluid. While shopping for a new foundation two years ago, a MAC employee applied just a tiny bit to my cheek to figure out which color I was and it burned my skin. I was almost in tears. (For reference, I have psoriasis so my skin is somewhat more “sensitive” but it’s rare for me to react to a cosmetic product like that). 
Underrated: Drugstore – Maybelline Fit Me. It provides light-medium coverage with a slightly dewy finish. I find the coverage lasts me between 8-10 hours (more if I set it with translucent powder). It’s one of few drugstore liquid foundations I’ve found to NOT have a strong chemical scent, not to mention it’s less than seven dollars. High end – Estee Lauder DoubleWear and NARS Sheer Glow. ELDW provides full coverage and lasts wayyyy longer than it really has to. It’s perfect for when I work 9 hour shifts and don’t have time to touch up my makeup. NARS Sheer Glow is my “special occasion” foundation. It provides lighter coverage than I normally prefer so I do have to use more concealer but it makes my skin look flawless without looking like I put a ton of makeup on. 

Overrated: Revlon Colorstay hands down, always ends up looking so heavy and doesn’t fully cover anything which is a huge surprise considering how heavy it is.
Underrated: Dior Forever foundation. AMAZING coverage yet it still looks natural and lasts ‘forever’ like the name says 😉 only downside is I can’t find my perfect shade 🙁

Overrated: MUFE HD and Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua. MUFE HD does nothing special for my skin. I find the texture a little too thick and in general just “blah”. Similarly, I know Vitalumiere Aqua gets A LOT of hype on Youtube for being like “second skin” but it just does not sit well on my combination skin and it certainly doesn’t look fresh/skin-like to me!
Underrated: Guerlain Lingerie de Peau. I seldom hear much love for this foundation, but it’s definitely my HG at the moment. I finished my first bottle but I’m not repurchasing yet cuz I wanna find something that’s BETTER (if that’s even possible). Gives my skin a dewy, flawless finish while being really weightless. I’m NC20 and I wear 01 Beige Pale which is supposedly an Asia exclusive shade!

Most overrated:  MUFE HD, didn’t cover ANYTHING on me, and the palest shade was still too dark for me. No me gusta.
Most underrated: Fit Me by Maybelline! I have combo skin and it works well on me. Stay put on my T-Zone and cover blemish very well. Also True Match by l’Oreal, great colour, great coverage. 

Most Overrated: Where to begin?!  Absolutely anything by MAC!  I have tried four of their foundation formulas and hated them all.  Each one was extremely heavy, caused acne, and the color never completely matched.  I am also not a fan of NARS Sheer Glow or Bare Minerals.  They both looked great to begin with, but I hated that I could actually feel the product on my face and the lack of lasting power of each.
Most Underrated:  MUFE Face & Body definitely!  I feel as though MUFE HD gets all the love, but I own both, and I reach for Face & Body a lot more.  It doesn’t cover much as far as scars or dark spots (of which I have very few), but it evens out my skintone and gives me the most beautiful, natural look I’ve ever achieved with foundation.  Plus it’s light and doesn’t cause breakouts!  It’s my personal favorite!!!

Most Overrated: Where to begin?!  Absolutely anything by MAC!  I have tried four of their foundation formulas and hated them all.  Each one was extremely heavy, caused acne, and the color never completely matched.  I am also not a fan of NARS Sheer Glow.  It looked great to begin with, but I hated that I could actually feel the product on my face and the lack of lasting power.
Most Underrated:  MUFE Face & Body definitely!  I feel as though MUFE HD gets all the love, but I own both, and I reach for Face & Body a lot more.  It doesn’t cover much as far as scars or dark spots (of which I have very few), but it evens out my skintone and gives me the most beautiful, natural look I’ve ever achieved with foundation.  Plus it’s light and doesn’t cause breakouts!  It’s my personal favorite!!!

Most over rated is defo dream matte mousse, I know so many girls who wear it and their face looks dry cakey and flakey. Its gross
Bourjois healthy mix is under rated its amazing dewy smells gorgeous and lasts

Most overrated is definitely MUFE HD. I didn’t like it at all. I felt like the finish fell flat and one dimensional, while the coverage was just ehh…
Most underrated is the Lancome Teint Miracle. The color selection is fantastic and the finish is phenomenal. I ordered Guerlain Parure Gold initially, but the wear time was a deal breaker for me (no more than 4 hours) and the shade selection is absolutely terrible. No 3 was too orange.

Overrated: Any of MAC’s foundations (they all cause breakouts for me) and NARS Sheer Glow.  The finish and look of NARS is beautiful when first applied, but it quickly starts to appear overly oily, and I could feel it on my face which is a huge NO-NO for me! 
Underrated: MUFE Face and Body!  It provides the perfect amount of coverage to even the skin tone while allowing your natural beauty to shine through as well!  I love it! =)

Most Overrated Drug Store Foundation: REVLON COLORSTAY (regular and HD) This stuff is horrible, its thick, cakey, stinky, and breaks me out. I wanted to love it but everything was so wrong. The shade selection was also horrible I wanted to try the new Revlon whipped but I was so scared to after the colorstay line lol

Most Underrated Drug Store Foundation: L’Oreal Lumi. When I hear L’Oreal I think of bad experiences of the past I finally decided its time to give L’Oreal a second chance and boy did they change! Its so light on my skin and covers well, I use My bareminerals powder foundation to set it and it lasts all day! I love this stuff.

Most Overrated High-End Foundation: Makeup Forever Matte velvet. I really do like this stuff its just not for my skin it drys me out (I already have dry skin) but if you have oily skin I recommend it it just doesn’t do it for me anymore 🙁

Most Underrated High-End Foundation: Prescriptives Foundations!! They are amazing I have never heard anyone anywhere recommend this stuff. It does wonders of my sensitive skin and covers well. I do have to say they lack shades in some foundations but other than that this is amazing and worth checking out ( i have used it for 7 years! )

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