Most Overrated & Underrated Lipstick Formula

Over & Under: Most Overrated & Underrated Lipstick Formula

There are always products that receive endless raves, but they don’t always live up to our expectations or work out as well as they do for others.  Share your picks for most overrated and underrated LIPSTICKS.  Don’t forget to share your whats and whys as to your choices!

  • Most Overrated: [answer]
  • Most Underrated: [answer]

My Picks

  • Most Overrated: Chanel Rouge Cocos/Rouge Coco Shines–the latter I don’t like much at all, while the former is decent to good, but it’s not fantastic.
  • Most Underrated: Shiseido’s Perfect Rouge–excellent formula from start to finish.
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overrated; mac they dont even last long on my lips
underrated; revlon’s super lustrous lipstick! these are so creamy and feel great on my dry lips 

My answers are based on my country 🙂
Overrated: Guerlain 
Underrated: Maybelline lipsticks, especially the Color Sensational ones. They feel fantastic and will give a lot of high- end brands a run for their money!

overrated: All high end lipsticks.It’s a lipstick…why pay so much?
underrated: Drugstore lipsticks.Some brands as just as good if not better than high end ones

@SophiaK I agree 100%, and it’s even better when you can catch a BOGO sale at a DS! Unless a color is absolutely *perfect*, I tend to stay away from HE lipstick.

 @SophiaK Totally understand your attitude, have tons of drugstore lipsticks, but I still love UD’s so much.  Just something about the formula.  I’ve never actually shelled out the full $22 for one, though…so there’s that?  Haha.

Overrated: MAC-they just feel strange & “filmy” on my lips, and so many of the colors just look too similar. I have 2 of them, but *only* because I fell in love with the colors, and they are pretty unique.

Underrated: L’Oreal-they just feel really nice on the lips, and I actually really enjoy the scent/taste of them. I only wish they would bring back the “Matte” line they had several years ago.

Most Overrated: Mac
Most Underrated: Benefit’s Full Finish Lipsticks -all the ones I have are WONDERFUL, creamy and not drying, great pigmentation, interesting colors, all top quality for me! I don’t know why they get overlooked so often.

 @AriannaMUAthat if you can find a shade that doesn’t have a ton of gritty shimmer in it and not be an awful color. they never make light shades…

 @artemis There a no concealer shades that’s true, but there are many shades with no glitter or shimmer in them!! from nudes (meaning natural lipcolors) to amazing reds, going through browns and plums, so many colors with no glitter in them!

Most overrated :  Armani lipsticks, expensive and not so classy as they seem
Most underrated : Two Faced, good formulas, wear quite long, packaging a bit ” girly ” but not important, colours are pigmented.
To me perfection is Nars. M.A.C is very good too, Chanel and Guerlain definitely high end ones.

        I understand the feeling that MAC is overrated because the quality varies among finishes and colors (i think it’s a testament to how much beautiful variety they have!) but their matte lipsticks are solidly good. Plus!! I can always count on MAC to find anything i need. Many brands have very limited colors and for warm/dark-skinned people like me; it can be  hard to find a flattering lipstick. 
         Also, QUESTION, ladies: What are you looking for in a lipstick? The only darn thing I care about is that it lasts and stays the same color as when I put it on! dry lips/funky smells/textures be damned.

 @TataJ Right, I’m not sure it’s fair just to say MAC, since they have different types of lipstick and the question is most overrated lipstick formula not most overrated lipstick brand. I looooove their lipsticks especially the Creamsheens. I sometimes think people throw MAC out there because it’s the popular thing now to call anything from MAC overrated. 

@jennyh @TataJ While I think it’s great that MAC lipsticks work well for *you*, I have to ask, has it ever occurred to you that they just don’t work for others? I’ve tried a few different MAC lipsticks, in different formulas, but not only did I find then undewhelming & not worth the hype, I found them to be absolutely *horrible*. I happen to have two MAC lipsticks because, although I don’t like the way they sit on my lips, I’m willing to sacrifice comfort because of the colors. I was a big fan of MAC a few years ago, and I have about 80 eyeshadows, and several cream bases, pigments & paint pots, but honestly, with the exception of a *few* items, I find them mediocre, at best. Nothing has impressed me since Style Black, and how long ago was that? I think it’s more popular to be on the MAC bandwagon than it is to condemn MAC. Everyone is talking about boycotting UD for selling in China, but they’re giving MAC a pass. The majority of readers here defend MAC religiously. Then there are those who think nothing of shelling out $15 USD for *each* MAC shadow, but balk at paying $17 USD for UD, which is much better quality, or $34 USD for a NARS duo, which is better, and gives you more product. So actually, those of us who are not on the MAC bandwagon are truly in the minority.

I believe that the other two ladies do realize that not everything works for everyone and were just expressing why they think MAC is an automatic answer when pollling for anything that’s overrated. That’s why Jennyh asked about what do others look in a lipstick because that does make a big difference when someone gives an opinion. It’s obvious by just the tone alone in your post that you hate MAC, but no one is giving them a pass on anything. The UD incident was about they company animal testing in China, NOT selling in China.

 @xamyx  @jennyh  @TataJ @xamyx Have “you” ever thought TataJ is entitled to her own opinion? You make a drama out of everything. Just agree to disagree. She never marginalized “your side” who don’t like MAC. Let her like MAC. 

 @xamyx  Sorry no offense meant. I was just  making a comment on the fact that people often reply MAC when anyone asks about overrated cosmetics, but it seems like it’s become an automatic response for some people. Granted I do not read every comment on all of the articles, but I read alot of them and I do not see people defending MAC religiously.  I know when I come and read one of these questions on this blog a majority of commenters will give MAC in their answer for “overrated”.   Of course they are entitled to their opinions, not everything works for everyone I understand that. I certainly don’t love everything from MAC. But I don’t know how MAC is overrated when a majority of the critiques of their collections in recent history have been just OK, to flat out negative.  Not saying that criticism is not deserved, but in order to be overrated something has to be rated higher than deserved, and I don’t really see that with MAC. Just my opinion, I could be wrong. 

@jennyh @TataJ @leihyingyang Well @xamyx is entitled to her opinion too right?  We don’t all have to agree about everything. I don’t think anyone here is trying to be malicious in any way.
Ok on lipsticks
Underrated: I like Revlon lipsticks, and that they’re not tested on animals, I also like L’oreal a lot, although I won’t buy anymore of them since they are tested on animals.
Overrated: to be honest I haven’t tried a huge range of lip products especially higher end ones, but in general I haven’t been impressed with the higher end ones I’ve tried, especially considering the price, for example Chanel (lovely packaging though 🙂 and Clarins.

@Keen Janine Where does it state that I “hate” MAC? In fact, I think it says the *opposite*; yes, the *majority* of their products are mediocre, but occasionally they put out a real winner. I also think the brand as a whole is overrated, but that doesn’t mean they’re the worst one on the market (although not the best, either). Even if I *did* “hate” MAC, wouldn’t it stand to reason that there was something about the brand that warranted that opinion? I was also pointing out that there are other brands at a similar pricepoint, that are far superior, although they *seem* more expensive at first glance. If anyone bothered to read my original comment at the beginning of the thread, they would see that I have stated the issue I have with MAC lipstick. If someone likes the way MAC lipstick feels on their lips, so be it. I’ve never personally experienced any lipstick to “dry” out my lips, but others have. As they expressed their opinions of MAC, I stated mine; I was simply pointing out that I had a tangible dislike for MAC lipstick, and that it wasn’t because it’s the “popular thing to do”. I also wanted to point out that it is not “popular” to dislike MAC; why else would they still be in business after putting out so many sub-par collections? It is becaause it is “popular” to *like* them. As for the animal-testing issue, in order to sell in China, a cosmetic company must agree to the *possibility* of testing (not that it will *definitely* happen), so if MAC sells in China, it is doing the same thing as UD. I have personally read blogs where the author is willing to give MAC a “pass”, for “nostalgic” reasons, as it was their first “real” brand of makeup, along with dozens of other justifications.

[email protected] @jennyh @TataJ Yes, I do believe they are entitled to their opinion. If you take a moment to read my *entire* comment, you’d see that. I am not “marginalizing” their opinions, but I feel they are putting down mine by inferring that I’m on some “MAC-bashing bandwagon”. I expressed *exactly* why I don’t care for their lipsticks in my *original* comment in this thread, and even if someone states their opinion of something being “overrated” without a tangible reason, it doesn’t they’re of said opinion without cause. I’m quite sure that the majority of those who find MAC overrated have had experience with the brand, as well as others. So yes, they are entitled to their opinions, as I am to mine, which is *exactly* the point I was making.

@jennyh No offense taken, and I certainly didn’t mean any, either. I just wanted to clarify that for *me*, “MAC” is not an automatic answer. I’ve just personally found it to not “feel” like lipstick when I wear it. I have Archetype & Empowered, which although beautiful (on me) on their own, together they make the most perferct MLBB shade, but I rarely wear it because it takes a little too much effort to blend it with a balm so it feels “right”. Granted, there is a vast array of shades, and the pigmentation is nothing short of incredible, but the texture is just wrong for me.

 @TataJ I care that it’s comfortable to wear and doesn’t make me want to scrub it off my lips, that it applies evenly without a ton of smudging and wiping and blotting on my part, that it doesn’t dry out my lips so badly that they’re screaming for lip balm, and that it doesn’t smell funky because that’ll give me a headache. I’m not *thrilled* with perfumed lipsticks but I’ll wear them if the quality is good (i.e. Guerlain). 

 @TataJgood question, I think before rating any products, everyone should answer what they are looking for from a product first. 
I care if they are comfortable to wear or not the most. and comfortable means they are not drying, don’t get cake y, or feather etc, don’t make my lips looking funny or horrible that i have to scrub it off after a little while. and lasting is one thing I can’t care less from a lipstick. I have no porblem of replying my lipsticks all the time, I actually prefer it this way so i can at least finish one lipstick one day (hopefully)
and for Mac, it is actually known not so good quality product generally among people I know, at where I live but they offer more acceptable price and lots of colours for younger people or new makeup lovers and that makes it popular. It doesn’t mean every single lipstick from Mac is going to be bad.  

 @TataJ I really don’t like anything drying and won’t wear a lipstick that makes my lips feel dry. I have severe allergies and take antihistamines year ’round, so it’s already more difficult for me to keep my lips from being dry and I can’t bear anything that makes it worse. I wish I could find a super creamy moisturizing color that lasted, but I feel like I have to give one up to get the other.  

Overrated: Guerlain Rouge Automatique….. *shiver* The formula is so slippery. While they are shiny, they weren’t moisturizing at all for me!! Not to mention the price tag for something that really doesn’t feel luxurious at all to me… 
Underrated: Kat Von D lipsticks are my HG lipsticks. All of her lipsticks are a matte formula, and considered to have a dry texture. But I feel like they are smooth to apply and don’t emphasize the dead skin my lips may have. Not to mention some have lasted over 7 hours for me! I just personally love them. If they may be dry for you, a lip balm will do the trick.

overrated: Tom Ford, Guerlain Rouge Automatic, and Mac
underrated: YSL Rouge Volupte, Dolce Gabanna and few other brands which are too hard to find…. no point to list them.

Most overrated:: YSL Rouge Volupte. I cannot imagine how these slimy, smudgy, vile-smelling things became such a favourite, but I guess that’s an example of how different people’s tastes can be. They also dry my lips out terribly. I’ll make myself unpopular and say Chanel’s Rouge Allures. I find these drying and the colour fades far too quickly. (Personally, I prefer the Rouge Coco formula on both fronts, which I realise makes me different than most.)
Most underrated:: Considering that they’re distributed through Sephora, I think it’s sad that Bite Beauty aren’t better known. I just love their formula for my lips. The need to work on making their shades more unique, but the formula itself is phenomenal. The Rouge d’Armani formula is probably my favourite, but I don’t know that I’d say it’s underrated- it gets a lot of love for a lipstick that’s so pricey and has a fairly limited permanent colour range. 

 @Kate MacDonald I am glad to hear this about Bite lipsticks because they look so pretty but the reviews on Sephora are NOT good…maybe I need to check these out….I love lipstick!!!

 @Kate MacDonaldYSL Rouge Volupte and Bobbi Brown Rich colour are very few formulas I find comfortable to wear.
and I totally agree with people have different tastes and look for different things from a product.
chanel rouge Allures is fine for me, I have 4 and love the colours from this range. I don’t love the formula as I find it hard to apply especially the darker colour like dragon but I don’t dislike it either, they are quite comfortable to wear. but I do see it looking really horrible on a friend. she wore dragon and the colour feathered so badly from lips to face that i think her lips look like an aged witch(hope that make sense.:P) I never have this problem from any lipstick and don’t even know if “feathered” is a right word for it…. she does have flat lips (not clear shape) with quite clear lines. maybe that make the colour runs easier.

 @laurenloveya i have the 03 and it just dissapears off my lips…and you gotta have perfect lips to pull it off, cause it looks bad on chapped lips 🙁

Over-rated: Tom Ford, Guerlain, MAC, Chanel and Nars…I know I am the minority in this.
I dont buy drug store brands because I need a tester.  Dont use NARS for awhile, then check out what happens to your lipstick.
Under-rated: Dolce and Gabanna, although many colors look similar.  I actually like Dior, the regular one….too bad there is not many colors left.

I don’t really use lipstick enough to know which are over and under rated but a while ago I got a mini UD lipstick and I just love it

Overrated: NYX Round Lipstick (but not the Mattes-these are really nice)
Underrated: E.L.F. Mineral Lipsticks (great on their own, excellent with a lipliner/elf’s Lip Lock)

 @Aveirah OMG yes! I always forget about the ELF mineral lipsticks but they are really great! Not a fan of ELF as a whole, but the mineral lipsticks are really awesome, and I never hear them mentioned when talking about best inexpensive lipsticks. 

Over-rated: for me, it’s pretty much any of those long wearing lipsticks that involves a stain you apply first and which makes your lips feel as dry as paper and then a gloss you put overtop. And I have to agree about YSL…I have some samples and can’t see what is so special (perhaps it’s the sample packaging, but I don’t think so…)
Most under-rated: Clarins Rouge Prodige. It’s long wearing (not super long wearing but pretty good) and doesn’t dry out my lips or wear off in the middle, leaving a bizarre looking coloured “ring” only at the edges of my lips.
Reading others’ comments, I think I need to check out the Sephora lipsticks!

Overrated: I pretty much never hear good things about MAC lipstick so I don’t consider it overrated. I do think that YSL Rouge Voplute is pretty overrated considering it’s poor lasting power combined with the price.
Underrated: Covergirl Lip Perfection. While there aren’t many colors I love the formula is topnotch. Great lip feel, doesn’t emphasize flakes, applies evenly and lasts fairly long. 

Under- I think Revlon Super Lustrous is amazing lipstick.  I also think the texture and lasting power of L’oreal Colour Riche is great, too bad it tastes bad.  I like Maybelline Color Sensational too.
Over-  The only one I can think of is MAC.  I had a Mac matte lipstick and I returned it.  It was too dry and the color kept changing on me.  I’ve never had that happen with a lipstick before.  Unfortunately I don’t really buy high end lipstick, so it’s hard for me to weigh in on other brands.  

Overrated: Revlon’s regular lipsticks. I do like the colors they come in, but they dry my lips out like nobody’s business, especially the ones with shimmer. The matte ones are great though!
Underrated: Victoria Secret’s lipsticks are wonderful. Great formula, great packaging. Just wish they’d have more of a color selection. 🙁

Though then again I suppose a balm could be used under them.. I’ll scratch Revlon out of there and put YSL. I remember my cousin giving me one that was absolutely gritty with shimmer and just awful. Packaging may be nice but that’s it.

Overrated: All Mac lipsticks  (I love the colors but always find them impossible to wear, as they are sooo drying)
Underrated: Estee Lauder crystal lipsticks (amazing quality, moisturing and great lasting power, but few shades to select from)

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