Most Overrated & Underrated High-End Brand

Over & Under: Most Overrated & Underrated High-End Brand

There are always products that receive endless raves, but they don’t always live up to our expectations or work out as well as they do for others.  Share your picks for most overrated and underrated HIGH-END BRAND.  Don’t forget to share your whats and whys as to your choices!

  • Most Overrated: [answer]
  • Most Underrated: [answer]

My Picks

  • Most Overrated: Givenchy never seems to knock my socks off.
  • Most Underrated: Hourglass or Le Metier de Beaute–both are smaller brands that often put out excellent products.
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Most overrated high-end brand : Bobbi Brown. Products are good but that’s not enough !
Most underrated high-end brand ( here in France ) : Nars. Products are very good but women here often prefer Dior or Chanel or Guerlain, French regular high-end brands in fact

Most Overrated: Dolce & Gabbana. I haven’t loved a single thing I’ve tried from them.

Most Underrated: Rouge Bunny Rouge is probably not underrated, but is definitely less mainstream than the likes of Guerlain or Dior. Contrary to my D&G experience, I haven’t tried one thing I don’t love from RBR.

Overrated: I would say NARS. All their seasonal collections fail to interest me.

Underrated: Le Metier de Beaute definitely. I love their lip cremes the best!

Over-rated : I have to gree with you on Givenchy. I have several items from them and never use them.
Also , I don’t want this to turn into drama, but MAC. I’m fairly new to MAC, and this they have some good products, but I don’t know, they just produce a strange reaction on me, like when I see the campaigns for the new collections coming out I get all excited and then when I see the reviews and poor quality products it makes me sad and almost angry. I’m not going to talk about the constant limited editions coming out because, even though itcan bug some people, I understand the argument that it’s nice to have a lot of things to look forward to as well.

underrated : Laura Mercier. I know it’s well-known in the USA, but here in France it really isn’t. I got introduced to Laura Mercier a few months ago and loved everything about my makeover. The brand is really good too, and while I do think her complexion products (what she’s known for) are great, some other products should deserve more rave ( I’m thinking about the lip pencils and bronzing powders.)

( I would have loved to say Nars too, but they are becoming quite big here so… 🙂 )

I know everyone is gonna say MAC is over rated, and I understand why seeing as in recent years theyve gone downhill but they can still be amazing and their permenant stuff is really good. For most over rated I’d probably have to say Benefit. Aside from their powder blushes, They’re Real mascara and Bene/Posietints everything else has been a total let down. I’m not really a fan of Guerlain either. They make nice cosmetics don’t get me wrong but I don’t think they live up to the hype and they’re all so ridiculously overpriced! In my opinion they’re not worth the cost.

Under rated I’d have to say Burberry. Over here in the UK especially up north where I’m from, you don’t really here about them and no shops seem to sell it. A friend brought me some back from her holiday in the US and it’s amazing stuff! Bobbi Brown is always brilliant too.

It annoys me when things are only available in London. Inglot is the same! There are other cities up north that would love to be able to buy products like Burberry without resorting to blind shopping or a weekend away in London just to go shopping! Grrr rant over 🙂

Seriously! I know the UK is a small country, but it isn’t THAT small. It still takes a lot of time and effort (and money) to get to the capital.

(And this is why I have dreamed of opening a make up boutique in Newcastle…)

No Benefint product I’ve ever tried has been worth the hype that’s proceeded it. They’re Real! and BadGal are two of the worst mascaras I’ve ever tried; ThatGal is a waste of whatever it’s made of.

BadGal was rubbish but I quite like They’re Real. It’s not the best mascara I’ve ever used but it suits me quite well. I adore my Dandilion blush and Posietint but other things I’ve tried were a waste of money. The so called Creaseless Cream Eyeshadows creased really badly after a few hours, Hoola made me look like I had a dirty orange face and the foundation is really greasy feeling!

I coudln’t agree more about Bad Gal. It is definitely one of the worst mascaras I’ve ever tried. I was so sad to have spent 100 sephora points on it.

Oh this is a tough one… I really wouldn’t know. I think most high-end brands have surprised me and disappointed me at some point. But it’s always been with a specific product that was over or underwhelming. So I couldn’t really say THIS brand is overrated and THAT one is overrated. No brand gets it right all the time.

Tom Ford always stands out as being super overpriced for what it is… Very rarely does he come out with something that isn’t dupeable (at least in color) and it’s just so expensive. To a lesser extent, Lancome is just pricier L’Oreal and NARS has really overhyped powder products. I do like their Larger than Life eyeliners though.

For my response, I consider high end brands to be brought at department stores:
Over-rated- MAC. MAC. MAC and more MAC
Under-rated- Urban Decay
Though I only buy UD shadows and pencils, and not much else, I think the brand delivers what it touts to be at a moderate affordable price. I would buy more UD if I was not hooked on the designer brands. Even the designer brands like Chanel, Dior, Tom Ford, Dolce dont consistently deliver for their prices.

Over- Smashbox never seems to do it for me. Their primer made me break out, their eyeshadows lost their pigment, and their eyeliner and mascara didn’t stay in place! To be fair, though, the O Gloss was a nice surprise.

Under- Tarte, for being all-natural but still beautiful and effective

Overrated: YSL. Other than the glossy stains, the rest of their products are mediocre given what they charge for their products. I’m not sure if MAC is considered high-end, but I would definitely put it here.

Underrated: None. Most high end brands have their followers and I’m the kind of person who tends to be disappointed easily after paying tons for just an okay product. But I do find Estee Lauder to be unfairly labeled as an “old lady” brand and ignored, though their gelee eyeshadows are great.

Overrated – Chanel. Yes, some of their products are nice but the majority is overrated and over priced! Also LORAC, I have YET to buy a product from this company that wasn’t a disappointment.

Underrated – It would be nice to see Smashbox get a little more love for some of their produts that are really good performers like hilighters, eyeshadows, lipsticks and blushes. The primers already get the hype they deserve.

I’m the exact opposite. I have several LORAC palettes that I love, as well as single pieces. Smashbox, however, has really left me cold (and I have several pieces, as well).

Most overrated: Chanel
I have returned almost every item that I have purchased from Chanel, except for nail polishes.

Most underrated: Hourglass, Clinique
Hourglass products are amazing. Clinique has really stepped up their game in recent years. Love their foundations, mascaras and Chubby Sticks.

I own some Clinique Almsot Lipsticks and All About Eyes; also Baby Lipliner. It just seems like their makeup colors—eye, lip, and cheek–have no variety at al; all of the colors look too similar to each other (including the Almost Lipsticks). Many of the lip products seem to have the same annoying frosty look to them.

Overrated: YSL (except for Touch E’Clat or however you spell it)

Underrated: MUFE!!!!! Is MUFE underrated? I feel like people don’t really talk about it much. Your blog was the first place I ever saw a rave. I LOVE the waterproofness/durability and great pigmentation. Aqualiner is my Holy Grail, desert-island product

I totally agree! MUFE is completely underrated. It just does not get the attention it deserves. Whenever I get the chance, I recommends this brands products!

most overrated: Bobbi Brown. her stuff always don’t seem special enough for me. at least not for the price.
most underrated: i’d go for tarte. they really do unique formulas that can’t be found anywhere else

I would say all of the high end brands are overrated. They are expensive but often not better in quality than cheaper ones. I try a lot of them, guerlain, chanel, ysl, lancome, armani and so on. There was nothing which could really impress me.

Over rated: I’m going to have to say Bobbi Brown.The company does some really great, quality products. Their foundations and gel liners are absolutely to die for. However, I feel that most of their shades in color cosmetics are very generic shades that are incredibly easy to dupe, even within the brand. In addition, all of the collections are identical. Soft & sheer neutral eyeshadows, pink blush and lipgloss, and brightening powders.

Underrated: I would say OCC. They are well known in the beauty community and in makeup artistry, but most consumers just don’t know about them. I also think that the most well known products, lip tars, are often misused. While there are many shades that can be used on their own by lots of people, most consumers don’t want to mix the shades or don’t know where to begin. (If i use a lip tar alone, it’s usually as a cream blush. I have my particular mixes for lips that I like for myself that I make “batches” of and keep in plastic jars) Beyond lip tars, they do phenomenal pigments and their entire complexion range never ceases to amaze me and their brushes are also pretty great. Also they do nail polishes which I find unsurpassable in quality.

I think one of the biggest issues I have with Bobbi Brown is everything is sooooo expensive it’s ridiculous, and like you said, I’m not going to spend that much money on products that are basics and easily duped.

Most Overrated: Lancome
I don’t much like the quality of their eyeshadows, considering that there are options like Urban Decay, Too Faced, etc. that give better quality for the same price (or less, if you buy a palette). I also don’t care much for their lip glosses.

Most Underrated: Urban Decay
I like that they offer high end quality at mid range prices that even younger women and students can afford (and they’re not excluded from Ulta coupons! Yay!).

Where I live Urban Decay is almost always excluded from Ulta Coupons (They’re referred to as “prestige cosmetics”), unless you’re talking about the rare ulta coupons that don’t have those exclusions?

I get the occasional 20% off everything which you must purchase the stuff at the store. I think this coupon is sent 3 times a year. It does exclude Lancome and such, but not Urban Decay and Bare Escentuals.

Overrated: YSL and Chanel. I have products from both that I love, but in general most of their line under performs to my expectations considering how much they charge.

Underrated: Hourglass, how I love thee!! Their products never disappoint me and I absolutely love everything I have tried from them. I’m a big fan of their face and lip products. The only con is that I can’t always afford them, but I have a friend who’s an associate at Barneys NY who helps me get their products at a discount from time to time.

Overrated: MAC. I think a lot of the permanent products are good but the quality on the limited editions products of late is aweful.

Underrated: Inglot. They have the best eyeshadows at a better price than MAC, UD, and other high end brands.

Most over rated has to be Chanel. I love some of the colors in their eye palettes,but find I am allergic to a number of them. The plums especially give me problems. I do love their water proof crayons though. Most under rated,Urban Decay. Terrific foundation,great eye shadows and creamy eye liner pencils

overrated –
I’d say that I never really understood the YSL, Lancome, and Bobbi Brown love. None of their products really appeal to me. But I don’t think that makes them overrated to me, just uninteresting. DEFINITELY MAC. Great variety? Maybe. But quality, especially with LE ranges? Nooo.
… Clinique too, now that I think about it.

underrated –
Claaarins I’d think. They’ve been releasing a lot of good stuff, but I never hear that much about them outside of blog reviews.

Overrated: Dior. A lot of asian girls wear them religiously. To me, the nail polish line is generally good but the rest of the makeup line is not as interesting as Chanel, Giorgio Armani, Burberry or even Guerlain. The quality is so-so as well.

Underrated: Estee Lauder. The Pure Color line is affordable luxury. I love the eye liner which truly stays-in-line. The foundation Invisible Fluid feels comparable to Guerlain Lingerie de Peau, but matches better and costs much less. I love to explore them more in the future.

Most overrated: NARS – just don’t get the hype. The blushes are all glitter and the lipgloss smells atrocious. LORAC – does anyone really want to look like a disco ball everyday?

Most underated: I’m going with Clinique. Their skincare is pretty awesome and it’s one of the few lines with a wide range of shades of foundations and concealers. Also, Tarte doesn’t get enough love. They have one of the best primers of all time and their shadows are incredible.

Overrated: MAC.I’m heartily sick of all the Limited Edition collections they turn out at a ridiculously fast pace, and also the dubious quality of some of their products.
Underrated: Burberry. Classy, chic, gorgeous colours, and the packaging would glam up anyone’s dressing table.

I don’t consider any of those brands to be high-end. They are all mid-end to me.

As for mid-end I feel like MAC is underrated right now (with all the bashing that is going on). Yes, their limited edition products are definitely not good, but the same can be said for many other brands (NARS Warhol anyone?). But so many of their permanent products are HG products for me. Most of the permanent eyeshadows and blushes are really great, especially at that price tag. They also have great brushes.

@ t_zwiggy

I don’t think any one here is “bashing” MAC, just merely expressing disappointment in what’s been released as LE, lately. As for myself, I have several permanent shadows that I find up to par, however, many of the newer releases aren’t. Another issue I have is the fact that when a “new” lipstick is released, and so many are clamoring to get it, there are at *least* 3 dupes in MACs permanent line alone.

As for NARS/Warhol, yes, the actual collection may have been a big let-down, but the actual products were still quite good. I was just expecting something a bit different, with the “artwork” actually being on the packaging. Besides, you really can’t compare the occasional lapse of 1 collection vs a constant stream of subpar collections.

Overrated: Bobbi Brown. I returned both the gel liner & under eye corrector bc the gel liner smudged on my hooded oily lids & the corrector settled into lines & faded no matter what I tried. Plus, none of the rest of the line has every appealed to me.

Underrated: Estée Lauder. I absolutely love their long wearing foundations on my very oily skin & their lipsticks are excellent (creamy, good pigmentation, & I love the scent).

I’d have to say that Nars is overrated. They have some nice products and I know people rave about their blushes, but I never run across anything in the brand that is worth the money. There are a lot of dupes for Nars’s most famous products (Organism, Laguna, Sin…). Nars is just such an expensive brand that if I’m going to drop that kind of money, the product had better be worth it.

For underrated, I’d say Clinque. Clinique has hands down the best face products. I love their lip products as well. It’s really been just this year that I’ve gotten into Clinique, but now quite a few of my must have products are from this line.

I don’t find NARS overrated, at all. There is alot of hype over the blushes, but since I don’t wear it often, I have to admit I wouldn’t know if they were worth it. However, I don’t hear much about the eyeshadows, and even less about the other products. I personally find the eyeshadows to be very underrated, and I would gladly spend a few extra bucks on them.

Overrated: MAC. I like the few MAC lipsticks I own, but the limited-edition collections are tiresome, and I don’t understand why some people are fanatical about the brand. And I’ve never been very impressed with Chanel.

Underrated: Revlon.

Many department stores in Asia and Australia carry Revlon and charge department store prices ($30USD+ for foundation). I agree with you, I don’t consider Revlon to be high end at all and refuse to buy any of their products outside of the US because I don’t want to be charged 200% more.

I think HE is a relative term. Since MAC is in department stores and not in drugstores, I would consider them HE. Especially since they aren’t charging that much less than brands that are normally considered HE.

Also overrated: Cle de Peau, because it is not possible for a lipstick to be worth $60. It just isn’t. I have no doubt that CDP makes high-quality products, but the price tag seems like an insult to the consumer’s intelligence. I understand that some people have no problem dropping $60 on a lipstick, and that’s their business (Christine has written very intelligently on this topic before), but are CDP’s lipsticks really $45 better than MAC’s and $30 better than YSL’s? Really?

The Cle de Peau lipsticks are absolutely worth the price tag! I have close to 100 lipsticks from various brands, but I never use them because they make my lips crack, set in lines, apply unevenly, come off unevenly, feel uncomfortable on the lips, they make my lips look like absolute s*** within an hour. Bottom line: I HATE wearing lipstick! The exception is Cle de Peau Extra Silky Lipsticks. So light and comfortable on, wears well, nicely pigmented. I have sworn to never ever buy another brand again, because they’ll just end up lying in my drawer. So much better to pay $60 for something that actually is being used than 30 times $10 on something that don’t work that well and therefore won’t be used.

Rant over. 😛

Ruby Woo is the absolute reason that I am still looking for the perfect red. It’s gorgeous and if it didn’t dry out my lips like I’d been stuck in the sahara desert for five days within the first thirty minutes of applying Ruby Woo would be the perfect red. I hate mac lipsticks. They are either too drying or end up stuck in the lines of my lips.

Is Cle de peau that great? it doesn´t exist in my country and I wouldn´t buy it anyway my Chanel, Ysl, Dior and Guerlain do the job, but I´m really curious. It is just hard to imagine that anything could surpass a rouge volupte, rouge automatique or rouge coco…is it really better than them?

Most overrated: CHANEL for sure!
They do have some very nice products I like, but no more than all of the other comparable brands. Too many are quite mediocre for the craziness they seem to induce. They do not deserve the raves and fanaticism that seems to go with every new release.

Most underrated: Shiseido and Laura Mercier.
Both have very nice base products, but their colour cosmetics are also frequently forgotten about. They both offer some unique colours as well as wearable shades.

Nice to see someone else agrees!

I don’t know what it is about the double “C”s that seems to make everyone lose reason and logical judgement. Too often, I hear some very prominent bloggers forgive the product’s underperformance “because it’s Chanel”. It’s sad.
I’m glad Christine does judge products very opjectively.

Every person is different, and what works for some, maybe will not work for others. In my personal experience Chanel is absolutely amazing as a brand when it comes to quality, design, colors and overall selection. Every product that I have from them has been perfect. However each person is different and what might be underperforming for some is great for others. Thats why I think this topic is really subjective to taste.

I agree that they have some very nice products and colour selections, but also some pretty mediocre ones. I do have quite a decent sized collection of Chanel, it’s just that they are not more amazing than comparable brands.

It’s the excessive hype I object to. Since it is the topic of this post, Chanel is overhyped – it’s not as good as the raves it deserves. Also, like my point about the bloggers, (too many respected ones) they even mention the flaws that would be inexcusable in another product
but excuse it “because it’s Chanel”. It’s the Chanel goggles that drive me mad.

They do have some nice things though and I’m considering a few items from the winter collection (and Diors, Guerlains, and on…)

I agree that they have some very nice products and colour selections, but also some pretty mediocre ones. I do have quite a decent sized collection of Chanel, it’s just that they are not more amazing than comparable brands.

It’s the excessive hype I object to. Since it is the topic of this post, Chanel is overhyped – it’s not as good as the raves it deserves. Also, like my point about the bloggers, (too many respected ones) they even mention the flaws that would be inexcusable in another product
but excuse it “because it’s Chanel”. It’s the Chanel goggles that drive me mad.

They do have some nice things though and I’m considering a few items from the winter collection (and Dior’s, Guerlain’s, and so on…)

1)Chanel. I find most of their products to be underperforming. I keep seeing people that rave about the lipsticks, glosses and blushes but for their price, there are much much better products out there in terms of longevity, pigmentation, texture etc. The brand’s foundations aren’t anything special really- in my opinion at least. Finally, the quality of the eyeshadow monos/duos/palettes is quite inconsistent. The only products i really enjoy from the brand are the Rouge Allure Laque liquid lipsticks and their fragrances (particularly the ones from Les Exclusifs collection).

2)MAC. Let me start by saying that i consider MAC to be a mid-end company rather than high-end and even though their permanent-range and PRO products as well as the brushes are quite nice, the limited-edition ones are truly terrible. I honestly don’t get all the hype and why most of them sell-out.

1) Rouge Bunny Rouge. A+++ quality products, such a shame that they don’t get the attention they deserve. The liquid highlighters (can you say divine? :)) liquid & pencil eyeliners, eyshadows (except the matte ones), blushes and their foundation & TM are must-haves in my opinion.

2) Hourglass. This brand also has fantastic products and i have yet to be disappointed by any of them.

3) Ellis Faas. A-m-a-z-i-n-g!! I have a rather big collection of the brand’s products and they are all HG status! The only product that has let me down is the liquid eyeliner but other than that, everything else is top-notch quality.

4) Suqqu and Cle de Peau. To me, both of them, are luxe brands rather than high-end but anyway, their products do deserve every penny and it’s a shame that they get so little attention.

5) Becca. Just go ahead and buy their powder & cream blushes, stick foundation, setting powders, shimmer powders and Beach Tints. Just do it, they are fantastic! I want to say Jewel Dusts too but i’m afraid they are beeing/have recently been D/C’d.

I still like MAC. Call me a loyalist. So many of my staple makeup items are MAC, and I rarely buy lip products that aren’t MAC, because I know they work with my sensitive lips and skin.

BUT – this is about High End, so no MAC in sight 😛

Overrated – I’d say Lancome. They haven’t impressed me in a long time, and I used to really like them. I was so disappointed when I repurchased Hypnose mascara and it was NOTHING like I remembered.

Underrated – I want to say Guerlain. They’re not REALLY underrated in beauty circles, but I find they do get overlooked compared to YSL, Chanel, Dior.

Overrated: MAC – They have good products, but I don’t understand people who swear by only using MAC products when there are other products out (cheaper and more expensive) that work just as well or extremely better; NARS – All the products I’ve tried from this brand are average and overly priced. I don’t understand the hype.

Underrated: MUFE – I LOVE everything I’ve tried from this brand. Sure, the products are pricey, but all the ones I’ve tried work as intended and last a long time (which makes them worth the price to me).

Over-rated: Door-Everything I’ve ever tried by them is a disappointment and not worth the price, Benefit-most of the Benefit products I’ve tried have been quite terrible, they are also one of the worst brands that I have come across for women of color, Tarte- I’m starting to really hate Tarte, especially the Amazonian Clay blushes.

Under-rated- Definitely MUFE. I went on a rant the other day about how frustrating it is that they don’t get the respect that they deserve. Everything that I have bought of theirs has been stellar. Bobbi Brown- yes, I understand that the brand isn’t overly bold, but they do makeup well. I’ve been happy with everything that I have of theirs (and that’s a lot).

overrated: nars, dior, chanel. Considering their prices i don’t think their products are of high enough quality, the majority of their face products have acne causing ingredients. their eyeshadows irritate my eyes.

underrated: lancome and giorgio armani. they make my favorite everyday day products. I think more people should look into these brands.

Overrated: Chanel. Their eye products fail to wow me. I have a couple quads and eyeliners, but even my Revlon ones are softer and more pigmented.

Underrated: definitely Hourglass. Everything I’ve tried by the brand has been exceptional.

Most Overrated: YSL. I just don’t get that brand.

Underrated: Hourglass, absolutely. Their foundations and primers are just amazing, my all-time favorite!

Overrated: Tom Ford. I have to admit that that assessment is based mostly on the price but come on. If you’re pricier than Chanel you better do my makeup for me.

Underrated: Burberry, Shiseido..actually there are quite a few. I just don’t hear much about them which is a shame.

Overrated: Chanel; while there is nothing wrong with the products, I don’t find them to be any better than what I can find in the DS lines.

Underrated: NARS; every product I’ve tried has performed very well, and there is alot of variety. Some of the shadows are a bit “finicky” (ie, Daphne, Outremer, and to a lesser extent, Bengali), but they’re meant to be used as layering shades. So although they don’t perform in the same way as other brands, it doesn’t mean they’re inferior.

Overall, I think it really depends on what the individual expects from the brand, and if the brand delivers in a consistent manner, then they will be rated fairly. At the same time, I don’t believe in paying more for a product or shade I can find cheaper, as long as it performs as well.

Overrated: I’m not sure. I love most of my high-end makeup, whatever label it’s from. I think Tom Ford is overpriced, though, and I have hit or miss luck with Hourglass products.

Underrated: Totally Burberry. I wish this line were more easily accessible for people to try it, because it really is an amazing brand and I have yet to have a product from them that wasn’t at least really good. I don’t know if we’ll ever see them at Sephora (you see Dior and Guerlain, but not Chanel or Armani, which never has made sense to me, and you *can* buy Burberry fragrance at Sephora) but at least more counters in Nordstrom’s or Saks would be good.

I definitely think Urban Decay is a but overrated, as much as I love their eyeshadow, their liners smudge fast and the lip gloss is atrocious. For underrated I’d say Smashbox. I got their gloss as a gift last year and now I won’t wear anything else.

I really have to agree with you on both! Le Metier is often put down for being expensive, but their products really do deliver fantastic results. Their brand is VERY consistent.

Here’s my question- and it isn’t rhetorical in the slightest- have you found any MdB products that were original, unusual or that you didn’t already have in your stash? I’ve just never found anything from them that rivaled what I already had at a significantly lower price point. I’m open to suggestions.

There are many high end brands I haven’t tried anything from, such as Guerlain and YSL, because they are a little out of reach right now for a college student like me. I personally love finding dupes that are just as nice as their high-end buddies, and if it truely is a dupe I don’t see the point in paying more ($65 for a lipstick anyone?). Pretty packaging is nice, but most of the time I don’t want to pay extra for the special brand name if the products are the same. There are some big exceptions for me, like for something that is unique or the quality is far above their dupes, like my UD shadows, or for staple items like UDPP or their 24/7 eyeliners that are the onlything that stays on my waterline. I’m willing to spend more on a great product, as long as its great 🙂

Overrated: Givenchy, Clinique (for me I haven’t experienced anything special about their makeup and their skin care, foundations, and concealers are supposed to be non-comedogenic but it does’nt work for me at all), and I have to say MAC as well. MAC makes many things that are great and worth the money, but the hype seems a little too much for the brand as a whole. It seems all everyone talks about is MAC. I have a few shadows from MAC and have not found them to be the greatest quality (but that’s just my opinion I don’t want to upset anyone).

Underrated: Urban Decay, and MUFE, although people talk about these brands, I feel like they are really amazing and deserve more credit. I’m amazed at the quality of UD shadows, and MUFE pigments.

I’m interested in trying more from NARS and Burberry sometime (I wish they were a little more affordable, but I guess thats why its HE. Any suggestions on your favorite things you’ve tried from them?

Well, nevermind about MUFE, I just learned they test on animals. That’s a shame, I guess thats means more money for UD then. I will have to find out about NARS and Burberry before trying anything from them.

I don’t believe NARS tests on animals, but I know nothing of what the parent-, or sister-companies do, so I don’t know whether that makes a difference to you. I’ve really only tried the eyeshadows on a grand-scale, and I really love them. If you’re looking for neutrals, NARS is quite consistent, with the exception of Bengali, which is a bit dry (but layers nicely). As for colors, I’ve really only tried the purples, and they have all been amazing.

Christine did a post a while back on all the NARS shadows (that were available then), and the swatches are really true to life. HTH

Most overrated: Hands down Tom Ford. I recently broke down and bought 2 TF quads and 2 TF blushes. We don’t have a TF counter here in Hawaii so I wasn’t able to swatch anything but I went on numorous sites and checked out swatches and reviews so though I’d be ok. They’re not bad products but I don’t think they’re worth the price. I don’t see myself picking up anything else from his line.

Most underrated: Burberry. I’ve enjoyed everything I bought from the line. I wish there were at more counters.

Overrated: I feel a lot of high end brands are overrated. I’m the sort of person that doesn’t care about the name on my product. If it works, it works. I’m the same way with clothes. I’m six feet tall and 125 pounds, yet I’m not afraid to wear a large. I find that in juniors clothes the shoulders are way too small unless I buy at least a Medium. But in adults I’m often a Small/X-small. It doesn’t matter what the size on my clothes says, if it fits, it fits.

Underrated: I know this isn’t a high end brand, but a lot of indie cosmetic companies, like Fyrinnae, make crazy pigmented eyeshadows. Perhaps a bit too pigmented XD I don’t understand why they don’t get more love. Maybe it’s because they’re cheap? Or perhaps because they don’t come out with cute packaging? Don’t know, but I love them 🙂

Sadly, it’s absolutely true. I’ve seen interviews with sales assistants who say very frequently a woman will not buy a piece of clothing if it fits and the number of the sizing is too high. The only way they can make them buy it is if they say it’s been labelled incorrectly!
This is why we have vanity sizing, which is so maddening.

A little bit off topic, but yeah, it’s unbelievable isn’t it?

Overrated: Dior. Every item I’ve tried from Dior (mascaras, eyeliner, and eyeshadow) have all been abysmal. Not average, not mediocre, abysmal. At the prices they charge their products should be at least the same quality of drugstore brands, not worse.

Underrated: Clinique. I feel like some people may overlook them because they’re at the lower price range of department store brands but I LOVE their SPF lipsticks and glosses and mascaras.

Overrated: Hmmm probably MAC. I love them, however some women take their products as god and buy everything they make. I find them very hit or miss sometimes.

Underrated: theBalm. Hands down. I adore everything I’ve tried by them but they don’t have as much of a following as I’d expect.

Overrated: NARS. I love the eyeshadows, but they are a hit or miss. Some are very crazy pigmented (Galapagos) and others are very sheer (Bellisima duo). Foundations are very sheer, brushes are way too expensive, blushes can be duped, l/s and l/g do not last that long. I love MAC products on the permanent line. LE products though are really bad. What’s going on MAC???
Underrated: UD, Smashbox, Estee Lauder (love DW foundation and it doesn’t get a lot of hype), and definately MUFE!!

Overrated: Lancome. I don’t like their mascaras. They don’t do what they promise and they dry out immediatly.

Underrated: L’Oreal, Collistar and KIKO MILANO. Mascaras and shadows are cheap but fantastic! Even Collistar is very good, in particular the foundations are soft, oil-free and cover imperfections over the skin perfectly!

Overrated: Clinique, MAC, Stila and Benefit. I rate these as overated based on their shade variety for foundation, blush and eye shadows. The foundation shade choices for Stila, Benefit and Clinique for dark and deep skin tones are slim to nil. Blush choices aren’t much better. M.A.C I am putting into this category because the lack of foundation finishes for deep and very dark skin. I would love for M.A.C to create a foundation option with sheer to medium coverage for those of use who have dark/deep skin tones who have dry to normal skin and want a nature or radiant/dewy finish.

Underrated: Illamasqua – Blushes, eye shadows, foundations and lipsticks. Very good quality and shade range.
MUFE – the quality of the products, the shade selection, the amount finish selections is simply the BEST. MUFE’s Face and Body is the most underrated foundation. Also, I would add Bobbi Brown. Bobbi makes classic, staple products that will last for years and they can transition from season to season. BB excels in shade and quality selections for foundations, eye shadows/liner, blushes and skin care. Her two most underrated products are the shimmer bricks and lipsticks/glosses. BB products seems to be able to bridge the gap with products that work on youthful, aging and other skin types in between.

Most Overrated: I agree with all the people who’ve mentioned Bobbi Brown. I think the brand turns out a lot of high quality, versatile products, but the look that is presented is literally the same thing every single season. I appreciate that people who want to look soft and natural have a lot of options within her brand, but the price is pretty high for neutrals. I especially feel this way since the quality of some of the recent holiday palettes was dubious this year.

Most Underrated: Estee Lauder. By far. I haven’t used much from there, but Dusty Hunter and a couple of other bloggers (Christine included!) have shown how high quality EL products are. They also have been doing quite a bit to revamp their image as a brand that can appeal to a younger/edgier crowd with their recent collections. It seems like EL really wanted to update and fine-tune their products, and I’d say they’ve been successful so far!

Overrated: Urban Decay.

Underrated: Illamasqua. This brand gets ignored so often at the forums I go to. Their eyeshadows are TDF, their blushes are longlasting and I haven’t been disappointing with any product but they get overlooked so often I have to send links to so many people from Temptalia showcasing what great reviews they get.

I’m not sure about overrated – lots of brands I use have some great stuff and some not-so-great stuff, but for underrated, for me I’d have to say Guerlain. I don’t hear much about it (except for Christine’s wonderful reviews!) but I’ve loved everything I’ve tried from the brand, especially the Lingerie de Peau!

Great question!

Overrated: For me, Smashbox. I’ve never been impressed by any of the products I’ve tried from them, other than a lipstick I got as a freebie with purchase. I’m also a little on the fence about Chantecaille. Their quality seems very high and as much as I love the fact that they support causes, I think that they make a lot of noise about donating a very small amount of their profits. Mac and Illamasqua actually put more of their money up.

Underrated: There are lots of smaller labels that just don’t get the attention that their quality deserves- Hourglass, Rouge Bunny Rouge, Le Metier, etc., but I think that has more to do with availability than anything. Reviews that I’ve seen of these brands are almost uniformly positive. I feel that Armani are truly underrated, especially in terms of what they’ve done in the last few years. They don’t get the press of Chanel or Guerlain, but their products are just as good (and in some cases, better).

Over rated: Nars. I’ve hated all the products I’ve tried. I think their powder products are grainy and not very pigmented.

Under rated: Illamasqua. Not enough people know about this amazing brand. The have colours like no other and their blushes are the best out there.

Most overrated: I would have to say MAC. Their brushes are excellent but the makeup range doesn’t do it for me. Also Chanel seems to be going down the hill lately. I used to love the brand but now not so much…

Most underrated: Estee lauder. I used to think lf it as ‘a brand for grandmothers’ but i think they made huge improvements. It’s turning out to be my favourite brand!!!

A lot of these brand mentioned are not high end.

Clinique , revlon, mac, tarte are not high end.

My picks are :

Overrated- Dior and Givenchy.
Underrated – Vincent Longo, Le Metier de Beaute.

Hourglass needs more products.

If its sold in a department store I think it’s fair to call it HE. MdB, TF and Guerlain have just set the bar that much higher, price point wise.

I was thinking the same thing! I think many ppl think if it isn’t drugstore, then it is high end. Perhaps a definition of high end would be helpful, since it will vary by perception.

High end is when it is department stores, not drug stores products. In those days, before Sephora existed and online, you can only get it at the department store brands or drugstore brands. High end were all those designer names…So I agree Loreal is not High End. whereas I think MAC is high end. If you look at the amount of product you get from MAC versus from Tom Ford, Tom Ford is actually cheaper in price in terms of the blushes and eyeshadows per oz. And Tom Ford uses expensive ingredients in their products. I am not touting for Tom Ford. I am just doing comparision pricing. You get more product in Guerlain than in MAC face powder. Christine taught me this price per ounce. I have been buying makeup for years and years and years and never even consider that factor. MAC actually is quite expensive. For me, what I consider under-rated and over-rated is if that product does the job satisfactory and possibly excel….not just based on a name-brand…and this is one of the reasons why Temptalia is distinct from the rest of the blog sites.

Just my opinion, I agree that revlon is obviously not high end, it´s drugstore. Mac depending on who you ask is either mid end or high end but it´s not drugstore by any means. Clinique is high end…it´s right next to brands like Chanel, in all the places I have seen it, even if it is cheaper and not as high quality it isn´t drugstore in any way. I´m not familiar with tarte so can´t comment on that.

One of the main reasons you will find certain consession in specific places in department stores is thier contracts. When you next go in one see if you notice that with skincare Clarins is right at the main beauty entrance with clinique always in second position, but in close relation to chanel ysl and estee lauder (to help boost their makeup sales) so that people can easily be swayed to one of the others. But i consider clinque, clarins makeup in the middle as they are predominatly skin care with make-up.

High end is subjective, but I used to work in the makeup industry and most stuff is considered either “mass” or “prestige.” If it’s sold in a department store, it’s prestige–so for me, that equates to high-end. Otherwise, it gets too arbitrary, in my opinion.

Is Clinique what I’d consider high-end? No, but in industry terms, it’s prestige.

Overrated: Definitely Chanel. I rarely buy high-end products, but occasionally I will get sucked in my some convincing salespeople. Chanel has a nice brand image, but the people who buy their makeup seem to want the interlocking cc’s, not actual quality.

Underrated: Believe it or not, YSL is the one high-end brand I will shell out money for. Their Rouge Volupte lipsticks are very pigmented, you can use the top as a mirror, and they smell like mangoes. Yesterday I bought the Touche Eclat and Touche Eclat foundation, which look fantastic on my dry skin. As a student, I have found a few of my holy grail’s at YSL, and its easier for my to justify the price when I know that the product will be completely used up.

I agree about the rouge volupte they are amazing, look gorgeous and are very pigmented and long lasting on me. But I disagree on Chanel, they are quality products, I have been purchasing them for quite some time and they have never let me down. Most of my makeup is from them, maybe you could give them another chance they could suprise you…if you like lipstick rouge coco is amazing, and the Chanel blushes are great too. 🙂

Overrated: givenchy, shiseido. They both have products that i adore, but they are exceptions. Most of their makeup line is unattractive for me.

Underrated: Burberry. Can’t stop buying it… I think it has became my TOP FAVORITE makeup brand. Guerlain: my next favorite brand, excellent quality makeup, and don’t get all the hype it would deserve. And Laura mercier.. Too often forgotten about, but it’s great for good quality neutrals

Most overrated: MAC. I mean they have good products but even some drugstore products are better than MAC
Most underrated: LORAC. I have barely ever heard anyone talk about them. Their eyeshadows super soft and pigmented and blend so easily.


– Lancome (they keep increasing the prices here in Canada too…)

– MAC (Their limited edition collections are more let downs to me than anything – they also seem to be raising prices in some of their products too.)

– Dior (they do have lovely packaging but a lot of their items aren’t worth buying – especially since you can find dupes for a way cheaper price).


– Clinique (LOVE IT!)

– Shiseido (I use the Pureness skincare line and their makeup and it’s really nice quality – definitely worth it – the light scent in their products are a nice touch too.)

– The Balm (I absolutely love the packaging and the makeup – especially their palettes and blushes.)

MAC: I hate them with a passion. They release a thousand collections a year and manage to get only a couple of good products out. Their stuff tends to irritate my skin. I can’t even find my shade in their quite extensive foundation range (I am super pale with a neutral undertone).

NARS: They are ok, but they are very hit and miss. For as much hype as they get you’d expect more.

Underrated: Le metier de Beaute. I love them. They put out such amazing products. Their powder feels like a second skin. Their eyeshadows blend so well that it makes everyone look like a professional effortlessly.

Overrated: MAC and NARS. I do have products that I enjoy from both of these brands, but I have found that some of the recent products are hit or miss.

Underrated: Rouge Bunny Rouge, Chantecaille, and Illamasqua. I’ve recently purchased items from all of these brands, and I’ve been really impressed by the quality.

I’m glad others mentioned Le Metier de Beaute…I’ve been wanting to invest in a few of their products, so I’m glad that so many others are pleased with them.

A couple of other underrated ones I forgot:

Estee Lauder: I used to use their products in my early 20s and stopped. I recently picked up some of their recent eyeshadow releases (the Cyber colors), and I was really impressed with the texture and color of the shadows.

Shu Uemura: I also tried a few of the eyeshadows and blushes from Shu this year. The color pay-off is excellent, and they blend very well.

Blend Mineral Cosmetics: Never heard of them until I came across a recent sale on Hautelook. Their regular prices are pretty steep ($55 for a blush), but the products are really nice. They are also cruelty-free!

Yves Rocher: Not sure if this counts as “high-end” but I’ve been pretty impressed with some of their eyeshadows and glosses lately.

Overrated: I have to say Chanel, at least the products that I’ve tried. I don’t think the quality is bad by any stretch of the imagination, but more often than not, it’s not worth the price point, in my opinion.

Underrated: I don’t really know if I can think of any, but I do think that Burberry deserves more recognition, particularly for their eyeshadows. Those blow my mind.

Makeup – Chanel and YSL.
Skincare – Estee Lauder and YSL.

Underrated: I don’t know it counts as high end but AmorePacific deserves more mentioning!

Overrated: Chanel & Dior. Chanel blush is worth the hype. Otherwise, it has good foundations, but they change consistency after 6-9 months. The rest of their products are okay, but not worth the extra money, especially the nail polish. I can’t get three days without tip wear and chipping. Dior has some okay eyeshadows. I’ve been using their Dior Capture Totale Foundation, and it’s good, but not perfect enough to justify repurchasing at that price point.

Underrated: Clinique. My purse is stuffed with high-end lipsticks, and all I ever use is the Chubby stick. Lancome doesn’t get enough praise either, relative to Chanel and Dior.

I believe this is a very personal question and will get very different views partial to each persons taste.

Overrated: Mac I guess, don´t get me wrong I like them but they are overrated. Clinique is also overrated since it´s not exactly allthat natural as it is told to be, the real hypoallergenic brand is Sisley of course the price is painful with this one. Lancome was amazing a few years ago, but lately I think is overrated.

Underrated: Ysl, this brand really deserves more love, I see it being mostly ignored in front of Chanel, Guerlain and Dior (all three are awesome but Ysl is on the same league not under them) I just tried the rouge volupte and bought number 9 Caress Pink and this is the lipstick I had been looking for my whole life. Very comfortable, looks and feels luxurious and on me it is long lasting. Ysl also has some very nice perfumes like Parisienne, and interesting concepts like those gel blushes hat come in a tube that makes them look like a gloss. I find it different and nice 😀 .

Overrated: Chanel. They do make some excellent products, but they don’t do anything that really stands out from other high-end brands.

Underrated: Giorgio Armani. You first piqued my interest with your reviews of the Eyes to Kill Intense eyeshadows. Then I heard about their Maestro foundation, which is truly different from other foundations I’ve tried. It may not be right for everyone, but at least they’re innovating, not just churning out more of the same with a new name.

Dior is overrated, for sure.. at least imho. Benefit never seems to knock my socks off either.

MAC has been getting a lot of hate these past years, but if you stay away from the launches, their permanent range is, to me, pretty solid. I wouldn`t say MUFE or NARS are underrated, per se, but the quality is consistently high, so its amazing to me that more people arent using either.

I agree with sticking with MAC permanent line and staying away from their launches. Whenever I go to a MAC store I restock my favorite items. Eyebrow pencil, lip liner, blush, liquid liner and eyeshadows I’ve hit pan on.

i forgot!

tarte is overrated. ive never liked any of their products.

too faced is underrated. i’ve never been disappointed by any of their stuff! admittedly, some of their bronzers might not tickle everybody’s fancy but there are quite a few, matte and shimmery, so you can always find something. the only product i would say to avoid is the size queen mascara-the formula is great, but the brush is TOO big–and i have super long lashes. its HUGE. i love their e/s, bronzers, and ALL of their primers-SI and GG come to mind. =]

Overrated: Chanel – excellent quality I agree but there are so many other brands that do well in that part, I think they also need to update their packaging. Clinique – average quality in my experience.

Underrated: Tarte – well-selected colors, excellent products and company ethics. Burberry – superb quality (I just found out they are made by Coty though? Hmmm…) and luxe packaging. Shiseido (and their umbrella brands too including Cle de Peau, Majolica Majorca, etc) A lot of Japanese brands are underrated in the US considering their topnotch quality – Laduree, Kanebo, Kate, RMK)

Most Overrated: For me would be MAC. I don’t really mind their products but they are just over advertised in my opinion

Most Underrated: For me it would be Shu Uemura, yes they are very well known for their cleansing oils but I don’t hear much about their other products

Overrated: Chanel. I’d love to include Dior too, but Dior Capture Total is great. So are their eyeshadows and Dior Addict glosses and lipsticks. And I crazy love Dior le Vernis. Chanel is really way too disappointing too many times.

Underrated: Shu Uemura. The eyeshadows are every bit as good as Urban Decay. The Rouge Unlimited is as good as M.A.C. No love because it’s an Asian brand and so hard to find in the States.

I love Shu Uemura as well. I have the special edition eyeshadow palettes and blushes from the chocolate-inspired collection released this year, and I love them so much!

overrated: MAC for me its either hit or miss- some eyeshadows can be sheer, chalky, have a lot of fall out or etc. but others are great like all that glitters or sumptous olive are two of my favorites and their nailpolishes are just as good as any other less expensive brands such as opi or essie and their brushes i just personally think are overpriced not that they are bad but just way too expensive where you could get just as great less expensive brushes- one of my favorite brands of brushes is the elf studio line and the sephora professional collection theyre airbrush concealer brush is to die for! i also think that theyre blushes, mineralize skin finishes ,minearlize skin finish naturals are amazing i love them but theyre foundation- the ones ive tried are not that great or i have found others that are far superior and i have never tried any other powders or eyeliners from them but theyre mascaras some are horrible while others are great like haute and naughty lash but i would rather save the money and use a great one from the drugstore like loreal carbon black is great. theyre lipglosses are also quite sticky and i just stopped buying them after finding every single one i bought i would want to wipe off because it felt heavy on my lips

MY GOSH ARE THEYRE PRODUCTS AMAZING! theyre maracuja oil line is amazing basically everything is wonderful ( i have only tried some ) of what i have tried like the airbrush blushes, lipglosses, lipsticks-incredible and theyre amizonian clay blushes and lip surgence pencils are amazing as well as one of theyre concealers and cheek stains I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMEND THIS BRAND!!!!

Overrated:Chanel, given its price, the products are expected to perform way better.(I mean Dior is expensive,too, but I love their products.)

Underrated: Burberry for sure! Love love love!Seriously, they neeeeeeeeeed more counters and flagshops!!!!!!!

Overrated: Chanel. Too much poor quality and samey colours – all those brown eyeshadows! Actually, I find quite a few high-end brands disappointing compared to less-expensive options – not enough difference to justfy the prices – with a few exceptions below.

Underrated: I get along well with Dior. Clarins has lovely makeup and I also like YSL eyeshadows, apart from the Chromatics.

I don’t like high-end nail polishes much at all – prefer specialist or less expensive brands, like Barry M and China Glaze, etc. Illamasqua are good, but I don’t like their pricing differences between the UK and US markets, so it would take something very special to make me use them again.

Overrated: Mac and Benefit. Whenever I wear Mac products I always look like I’ve caked on makeup, which is definitely not the look I’m going for. I liked Benefit’s products about 7 years ago, when I was in high school. Since then, I’ve discovered much better brands for the price.

Underrated: BOBBI BROWN. I’m surprised I haven’t seen this more. Almost all my makeup now is Bobbi Brown and Smashbox and I couldn’t be happier. The Bobbi foundation goes on so naturally but gives great coverage. I’m in love with their eye shadows and they don’t flake off like some Urban Decay and Mac products do. She has a beautiful selection of lip colors too. Smashbox makes some great blushes and gel eyeliners. I’ve found that their sets that are sold at Ulta and Sephora are really excellent.

overrated: 1)Chanel: they are overly priced and that give it the image of getting a luxe. product but really you are paying for the packaging but when it comes to the actual product is average
2)MAC: i own a lot of mac product and i do love some of their product but still it overly advertised they have a lot of misses and that might be confusing to people who are just starting out.

underrated: 1)bobbi brown: their foundations-blushes-eyeshadows-lipsticks are amazing and i don’t see people writing about it

Overrated – UD eyeshadow (I gave my Naked Palette away) and in my opinion their 24/7 eyeliner, love, love, love their primer potion, best one I’ve tried.
Underrated – Chanel Perfection Lumiere, I never hear about it. I bought it for the first time in January after trying on tons of foundation from different brands one day at Nordstrom. It is the first foundation that matched my skin tone perfectly, I normally have to combine two colors.

Most overrated: Urban Decay. I own both Naked palettes but I’m not really happy with them. Their quality doesn’t match the price. Also, I’m allergic to their Primer Potion but the PP does not work wonders on me. I can achieve the same result with an eyeshadow base that costs much less.

Most underrated: Can’t really name a brand since I’m quite new to High-End and I only own brands like MAC, Chanel and Dior.

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