Most Overrated & Underrated Drugstore Brand

Over & Under: Most Overrated & Underrated Drugstore Brand

There are always products that receive endless raves, but they don’t always live up to our expectations or work out as well as they do for others.  Share your picks for most overrated and underrated DRUGSTORE BRAND.  Don’t forget to share your whats and whys as to your choices!

  • Most Overrated: [answer]
  • Most Underrated: [answer]

My Picks

  • Most Overrated: Physicians Formula, perhaps? I haven’t loved their products, and they seem rather pricey (for drugstore cosmetics).
  • Most Underrated: It seems like Wet ‘n’ Wild is getting its due these days, so I might say Maybelline, which, while popular, doesn’t get quite as much love.
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Overrated: I think Revlon is a little overrated ever since their lip butters. They are a great brand but get too much hype!

Underrated! NYX! They have never disappointed me and they’re products can match up to high end brands for me.

This is a tricky question… It seems there are brands that get rave reviews for specific products, but so often the other products get ignored. The same goes for products that are complete duds; I’ve bought items that were really bad, but the rest of the products were great (even WnW back in the day had great lipstick & polish, but not so much the rest).

Overrated: e.l.f. is really the only one that comes to mind, overall, although they do have a few stand-out products. I think my biggest issue with the brand, in general, is the limited selection of product, and even more limited distribution.

CoverGirl is another one; I just don’t think it warrants the prices they’re charging now. It used to be the least expensive, and therefore the most popular when I was growing up, but the quality is still the same. I admit I haven’t tried the mascara, so that may be worth it, but as a whole, I’d rather spend a little more on mid-range brands.

Underrated: L’Oreal is one of those brands that while the Infallible shadows are getting alot of attention, other products are too often ignored. Their foundation range is probably the most diverse of all DS brands, both in terms of color & type; the eyeshadow singles & duos have all been *amazing* in my experience, although the quads have always been “hit & miss”; the lipstick, although it has a distinctive scent (that doesn’t linger), has been my favorite for years; as for mascara & eyeliner (pencil & liquid), I’ve “strayed” many times, but I always come back.

I’m also a big fan of Physician’s Formula, but only for foundation products. They may be on the pricy side, but I like the fact they’re talc- & paraben-free, and have added mineral-based SPF. I also get why many don’t like them, as they don’t provide much coverage, but since I don’t want full-coverage products, they’re perfect for me. I also really like the eyeshadows, and I keep a matte, neutral quad in my makeup bag at all times (travel or touch-up), since I mainly have larger palettes.

Over-rated: Maybe Revlon (though I have had some good products from them, a lot of their stuff has been a bit disappointing)

Under-rated: Maybelline – for quite some time, their stuff seemed to have an image of cheap and cheap-looking but lately, I’ve found their shadows and some other products to be really good. I’d have to say the same about Wet n Wild – til I started seeing their more recent products (the 3, 6 and 8 pan shadow palettes, their blushes), I had always thought they were the really cheap and nasty stuff that very young girls with little money to spend and an attraction to anything shiny, glittery, frosty would buy.

I’m kind of the exact opposite in thinking that L’Oreal is overrated and Physician’s Formula is underrated. I guess I think of it in terms that I hear so much about L’Oreal products, and I haven’t been particularly wowed by them lately with the exception of the Infallible shadows. I constantly see advertising for them in magazines, and the brand seems like it’s everywhere.

Physician’s Formula may be a bit pricier, but I’ve been happy with the products I’ve purchased from them lately. The blushes have been really pigmented, and I love their eyeliner trios. The trios are more expensive, but when you think that you spend $11-12 on three where L’Oreal will charge you around $8-9 for one eyeliner, it seems like a better deal. It really depends on what you’re looking for. I love the gel liner trios they offer. I also like the 9-color shadow palettes.

I also agree that NYX is underrated. I’ve been really happy with the NYX blushes I’ve purchased recently, and I hardly ever hear about them either.

Overrated: Nothing comes to mind, really.

Underrated: I actually like Maybelline eyeshadows quads when I was starting out with makeup. They have pretty color combos and it saved me the trouble matching colors up. Their gel liner is good from what I remember but it dried up too darn quickly so I upgraded to Bobbi Brown and never looked back. I do however still use their mascara. It’s an asian market release called “Maybelline Cat Eyes Mascara” which has a comb-shaped brush instead of a brush shaped brush (if that makes sense). It’s awesome because it shapes my lashes to look like falsies with triangular separate lashes and the formula is not too wet nor too dry. It’s just right. I’ve had it for more than a year and it still doesn’t clump and it’s the same as it was when I first opened it.

I also like Loreal’s lipstick because of their color selection, texture and length of stay on the lips. It’s no MAC or Lancome but it’s close.

NYX is really good but not really “underrated” because I see alot of people give well-deserved raves for it. Much love for their Matte Lipcream and Xtream Lip cream!

I would probably saaaay… Rimmel. I think their products are improving though – if the new eyeliner reviews are anything to go by – but aside from their finishing powders, I don’t find much product- wise that would make me buy them over another brand.

MUA. It’s because they’re so cheap, I guess, but their products have always hit the mark for me. They’re not always flawless (the nail polish brush is a bit bristly) but for £1? It’s pigmented and the formula applies nicely. I am not going to complain over a slightly fussy brush.

Addendum: i’d say a lot of ds brands are underrated in general though. A lot of people dismiss them because of low prices and head to the higher end bands when they don’t always need to.

This is hard becasue I find myself using fewer DS products as time goes by. Also, most of the blogs that I read (thiis one included) don’t seem to feature that many DS products.

Over-rated- Covergirl. I mainly say this because people act as if LashBlast is amazing and it’s not. I don’t really like anything form CG except the colors of some blushes. However, they perform poorly.

Under-rated- L’oreal. I feel like they are only really talked about for their Infallible eyeshadows. Overall, most of the products that I have tried from them work well enough. The mascaras are some of the best that I’ve ever used (DS or HE).

Overrated: ELF. I haven’t tried anything I love from them.

Underrated: Wet ‘n’ Wild. A lot of their products perform really well (a good portion of their eyeshadow palettes, their nail polishes) and are dirt cheap.

I actually love Physicians Formula. I have a powder from them that I love and my HOLY GRAIL eyeliner is from them. It’s expensive, but just wait for a drugstore sale and take advantage of the sale + rewards, and it’s really quite inexpensive.

Drug store makeup always seems to get kind of equal play in my eyes. I RARELY remember one brands product vs. another… consequently when I’m looking through a drug store at makeup I usually get lost! (I’m easy to spot, I’m the guy spinning around going, “Where’s that thing I saw on Temptalia?!!”)

All I know is that it’s all far more expensive than I think it should be (with some exceptions of course). I understand that not everyone gets a pro discount with brands, but that makes it even harder for me to try drug store makeup. It’s REALLY difficult to spend $15 for a foundation from Walgreens when MAC Studio Fix Fluid only costs a dollar more.

You should be happy you live in the US. Where I live even drugstore products are ridiculously expensive. Drugstore mascaras are $20-30, same with eyeshadows. Crazy. If I’m going to pay that much money for a product I want something that actually works. Eyeshadows that crease within two hours over a good primer is not worth $20.

If you live in the UK, I totally agree w/you! I went to visit my boyfriend in Cardiff and I was appalled at how expensive the drugstore products were. Especially nail polish! Even factoring in the exchange rate, it was ridiculous. It was nice to have high end alternatives right there in Boots, though. But they were still more expensive than the US, so I kept my purchases to necessities only.

I agree with the issue of pricing, especially when for a few dollars more, you can actually test foundations for color. Many years ago, though, when I first started wearing makeup, the difference in price was greater & stores actually had testers (or sold smaller “sample” sizes for around $2, and it was a better deal per ounce than the full size).

That said, there are still products that are as good, or better than their HE counterparts. Some of my favorite shadows are L’Oreal, and I wear them as much, or more, than all my UD or NARS.

Then, there are what I call “disposable” products, like mascara & eyeliner, which have a short life, and nail polish, which regardless of price, I usually have to change every 3-4 days.

Like I said in my original comment, I think it all depends on the brand & the individual needs of the consumer. I have absolutely no loyalty to any brand, but there are brands I look to first when I need to replace a product.

Discounts are more readily accessible for the drugstore stuff, though, so I tend to factor that in. Yeah, a Physician’s Formula pressed powder of any type is usually around $12, but I’d only be paying full price in an emergency.

CVS sends me 25% off nearly weekly, or the brand’s on sale, and that’s not even getting into manufacturer coupons–my example, PF is good for randomly sticking buy one get one free on products.

I know exactly what you mean. I have friends who ask why I buy so much MAC, and I respond with, “Because it is MY ‘drugstore’ brand!” I can’t believe I paid the same for an Eye Tattoo (which I actually hate) as I did for a Paint Pot, or that most DS mascaras (especially L’oreal) cost more than Plush Lash for me. Ugh.

For me (contrary to the tone of the thread), NYX is among my top over-rated brands. A MAC Paint Stick in white is 20x better than a pencil of Milk, IMO. I have had a ton of NYX products and I always find something better that makes me regret tossing out that $5. I have also been in forums where everyone collects WnW; all I can do is wonder WHY WHY WHYYYY? I have not had any fun with those products in this lifetime.

Most UNDER-rated for my world is Jordana! I just love their little loose shadows, the tasty, pigmented Lip Shine glosses, and their nail art jars. I also love their eye base (prefer Too Faced Shadow Insurance), and a few other items are really nice. All items at my local store are $1.19 each, so for products that don’t suck, you really can’t beat that!

Overrated: Hm… nothing is popping into my mind, I guess partly because I don’t buy from a lot of the bigger drugstore brands like L’oreal, Maybelline, and Covergirl.

Underrated: Prestige and Milani. It seems that Milani has gotten more attention in recent months so I’d say Prestige in particular. I have eye pencils and lip pencils from Prestige that I favor over any high end brand (in fact, I’m pretty sure they use the same manufacturers as some of the high end brands, from certain similarities in labels and formula). Also, they’re mascaras are great. I’ve recently tried Milani’s brow kit and Multitasker Powder and again – they absolutely rival higher end brands. They’re baked blushes are gorgeous as well – I actually don’t own them because baked products often break me out, but I borrowed my sister’s a couple times and was impressed with the quality.
There are other drugstore/drugstore-priced brands I think are great (Wet n Wild, NYX), but for the most part I think they get a good amount of attention. Oh and the person who said IMAN, I agree.

I completely forgot about Prestige, but that’s probably because of the lack of distribution. It’s only available at Rite-Aid in my area, and I rarely find the opportunity to go there. It’s the same with IMAN; although I have a couple of shadows I really love, only a few Target stores carry the brand.

Overrated: Probably the majority of them. I just CAN’T with most drugstore products.

Underated: i’m just going to say revlon because they seems to have the upperhand on lip products for sure. I have some of their mattes and lip butters and they’re amazing.

Overrated: elf. I haven’t tried anything that I really like except their eyeshadow contour brush. Although I shouldn’t expect too much from them…

Underrated: NYX! I would be perfectly fine if I had to use NYX products for the rest of my life.

Overrated: NYX!!!! I don’t even have words for how much I hate that brand, and I get annoyed every time someone mentions how great their eyeshadows are. No, they are not, they SUCK, SUCK SUCK!

Underrated: No idea. I have yet to find a drugstore product that I really like.

Overrated: Covergirl–the hype on the brand constantly keeps me alert but a lot of their stuff doesn’t work for me. The colors for their face makeup either never matches OR it oxidizes, I loathe the scent of their lipsticks, and the lashblast mascaras destroy any curl I manage to make on my unfortunately straight lashes. BUT–I can understand how others like them and the products that I do buy from them I love (like CG lash exact).

Underrated: I think most drugstore brands are underrated across the board-especially in comparison to mid or high-end brands. Friends who ask me for recommendations always seem surprised at how often I throw out the names of different drugstore brands.

Overrated: Rimmel, I know a lot of people who really like them but i don’t understand why. Their mescaras are average, their foundations don’t last long on me at all even when when I set them and a lot of other products don’t really work for me.

Underrated: Make up Academy comes to mind, Most of the products I’ve tried I’ve been very impressed with.

Overrated: I would say L’Oreal (super expensive in my opinion), ELF, Covergirl and Revlon, although Revlon has a lot of great products.

Underrated: Wet & Wild, NYC, Almay (I don’t own anything from the brand but I don’t hear nothing from the brand either), and Rimmel (those Lasting Blushes they have are amazing!)

Overrated: Im gonna have to say Covergirl. But for Lashblast mascara… their line sucks

Underrated: Milani I have yet to try a product from their line I don’t like. Their eyeliner pencils & liquid liner are the BOMB!! Powders/ lipsticks/ shadow pencils.. very impressive. NYX is a close second.

Ohhhh goodness. I have just recently got into the realm of drugstore makeup (i usually just stick to high end because of my sensitive skin and aversion of the trial and error nightmare of the drugstore) and while there are some incredible products out there…the majority of what’s in the drugstore just doesn’t impress me. So here we go.

Overrated: ELFELFELFELF. ELF. I just don’t see any of quality people claim to find in the brand. It simply doesn’t do ANYTHING for me. Their powders are disgusting, their blushes are chalky, their eyeshadows don’t stay one, their cream products crease. There are like three products I actually enjoy.

Underrated: I don’t really know. No brand comes to mind that is particularly impressive that doesn’t have some sort of following. I happen to favor Revlon for their great lip and face products, but they get a lot of love. I suppose Rimmel do some really great products that don’t get mentioned often, like their blushes and lipsticks. I also use their powder everyday.

I’ve actually been really happy with all the Physician’s Formula products I’ve tried — if anything, I think the line is underrated! 😛 I hate the clunky packaging and kitsch, but the products themselves work well for me, esp. when the line is so frequently at 40% off in Canada.

I think my “overrated” drugstore line would be either Rimmel or Revlon. Both lines do some great shades, but I just haven’t been impressed with the formulas! At $12 for a lipgloss & $20 for foundation, Revlon prices just seem too high for what you get, y’know?

I totally agree with you ! I find Physician’s Formula packaging to be annoying but the products are pretty good, especially on sensitive skin. I do find that go on sale in Canada a lot too !

Overrated: Covergirl, I have honestly not used anything from them that I have actually liked. Even though I always seem to be hearing about how great the products are. And I really don’t like their mascaras, I always end up with racoon eyes.

Underrated: I don’t generally use drug store products all that much, especially because sometimes it ends up being expensive anyways and they are usually smaller sized products (compared to high end). I mean $20 for drug store foundation or $12 for drugstore eyeshadow? For a couple dollars more I can just get high end products.

But I do like Revlon’s lipsticks and L’oreal’s eyeshadow. Although I don’t necessarily think the whole brand themselves are underrated.

Overrated : I will say elf and L’oreal oh and let’s add The Body Shop beauty section too. I can’t understand why they are so so expensive here in Greece alone I guess and they totally actually SUCK.
Underrated: NYX and Korres, I love everything from these two house and they have never disappoint. I will be glad to keep using them forever!

I find Korres price range to be a bit expensive. I imagine their products are lovely but they are probably a lot cheaper in greece too. Which ones are your favourites?

Overrated: ELF. I have tried several of their products, and they totally do nothing for me. I don’t understand the hype surrounding this brand AT ALL. NYX is a close second – their lipsticks smell so gross and last about 20 min on me – and I am not at all impressed with their eyeshadows. Their blushes are fairly nice, but not worth the hype, (not to mention the increase in price that accompanies the hype) imho.

Underrated: Hands-down, Jordana. Their lip products are super cheap and AWESOME! My HG lip combo is their Easyliner in Honey Dip, with LipShine Glaze in Banana Cream over it. Together they cost less than 3 bucks – so I bought a set to keep in my desk at work, purse, vanity, and several back ups, just in case! I have a bunch more of their lip liners and glosses that I really like – but the Honey Dip/Banana Cream combo is my absolute fave! They have a brow powder duo that is also pretty nice – and cheap!

You rock. I couldn’t have nailed it better myself on the over and under-rated, including your runner up of NYX. pffffft to that. Jordana is really awesome, indeed. 😉

Kind of hard to answer. It usually seems like it’s only a particular product from a drugstore brand that gets a lot of hype. Not the drugstore brand itself. Unlike for example Guerlain or Chanel, brands that get a lot of hype because it’s Guerlain and Chanel. It really depends on the blog and reviewer, but I’m sort of leaning towards ALL drugstore brands are both over and underrated.

Depending on the reviewer I see drugstore products being mostly ignored (except for the few that get a lot of hype like lipbutters and the infallible eyeshadows and usually those products deserve the hype IME, but still I’d like to see other things from the drugstore) so they all seem underrated because they’re mostly ignored in favor of expensive products.

Or (I mostly only see this on Makeupalley not as much from blogs), I see drugstore products with major issues getting a pass from reviewers merely because it’s less expensive. If a product is a serious under performer then I don’t see why it should be rated as a good product and be recommended even if it is cheap. To recommend something merely because it’s cheap is to overrate that product.

I would love to see more things from the drugstore (besides the few popular products) get rated on their own merits and not get rated on how cheap they are.

Overrated would be E.L.F. I have TRIED to love their products like so many seem to, but I have yet to use a product of theirs that deserves the hyped up praise…other than the price. But sometimes, SOME people will choose price over true quality or performance…and let that be the motivator for finding a product amazing. I’m not saying that a cheap product can’t truly be amazing…there are a lot of great lower-end products out there. But it’s no different than people claiming a product is amazing mainly because it is expensive. To each their own…I only wish I could find the greatness in E.L.F like others seem to have.

Underrated…that one is hard to say. I think in general, drugstore brands are largely underrated. A lot of people turn their nose down at it because they feel like it means you can’t afford the “good” brands (ie higher-end) without realizing that a lot of those brands are made by the same company.

I totally agree about Physician’s Formula – of the brands actually at drugstores, that’s the one that least impresses me for its price point. But since people are mentioning Elf and Nyx, which are at drugstore prices but not at many drugstores, I’d have to say those are overrated. They have some good products, but others not so much, and then the quality control is so inconsistent you can get a totally different shade if you repurchase something!

For underrated? Not sure who does or doesn’t get a lot of love, but I’ve been really impressed with several Revlon products lately!

Most Overrated: I want to say Neutrogena. They have such a good rep for being good for skin (even sensitive) and I can say as a sensitive skin customer that their products are not always what they claim to be. (I’m looking at you, Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover)
Most Underrated: I agree with Christine on Maybelline. Great products and they don’t get enough love. Their Full & Soft mascara is my favorite mascara ever, and I love the new Color Tattoo eyeshadows.

overrated: I agree with you on the physicians formula and also neutrogena. I hate when companies claim to be noncomedogenic to charge more when they’re really made of pore clogging, low quality ingredients.

underrated: I don’t think any of them are underrated. they all have their good and bad products.

PF actually has paraben- & talc-free foundation/concealer & powder formulas, which is something I prefer. The only other comparable brand I’ve found on the mainstream market is tarte, and there is a big difference in price, especially if I can find PF on sale or I have a coupon.

That said, I do realize the formulas and coverage are not for everyone, but now that I’m at a point in my life I don’t feel I need heavy coverage, my needs are met.

Overrated: I would have to say Maybelline. I like one of their mascaras, One By One, but only like. None of their products are must-have and I feel like they get way too caught up in gimmicky products and trying too hard.

Underrated: Revlon. Yes, Revlon is a staple for lots of people, but I definitely don’t think they’ve gotten enough ups for how phenomenal and solid their products have been in the last year and a half. Lip butters, Kissable balm+stains, great foundations, new nail polishes with great formulas. They’re just consistent.

Overrated: rimmel: I’ve trial several of their mascaras. And eyeshadows, and am underwhelmed. Their lipstick smells awful.

Underrated: essence. They’ve got so many stellar products, yet I rarely hear them raved about on beauty blogs. I love their eyelash powder (way cheaper than Too Faced’s-also messier- but works!), great lipsticks, gel eyeliner and blush!

oh I forgot about essence, I totally love about everything I’ve tried from them! I’d skip their pressed eyeshadows and go for the “stay all day” pot version though 😛

I think elf products are really horrible but they get so many raves. Agree L’Oreal is way expensive, here in Germany its only about $2 more for a MAC lipstick!!!

I think Prestige is underrated but I’ve only tried a couple of their products.

You might not realise it, but Germany is actually considered one of the best countries in the EU for beauty shopping. In Belgium, where I live, loreal is up to 30% more expensive than in Germany.

Overrated: Wet n Wild.
I know most people here won’t agree, but I really think wet n wild is waaay overrated from my experience. The eyeshadows I tried from them were powdery, poorly pigmented, and muddy looking (I’ve never had eyeshadows look muddy before). I also hear endless raves about them and their palettes so I think they’re overrated.

Underrated: Revlon
They do have some hyped products but they’re lip products as a whole are really great. I haven’t tried much else from the brand so I can’t speak to that, but they’re nail polishes are nice and well priced also.

Overrated: The brands that over advertise such as CG. I like their mascaras and eye liners. What I really dislike about them is the way they under advertise their Queen Collection ( for women of color). They create this brand but sell it in very select stores. Also not too crazy about Maybelline overall. Their powder eye shadows lack adequate pigment. Their foundations are always too pink based. Also, they have a dark skinned spokesmodel named Jessica White and I don’t see how their darkest foundation even comes close to her complexion.

Underrated: L’Oreal, NYX and Revlon. L’Oreal used to sell this great foundation from their HIP line. The range was similar to True Match but was more expansive. Few brands can beat the range of Revlon’s lipsticks. NYX’s shadow range is so vibrant. Iman is also high quality.

I totally agree that Maybelline’s foundation and councelers tend to be more pink, but I actually don’t mind because I can wear either pink or yellow undertones.

Over-rated and does not perform well for me is Covergirl. I would love to love them but they are horrible. There is nothing I have tried and liked from them. I steer away from them in the drugstore.

I’ve tried Neutrogena and I am not impressed. Their skin clearing foundation makes me break out. Their concealer is meeh. My skin just does not like Neutrogena.

Under-rated and oh my goodness: Milani. I am in love with their baked blushes. My favorite everyday blush is Luminoso. It gives me a flushed kinda shy girl look that my hubby adores. He can’t keep his eyes off me and always compliments me saying that “I glow.” That is a keeper.

Overrated in New Zealand and Australia is totally Revlon. They have counters in department stores and they set themselves up like they’re a mid-to-high end brand. They aren’t terrible, they can be good, but they’re definitely not as good as they’re perceived to be.

Underrated isn’t any particular brand, because with drugstore you generally know what you’re buying is hit and miss.

I find the fact that Revlon is next to Chanel and Dior to be completely funny lol. Who are they trying to deceive? No matter what they are drugstore, where I live you can only find Revlon in supermarkets and flea markets…they are not very available either lol .

Most Overrated: Cover Girl, Physician’s Formula… I used CG a lot in high school but haven’t used it at all since discovering Maybelline and L’Oreal. PF, I just don’t like their color selection. Not enough of what I like and not many choices for my skin tone.

Most Underrated: Milani… Their baked blushes are superb. I also love Black Radiance, caters mainly to black women, but really anyone can use their stuff. Great color payoff, very inexpensive. I like the baked blushes and bronzers. I use their darkest face powder as a contour shade for my NW45 skin.

My fav drugstore brand of all time has to be L’Oreal though. Their mascaras are perfect, IMO. Voluminous is the best mascara at the drugstore. Maybelline’s Colossal follows in a close second.

Overrated: ELF. I’ve disliked everything I’ve tried from them except their studio line brushes. But even w/ those, there’s a quality control issues b/c I have multiples of the same brush that are cut differently (diff amt of bristles).

I dislike Covergirl as well. I’ve never been impressed by them.

Underrated: Not sure if I can say any one brand is underrated. I personally like Physician’s Formula. Their liquid liner pen (brush tip) is my HG and CVS often runs good deals on them so you don’t have to pay full price.

Most Overrated: Cover Girl, everything is blah to me, every time I have ever bought their foundations I hated the wear, texture, and color. Their choices and colors of eye shadow’s and blush seem old, the products have barley changed since I was like 14,in a bad way. They have done noting to update their line that other drug store line’s have done, minus maybe a couple mediocre lipsticks and another mix of lash blast mascara,

Most Underrated: I have really been impressed by Mayabelline, Fit Me,in my opinion was better then expected, especially the concealer, light weight. All the tattoo cream eye-shadows are great comparable to MUFE and MAC and thats a lot to say in terms of price, and wear. Also I like there gel liner, inexpensive and works the same as fluid-lines! Their fairly new cream blushes are great too! I have never been impressed with their mascaras but I am very picky and I don’t like MAC’s either as well as many other brands. The only drugstore mascaras i have any trust in is L’Oreal, but compare them as more of mid – end brand then purely drugstore!

I can’t go by brand. I find drugstore finds to be very product specific.

Wet n Wild is awesome though! I’ll give them most under rated as not everyone has noticed what great lipstick they make yet!

Overrated: where I live no drugstore brand is ever raved about…however if I had to pick one it would be Jordana, simply because it´s available everywhere and has a very friendly price point, the equivalent to 1 or 2 dollars, and people that buy drugstore would buy this brand mostly or other smaller no name brands sometimes. If you have more money you are less likely to go to brands like Revlon, you will go to Chanel, Ysl, Guerlain, Mac etc.

Underrated: I don´t know…maybe revlon or Maybelline? very few people I know have any products from these brands, they either have the 1 dollar one or the 34 dollar one…no mid point.

Of the brands we get in Australia (no Milani, which is a bummer), I’d say that it’s mixed: a couple of my favorite lipsticks are Maybelline, but their mascaras are crap and they’re not as cheap here as they are in the States (so, for me at least, they’re still not impulse buy cheap). Revlon is almost a higher end brand here (they have counters at department stores), and their products are fairly good, but the price probably ‘overrates’ the
(Max Factor is kind of the same in that regard). Excluding one kind of concealer I have yet to like a Bourjois Paris product. Their eyeshadows have suckered me twice, because they look really appealing but never show up, their mascaras are awful, and their foundation gave me breakouts… I don’t feel much love for Covergirl either. I’d love to try some of the L’Oreal shadows Christine has given raves to, but they are pretty expensive here too.
My fave cheaper brand, though it is a bit hit and miss (and endorsed by Kate Moss, of whom I disapprove), is Rimmel, I like their eyeliners, lipsticks and their mascaras are the best I’ve tried, even compared to high end brands like Lancome. I also like the budget Napoleon Perdis line.

Totally agree on the Revlon being overpriced here. I’d been hearing great things about Colorstay foundation, so went to check it out. It’s almost $40. I pay less online for my usual MAC foundation. I’m sure I could find the Revlon one online at a cheaper price, but it just irks me in general how much we pay for cosmetics in Australia (plus I’m wary about where I buy online because of fake products). Plus I’d heard it comes in twenty shades, but here, there’s only about eight to ten shades max, and I just can’t find a decent match. At that price point too, there’s no way I’d buy two to mix and match.

So, for overrated, it’s a tie, first to Revlon, just mainly because of the price point, quality itself seems good on the items I’ve tried. Secondly, that god awful Designer Brands line they seem to have at nearly every Australian pharmacy. Its selling point is that the formulas and quality are exactly the same as the more expensive brands but at a cheaper price, but the products themselves are just hideous. I’ve tried a handful of things while I’ve been on a tight budget but really needed to grab a particular item and I’ve not been impressed, I would have rather saved my money up and bought a better product or just paid a few more dollars for a slightly better brand (honestly, they aren’t that much cheaper in the end), as it just ended up wasted. Pigmentation is ho hum (although not terrible) eyeshadows are pigmented enough to show up, but blend-ability is the pits, plus lasting factor is terrible. The face powders tend to be chalky and offer little coverage, primer, just no, useless. Mineral line is full of talc. They also have an annoying video built into quiet a few of their stalls, so even if you’re not looking at them, you just hear ad nauseum about them (must drive staff mental listening to the same two minute loop all day).

Underrated,I think this is only an Australian brand as I don’t here a lot about it online, but Natio do some very nice products, I especially like their fragrance lines as they are very natural, use essential oils and actual attars. The skin care is nice, and boasts a lot of natural ingredients. The make up is pretty decent, tends to be on the more subtle end of the spectrum, but they still do some very nice colours. Formulas are nice too.

And for an international brand, I’ve come to really like some items from LA Colors, especially given their pricing. I’m really impressed with their lipsticks, they have a nice thick emollient formula, pigmentation and wear length time is great (they also have a very similar vanilla scent to MAC). They have a unique finish, somewhere between a subtle frost and a duochrome, I really dig it, plus they do have some unique colours. The jumbo eye pencils are nice to do a really quick eye look, but really do need a primer to have any chance of not creasing and fading (I always use a primer anyway, so it’s not so bad). The auto liners (both lip and eye) are great too, last for ages and have good colour payoff.

I would say Overrated would be L’oreal as I think only their mascaras are excellent.

Underrated would be ESSENCE. Their lipstickz are good for everyday & nail polishes are good considering I change my nail polish every 3-4 days. The standout product from Essence is definitely their gel liner and dare I say that it’s just as good as MAC fluidline in Blacktrack. I can honestly compare as I have and used both. The Essence is also only $1.99 in Canada and considering that gel liners can dry out I will continue to buy the Essence gel liner once I finish my MAC fluidline.

Here in Canada I think Annabelle is easy to pass over since it doesn’t have as much advertising as foreign brands. They have some very good products and come out with great seasonable fashion collections.

I think Nyx is over-rated. They do a good job of colours because they dupe them from better brands but their formulations and packaging are really bad. And their products tend to smell terrible.

I have to disagree about PF being overrated. They are doing some innovative things – compact powder with SPF 50, their shimmer strips gel liner stands up to more expensive brands – it goes on easily and lasts and lasts.

I don’t know about overrated, but I do know that Wet N Wild lipsticks are underrated–at least the newer formulations. I feel like they go on smoothly, are very opaque, and stay a very long time on the lips! I used to think that due to their ridiculously cheap prices the quality of the lipsticks would follow, but that’s actually not the case. Also, their blushes are amazing 🙂

Overrated: Covergirl. It was the first brand of make up I ever used seriously, and of the many products I did try, I hated all of them except a pressed powder which is now discontinued. I feel like they’re commercials are false advertisements, because they promise greatness and never deliver. As a WOC, I did enjoy a few products from the Queen Collection, but they are indeed difficult to find and usually stores near me fail to carry my particular shades of products from the line, so I just quit using CG altogether. I can’t even walk down the store aisle of CG products anymore. I hate them!

Underrated: I like different brands for different reasons – NYX (excellent high-end quality eyeshadows and bases for the prices), Sonia Kashuk (LOVE her face brushes), E.L.F Studio line (like the brushes), Black Opal (carries wonderful face powders), La Femme (blushes are to DIE for)

I like L’Oreal because a lot of the products are DC’s from Lancome (both owned by L’Oreal Paris) Example the Dream Matte Mouse foundation used to be what I used from Lancome.

It’s almost as if once a product’s R&D has been paid for by Lancome customers they push it down to their DS customers in L’Oreal.

For the longest their E/S, foundations and lipsticks were the only ones I would use.

I’m in the UK and have to say I think Revlon is overrated due to their pricing here. They are so expensive – I think lip butters are currently £8. I also don’t get the hype over their “Just Bitten” products which I don’t like at all. I can understand some people liking them but it seems like everybody online loves them except for me!

I think Accessorize is underrated because you get nice products for the price and the packaging is super cute – all leopard print, roses, birdcages and bright colours.

As an aside you do get testers of all products in drugstores here in the UK and if you can’t find the tester that you want you can just ask a member of staff for a new one. However, we aren’t able to return cosmetics once we’ve purchased them.

Most Overrated: [answer]
Most Underrated: [answer]

My Picks

Most Overrated: Physicians Formula because their price point in Canada is the same or higher then MAC.
Honestly I still feel that L’Oreal, Maybelline and Revlon are also over priced and under preform for that price point. Alto of the Revlon products to the $20+ mark up here as well.

Most Underrated: Wet ‘n’ Wild, Milani cosmetics and Sleek.

What do yoy think about mascaras from Maybelline?? I think they are terrible!! I’ve bought recently 2 of them (false lashes) and they have turned to be pasty and of a kind of a dull grey…and here in Italy they cost 15 euros!!!

Might as well do a Canadian edition since most other brands have been covered here 🙂

Overrated: Annabelle. Next to no pigmentation, awful textures both for eye and lip products. Every single product I bought from them has been garbage, even after they rebranded themselves mid 2000.

Underrated: Marcelle. It comes across as an older woman brand but the lip products are out of this world amazing. Long lasting, non-tacky, moisturizing, hypoallergenic. Love.

Maybelline, to my mind, is the drugstore wunderkind!! I adore all things they produce- and the most overrated, for me, would be Physician’s Formula: we wouldn’t mind paying more, but they should make the product worth it. I don’t hate then, I just think they’re overpriced for what they are. xoxo Beth in Pgh 😉

Over- Physician’s Formula. Over priced and they repeat way to many of the same products. They have how many shiny highlighters?

Underrated- NYX. People know about their rad lipglosses but check out their bronzers, powders, matte eyeshadows, eyeliners. Milani as well. They are harder to find but across the board they make great products and products for ladies of dark skin tone

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