Most Long-Wearing Nail Polish

What's the Most Long-Wearing Nail Polish formula that you've tried?

Most last seven days on me, but Illamasqua’s (and I think Guerlain and Deborah Lippmann) often last 10-14 days on me.

— Christine

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Sally Hansen Complete Manicure tends to last the best on me, but most nail polishes tend to chip off my nail after at least 3 days… I’m lucky if I can make it to a week.

My $2.99 wonder polish: Sinful Gel Tech! Even though I am pretty rough on my hands and nails, this formula typically gives me anywhere between 9-14 days with just pulling away from the cuticles due to nail growth, minor tip wear and a few small chips by the time I’m ready to change it up. I love this stuff because basically I’m quite lazy about wanting to do my nails! Another 2 brands that I adore for their great weartime are Orly and Zoya. Getting roughly 7-10 out of either. Which is good for me considering that I still do all my dishes by hand with hot water and NO gloves.

I only wear polish on my toes, and generally that lasts ~ 3-4 weeks. I use Essie polishes not for any reason except it has one of my favorite shades.

The ONLY thing that’s ever worked for me is Sephora’s Formula X polishes in combination with their three-step system (I was never impressed with the longevity of the polishes alone until I started using the primer/base coat/top coat along with them). It’s pretty much all I use now!

Recently I switched to all handmade nail polishes I bought on etsy, they’re way better quality than anything I ever bought from an actual store. I highly recommend them!

The brands I use are ILNP , Picture Polish and Zoya. They last (especially the first two) 3-4 weeks on my toes and when applied on my nails, 2 good weeks (I reapply the top after 1 week on my nails). I always wear gloves when washing the dishes by hand. When cooking, I also use powder-free disposable gloves when cutting vegetables, handling meat, peeling beets etc. (for hygiene reasons though).

Christine, I totally agree with you on Illamasqua! I put Noble on last Thursday, went to two pool parties in Vegas, returned to work/housework that had me roughing up my hands/soaking them in water plenty, and my polish barely shows any tip wear. Illamasqua polishes seriously wear like a rock. I wish Sephora still carried Illamasqua! (Thanks to your reviews and recommendations, by the way!)

I have always had problems with polish chipping a day or 2 after application. Regular polish the Formula X lasts the best on me…3-4 days. Recently though I tried the new Essie Gel Couture and OMG if I didn’t take a long, hot soak in the tub every Sunday night my polish would last over a week. I love it and need ALL the colors.

Zoya and OPI. Both will last about a week on me; at least twice that with top coat. I’m pretty tough on my hands, so I usually get the UV gel manicures when I get my acrylics filled.

For me, it’s Models Own. I get at least a week’s wear out of them, with only minor chipping right at the nail tip, or where it pulls away at the cuticle as the nail grows. I always wear gloves for washing up and regularly use moisturiser, massaging it right into the cuticles as well to keep them soft.

My nails are terrible- thin and fragile, so even though I keep them super short I always get chips within a few days. I try to always use a good base (OPI or Seche) and top coat (always Seche) and then I would say I get the best wear from Illamasqua and OPI.

That’s me Julia. Clinique has a before and after coat, recommended to me by my nail polish loving twin sister, and that is better than anything else I have tried.

OPI and L’Oreal last the longest on me 3 days till I see tip wear (most brands I see tip wear within 24 hours) and usually 5 or 6 till chipping. I wish I could get that kind of wear time out of Zoya like so many people here seem to get since they make more of the colors I want to wear more so than OPI or L’Oreal. :/

Granted, I only buy low to mid-end polishes. I have no idea if high-end polishes would last longer on me.

I Do not wear nail polish longer than one week so I can Tell no difference. There is just one Finger I always have problems and have to renew it. I Do not Know how this Finger is called in english. I think it is because this Finger is Most used for example for tipping at the Computer etc.

I am on the search for that very thing now. My favorite and most used which is long lasting is Revlon 917 Plum Seduction. It lasts about 7days. Dries fast and is the most beautiful plum ever yet application could be better as good longevity of product because once you get to half a bottle, it seems to dry up and/or become too thick to apply. However it’s a fav…

Holographic nail polishes ! Even without top coat it can last more than a week !
They just last better than any regular nail polishes I tried in the past.

For me it’s Deborah Lippmann, Nails Inc and OPI. They last about two weeks for my hands (longer on toes) and I usually have to change for regrowth before I see any chips. My nails are strongest and grow fastest with Lippmann and Nails Inc by far, so that’s generally what I wear. I also swear by CND Super Sticky base and I love the discontinued Butter London Horsepower Nail Fertilizer as a top. I need to find something to replace that when I run out.

OPI as I have my nails professionally done every two weeks and that’s what they use. I will pick up the same color so I can touch up if needed. Chanel and Essie have also worked well for me

In the past few years, I can only remember two polishes that started chipping within the first three days. Other than those two, all of my polishes last 14-17+ days. There have been times when I’ve removed polish just because I’ve grown bored with it, not because the polish looked bad.

OMG Christine – I can only get 2-3 days out of my nail polish before it starts chipping. Clinique has a nail product that certainly does reduce chipping – a before and after base. Other than that, I am going to be reading and taking note of everyone’s comments.

I have a handful of brands, but they all seem to last 3 maybe 4 days. I don’t understand how women get their polish to last a past day 5. It doesn’t matter what base or top coat I use.

I honestly almost never give polish enough time to do a proper wear test, but Wet N Wild’s new-ish “no UV/gel-like” polishes last about a week on me with no chips and only basic tip wear (I type a lot every day). Some of OPI’s polishes also last like that, but I find it also depends on base and top coats used and whether the coats I painted were thick or thin (thin lasting longer, usually).

I change my polish about every two to three days, anyway, so it’s not important unless I’m going on a trip and don’t want to be painting my nails every night!

Most nail polishes chip on me within a day or two, but I have very flaky, peely nails. Seche Vite top coat usually extends it a day or two. Recently I tried the new Essie Gel Couture color and top coat and it lasted 5 days through some serious wear and tear at the beach. Now I’m experimenting with the top coat over other Essie and OPI polishes I own and the results appear similar. It seems to really work for me!

There’s no such thing as long-wearing nail polish as it pertains to my fingernails. I haven’t found anything that doesn’t chip within 24 hours.

But I can use even the cheapest, worst quality polish on my toenails and it will last through natural disasters, nuclear war, and the zombie apocalypse.

I know this is an older post by now, but I had to respond to yours! I have the exact same issues. All polishes, regardless of price or quality, last 24 to 48 hours on my fingernails. Does not matter how much care I take in painting them. Toenails, much MUCH longer, maybe touch ups are needed on the outer nails occasionally. I had to let you know you’re not alone, as the other comments are reporting 1 – 2 weeks wear!!

I don’t have too many brands of nail polish (maybe …8? 9?) and it’s the one area in my stash where the indies don’t outweigh the big-name brands, so I’m not the person to make an informed judgment, but the longest-lasting pedicure I’ve ever had was done by a professional with Deborah Lippmann polish. And I don’t own any DL polish! Such a shame…

I am a HUGE fan of Poshe 4 in 1 bascoat/topcoat, I’ve used it for years! When I use this as a basecoat, put on two coats of Zoya nail lacquer and another coat of Poshe as a top coat, my manicure is good for 14 days!!

I do apply another quick coat of the Poshe every other day. I garden, take care of kids, clean up messes and have my hands in water everyday and my manicure still stays put, with no chips!

Barry M and Maybelline 7-day nail polish can last 2 to 3 weeks on me. I tend to switch my nail color before my nails chip so I don’t really know for certain how long they last.

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